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Player: @GorillaGrod
"As humans, our potential extends endlessly in all directions. Our depravities know no depth, but never forget that our capacity for greatness knows no limit."
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: William Chambers (given by adopted parents, birth name erased from history)
Known Aliases: Scion
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Appears Caucasian mostly, but DNA shows signs of bits and pieces of many human ethnicities
Place of Birth: Unknown location on an alternate Earth
Base of Operations: Lives in a basement apartment in Millennium City's Westside, has access to SIGIL facilities for actual operations
Relatives: none living
Age: Approximately 23
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (faintly glowing gold in costume)
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Completely unblemished and unscarred, otherwise appears as normal human skin
Physical Build: Highly muscular
Physical Features: none
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Lawful Good

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Identity: secret, very closely guarded
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: USA
Occupation: PRIME at SIGIL
Education: Bachelor's degree from MCU
Marital Status: n/a
Known Powers and Abilities
Unmeasured strength, limitless endurance, interstellar speed/flight(but not reaction times, self-limited to more manageable speeds in atmospheres), invulnerability, supernatural recuperation and sustenance, immunity to time and reality-altering effects-
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Suit of shapeshifting clothing, a keepsake from his home universe
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An Origin Unmade

In the myriad travels of both scientists and mystics, it has been discovered that Earth is not alone, in that it is not the only Earth. In some relationship and arrangement that is yet to be determined, there exist countless other Earths, in universes like this one, but always with differences, some subtle, some horrifying, and some...fantastic.

There was once, if it could even be said to have existed at all, a universe where progress never seemed to be hindered. It wasn't that its occupants were inherently better than those of others, or that it didn't undergo its share of hardships. Events just always seemed to transpire in a way that was of greater benefit in the end. In Earth's history, there were no dark ages. No "pauses" in progress caused by simple poor alignments of societal factors. Wars were still fought, empires rose and fell, but each that did contributed its achievements to the world as a whole.

When humanity stepped off their own planet and into the greater galaxy, it was more of the same. There was conflict, there was strife, but humanity always overcame and persevered. Differences were resolved, bond were forged, and astounding advances were made as the strengths of many species advanced a singular exponential curve of progress. Differences between the studies of magic and science dissolved, and the two became intertwined. Exploration reached the furthest corners of the universe, and when it did, it reached even beyond those confines.

A single pair of human pioneers, crewing a vessel designed to reach the highest area of the multiverse, the "fourth world" that mystics call Atziluth, perhaps made the most incredible stride when they achieved success. They managed to make their way into Da'ath, a realm where creation has no limitations, and before returning home to report their success, conceived a child.

But while such great strides took place, a war was being fought against the inter-dimensional tyrant, Istvatha V'han. Her vanity did not allow her to admit defeat, even as the war expanded beyond this universe's borders into ones she had already conquered. She chose to employ her most dangerous ability, her capacity for time travel. She set out backwards in this universe's timeline, across entire eons of history, before life ever even came to exist there, before planets, before stars. It was at the very beginning of this universe's life, that she deployed a terrible weapon to prevent it from ever coming to be.

Her foes were erased. Only in her memory, and in those of beings who exist outside of time, were they ever known to have for one. A young child, who was birthed in this undone universe, but conceived outside of the limiting constraints of time and reality, persisted.

An Immortal's Beginnings

The date was December 5, 1988. The location was Detroit, Michigan. The events of the infamous “Day of the Destroyer” were well underway. The villainous egomaniac had delivered his announcement that 90% of the earth’s human population was going to be wiped out by his designs to “save” the world. To distract attempts to thwart him, he had planned to unleash super powered villains all over the globe in major population centers, and Detroit was one of them. In the midst of the chaos and destruction, a woman seeking shelter from the madness, Rebecca Chambers, found an oddly dressed child, lying abandoned and helpless. The little boy was apparently unharmed, a miracle. He was dressed in a strange garment, which she chalked up to the boy’s parents being overzealous fans of some superhero.

Rebecca and the child both survived the events of that terrifying day, and after reuniting with her husband, the question came of what to do with the boy. They coordinated with police to try and find the child’s parents, but met with no success. Finally, the couple decided to adopt the child. It just so happened they had been pondering having one themselves. Rebecca’s husband Johnny was a moderately successful stand-up comedian. Rebecca had been pondering pursuing a college degree, but instead opted to take care of her new son. Together, they were able to provide a healthy and stable home for the newly named William.

For four years, William had a happy home life. He even became a quasi-celebrity when a local newspaper wrote a story about his miraculous survival of the day of the destroyer. But it was not the last of Destroyer’s insane schemes. What would later become known as the “Battle of Detroit” took an even greater toll in property damage and human lives than the Day of the Destroyer. Among the lives lost were William’s adopted father.

Rebecca was left with a decent amount of wealth after her husband’s death, but knew it wasn’t enough to provide her and her son the life she wanted. She decided to take up working from home, writing opinion columns for newspapers and magazines. She had originally wanted to go to college to develop her talent for writing, but even without a degree, her gift for it was undeniable. Her thoughts on humanity losing control of its destiny to a select few “super” individuals resonated in the wake of the disaster, and she soon went from columnist to full-fledged author. As the age of punditry began to blossom, her writings were the subject of much debate, often cited by “anti-super” type groups and their figureheads as evidence these individuals should be treated as threats to social progress.

William on the other hand, began to develop his own private problem. He began to notice more and more unusual events that he kept to himself. When he felt too hot or too cold from the temperature, the mere desire it wouldn’t bother him anymore made it stop happening. He didn’t even think something was amiss until he would notice others very visibly affected while he was not. He began to experiment with this privately. He spent a whole week without sleep simply because he decided not to, without any ill health effects. He held his breath for hours, feeling no need to breathe. He tried the same with other normal human necessities like food and drink. He even found he had to limit his physical exertions simply because he had become too strong. Finally, he idly tried cutting himself with a kitchen knife. When that failed, he took a deep breath and tried to stab it through his free hand. The knife was destroyed, his hand was unharmed.

Will responded to these discoveries by shying away from physical activity. He struggled with the morality of using his unusual abilities at all. His mother wrote about the growing reliance on super-beings to do things for humanity, and he believed it was a legitimate concern. Will instead focused on trying to live as though his abilities never existed. This worked out well enough for years, until after high school, when Will was going on a trip with his mother to evaluate colleges to enroll in. Their car hit a pothole in the road that destroyed one of the car’s wheels, causing it to skid off the road and tumble into a ditch. Will was unharmed, but his mother was not so fortunate, and they were both stuck in a vehicle that was leaking fuel. Worrying the car would become a flaming wreck before help arrived, Will felt no other choice. He ripped the roof right from the car and flung it a good distance away in a single motion. While the poorly traveled road meant his secret was apparently safe, it also meant help couldn’t likely be counted on until Will called for it using his mother’s cellphone. He took his unconscious mother up from her seat, just as the gas leak caught flame on a broken-open headlight. The whole area was going up in flame, without any chance of Will getting his mother out safely on foot. In an act of sheer will rather than rational thought, Will left the ground, and the confines of gravity entirely, behind. He flew out of the growing blaze, and landed gently with his mother in his arms at the side of the road.

When he called for emergency assistance, Will claimed some unidentified superhero had saved them, but his mother needed medical help very badly. They were rushed to the nearest hospital, where Rebecca was worked on frantically to stabilize her. Unfortunately, though she was able to regain consciousness, her internal bleeding couldn’t be stopped. Before passing on however, she revealed privately to her son that she had been aware of her rescue, as well as her true rescuer. With little time left, she forewent a detailed interrogation, and instead pleaded with her son not to hold any part of himself back from the world, finishing with her last words, “Just promise to remember this Will: you are human first, and super second.”