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The Legendary
Sword Saint
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”Choices are not black and white. They are right or wrong.”
Player: @Silverblade
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Kendrick Andrew Mason
November 28
Los Angeles, California
Flag USA.png Flag GBR.pngDual American/British
Millennium City
West Side
Police Detective
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Michael Mason (father, deceased), Victoria Mason (mother, deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Physical 32 (Earth Age 36, Real Age 48)
6'2" (188cm)
215lbs (97.5kg)
Body Type
Light Tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
No Tattoos, Scars or Blemishes on Body
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Physical Attributes, Durability and Senses – Regeneration – Anima Generation and Transference - Super Speed – Super Jump
· Equipment ·
Argentus (Unique Magical Sword) - Stealth Suit – Advanced Technology Goggles – Ring of Water Breathing - Various Firearms, Knives, Gadgets and Vehicles
· Other Abilities ·
Premier Swordsman – World Class Martial Artist – Expert Gymnast – Expert Marksman – Covert Operations Training - Master Detective – Master Profiler

Kendrick Andrew Mason is Silverblade, a world class swordsman with superhuman abilities and fighting skills. Incredibly gifted both mentally and physically, he began training at a very young age to be the ultimate fighting machine. Unknown to him at the time, he was trained in preparation to inherit the Argentus or the Silverblade, a weapon that cost the life of his parents and his mentor.

Discovering the death of his parents and his mentor were premeditated, Kendrick pursued the villains and defeated them. Afterwards, he accepted his true calling. With his blade and his ability to infuse inner energy called anima into his weapons, he dons a mask and dedicates his life in bringing criminals to justice.

His former master bestowed upon him great wealth which Kendrick uses to fund his crime fighting activity. Understanding the funds can’t last forever, he wisely invests his wealth in various projects and portfolios. Even though this secret wealth affords him financial independence, he continues to work as a police detective.


Early Life

Kendrick’s grandfather, Richard Clifton Mason was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. Since he and his wife could not conceive, they adopted an orphan Korean infant named Jihun whom Richard rescued during his tour. The loving couple raised Jihun, now Michael, as their own child.

Michael Jihun Lee Mason grew up in New York City and eventually became a CIA agent working in Hong Kong to gather valuable Chinese government information during the 1970s. There he met Victoria Clark, a British MI6 operative who was also working in a similar capacity. The two paired up and successfully extracted valuable information for their respective nations. They fell in love and married a few years later. The married couple relocated to Los Angeles. Michael continued his work in the CIA while Victoria found a new position as a British liaison to the agency.

A couple of years later, wanting to raise a family, Victoria retired from her position while Michael reduced his field work with the CIA to concentrate on his family. Kendrick was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center two years later. Tragically, in a horrible car accident, both Michael and Victoria were killed when Kendrick was only five years old.

With no other living relatives, Kendrick was placed in foster care where he hopped from one home to another for two years. One evening, deciding to escape an uncaring foster mother, Kendrick ran away from home. That same night, he encountered a murderous werewolf and he would have died if not for the fortuitous intervention by Vincent Moreau. After rescuing the scared boy, Vincent legally took in Kendrick and adopted him.

Under Vincent’s care, Kendrick flourished. Educated through private tutors, Kendrick excelled both in academics and sports. Outside of academics, Kendrick trained in multiple forms of martial arts and combat styles by Vincent himself. By the time Kendrick passed the high school equivalency exam, he was an expert in hand to hand combat but his primary skill was handling a sword.

At Stanford University, Kendrick continued his excellence in academics. He graduated with honors with a degree in Psychology and immediately joined the Police Academy. While serving five exemplary years with the LAPD, he managed to reach the rank of Detective and earned advanced degrees in Psychology and Criminal Psychology.

Defining Point

At age twenty-eight (six-year veteran of the LAPD), Kendrick lost his longtime mentor. Vincent was found shot and murdered by a group of inner-city gang members. Unsatisfied by the police report, Kendrick did his own investigation knowing his old mentor would not have been so easily defeated by common thugs. He soon discovered the truth: the Shadowblade Clan, a highly secret assassin guild had killed Vincent.

Following a set of clues in Vincent’s will, Kendrick found an ancient priceless blade. When Kendrick gripped the blade, everything changed. His father, Michael had discovered the weapon during his mission in Hong Kong when he met Victoria. He knew of the sword’s power and in death he knew the sword would be passed onto a new master. Michael made sure Kendrick would gain possession of the blade and would be prepared to use it wisely and with great effect.

Michael also knew the Shadowblade Clan was after the sword and bonded with Kendrick’s metahuman physiology, his son would be unstoppable. He knew the Clan would eventually learn of the possessor of the sword and knew it was only a matter of time before the Clan would seek him out. With the aid of Vincent, who betrayed the Clan, Michael and Victoria prepared a path for their son. Vincent tricked the Clan in believing he was preparing Kendrick to serve the clan all the while training the child to destroy it. Once the clan discovered Vincent’s true plot, they killed him.


Using his powers and training, Kendrick went on the offensive against the Shadowblades. The assassin clan was led by two masters, the master of the blade and the master of the shadow. They would never stop their pursuit of the fabled sword. After multiple encounters and ruthless combat, Kendrick slew both masters knowing there was no other way to stop them.

With his hidden enemies gone, Kendrick made the decision to become a hero. But his experience with the Shadowblades taught him his enemies would always try to use his loved ones as leverage against him. He knew his identity must be secret.

Donning a mask and suit, he dedicated his life to protect the innocent and to bring justice to those who evaded the law. At first, many of his encounters were with supernatural creatures and because his sword was effective against werewolves, the press called him Silverblade. His first true mission involved the capture of a telepathic serial killer named Dollmaker in Los Angeles with the help of the LAPD.

The capture of Dollmaker put Silverblade on the map and he continued to fight crime in Los Angeles and beyond. Eventually he made his way to Millennium City where he served as a homicide detective in West Side.

The Fae Realm

In the summer of 2012, Silverblade traveled to the Fae Realm to help Brighid Mac Carthaigh (a sidhe hero and Silverblade’s lover) to assist in the Shadow War. The Shadow War was an attempt by a splinter faction comprised by both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts to undermine the tenuous peace between the courts that have lasted for centuries.

The Shadow Court, led by Thyrm, Brighid’s former husband by arranged marriage, was eventually defeated by the combined forces of both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts but at a great cost. The war was fought for years and many fae, including top leaders were killed during the fighting. Brighid, chose to remain behind to help rebuild her world, a sacrifice that pained Silverblade but something he fully understood.

When he stepped back into the portal to return to Prime Earth, Kendrick realized time had progressed much differently. What was almost two decades in the Fae Realm was only five years on Prime Earth.

Kendrick’s superior Captain Leonard Johnston formulated a story of his absence (Ed knows of Silverblade’s true identity) to allow Kendrick to return to the police force in West Side. After acclimating himself back in Millennium City, he donned his mask and sword (along with some new tricks from the Fae Realm) to fight injustice once again.


Kendrick is half Asian and half Caucasian, blessed with good genes from both sides. He is generally considered very handsome by most accounts with facial features resembling his mother but having a physique similar to his father. He has a toned, athletic body with moderate musculature due to his constant workout regimen and his superhuman regeneration.


Behind the mask, Silverblade is a cold and calculating warrior. He is quietly efficient and focused, rarely showing any bravado or arrogance. Direct and blunt to most, to whom he knows and trusts Kendrick softens his personality. Silverblade is renowned for his unwavering moral compass, something villains often try to exploit but fail. His sense of justice is strong and will do what is right even at the cost of great personal sacrifice.

When not donning a mask, Kendrick is a very personable man. He is confident like most who find success in finance and life but avoids demeaning or belittling others less fortunate than himself. Intelligent, full of wit and humor, he is quite capable and comfortable in a social setting but prefers more quiet and intimate circles.

His true personality is a mixture of both his masked identity and his public identity. Kendrick is a pragmatic man with a good heart. He is kind and caring with a great deal of empathy towards others. He is sacrificial, almost to a fault and fully believes in the power of redemption. But he understands his particular career prevents him to have deep personal relationships.

All his past romantic relationships have ended bittersweet or with some great tragedy. As a result, Kendrick finds it difficult to open up to love. It’s just another way he sees himself as a martyr, sacrificing his life for the benefit of others.


Silverblade’s powers are derived from a variety of sources. He is a meta-human capable of supernatural regeneration with superhuman abilities and senses along with the power to infuse his inner anima in his weapons. His weapon, the Argentus, is a powerful magical artifact. He has trained countless hours perfecting his fighting skills as well as his skills as a detective. He wears an advanced stealth suit and employs various high-tech gadgets and equipment. All this is by design as it allows him to counter all types of villains and criminals, whether they are magical, technological, specially trained or superhuman.

The Argentus

The Argentus is an ancient blade forged when magical energies on the planet were coalescing. These magical energies combined with the energies of the earth, formed the blade. The sword and the Earth are forever linked; if the planet were to be destroyed, the sword would lose all its powers.

Throughout history it took on the shape of an exquisitely crafted blade most suited to its master. Currently, it holds the shape of a single edge sword like a katana and is the primary weapon of the hero Silverblade. Even to the most casual observer the sword seems extraordinary and magical.

The sword is made of undetermined mystic metals and alloys. The weapon is impervious to all damage and cannot be broken. It never seems to lose its keen edge and infused with anima energy has been documented to easily cut through modern heavy armor plating. Its most impressive power is its ability to take on the material properties of any substance that will be most efficient against a particular foe. For example, against were creatures, the sword acts as a silver weapon even though the blade is not made of silver.

The sword only functions for its owner. Anyone other than the owner using or holding the blade will find it dull and unbalanced. The magical blade will take on a new master only when the old one has died. Once the sword is transferred to a new master, it reshapes itself to best suit its new master.

The Argentus cannot be lost. Even when forcibly separated from its owner, it can be called and retrieved. When called, the blade will return to the hand of the master through speedy levitation and/or teleportation. Distance is not a factor and the sword is capable of crossing interdimensional planes.

The magical weapon cannot harm its owner. No matter how hard someone tries, the owner of the blade cannot be cut or stabbed by the blade, even if it requires the sword to teleport away from its current position. If the weapon is burning hot or freezing cold, the master of the blade can hold it without harm.

The mythical blade is unique in the multiverse because there is only one Argentus. The only version is the one from Prime Earth. Therefore, it is possible the sword is tied to all Earth’s across the multiverse.


Silverblade’s meta-human physiology provides him with an accelerated healing factor. His body will rapidly heal him of any wound or damage at astonishing rates. Though it may take a very long time to recover, he is capable of even regenerating lost limbs or severe damage to vital organs. As a result, he is unable to have piercings or tattoos as they are eventually healed or absorbed.

His regenerative powers also make him highly resistant to disease, fatigue, drugs, alcohol, toxins and other influences that may weaken him physically or mentally. In addition, his healing factor has stunted his aging. Silverblade has not aged since his 32nd birthday. As long as he continues to regenerate, Silverblade is effectively immortal.

He rarely tires as his body cells are constantly rebuilding. Silverblade can survive without breathing for extended amounts of time and can survive hostile environments such as space or deep water for a limited time before his healing fails him.

Extraordinary Physical Attributes

Physically, Silverblade can perform abilities well beyond peak human potential. He is super strong (lift around 10 tons) and is blindingly fast and agile with a reaction time equally superhuman. He is capable of leaping long distances and his body and skeleton is superhumanly durable and resilient. This durability also functions in combat where wounds that would typically cripple or incapacitate most people would just be shrugged off by Silverblade.

His superhuman regeneration has also affected his mental capacity. Since his brain cells are supercharged and no longer deteriorate, Kendrick is able to process and retain information at a superhuman level. It is the reason why he has mastered so many combat skills along with his other advanced academic knowledge in such a relatively short time.

Extraordinary Senses

Silverblade’s senses are also beyond the parameters of normal human beings. All his senses are highly acute making him very intuitive and aware of his surroundings. He can focus upon a single sense making it even more sensitive and powerful. He is capable of fighting in complete darkness using his sense of hearing and smell to provide him with tactical information. These super senses can be elevated to superhuman ability or reduced to average human levels at will.

Anima Infusion

Believed to be a residual effect due to his sword’s bond to his metahuman body, Silverblade can transfer his inner energy called anima into his weapons and devices. Weapons charged with anima sometimes give off a soft blue glow. Infused weapons are capable of functioning at superhuman levels. Argentus infused with anima is capable of cutting through almost anything if it is charged with enough anima.

To avoid fatalities, Silverblade uses specialized rubber bullets meant to incapacitate foes but if the situation demands it, he can charge his ammunition with anima that will provide enhanced range, armor piercing ability, explosive and even concussive effects among others. These additional effects can be charged in his throwing knives and other objects as well.

Ring of Water Breathing

During his time in the Fae Realm, Kendrick was given a ring to allow him to breathe underwater. As time progressed, he realized the ring had much more potent powers. The ring provides complete environmental protection.

As long as Kendrick is wearing the ring, he can breathe in any environment, including space or toxic gas. In addition, the ring protects him from harsh environments such as intense cold or heat, deep water and even space.

The ring does not offer protection from direct attack like fire or ice blasts.


Although Silverblade has some great powers and abilities, he also has some specific weaknesses that can be exploited by a clever villain. These weaknesses are not common knowledge and to date only one of Silverblade’s nemesis (Dollmaker) know of his vulnerabilities and she would never make them public knowledge.

Frost Vulnerability

Generally speaking, naturally occurring freezing temperatures have no effect upon Silverblade’s healing factor. But extreme cold or frost (ie frost/cold blast or magical frost) can dramatically affect his regeneration. With enough damage from cold attacks, Silverblade’s regeneration can be stopped completely. At that point, he can be killed like any other ordinary human being.

Sensory Overload

Because Silverblade has highly acute senses, they can be used against him. Due to his masterful control of his powers, he can adjust the sensitivity of his senses but if he is caught unaware or off-guard, he can be disoriented or even rendered unconscious by overloading his senses.

Right or Wrong

Silverblade has an unbreakable moral compass with a strong sense of right and wrong. He will not settle for a questionable solution due to convenience. He is a man of his convictions and a clever villain may be able to exploit this trait.

Because of Vincent, Silverblade has a strong belief in redemption. He believes everyone can be redeemed. But he understands sometimes a villain must be killed in order to save others. Killing is only a final option.

He is generally opposed to torture as he believes it to be counter-productive. Rather than brute interrogation, Silverblade prefers to take a cerebral approach by manipulating the situation to either trick or convince a criminal to offer vital information.


Kendrick has had a wealth of training since he was a child. He was born and raised to be a very effective and dangerous field operative. Because of his excellent focus, intelligence, athleticism, drive and determination, Kendrick was an ideal student and as a result has a collection of skills and talents that few have in the world.

Martial Arts

Kendrick trained in martial arts at a very young age. As a teenager, he was privately trained by a very talented and knowledgeable teacher. He has mastered a wide range of forms and styles but his training with a sword is peerless. He can easily be considered one of the finest swordsmen in the world.

His training in a multitude of martial arts also affected his mental fortitude. Kendrick has an iron will making him resilient against mind attacks and control. His superior senses provide him a level of resistance against illusions and other mind tricks.

During his time in the Fae Realm, he trained heavily in the fae martial arts which are completely alien to Prime Earth making his attacks and defenses even more unpredictable.


Kendrick attended Stanford University and received a degree in Psychology. He continued his studies and has advanced degrees in Psychology and Criminal Psychology making him a keen investigator and profiler. In addition, he has extensively studied chemistry, physics and engineering.

Besides English, he is fluent in Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish and Russian and can speak casually with dozens more. He also is well versed in world cultures and can blend in almost anywhere. During his time in the Fae Realm, he learned to spoken language of the fae.

Although never formally trained, Kendrick is rapidly learning computer programing, network systems and hardware to prepare for the long future.


As a police detective, Kendrick is intuitive and can make quick and efficient decisions in crisis. He is a superb marksman and very experienced with modern firearms. He is also a proficient helicopter and airplane pilot with current licenses in both.


Silverblade uses a number of high-tech equipment to augment his powers and skills. His general set of equipment that he carries is listed below. On special assignment, he might have additional tools for a specific purpose or advantage.

All his high technology weaponry and equipment is supplied by UNTIL but has been heavily customized by Silverblade.

Stealth Combat Armor

Silverblade can regenerate but that does not mean he cannot feel pain, and as such, he wears a suit to reduce damage. Comprised of a unique weave of specialized Kevlar weave blend, the suit is light, flexible and resilient. Its molecular structure is incredibly stable preventing tears and ruptures. It is capable of resisting small arms fire and edged attacks. The bonding structure also absorbs kinetic energy and spreads it across the suit giving the wearer great protection against blunt force trauma. A secondary lining provides temperature resistance and insulation that also functions against electrical shock.

The suit also comes with arm bracers and shin guards which are made of specialized composite material capable of resisting heavy damage. They are used for blocking and deflecting attacks. Housed under the arm bracers is a miniature computer linked to an earpiece inside his goggles.

His early outfit was made of a durable leather and synthetic that provided some protection but was mainly used to cover his identity. Still, Silverblade wears his old grey and white suit from time to time.

Advanced Optics Goggles

Silverblade’s advanced technology goggles have optics that allows telescopic, full spectrum, thermal imaging vision. It can also record point of view video and audio data. The goggle arms house radio, satellite and laser communication systems.

Secondary Weapons

Silverblade will use equipment that is most suited for the job. He isn’t particularly picky but he does have certain preferences.

Standard Combat Equipment:

  • A pair of CZ P-10F semi-automatic pistols
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 sub-machine gun
  • Mossberg 590 pump action combat shotgun
  • Heckler & Koch HK416 assault rifle
  • KAC M110 semi-automatic sniper rifle

All firearms can use anima charged ammunition for additional effect.

Silverblade also carries numerous throwing knives of varying effect due to anima charge as well as miniature grenades. Explosive, smoke, EMP, web, concussive effects are some of their typical functions.

On his utility belt, he has various other gadgets, like drones and grappling hooks for tactical and support function.


Silverblade has access to a wide assortment of vehicles depending upon mission parameters.

Some of the more common vehicles or modes of travel:

  • Silverhawk – VTOL winged jet propulsion aircraft capable of supersonic speeds that also provides replenishment of weapons and reinforcement
  • Silverwing Jetpack – For use during aerial and space combat

Support Characters

Brighid Mac Carthaigh

Bridget McCarthy (modern name) is a noble sidhe who was formerly wed to Thyrm of the Unseelie Court to bring peace. She suffered horribly in the evil troll’s hands but managed to find freedom.

She escaped to Prime Earth where she met and developed a passionate relationship with Kendrick and would have stayed with him forever had she not learned of Thyrm and the Shadow Court. She returned to the Fae Realm with Kendrick and saved her people from enslavement and destruction.

Their long-lasting relationship ended when Kendrick had to return to Prime Earth. As a high-ranking noble, she decided to remain and help rebuild the Seelie Court. It remains a lasting bittersweet memory and emotion for both.

An excellent warrior gifted with glamour magic, she is Kendrick’s equal in many ways. She possesses mesmerizing beauty like most sidhe and is often the center of attention. Bridget is kind and soft spoken when her seelie side rules her but she can show harsh vindictiveness and cruelty if her unseelie side takes over.

Captain Leonard Johnston

Fairly young to be a police captain, Leo is a tall, athletic African-American with great intuition and wisdom. He started his career in Los Angeles before moving to Miillennium City. He is smart, kind, empathetic and cares for the people of West Side where the precinct he is in charge of resides.

Silverblade first made contact with Leo when he was a detective with the LAPD who was involved in the Dollmaker case. He is one the very few who know of Silverblade’s true identity and encourages Kendrick to continue his hero work since Silverblade can do things the police cannot.

Rogue's Gallery


If Silverblade had a doppelganger, it would be Rail. Part of the Rapid Acquisition Interception Liquidation Program, Thomas Doyle is a product of a highly secret and highly illegal wet works project conducted by a rogue outfit of British Intelligence. Enhanced by nanomachines and injected with a super metabolism serum, Rail is physically equal to Silverblade in every way. Rail has superhuman abilities and senses; he also possesses a regenerative healing power similar to Silverblade. Unlike Silverblade, he does not have vulnerability to frost nor his ability to use anima.

Rail uses a wide assortment of weapons and firearms to conduct his work. He is a hired killer that cannot be bargained with; he will always finish his contract even if offered a counter offer. His signature weapon is a high tech black and red claymore. The sword emits a thin force field that prevents the blade from breaking and also makes it razor sharp. Coupled with Rail’s superhuman strength, he can easily cut through heavy armor plating.


Dr. Aimee Farrell was once a promising research scientist before a freak lab accident disfigured her beautiful face. The trauma of the accident, compounded by her dysfunctional childhood, brought upon her insanity. Unfortunately, the accident also granted her tremendous telepathic and mind control powers which she used as a tool for vengeance.

Silverblade encountered her in Los Angeles and it was his very first criminal case as a hero. With his detective skills, he managed to find her but was captured. Using her psionic skills and her chemistry training, she managed to siphon a portion of his healing factor allowing her to heal her face. The side effect of the procedure also linked their minds and as a result, Dr. Farrell and Silverblade have full knowledge of each other up to that point in time.

She was captured with the help of the LAPD but later escaped. Dr. Farrell is still very insane and knows of Silverblade’s true identity but will never reveal or acknowledge this information. Her twisted mind fell in love with Kendrick during their mind link and her only goal is to claim him for herself.

She has been diagnosed as criminally insane and will do almost anything to gain Silverblade’s attention. Ironically, she also tends to subconsciously sabotage her criminal plans to garner Silverblade’s approval.


The original Shadowblade Clan was an ancient society dedicated to controlling the world behind the shadows. Their goal was to retrieve the Argentus but missed their opportunity when Kendrick’s father claimed it first. Once they learned of Michael’s possession, they assassinated him and his family but Kendrick survived due to his meta-human physiology.

Vincent Moreau, a former Shadowblade assassin, saved Kendrick and protected him from the clan, training the child in preparation to wield the sword. The clan eventually traced the sword to Vincent when they learned Kendrick’s parents had prepared for their inevitable death. Vincent was murdered but not before passing the sword to Kendrick. Kendrick destroyed the clan by defeating both leaders in combat.

The new Shadowblades are led by Drakken. He knows of the power of the Argentus and seeks to possess it. Like the previous clan, the Shadowblades have two leaders, the master of blades and the master of shadows. Drakken is the master of blades and seeks to appoint another as the new master of shadows after the death of the previous one. Unlike the previous clan, the new group is comprised of meta-human assassins. They are unaware of Silverblade’s true identity and only seek to claim the magical weapon he possesses.


Thyrm is a fae, a troll to be precise. He was once the brutal and violent husband of the hero Brighid Mac Carthaigh. Thyrm is immensely powerful and due to his many millennia of war, is an incredible warrior. He carries a magical double headed battle axe that can cut through heavy steel and inflicts frost damage. He cannot be killed permanently outside the Fae Realm.

Thyrm was defeated and imprisoned in the Fae Realm due to his crimes against his people. As a high ranking noble of the Unseelie Court, he had a significant standing army and almost unlimited resources in his plane of existence. Although imprisoned, there are still many trolls and fae who are loyal to him and bid their time to seek vengeance. Even in his unbreakable cell, he continues to plot to rule over all fae. But most of all, Thyrm seeks to avenge his disgraceful defeat by the hands of his former wife and Silverblade.


Kendrick likes to play the guitar to unwind.

He is a classic car and motorcycle enthusiast and keeps a couple around, his only true indulgence.

  • 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertible – Red with white stripes and detailing
  • 1979 Chevrolet Blazer K5 4x4 – Blue with white sides
  • 2009 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Night Train – All black of course

Because the Argentus is unique across all multiverses, Kendrick seems to be also unique. He has no counterpart from other dimensions.


  • Due to the mechanics of the game, Silverblade is seen as fighting with his katana at all times. He has enough superpowers, as well as his training, that typical thugs and low-grade villains do not pose a serious threat to him. In these cases, he would simply incapacitate them with his martial arts skills and not use the blade at all. The blade is only used when he encounters foes that are very powerful requiring a powerful weapon to defeat them. In all cases, he tries very hard not to kill anyone but he understands sometimes it is unavoidable.
  • Silverblade is inspired by characters like Batman, Snake Eyes, and Blade. He is also modeled after some of my old fantasy characters from my tabletop days who typically at some point could be recognized by a familiar weapon of power.