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Player: @Deadborder
Skadi in 'classic' costume; still a crappy screenshot
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms; Fighting Techniques
Personal Data
Real Name: Jill Vader
Known Aliases: NA
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Age: 25
Height: 2.05 meters
Weight: Lots
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Laboratory Assistant/Superhero
Place of Birth: New York, NY
Base of Operations: Millennium City, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Superhuman strength; maximum capacity unknown; superhuman endurance and resilience; super leaping
Known Abilities
Knowledge of chemistry and molecular biology
Member of the Lolcat Brgud

Skadi is a superhero gifted with incredible strength and resilience following a chemical accident. Realising what she had become, she vowed to use the powers she had been given to fight crime and to do the right thing.


Origin Story

Jill Vader’s life was, for the most part, none to extraordinary. A bit of an achiever, during high school she served as a member of several of the school’s sports teams when she wasn’t studying. However, it was her studies that were her principle focus. She excelled in science, specifically chemistry and biology. Intending to pursue a career in the field, she enrolled in university, aiming at a degree.

As a part of her studies, she managed to land a job as a lab assistant at Origins Chemicals, a leading chemical research and manufacturing firm. While fully aware of her junior position, she regardless was glad to be working in such a well-known and large company and gladly took whatever duties were offered – even if they did mean sitting in the lab overnight while experimental chemicals mixed and processed.

Unfortunately, it was during one of these late shifts that an accident occurred. An incorrectly mixed formula quietly bubbled away, reaching a critical mass under her nose – and blowing up in her face. The lab was wrecked but, strangely, Jill was unharmed save for a few small cuts and some bruises. Even though she was cleared by the doctors, she was given a week off work just in case there were any unexpected side effects.

There were, but not ones she had expected. Over the course of the next month, Jill began to dramatically grow, gaining over a foot in height while her mass increased considerably. She began to carefully monitor and document these changes, making sure to properly document the changes as well as any other side effects. The first that she noticed that was her eyesight had improved; she no longer needed glasses to read.

However, she also discovered that there were other changes. Her strength had increased dramatically, and had continued to grow to superhuman levels when she began accidentally destroying household objects. After being nearly hit by a car – she stopped it with her hands, crushing its front end in the process – she reached the conclusion that she had developed superhuman strength and endurance. She continued to carefully document these changes, using her spare time to go to scrapyards and see just how much she could lift.

After about a month, she found that her growth had stopped; she was now more then a foot taller then she had been, while her mass had increased dramatically to far more then it should have been given her tone and physique. Based on that, she reached the conclusion that her bones and musculature had become far denser then her proportional growth would suggest. Similarly, she found that her strength had stopped increasing.

Not outstandingly unusual (living in a city known as a centre for superhuman activities), Jill realised what she wanted to do. She had been given these powers, and, as such, it was her responsibility to use them to help others. At the same time, she felt rather growingly confident in herself and her abilities, and almost looked forward to the idea of using them.

Taking the name Skadi (form the Norse goddess of the hunt), she began spending her spare time prowling the streets of Millennium City, looking for a chance to use her powers. While her first few battles were low-key fights against muggers and other common criminals, it wasn’t long before she had her first battle against a true supervillain – sort of. She ambushed Droch, a member of The Underworld and flattened him with a single punch, knocking him out in seven seconds. The battle (such as it was) was caught on-camera, and quickly spread across the media and the internet, both giving the anonymous superhero some degree of publicity while helping to bury Droch.

Lolcat Brgud

A week later she made her public debut; arriving at a bank as it was being held up by the Atomic Pimp, she waited until he left (and thus was out of the way of any innocent bystanders) before simply flattening him with his own customised low-rider. Following this battle, Skadi attracted the attention of another young superhero, Red Comet. Approaching her, Red Comet suggested that they form a partnership, working together to fight various superhuman threats to the city. She enthusiastically agreed, glad to receive some recognition and support.

It was not too long afterwards that she met two other associates of Red Comet’s, Nekopunch and Uglyhat. The four of them agreed to work together with each other to help protect Millennium City and its people from crime. Furthermore, while the discovered they had a similar desire to work for justice and to help others, they all had a similar attitude towards what they did; they viewed crime-fighting as a hobby of sorts, one they did for the enjoyment and the love of it and out of a general desire to do good. However, at the same time, they didn’t see themselves as grim, dark avengers; in general, they were light-hearted and having fun with it.

While its members would occasionally work together, it was the Qualarr invasion of Millennium City that saw them first act as a true team; with the Champions and other teams seemingly incapacitated, it fell to groups like the Lolcat Brugud to help stave off the alien invasion. Skadi in particular found that she somewhat enjoyed the challenge, especially the chance to, in her words, “Meet the unknown head on and punch the living crap out of it”.

Locked in the most intense combat so far in her superhero career, Skadi found that her abilities were tested to their limits; however, she seemed to relish the opportunity to push herself as far as she could and see just how strong she actually was. She gladly hefted rubble or cars at the offending aliens, and threw herself at even their biggest and nastiest of soldiers as a way of testing herself.

While the Qualarr were driven off, Millennium City had been badly damaged during the fighting; furthermore, many criminals and supervillains were looking to take advantage of the chaos caused and profit from it. While it was a serious situation, Skadi again saw it as a challenge and a chance to further test herself while beating the seventeen shades of snot out of crime.

Trucks versus Mutants

Skadi along with Red Comet travelled to Project Greenskin to assist PRIMUS in their efforts to contain the situation there. Obstinately glad to help out against the unfolding disaster, the truth was that Skadi was hoping for a chance to test her strength against the various monsters that lurked in the desert. She had heard of the so-called “Grondlings”, mutants who, while not as strong or powerful as the original Grond were still a force to contend with; personally, she hoped for a chance to match up against them to see just how strong she was.

She got her wish and in spades; the situation was worse then expected, with Grondlings, Mutants and Irradiates working together in a twisted army that threatened not only to overrun Project Greenskin but to spill over into the outside desert area as well. Skadi eagerly threw herself into the fray, further developing her abilities as she laid into the mutant hordes. As she became more experienced in fighting her foes, she began to develop a number of tricks she could pull off with her super strength, giving her more versatility then just hitting people.

However, it was a more conventional use of her strength that proved to be her favourite during the desert campaign; Skadi developed something of an obsession with picking up heavy objects just to see how much she could lift. Of course, that she could then throw said objects at the mutants didn’t hurt any; it became a sure sign that she was in the area when a truck or boulder would go sailing past and smash into a group of angry irradiates, flattening them.

Unfortunately, she did get one very good measure of her strength in the desert, one that she didn’t expect and, more to the point, didn’t turn out very well for her. While fighting a group of irradiated soldiers, Skadi was ambushed by Grond who leaped out of the sky, demolishing all around him – including her. The battle, such as it was, lasted no more then thirty seconds, with Skadi being flattened into the ground by the mutant’s incredible strength. In this case, her superhuman endurance, while not enough to stop her from being knocked out, certainly saved her from being reduced to a pulp.

Eventually, by fighting alongside other heroes, including other members of the Lolcat Brgud as well as innumerable random passers-by, the situation in the desert was somewhat stabilised and Project Greenskin was secured. Having learned a lot (not the least of which being never to pick a fight with a mutant with arms thicker then your torso), Skadi returned to Millennium City to aid in the fight against superpowered crime in her home town.

Got Juice?

Returning to Millennium, Skadi took up the fight against the various threats to the city, such as the gangs of the West Side as well as the activities of VIPER and other villains. Both alone and alongside the other Lolcats, she encountered and battled all manner of superhuman menaces, and quite enjoyed herself doing it. Her personal best moment, however, came when she defeated the lunatic villain Foxbat on live TV, providing her with her second online hit (After her debut in Gone in Seven Seconds).

However, it was while battling these menaces that she faced her greatest threat yet (Grond wasn’t a threat per se, rather a wandering monster that happened to wander into her). While in her regular identity as Jill Vader, a mysterious man tried to snatch her off the street; however, he seemed to be completely unprepared for her strength; consequently, she fought him off but not before he managed to draw blood with a blade.

It was about a week after this incident that she was attacked – this time in her hero ID – by a super-powered mercenary going by the name of Juicer. The pair of them clashed and proved to be surprisingly evenly matched; his speed and vibroblades made up for her superior strength and stamina. Eventually, faced with the prospect of outside intervention, Juicer was forced to flee; however, the battle was a close one that left her exhausted and physically drained. For the first time, she began to doubt her abilities; Juicer had been a match for her that she hadn’t been able to overcome on her own.

She and Juicer would clash several more times over the next few weeks, the mercenary proving to be a very dogged and determined foe. As they battled, it became apparent that he was targeting her specifically; however, she had no idea why. What did become clear was that his reasoning for going after her was serious, beyond simple vengeance or a disliking of something she said or did. (Which, with the Lolcat Brgud, was a distinct possibility)


Matters came to a head when he took control of a TV station, demanding that she come personally to face him or else he would execute his hostages. With the rest of the Lolcat Brgud otherwise occupied, she knew she had no choice but to face him alone, and walk into an obvious trap. However, at the same time, she felt that she needed to do this, not just to save the innocents that he was endangering, but also to discover the truth behind his actions.

It was, as expected; a trap. Several of his soldiers were waiting in ambush, and shot her full of tranquiliser darts, dosing her up with enough chemicals to knock her out. When she came to, she was in a warehouse, strapped down to a concrete operating table and bound with steel cables to prevent her from escaping. And Juicer was looming over her.

Now that she was at his mercy, he explained truth of his motivations and the reasons why he had been targeting her specifically. Juicer was dying, a side effect of the chemical treatments he had undergone to give him his superhuman abilities. He had initially contracted a corrupt scientist – one of Jill’s own employers - to develop a cure for him, however, that cure had been destroyed in an accident. Specifically, it was the accident that had given Skadi her powers. As a result, he still felt that he could recover his cure, however, he would need to harvest her body for the chemicals he needed, and would need to dissect her in order to do it. (Skadi versus Science, part 1)

Fortunately for her, Skadi managed to escape from him before he could begin his operation; while he had taken precautions against her strength, he’d failed to anticipate the human factor; she was able to trick his henchman into aiding her escape. Knowing full well that he would be after her, and with no way to contact the rest of the Lolcat Brgud, she tried to get to The Fridge as quickly as possible.

Instead, they managed to track her, cutting her off and surrounding her. Cornered, and knowing what was at stake, she decided that she had to end this here and now. Fighting with a greater determination and ferocity then she had ever shown before, she swiftly disabled most of Juicer’s men, disabling their transport and, in some cases, using their vehicles as weapons.

No sooner were they down then she was confronted with his colourfully-attired henchman, the one she had taken advantage of to escape. Determined to make up for his mistake, and armed with experimental weaponry for the task, he attempted to disable and capture her, only to be effortlessly swatted aside. Soon, the only opponent left standing was Juicer.

Boosting his own abilities, Juicer fought with an unmatched ferocity, driven by desperation to take her down as fast as possible. In turn, she used every trick she knew and every weapon at her disposal, including cars and lamp posts, to take him down. In the end, she was victorious; Juicer collapsed due to exhaustion and the injuries that he had suffered. She managed to drag him to a nearby police station, explaining what had happened before collapsing herself.

Arrested (and with the footage from his attack on the TV station as evidence), Juicer was imprisoned. However, out of both a feeling of responsibility and a degree of guilt over how close she had come to killing him, Skadi decided to do something for him. She offered him a serum that would not allow him to retain his powers with no ill-effects; rather, it would serve to stabilise his system and, essentially, allow him to live out a normal life. (Skadi versus Science, part 2)

Dude, put some pants on

Things were relatively normal for Skadi for the next few weeks (relatively for a seven foot tall Amazonian superhero, that is) until the Lolcat Bgrud crossed paths with a particular super villain. Calling himself Mind Master, he attempted to take control of Millennium City with a powerful mind-enhancing device, using it to boost his own psionic abilities and hold the city in thrall. The Lolcat Brgud intervened and, after beating their way through a squadron of psychokinetic pirates, defeated him and disabled his device.

Doing some research, she discovered that this “Mind Master” was a powerful villain who had been active since the 1960s and had recently escaped from Stronghold after Menton’s takeover of the prison. When the Brgud began to encounter more of his Psychic Pirate minions, they realised that he was a dangerous threat to them; albeit one that was somewhat tempered by his lack of pants.

This one outstanding feature of his costume was bought to their attention in their first direct confrontation with the powerful villain. Not only did Skadi directly insult him and his costume, but she also nearly defeated him in battle, her strength proving to be more than a match for his psionic powers. He managed to escape, vowing vengeance on the Brgud for defeating him.

While his minions continued to attack her, they also, unwittingly, lead her to his plans. Following a trail of clues, she tracked his minions to a crippled Soviet Submarine near Lemuria. Boarding the sub, she defeated both his minions and his Lemurian allies, preventing them from overloading the Sub’s engines, stealing its warheads and triggering a titanic tsunami.

This, in turn, lead her and Red Comet to a goldmine in the desert, where Mind Master was using the atomic weapons from the sub to release the ancient terror known as Ghost Veil. Aiming to take control of it, he had the gall to be surprised when Ghost Veil turned on him and tried to consume his soul; and further enraged when the pair of them lectured him on the flaws in his plan and the inevitability of her betrayal. As he escaped, the pair of them took action to defeat Ghost Veil, Skadi proudly declaring that she had punched out an ancient terror from before the dawn of time.

Your mighty brain is no match for my primitive fist

Mind Master would return with a new plan; one that involved using Draysha gas to augment his abilities. Breaking into a VIPER base, he stole a supply of the gas before escaping to a secret lab on Monster Island. Fortunately, Skadi was there to again stop him; fighting her way through the Psycho Pirate forces, she managed to disable the facility and prevent him from using the gas to augment himself.

However, this was a mere prelude to his master plan. Using information that he had stolen from VIPER, Mind Master launched his real ultimate plan for world domination. Setting up a base of operations in a secret volcano lair on Monster Island, he rigged up a special mind amplification booster that would amplify his psionic powers, allowing him to hold the world in thrall.

Racing against the clock, Skadi lead the Lolcat Brgud into the lair, engaging in a battle royale (with cheese) against the remaining members of the Psycho Pirates. Fighting their way through the hordes of psionic privateers as well as a few unexpected twists, the Brgud were able to disable the mind enhancer by breaking it and accidentally letting loose lava monsters.

Despirte what had happened, a defiant Mind Master made a final stand, determined to either stop them or, at the very least, make them pay for ruining his plan. Demonstrating a previously unseen ability to create psionic clones, he attempted to confront the Brgud one-for-one. However, in the end, even this proved to be ineffective against Skadi’s sheer brute strength; she just simply was too powerful for him to stand toe-to-toe with. Mind Master was knocked out, his operation disabled and the Lolcat Brgud got to walk away in slow motion and look utterly badarse in pink.

Who the hell are you anyway?

Interestingly enough, Skadi was not even aware that she had gained a new nemesis until somewhat after the fact. After being jumped several times by random gang members in her hero ID, she found evidence that lead her to a warehouse in Millennium City’s Westside. Following her experiences with Juicer and Mind Master, she suspected a trap; as such, rather than going in alone, she bought the whole Lolcat Brgud with her.

A fight ensued between the Brgud and the gangers she had fought before, as well as a superhuman gang member she didn’t recognise. The battle was rather one sided, with four superhumans easily talking down most of the gang, and only their superhuman member escaping. The Brgud didn’t think much of it until a few days later when video of the fight turned up on the internet – it appeared that somebody had filmed the battle without them knowing.

Not minding the free publicity, Skadi pretty much dismissed this until another wave of attacks by the same gang members occurred. This time, the gang were engaged in more blatantly villainous actions – trying to steal genetic samples and attempting to salvage a nuclear bomb, but with no clear indications of why they were doing it.

However, a communicator dropped by one of the gangsters revealed vital information; the gang were planning a strike a PRIMUS research facility. Following the information given, the Lolcat Brgud snuck into the base, and discovered the truth behind the attacks. This gang was actually in the employ of the loser supervillain group known as The Underworld. Who had apparently ordering their attacks as a part of some greater plan.

Fortunately, in this case, the Underworld lived up to its reputation; all of its members, save for its leader were defeated, including some new guy that the Brgud didn’t recognise. While he and She Devil escaped, the base and its personnel were saved. However, once again, the whole event was filmed and posted on the internet by persons unknown for reasons unknown.

Xtreme Kool Letterz

The next few weeks were punctuated by several more clashes with the colourful gang that she had encountered before, each time engaging in more and more bizarre schemes, cumulating in an attempt to destroy UNTIL’s Ageir sub with stolen Lemurian attack boats; Skadi dealt with these by simply punching the subs out. However, she still had no idea who was behind the attacks or why.

Things did not become clear until she and Uglyhat went to deal with a bank robbery being staged by a large and well-armed gang; inside, they found the gang that Skadi had encountered working alongside Ugly’s nemesis, Serious Business and his minions. As they fought their way through the enemy thugs, Serious and a supervillain sidekick that neither of them recognised escaped through a teleporter portal with a devoice stolen from the bank.

Throwing caution to the wind (as always) and with Uglyhat eager to put Serious Business out of business once and for all, the pair of them simply leaped through the portal after them. To their surprise, they found themselves in Mind Master’s secret Volcano Lair. The pair of them quickly concluded that Serious Business was trying to convert Mind Master’s mind amplification device into a Death Ray, and decided to put a stop to his plan.

Fighting their way through the armies of goons, the pair of them swiftly destroyed the Death Ray by overloading its systems, causing it to feed back upon itself. Pursuing Serious Business deeper into the lair, they caught up with him and his colourfully suited henchman (“So very nineties”) as the pair of them tried to escape via a rocket. Cornered, Serious Business decided that he would not go down without a fight, and attacked the pair of them, his henchman in tow.

While initially the battle was a roughly even match, things began to swing in their favour. While Serious’ Fencer suit was based on Uglyhat’s own Ogre, Uglyhat had modified her suit extensively since that time, and the numerous upgrades simply proved to be too much for Serious Business to cope with. His henchman, on the other hand, quickly found his telekinetic abilities unable to keep up with Skadi’s sheer strength. The pair of them were defeated, and the Lolcats decided to bring their prisoners to justice on their own escape rocket.

It crashed just outside the entrance to the lair only a few meters from its launch. So they walked back instead.

It was only after bringing them to Justice that she found out that the henchman was, in fact, former action star and superhero, Max Rad. This surprised her, as she genuinely thought the he was just a hired flunkey. She was even more surprised to find that he had been behind the recent attacks on her, having chalked it up to various other parties.

You’re hitting a smooth criminal

Jill’s life was relatively normal for whole weeks following Serious Business’ arrest; she was able to devote more time to her studies and her job, both of which had been suffering as she spent her free time punching up bad guys. She also began to spend more time on relaxing and enjoying herself in her civilian ID, something she had been definitely neglecting.

With a couple of friends, she took a night out to go see her favourite band, Wind-Up Fire-Breathing Plastic Nun live in concert. However, as almost inevitably happens, the concert was attacked by a supervillain. This one managed to be even more colourful and bizarre then any she had faced before – being an evil Japanese Michael Jackson Impersonator with ice-based powers, accompanied by a swarm of zombies and other undead.

Angry at having her night out ruined, Jill ran off to the bathrooms to quickly change into her costume, then threw herself at the villain – who had announced himself to be “Chilly McFreeze, the Devil God Emperor of Pop” and promptly beat the living snot out of him in a fit of rage not seen since her showdown with Juicer. Fortunately, the concert continued after the interruption, which did a lot to improve her mood.

In the aftermath, she decided to do a little research, turning up more information on this mysterious attacker; apparently, he was famous in Japan as a supervillain and Michael Jackson impersonator. Of course, why he had come to America was another question, one that only deepened as she had several encounters with his undead minions. Their actions seemed to have no motive or pattern, but instead seemed to be purely random.

Matters came to a head when he launched an attack on a large recording studio; Skadi was close by and responded to the attack, figuring that she could drive him off as she had before, Instead, she was caught by surprise by the power of his attacks; he seemed to be a lot more powerful then he was when they first fought. His ice powers proved to be more than a match for her, and she was nearly overwhelmed. The timely intervention of other members of the Lolcat Brgud turned things around, and Chilly was driven off; however, Skadi was somewhat concerned both by his sudden increase in power and her apparent ineffectuality against him.

The Dance Dance Revolution will not be Televised

Several more battles against Chilly McFreeze only served to underscore the point; he had apparently undergone a sudden, dramatic increase in his power. The information from PRIMUS and Bureau 17 on him suggested that he was a low-end supervillain, comparable to the likes of Pulsar or Howler. The truth seemed to be otherwise. Her only consolidation was that she had ample opportunities to acquire samples of the ice that he generated to study.

Examination of these samples found some rather interesting information; the ice was not natural in origin, and had an unusual chemical structure that seemed to reinforce and strengthen its structure. With each battle, these reinforcements seemed to only get stronger and stronger. Further study indicated that the ice was supernatural in origin and had a definite extra-planar origin. While the origin of this taint was unclear, she felt that it was worth further investigation by parties more familiar with such matters.

However, these battles also yielded one other thing. Skadi was able to discern a pattern to Chilly McFreeze’s actions; he was attacking targets connected to the music industry. From that, she figured his next target, and planned to stop him. Heading to the PoP TV music awards, she and the other Lolcats waited for him to strike.

Her hunch was correct, with Chilly McFreeze and his Zombie hordes attacking the award ceremony, specifically targeting the large gathering of both performers and industry executives. Stepping out to challenge him, she found that he had grown overconfident, gloating in broken English before unleashing an icy torrent. In reply, Skadi unleashed her own secret weapons; chemical grenades that she had created, which served to break down his ice attacks, rendering them harmless.

Suddenly outmatched, Chilly McFreeze proved to be no match for her and her allies. Defeated on stage (and in front of the captive audience that he was intending to be witness to his moment of triumph), he was captured and imprisoned. However, analysis of his powers revealed a disturbing fact; the extra-planar taint he had acquired came from the same source as the dark magic used by Nekopunch’s nemesis, Corporate Buyout.

Raygun wedding

Unfortunately, Skadi’s next enemy would see her go back to her “punch first, discuss the underlying scientific principles later” ways that had dominated her superheroic career. Investigating an alien landing in the centre of Millennium City, Skadi was attacked by the aliens’ leader, a hulking, muscular pantlsess powerhouse. Initially, the two proved to be evenly matched, with his lack of garments being quite a distraction. However, in an effort to regain the initiative, Skadi resorted to her old standby – throwing a car at him.

While the attack missed, it did end up crippling the aliens’ landing ship; consequently, the aliens fled into Westside as their transport had been disabled. Skadi made some effort to chase them down, however, they managed to evade pursuit. Regardless, she warned PRIMUS and the rest of the Lolcat Brgud as to the presence of hostile aliens in the district.

Apparently her battle had some effect on the alien leader; over the next two weeks, he sent squads of his lizard-like marines after her, seemingly testing her abilities, much like Juicer had. While she was able to deal with these attacks, she began to realise that, once again, she was dealing with an enemy that seemed to have a personal stake in defeating her. As such, she began to work on ideas for how to beat him.

Unfortunately, he forced her hand; attacking the office of Giant Clone Biselle, the alien leader andh is lizard marines took the councillor for Lower Westside hostage and issued a badly-worded threat to Skadi. She responded, brazenly charging into battle, eager not only to rescue their local councillor but also to defeat the alien who had been obsessing over her. After she handily defeated the remaining lizards, the two of them faced off.

Initially, they were equally matched in terms of both strength and skill. However, Skadi noticed that his grasp of English had not improved, something that she began to quip and taunt her enemy about. After one too many high kicks, she also began to taunt him about his lack of pants. As a result, he became enraged, throwing caution to the wind and lashing out at her. While risky, this move allowed her to take advantage of his distraction and defeat him.

It was only after he had been carted off by PRIMUS that she discovered why he was so dangerously obsessed over her; by throwing a car at him, she had, apparently, proposed to him via some strange alien ritual. As a result, he was hoping to defeat her to get a divorce. She agreed with this idea, having no real desire to be married to an alien lizard. Her associate Colleen Nander quickly filed the papers for the interstellar action, and thus Skadi was officially single again, much to her relief.

Radiation is not your friend

After a relatively peaceful interlude (punctuated only with punching out a Zombie Apocalypse), Skadi again leaped into action after a break-n at Origins Chemicals, her ever-neglected place of work. Following the clues she found on-site, she eventually followed the would-be thieves to a warehouse in Westside. Expecting them to be VIPER or ARGENT agents, she was instead surprised to be attacked by a team of radioactive mutants. While she was able to overpower and defeat them, she was left wondering what they were up to.

Figuring them to be Irradiates, she headed back to the Southwestern desert, seeking to find the truth behind these attacks. What she discovered was bizarre; a group of irradiates, seemingly unconnected to the others, who were stealing nuclear materials and radioactive waste from across the desert. Tracking the source of these crimes, she found that the irradiates were operating out of an abandoned gold mine.

What she didn’t expect was to meet their leader; Doctor D. Zasterr, a horribly mutated mad scientist who was intent on transforming the world into a toxic wasteland under his rule. Realising what he was up to, she engaged him, beating her way through his irradiated legions to confront him. After a short battle, D. Zasterr chose to flee, collapsing the mine on top of Skadi. Unhurt but somewhat inconvenienced, she had to ding her way out.

Fortunately, she was able to secure a sample of what he was working on. Analysing it, she found that it was some sort of advanced radioactive mutagen. While she could only guess at what he was intending to do with it, she also figured that it was probably no good to her or the world. Going to work, she developed a counter-agent to neutralise the mutagens, planning ahead for what she assumed would be an inevitable confrontation.

That thing, again?!

Skadi’s planning proved to be a wise move; a series of kidnappings across Millennium City coincided with problem’s with the city’s water supply, a pair of coincidences that she felt was worth investigating. Following through, she caught perpetual bottom-feeding villain, the Atomic Pimp, in the process of attempting to hijack a busload of nuns. Unusually, she found that he was being aided by a team of the mutants she had encountered before.

Defeating the Pimp, she “encouraged” him to explain what he was up to - in this case, he was providing test subjects for D. Zasterr’s new mutagen. Following the lead provided by him, she tracked Zasterr through the city’s sewers, where she found that he had set up a secret lab, and was preparing to test his mutagen on his unwitting victims, before unleashing it into the city’s water supply.

Acting fast, she contaminated his supply with her own neutralising agent, rendering the mutagen harmless (if somewhat smelly). Enraged at what she had done, D. Zasterr attacked Skadi, but proved to be outmatched. Using his hostages as a shield, however, he managed to escape. Relieved at stopping him, Skadi again turned to Atomic Pimp for information.

To her dull surprise, she found that Zasterr had fled to Monster Island, where he intended to use the Death Ray created by Mind Master and subsequently re-used by Serious Business and some other guy to amplify and project his radiation beams across the world. Gathering the rest of the Brgud, Skadi lead an assault on the Volcano lair, destroying the ray gun (again), freeing the Rocket Hawks (despite Uglyhat’s protests) and defeating D. Zasterr.

She then put in a request to UNTIL to actually secure that thing rather then letting any old supervillain walk in and take it.

Nemesis Confruntashun, lolz

After several months without significant nemesis events and a relatively normal life (for a seven foot tall Amazon who can throw an MBT, that is), Skadi had settled into a comfortable balance of superheroics and real life, even if she found the former a lot more interesting then the latter. Barring a failed relationship (it turned out that he had a ‘big girl’ fixation that bordered on the very unhealthy) things were going pretty damn well for them.

Abruptly, Skadi was contacted by UNITY; an emergency had occurred at their moonbase and assistance was desperately needed. UNITY offered to teleport the Lolcat Brgud up there with their advanced matter transporter systems. The team agreed, but only after having an attack of genre savvy and making sure they were packed for every conceivable emergency, while also wondering why UNITY hadn’t bothered to contact any other teams.

Their suspicions proved to be well-founded. When the Transporter rematerialised, Skadi found that she had not arrived with the other Lolcats and was not on the Moonbase. Instead, she was in some sinister, poorly lit generic stone dungeon. And she was not alone.

”Shadow Skadi”

To her surprise, she found herself confronted by what seemed to be a twisted duplicate of herself; even taller, with darker, heavier features. Clad in armour, her bare arms were covered in ominously glowing runes. For the first time since her transformation, Skadi felt genuinely afraid.

The figure spoke, explaining that she was indeed a duplicate of Skadi from some indescribable shadowy realm; more then a simple evil twin or alternate universe dopple. She warned Skadi that the hero was about to face their greatest challenge, and that she would be forced to make a decision, one that would change the course of her life. And, with those words, she simply vanished, fading into the shadows.

Taking stock of her situation, Skadi decided that she needed to escape from the dungeon and find what had happened to her compatriots. Finding that, to her surprise, the cell’s bars were too strong to break, she instead chose to fall back on her other talents – and relentlessly mocked a guard until he chose to step into the cell to shut her up, whereupon she pummelled him senseless.

Fighting her way through several other of the massive alien guards, she found the other Lolcats in the center of the dungeon. All of them confirmed that they had arrived in a cell, but none had any sort of confrontation with an evil duplicate of themselves – or any other welcome. Nekopunch stated that she was unable to contact her Death Ray salatite, while Knight Watch added that he was out o contact with Liz. The five of them were on their own in an unknown, nightmarish, alien dungeon.

So they decided to beat up everyone they came across until they found an answer. Several clashes with the alien guards lead them to a central arena, built into a walkway over a pit of incredibly sharp spikes. They also found four smaller hallways leading away from the main room. Investigating one, they were surprised to encounter the Psycho Pirates, the minions of the fake Mind Master that Skadi had fought some months ago. Fighting their way through them, the brgud discovered a chamber full of ominous machinery, and the impostinator Mind Master. A battle inevitably ensued, with the Lolcats combining their abilities to defeat the villain.

Further investigation repeated the pattern; three chambers guarded by Crimson Lightning, The Colour of Fear and some other guy. Defeating all four of the villains activated the machinery in their rooms. Returning to the main chamber, they found a huge barricade fortified by unknown defences and sealed by five locks – four of them now being active. However, a fifth seal was in the centre of the arena, the one surrounded by a long drop to the incredibly sharp spikes.

The five of them cautiously advanced, only to face an unexpected development. Five trapdoors opened, a quintet of figures being raised into the arena. Four of them were obvious – Zero Point, Serious Business, Corporate Buyout and Shockblast. The fifth, however, was a shock. Skadi instantly recognised him as Juicer; however, the villain was supposed to be depowered and imprisoned. Instead, he was even larger and muscular then she remembered.

A fight broke out; each one of the Lolcats matching off with their nemesis. However, Skadi found that Juicer was far stronger then she remembered him. He was able to match her strength, and was more then willing to use lethal weapons and lethal force against her. As they fought, he explained that he had been given a “second chance” by their unseen sponsor, and he intended to use it to finish her off, stating that only one of them would leave this place alive.

However, the Lolcats found that despite the situation, they had an advantage against their enemies. The nemesis collection were fighting as glory-hogging individuals, each focusing on taking their enemy down while not aiding the others. The Lolcats in turn used this, focusing on their enemies and knocking them down one by one, until only Juicer remained.

However, he was determined not to go down without a fight, requiring all five of them to stop; it was only after a colossal blow from Skadi sent him reeling that he finally collapsed – and then, to her horror, plunged over the side. Running over to where he fell, she found him hanging on to the edge of the arena by one hand, clearly visibly weakening. He taunted her, telling her to let him fall – after all, if he died here, he would never be a threat to her again.

Instead, she took his hand and hauled him up to safety, explaining that it may not have been the most sensible thing to do; instead, it was the right and heroic thing to do. And, after all, she was a hero. And, as she pulled him up, she remembered the words of her shadowy counterpart. Skadi was confident that this was the decision she was forewarned of, and that she had made the right decision.

They then beat the snot out of Shadow Destroyer and went home to have ice cream.

How to justify the six months between log-ins ICly

After managing to amass a not inconsiderable collection of enemies in a short time, Skadi then managed to not make any new arch-enemies for a rather long break; between December of 2009 and September 2010, she managed to make not a single new sworn arch-nemesis. (She didn't count Juicer's return in March 2010 as he was “an old enemy in a new wrapper”). That was not to say that Skadi or the Lolcat Brgud as a whole were inactive at all.

While out on patrol, Skadi stumbled across some guy, who was in the process of robbing a convenience store. After blowing up his own loot trying to attack her, the two fought with Skadi quickly getting the upper hand. Fleeing, the strangely-familiar bad guy revealed that he was going to be at Channel 6 on Monday morning, daring her to come and face him again. So she did. What she didn’t expect was that there would be several other Superheroes present.

Each one of the others, Nightshade (who could control plants), Timeshift (who could temporarily stop time) and Frank Zapper (who had electric powers) had also fought a supervillain and, in turn, been lead to the station by the clues presented. They also realized that mayor Calvin Biselle was in the station doing an interview and had just been taken hostage by a group of supervillains. Calling themselves the Power Crusher Gang, the group consisted of the villains Mantisman, Onslaught, Buzzsauce, their leader, the horribly dressed Power Crusher and the same guy that Skadi had fought last night.

Power Crusher, the worst dressed villain in Millennium City. No mean feat at the best of times

With no time to call for reinforcements, the five of them formulated a plan to rescue the mayor and defeat the villains. Using their powers to stop time and create portals respectively, Timeshift and Frank Zapper were able to evacuate the mayor and the other hostages. With the innocent bystanders out of the way, the five of them were able to take on the villains free from the risk of harming them. A fight broke out which resulted in three of the four villains (and the other guy, who Skadi could have sworn was familiar, but she couldn’t place him to save her life), with only Mantisman managing to escape.

A grateful mayor Biselle thanked the heroes and decided to hold a press conference to commend them for their brave actions. Unfortunately, a quick acting VIPER agent tipped off his agency, resulting in the evil organization attempting to assassinate the mayor. The five heroes fought off no less (and no more) then eleven VIPER snipers before a pair of elite VIPER agents turned up – VIPER-X and Slackbladder, one of Skadi’s favourite punching bags. Despite their skills, the two agents were outnumbered and forced to retreat. Saved from his second life-or-death situation of the day, the oft-imperilled mayor thanked them even more.

Later that day, Mayor Biselle called the team to a meeting, saying that he was setting up formal support for them. To begin with, he announced that he would be setting up a formal headquarters for them, as well as providing official support for the team in the form of personnel, services, equipment and other important matters. He also encouraged them to work together to develop their powers and abilities.

Skadi and her new-found allies were called into action again when a prison convoy was attacked by super-villains intent on liberating the prisoners inside. Arriving on-scene, the four of them found that the villains in question were She Devil and Death's Chaplain, two members of The Underworld, a loser villain team that she had crossed paths with in past who were aiming to rescue the other four from captivity. Using their powers together, the five heroes were able to defeat the villains, resulting in their attempt at a jailbreak becoming a farcical rout. Only one of them, Executioner, was able to escape. Doctor Death, on the other hand, was convinced that he was hanging with Bob Marley and Jimmi Hendrix courtesy of some hallucinogenic spores.

Following him across town, Skadi and the others found that he had attacked an occult bookshop. Investigating the store revealed its owner, Doctor Zap, a professional magic user and one of the most disagreeable men in MilCit. Doctor Zap explained that Executioner had attacked in the company of a squad of DEMON members, and they had stolen a magical tome that could be used to summon a Vengeance Spirit, using Executioner’s Axe as a form of magical catalyst, and that would be Very Bad.

Using Doctor Zap’s magic to guide them, they tracked the Bad Guys to an abandoned warehouse across town. Unfortunately, the discovered that DEMON had taken several innocent bystander people hostage; furthermore, they had bolstered their forces by hiring the mercenary villain Morningstar. Furthermore, one of the hostages was Timeshift’s ex-girlfriend, resulting in his asking if they really had to save her.

Thinking quickly (and pointing out that she was still a DNPC and thus needed saving regardless of the fact that she was a total cow), NON EXTANT UN-PERSON used his powers to spirit the hostages to freedom, while Timeshift replaced the occult tome with a complete collection of Robert E. Howard’s works. Finally, using her spores, Nightshade convinced Morningstar and Executioner to attack each other.

For her part, Skadi simply punched cultists. Somebody had to.

With the tome secured and the hostages safe (even if one of them was complaining throughout) and, above all else, the bad guys’ plan in tatters, the heroes beat a hasty retreat before the battle between the two supervillains bought the entire warehouse down on top of them. Doctor Zap’s tome was returned, giving the team an opportunity to thank him for his aid and make sure that they never had to speak to him again.

Later that day, Mayor Biselle introduced the team to their support staff – including their lawyer, Colleen Nander.

Domo Arigato, Mister Roboto

Skadi in her hideous summer 2010 costume variation. A real "What was I thinking?!" moment

While holding an unofficial VIPER-punching contest on Monster Island (Whoever could beat up the most nameless goons in the designated time period won some prize), Skadi accidentally stumbled across a rather unusual group engaged in nefarious acts. A team of Ninjas, the group had forsaken the traditional Katanas and such in favour of laser swords and beam guns. Furthermore, these “Techo-Ninjas” were trying to break into the Lava Lamp Lounge and retrieve technology from the oft-recycled Death Ray.

Defeating the Techno-Ninjas, she salvaged one of their communicators, realising that they had managed to transmit information about their attacker back to their sight-unseen employer. Unsurprisingly, six hours later as she was on patrol in MilCit, Skadi was attacked by another group of these ninjas, bent on taking her out. Recognising a familiar pattern that she hadn’t experienced in months, she pummelled the ninjas flat, and then went through their stuff to find out what they were up to and who they were working for.

Sure enough, the information lead her to a secret PRIMUS warehouse in MilCit used to store salvaged Supervillain technology. In there, she encountered more of the Techo-Ninjas, as well as two others. The first was long-time flunky and punching bag, Green Dragon. The second was a villain wearing a suit of Samurai-themed power armour, calling himself the Iron Master. Fighting her way through the ninjas, she was able to defeat Green Dragon; however, Iron Master was able to escape with technology taken from Supremeus, amongst others.

Shile she was left trying to figure out who he was and what his plans were, Skadi was left with one unquestionable conclusion: She had a new nemesis.


Skadi lifting a VIPER Anaconda Tank

The chemical accident that altered Jill gave her superhuman strength and endurance. Her upper limits are unknown, but she knows she can lift –and throw – at least fifty tons, and isn’t afraid to try something heavier. (When she thinks nobody is looking, Jill will go to junkyards and industrial wastelands to find things to lift and throw to see what she can do). This has two other net side effects; Jill can hit hard; her blows hurt like hell and are enough to smash through metal or concrete. She can also leap long distances, simply due to how strong her legs are.

Besides just hitting things, Skadi has developed a number of “tricks” that she can perfume with her strength. She has become rather adept at creating shockwaves with her hits, the concussive force of her blows being enough to stun or incapacitate normal humans. She also rather enjoys picking up objects and throwing them at opponents as weapons; to her mind, the bigger an object is, the better a weapon it makes. She’s particularly fond of throwing trucks or other huge, unwieldy objects that can flatten several opponents at once.

Similarly, Jill is quite ridiculously tough, able to take hits that would flatten a normal person. While far from indestructible (Something she has found out the hard way), she is very resilient and hard to hurt. The end result is that she can be hit hard, and rarely suffer any serious injury as a result. Certainly getting thrown through walls, falling of buildings and hit with heavy objects will hurt like hell, but don’t seem to slow her down much. Exactly how much punishment she can take, much like the limits of her strength, is unclear; understandably, she’s been a lot less willing to experiment.

The chemical accident that altered her had one side effect; due to the chemicals now floating around her system, Jill is rather vulnerable to chemical poisons and toxins. They tend to have a greater effect on her through unbalancing her system. As yet, she is unaware of any way to treat this.

Aside from her superhuman abilities, Jill does have an extensive knowledge of chemistry, specifically chemical engineering and biochemical alteration. While not immediately useful in a pitched battle, Jill has been known to use these skills to develop counter-agents to weapons and abilities that her enemies may employ. These skills have been useful, aiding in the defeat of several of her enemies.

Jill/Skadi does possess one other “super” ability, one that in many ways is more potent then her strength or stamina. Jill has long been a fangirl of sorts for superheroes, both real and fictional, and as a result has a good knowledge of the conventions, the behaviours, the practices and the like of the superhero and supervillain community. This makes her rather “genre savvy” – she spots things that others tend to miss, she sees thorough evil plans and the like, which has helped her in on numerous occasions. She also uses this knowledge as a way to taunt supervillains, often mocking their plans and the obvious mistakes they make.


Jill is bold, outgoing and somewhat reckless. She likes to think that she is, indeed, the strongest woman – nay person – in the world, and wants to prove it to anyone who will listen. Certainly she seems driven by some desire to prove herself. This, in turn, combined with her resilience, has given her a somewhat reckless edge; she seems to have very little regard for her own safety, instead being somewhat confident in her ability to take whatever hit is coming her way. This is yet to get her seriously hurt, but it could just be a matter of time.

Her super-strength has made her rather confident in her abilities; she prefers to fight stronger opponents and test her strength against those she faces. Secretly, she’d like to be known as the strongest person in the world, and actively seeks fights with other “bricks” to test her strength. She likes to stand up and be noticed, and could be borderline obnoxious in some cases. She's also a relentless punster, and is known to throw down truly awful puns in the middle of a fight that hurt as much as her punches. The simple fact is that she does seem to like attention; while she’s not the sort of person who demands to be the centre of everything, she likes to be in the loop and know what’s going on. And, every now and then, read a good book.

Jill’s powers are somewhat innate; they can’t be switched on or off; in essence, she’s always big, strong and tough. She’s lead her life being used to them being always there; she couldn’t dream of being without them. In fact, she’s somewhat afraid of what would happen if they were somehow removed; the thought of being “normal” is quietly terrifying. Her powers do have a few drawbacks; there’s the ever present concern of losing control and accidentally breaking something – or someone – from just casually handling them.

Above all else, she’s a fundamentally good person. While yes she wants to prove herself, she also figures that she can use the abilities she has been granted to help others. And probably get into a fight along the way.


Jill Vader, out of costume. A perfectly normal, seven foot tall college student. Move along, nothing to see here, citizen

The first thing anyone would notice about Skadi is just how freakishly tall she is. Just over two meters tall, she has a solid, muscular build. Her body is clearly toned and athletic, and would suggest a high level of fitness and strength even for someone who wasn’t superhuman. Despite this, she is still attractive. She has a nice face with long red hair, and blue eyes. Similarly, she still has something of a figure – which can be a problem, as that puts her not inconsiderable chest at eye level to most people.

Normally, Jill wears what are politely called “big mens” fashions, simply because of how hard it is to get anything in her size. She prefers slacks or jeans and button-up shirts, sometimes with a jacket if the weather demands. When in her civilian identity, she usually wears her hair tied back and also sports small glasses – they’re purely cosmetic. (She wore glasses before her accident, and keeps them as a form of disguise)

Her “uniform” as such consists of a form-fitting bodysuit that serves to enhance her figure and physique. Mostly shiny black, the costume sports vibrant purple designs. She does not wear a mask; rather relying on her Genre Savvy to protect her identity. After all, a seven-foot tall amazon wouldn't disguise themselves with something so lame as tying their hair back and wearing glasses, right? They probably shrink when not in Superhero form or wear a wig, right?



Lolcat Brgud

Skadi is one of the founding members of the Lolcat Brgud, a small-time superhero group that are dedicated to fighting crime and having fun while doing such. She shares their philosophies of having a good time, doing the right thing, laughing a lot and pummelling baddies until they surrender or can no longer respond to the pummelling. Generally, she sees the members of the Brgud as being just as much friends as they are partners.

She was the sole member of the group to oppose the name “Lolcat Brgud”; however, her nomination for “Iguan Kick” had no support beside her own.

Coleen Nander

A professional acquaintance, Coleen Nander is a lawyer who specialises in superhuman and criminal law. She’s served as Skadi’s lawyer in numerous cases, starting from the second supervillain she apprehended, the Atomic Pimp. Given Skadi’s propensity towards collateral damage in the process of fighting crime, Coleen often has her work cut out for her; fortunately for Skadi, Coleen is good at what she does.

At present, Skadi is unaware that Coleen is actually Red Comet, a fellow member (and nominal leader) of the Lolcat Brgud.

Knight Watch

Skadi has had several run-ins with the flashy power armour-wearing hero Knight Watch, often crossing paths while chasing villains and fighting crime. While on the surface rather insufferable, she liked his sense of humour, especially his tendency to mock his enemies as well as those who took the superhero role overly seriously. He was especially impressed by Skadi’s demolition and humiliation of Droch, a villain he had fought on several previous occasions.

She personally thinks that he’s kinda hunky, and wishes he was single – or, at the very least, had a wife who didn’t have surveillance drones at her disposal.

Since Knight Watch finally overcame his fear of commitment (His wife's words) He has joined the Lolcat Brgud full time. He and Skadi work closely together, pooling their skills and knolwedge to develop potent new put-downs.

Frank Zapper

Frank is a source of equal parts fun and frustration for Skadi. On one side, she is a determined superhero who does her best to fight crime, stop bad guys and throw down god-awful electrical-themed puns. On the other side of it, Frank is fantastic at getting herself into trouble, running off on her own to do stupid things, coming up with stupid plans or the like. Still, she's a good person and fights bad guys, and that's what counts.

Skadi has recently learned that Frank's late father, Francisco de la Zapper, may have had some involvement in the Superhuman community.


Initially encountered while following a series of inexplicable crimes, the vigilante calling herself Krimzon proved to be just as inexplicable. While her motivations seemed to be bizarre and everything she said seemed to be a very obvious lie, at the same time, her strange sense of humour and tendency for wild exaggeration was strangely appealing, while both her fighting skills and her knowledge of the completely nonsensical fringes of the superhuman world were impressive.

While not a member of the Brgud (and having turned down an offer), Krimzon has agreed to stay in contact with the team, both to aid them with bizarre fringe crimes and in the off-chance that she needed help – something she claimed she never would.


Droch, the Seven Second Man

Skadi’s first enemy came about purely by accident; the first time she ever fought another supervillain was her complete demolition of Droch in seven seconds. So one-sided was the battle that she didn’t even know he was a supervillain. It was only after the video went viral on the internet that she was able to identify him and her role in his capture.

While Droch has since reformed and is trying to become a legitimate superhero, he still bears some animosity towards her for making him into a joke.

Atomic Pimp

The first supervillain that Skadi ever defeated (or at least, the first where she knew it was a supervillain at the time) was the infamous Atomic Pimp. It was a rather one-sided battle, with the Atomic Pimp being crushed with his own custom low-rider that Skadi threw at him. He has since sworn vengeance on her; however, since he has also sworn vengeance on every other hero that has defeated him, Skadi figures she is a long way down the list.


Skadi’s first true nemesis was the super-powered mercenary known as Juicer and, for once, he wasn’t after her because of something she did to him. Unfortunately, what he was after was her body; specifically, to dissect it and harvest it doe chemicals in order to extend his lifespan. The result was that she was literally fighting for her life, knowing full well that defeat would lead to her grisly demise.

Fortunately for her, Juicer was defeated and imprisoned, and stripped of the harness that gave him his powers.

Recently, Juicer has returned, stronger and more powerful then before. It is unclear who released him, nor how he managed to not only regain his powers but to exceed his previous capabilities. Now he is just as strong as Skadi, but also completely willing to use lethal force.

Mind Master

The Lolcat Brgud first encountered Mind Master when he tried to use a device to take control of every mind in Millennium City as a part of his master plan for world domination. While he was defeated and driven off, he has since returned on several occasions, with the Lolcat Brgud managing to foil him each time.

While he cursed the Brgud for foiling him, Mind Master seemed to have a particular disliking for Skadi. Enraged at being beaten by a “dumb brute”, he desired to defeat her, simply to prove that his mind was greater than her muscle. That she had repeatedly insulted his costume doesn’t help. Or, as she put it, “He’s just jealous that I have nicer legs then him”

Max Rad

Skadi was not even aware that Max Rad was an enemy until she was a witness as his trial. Understandably, He was upset by this. When she then failed to remember who he was when she next encountered several months later, he was even more upset.

Chilly McFreeze

On the surface, Chilly McFreeze seemed to be a bizarre joke villain, being an evil Japanese Michael Jackson impersonator with ice powers and an army of Zombie minions. However, Skadi found that his ice powers were growing in power to a point where they threatened to overwhelm her strength. However, Skadi was able to beat him not with her fists, but with her somewhat-neglected scientific skills; she engineered chemical grenades that broke down his ice attacks, rendering him harmless.

She maintains that he is her second-deadliest foe (after Juicer) and probably most bizarre.


Skadi was somewhat taken aback by Zaygorn, possibly because of his lack of pants. However, the fact that he was able to match her strength proved to be even more of a challenge then his choice of attire; he was able to match her blow for blow, and could give as good as he got. That he also was engaged to her made his obsession with her even more dangerous.

Fortunately, Skadi was able to push him, tormenting him about his broken English which, in turn, caused him to become careless and sloppy. This saw him defeated and taken prisoner under the “Soldier Warlords from Deep Space” clause in PRIMUS’ charter.

Doctor D. Zasterr

“It’s people like him that give reasonable scientists like me a bad name” – Skadi on D. Zasterr.

“It’s people like him that give unreasonable scientists like me a bad name”Zero Point, also on D. Zasterr.

Doctor D. Zasterr had the unfortunate luck to be not only the victim of Skadi’s huge enemy-crushing fists, but also her oft-neglected chemistry skills. Using her knowledge, she was able to disable his radioactive mutagen before he could unleash it into Millennium City’s water supply.


For some unknown reason, Skadi really, really dislikes Werewolves. Furthermore, this seems to extend to any sort of part-man, part-canine hybrid, be they mutants, experiments or just people in fursuits. She likes real dogs, however, which makes this dislike even more inexplicable.


While not a personal enemy, Foxbat has in past declared that he is the arch-enemy of the Lolcat Brgud. Of course, he has also declared himself the Queen of Spain, so his actual value as a nemesis is debatable. On the other hand, the Brgud kind of like him and think he’s funny.

Green Dragon

The Lolcat Brgud have fought the Supervillain Green Dragon on numerous occasions, usually while some other villain is breaking out of Millennium City's cardboard prison in the Westside. Green Dragon often ends up acting as a flunky and fall guy for these goons and, as a result, has been punched out by the Lolcat Brgud more times then he cares to think about. Of late, Green Dragon has taken to hiding in his cell whenever there is a prison riot and shutting the hell up, thank you very much. please stop hitting me, ms large angry woman thank you.


The commander of one of the innumerable VIPER research facilities in Canada, Blackadder (or Slackbladder as the Lolcats frequently call him) has the worst security protocols of any known VIPER operative. His base has been broken into and taken over by numerous Lolcat Brgud enemies, including Doctor D. Zasterr, Mind Master, Srs Bznss and Your Mother. In each case, the Lolcats have had to save him and, consequently, beat him up when he decided to shoot them in the back like the habitual backstabbing idiot he is.

One day he'll learn. One day.