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Player: @MainframeError
Character Build
Class Focus:
Power Level:
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Aria Coulais
Known Aliases: Skybound
Gender: Female
Species: Human(?)
Ethnicity: "Suntouched"
Place of Birth: The City of Nomads
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 15-17
Height: Around 5 feet
Weight: Slightly lower than average
Eyes: Blue, glows faintly at times
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair, healthy
Physical Build: Thin
Physical Features: None out of the ordinary
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: It's complicated
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: United States citizen
Occupation: Student
Education: Still in High School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Flight, light-based abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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The Sky of a Thousand Worlds

Somewhere, up in the Sky of a Thousand Worlds, is a place known as the City of Nomads. No one is sure where it came from, how it got there, or how long it has been there.

The Sky of a Thousand Worlds is one of the many mystical gateways in the metaverse; a place where the ley-lines of dimensions tie together in knots, and are, at least for a time, one and the same.

Among the glowing clouds and below the warming sun flies the City of Nomads, a gleaming rock adorned with golden spires and giant sails. The people there dressed in simple white robes, with trimming that matched the color of their golden hair and eyes, and called on the power of the sun above them. Some called them the Suntouched, and they had lived in the City of Nomads for as long as anyone could remember. For the most part, they were a peaceful people, and wished only for others to leave them be. They, like the city they lived on, could fly. They went out into the Sky of a Thousand Worlds, harvesting what they needed from the floating islands around them, as well as the many worlds below the cloud-sea. Only the best flyers, Divers, they called them, had the strength and the will to make the climb back to the Sky.

It was here that the little girl that would come to be known as Skybound was born.

Early Life

Unlike the other Suntouched, Skybound was born with dark black hair. The Suntouched had never seen such a thing in what was most likely thousands upon thousands of years, and were deeply frightened by the child. On her own, she was just the same as the other children of her age. Happy, prone to smilling, and loved to fly. However, her appearance caused others, even adults, to shy away from her. Her parents still loved her deeply, finding her to be no different from the others. They attempted to comfort her, but they soon realized that they were fighting a losing battle.

As soon as the other children realized that having dark hair was nothing special, they began to tease and provoke her. They blinded her with their Light, and tormented her endlessly. Skybound did not fight back, she saw no reason to return their cruelty. She held all her feelings within, and flew out into the Sky of a Thousand Worlds at the end of each day to be alone. She sat out among the clouds, and gazed into what little light she could create for herself. Her Light was not the harsh yellow of the others, it was a calming blue. It became the source of her comfort, and it calmed her each day. Her light became a personal treasure. She never showed it to anyone else, as she was sacred of the ridicule that she would surely face if she did. She was already different enough.

This was how young Skybound lived her life, until the others finally took things too far.

Down To Earth

Tension began to grow in the City of Nomads, but no one was quite sure why. Feuds were reported to be taking place in the inner rings of the Priesthood, the leaders of the City of Nomads. The public became more wary, and things that were considered not to be threats before were immediately done away with. Eventually, the children caught on, and to do their part, they went after Skybound.

They lured her into a carefully planned trap, and acted quickly. Realizing what they had done, she used her Light to defend herself for the first time. When their light met hers, she became blinded and disoriented. Losing control of her ability to fly, she fell, passing through the clouds below as she fell through the dimensional streams. She had left the Sky of a Thousand Worlds.

When she emerged from the clouds, she found herself falling into a strange new world, with spires in some places, and huts in another. Trees lined the walkways, and strange boxes moved along roads by themselves. There was ground as far as she could see, and everyone walked along the ground.

As she realized that she was no longer in the Sky of a Thousand Worlds, she slammed into the middle of a parking lot in a quiet neighborhood of the Millennium City Center.

Skybound awoke several days later in a rather comfortable bed. The room was a calming blue, with clouds painted on the ceiling, and various stuffed animals throughout. It was a beautiful room, and it took several moments for Skybound to realize that it wasn't hers.

She was still in pain and had trouble moving, but she managed to peel herself off of the bed and make her way to the door. She found herself at the top of a winding set of stairs, and carefully floated her way down to the floor below through the space inbetween the banisters. Touching down softly on the second floor, she heard the voices of a man and a woman. She quietly opened the door, and asked the two where she was as politely as she could. Much to her surprise, they both hugged her, glad to see that she was alright. She was confused; she had no idea where she was, and no one had ever shown any affection for her before. When she concentrated further, she found that she only had vague memories of where she had come from. Although she was able to remember her first name, Aria, her last name was lost to her.

Concerned for her health, the couple tended to the wounds that she had, saying that a bright blue light had helped her survive the fall. Over the course of a month, the bandages around her head and limbs were removed, and her aches and pains were gone. The couple had been extremely kind and loving towards her, especially when she told them that she had no way to go back to where she had come from after she had tried to fly back into the Sky of a Thousand Worlds. She just wasn't strong enough. Despite her sadness and hazy memories, she slowly began to love the two as she loved her original parents. Eventually, they came and explained to her why the room existed without a child. They were infertile, but had planned extensively for a child before this realization. They then asked her if she wanted to be the child that they never had. She joyously accepted, and her new life in Millennium City began.

Donning the Cape

The two knew that their new daughter was destined for something greater that they could never possibly provide for her. She had trouble adjusting to life in Millennium, finding it hard to understand why she should hide her abilities until she realized that not everyone had them. Still, she flew to school whenever she could in an effort to hang on to whatever sense of Self that she still had in this strange new world. Despite this, she remained happy, especially when she was at home with her new guardians.

After some time, however, she became disheartened to see that some of the same things that she experienced in her old home took place on Earth as well. She had expected a place with such variety within it to be a place where anyone could live and be appreciated for their differences, but that was not the case. Eventually, she started stepping into fights, in order to defend those who were tormented by others. When her powers began slipping out as a result of this behavior, both students as well as teachers and faculty became extremely wary around her, despite the fact that she was kind, and was progressing through school rather nicely. After hearing about what she had been doing, her parents attempted to dissuade her from continuing before things got worse. Although she understood their concerns, she had already decided that she was tired of hiding.

She fashioned the old robes that she had worn on her trip down to Earth into a simple costume, and created a hood and cape to go along with it. Right from the start, she decided that she would be a Protector, not a fighter, and would avoid such things whenever she could. She took to the skies without any formal training, instead resolving to simply do the best that she could. And so, Skybound appeared in the skies of Millennium City.


Unless situations are dire, Skybound appears to be eternally happy. This is a good thing, as her powers seem to wax and wane depending on her current mood. As a result, discouragement can be deadly in the wrong situation, literally. She loves to be happy. Happy music, smiling people, bright, warm, and windy days and everything else associated with happiness are all things that she greatly enjoys. She's very easy to please, and even seems to be pleased by the fact that someone is at least trying to please her.

Even though seemingly limitless, this happiness is constantly combating another seemingly limitless force, that of insecurity and guilt. Every time she fails to help someone, or gets knocked out in a fight, she slips a bit more.She does her best to be helpful, but she never seems to be able to believe that it's enough, and as soon as she's unable to do something, she fears that she has become worthless.

As a result, she also has carefully hidden problems regarding jealousy. Because of what had been done to her where she came from, she envies people who are considered to be "normal," or otherwise respected. She does not want to be famous by any means, but ridicule is something that she has very big problems with, and has a very hard time dealing with such things, as well as participating in them, no matter how justly deserved.

She also believes in second (and third and fourth) chances, and is very very gullible. As a result, chances are if she goes up against a tricky villain without help, she'll be easily captured, especially if there's no possibility of an actual change of heart.