Sovereign Steel

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Sovereign Steel
Player: TheMS [MS09]
Biographical Data
Real Name: Richard C. Grimes
Known Aliases: 'King of Armour', 'Iron Titan', 'Richard, First of his name/Richard I'
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Detriot
Relatives: Martha Grimes, Charles Grimes
Age: Mid twenties
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Complexion: fair
Physical Build: Skinny/Athletic
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret Knowledge
Years Active: since 2008
Citizenship: US.
Occupation: Hero, Public speaker and charity worker
Education: Various Degrees from MIT
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
MK5 'Sovereign' powered armour, 'Tazer' Mace [Auden]
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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You ask why I take the mantle of a king? I take it because a king is the ultimate public servant, serving as a shield against the dark and a banner for men to rally behind, to bestow wisdom and guidance to shape his kingdom for his people, not himself, to bring peace and prosperity... that is why I am a king... - Sovereign Steel during the qularr invasion and also at the end of his first press conferance.

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Sovereign steel was born as Richard Charles Grimes, his mother being Elizabeth Grimes and his father being Charles Grimes. During his early childhood, Richard developed a fascination with the idea of mythology, superheroes and factual historical figures. From the age of six he managed to provide insightful views into the characters from legend and actual figures of history or the time. At aged just only nine he had written several papers into theoretical engineering and managed to impress several leaders in the field at his acclamation and usage of his knowledge, even earning a degree at an extremely early age. Psychologically Richard didn’t enjoy the added pressure of studying degrees, he found it too cumbersome and committing, not giving him ample times to explore other fields and pursue his own interests [mainly jumping at the time]. After graduating high school [with of course full marks for every academic subject], Richard enrolled into MIT in which he met his future super comrades Gadget and Green Diamond. Gadget specifically provided the intellectual stimulation and topics for the often reclusive Richard and still prompting him to get involved with charity work, general partying [as norm for students] and random side projects. After graduation, the trio despite parting ways for different jobs still maintained close ties. Richard found himself amidst other scientists tasked with creating the newest super technology, to which due to limitations in funding or being made redundant barely ever saw the light of day in both federal and private contracts. Richard’s designs as brilliant as they were ended up scrapped or applied in other areas, mostly due to horrible luck… he even started his own technology firm in order to have better direction but failed as well.

Capabilities/systems [in armour]:

  • Electronic warfare capability, brute force hacking and connecting to devices, external signals can be shut off completely or certain ones if the situation calls for it
  • Finger laser beam emission points
  • Configurable palm beam emitter
  • Concussor: Solid energy wave hit, direct impact damage
  • Plasma: Plasma shielded by force fields to allows cutting and melting of tougher materials
  • Crown beam emitters for holograms and laser beams at close range
  • Servos with strength to exceed class 100 strength
  • High durability Kendrium-Tungsten alloy configured at atomic level for maximum toughness.
  • Arranged in plates for major vital points for repetitive hits
  • Smaller, ablative plates for joints and less exposed areas [e.g. elbow] and under the plate armour
  • Micro-Fusion core power source
  • Equipped with one use teleport to teleport the armour in case of core critical, hidden function impossible to manipulate or change without spending time to sabotage armour beforehand [is also not found in the documentation, something Richard implemented early on and off the books]

Core cannot be hacked using conventional methods

Core can only go critical on Sovereign’s command.

Breaks down hydrogen in the air/vapour to fuel it

Excessive generation of power can result in massive heat build up

Armour can vent out excess steam/heat by opening the armour plates and letting out pressurized vapour, reveals internals of the suit, making it more susceptible to damage

  • Magnetised force-field generation can create a physical barrier around objects, Sovereign and people[possible photonic barriers…?]
  • Energy based shields to deflect and absorb energy weapon fire, due to complications, this cannot be used with the self forcefield/barrier
  • Current propulsion tech installed allows suit to go at Mach 1.5
  • Capable of interfacing with modern devices
  • High weight means armour is not extremely agile, has to contend with inertia, but can still match regular human speeds in hand to hand depending on user skill.
  • Micro munitions missiles

HE: High explosive missile

AP: Armour piercing missile

HEAP: Armour piercing high explosive missile

Attachable Equipment:

A5-U4A Platform: Two additional sets of arms controlled by a neural uplink, the control is designed as such to be perfectly in sync with the nervous system and allowing great control, matching that of sovereign’s actual arms. Each arm is at the same strength/durability of Sovereign’s normal arm, equipped with finger laser beams and beam emitters from his hands.

Mace [Auden]: Indestructible mace created from [ ], surrounded by a field that weakens atomic bonds, causing highly repulsive force upon solid contact with solid materiels, designed to crack and repulse armour, causing additional trauma underneath.

Plasma Edged Greatsword: Taken from the alien warrior who dubbed himself 'Regicide', this collapsible sword [greatsword in the hands of a human], not only being of dense construction also has a plasma emitter inlaid on the swords edge which coats the blade in lethal oxygenated plasma [with the aid of a magnetic field to contain it]. This allows Sovereign to cut through vehicles and warmachines and combat heavily armoured individuals/beings.


Lawful Stupid:[1]: Steel is, heck he even feels very guilty ever time a life is lost or taken due to his actions.

Lost in character[2]: Steel for all intents and purposes believes that he IS Sovereign Steel, not Richard Grimes, so much to so that he has extreme shyness and socially rejects people out of his armour, literally shrinking and hiding away from the world until his face is covered... or he takes strong meds.

Plot Armor:[3]: Sovereign has on multiple occurances has taken blows to the head that should of killed him... being hit in the head by liberator's strength multiple times and Atrox Plaga's plasma fist... although his helmet was somewhat obliterated from that. but it doesn't always work as he gets the literal crap beaten out of him on multiple occurances.