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Player: @Danton
Spectre sec cam.jpg
Security camera image of Spectre in Westside
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee Tank/DPS.
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Confidential
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millenium city primarily
Relatives: Unknown
Age: Early 20's
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown (Blank White)
Hair: Unknown
Complexion: Unknown
Physical Build: Acrobatic
Physical Features: Unknown (Face covering mask, blank white eyes)
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2,000+(?)
Citizenship: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Education: Extensive
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Excessive knowledge. Exceptional tactical insight. Extensive knowledge of academic and practical subjects. Highly skilled melee combatant.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Extensive. Home made devices of remarkably complexity for their origin, including explosive devices of various types, grenades of various types (confirmed flash bangs and smoke grenades), audio bugs, tracking devices, and other improvised home made equipment.
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Common Knowledge about Spectre

Known information

For people who only consider the news a reliable source of information about Superheroes and their activities, Spectre is a nobody. There are no published photographs of him where he is the focus of the shot, no headline grabbing stories, and up until recently even gossip magazines would pay him little if any attention (with the notable exception of a tabloid article asking if Mr. Blank was involved with his then sidekick Nightwave, accidently using a blurry photograph of Spectre).

However people who have more intimate knowledge of the superhero community of Millenium City will at least know his name. He is known to be exceptionally active, regularly engaged against simple criminal elements such as drug dealers, gun runners, and protection rackets, passing on leads to the appropriate authorities (usually when he claims not to have time to deal with it) and generally making life difficult for organised criminals. However he has been noticed more and more often taking action against larger superhuman threats. For a while rumours spread that he had single-handedly fought a Dragon, although these have been largely discounted, likely the product of his attempts to instill fear into the criminal elements within Millenium City.

It is a known fact that Spectre has no super powers, however there is rarely a situation he does not already know a solution for. In fact his knowledge is sometimes casually referred to as his superpower, although typically in a derisive manner. He has mentioned in public that he is host to some form of mystic being (he does not openly discuss specifics about it) that gives him access to many years of accumulated knowledge, but the precise relationship is not known, nor how the mystic being itself possesses that knowledge or interacts with him.

An individual with a careful eye over history (or having lived through it themselves) may be familiar with handiwork throughout history that seems to match Spectre's style. He seems to have been present at various locations in various time periods, with the earliest possible mention of him being 51 C.E. where Praetorian Prefectus Sextus Afranius Burrus writes of hiring a 'Spectre of a man' to educate the young Nero during a busy period. Of note is that there are a few historians who maintain Nero and his entourage were killed rather than committed suicide, based on a single entry in the journal of Servius Sulpicius Galba, simply stating 'The Spectre of his past caught up to him'. His current years are the most overt he has ever been as he usually seems to operate behind the scenes, most people not even knowing he exists.

The current theory is that the Spectre identity is a legacy hero of sorts, however there is no specific proof to back this up. It is possible he is reincarnating, some degree of non-aging immortal, or potentially a time traveller. However occam's razor would suggest the simplest solution of legacy hero. But this does not explain his occasional references to memories that are outside of human experience. Unless a specific answer is found to the question of his precise status, it is recommended PRIMUS consider Spectre a legacy hero.

Known area of operations

Spectre is primarily based in Westside of Millenium City, but while this seems to be his common beat his activities can be found in a wide range of areas. After fighting common crime in Westside, he is frequently reported in the downtown area, often in the process of following more white-collar crimes. Similarly there are reports of him being seen in places as diverse as southern Africa or Indonesia, and even a rumour that suggests he was once sighted in the North Pole.

Analysis by department


Spectre possesses an unusual mixture of casualness and determination. He seems to have a strong sense of duty and responsibility to use his abilities to protect others, but this is not linked with the humourlessness and grim dourness that may be imagined. Instead Spectre approaches it with a weary perspective, maintaining a calmness during most crises.

While he has demonstrated a capacity for planning, Spectre seems more adept at improvisation. He makes use of every resources around him, from people's metahuman abilities, to natural resources, to man-man constructs.

In recent months since Spectre's return from his unexpected disappearance, he has shown a number of marked differences in personality. The most prominent of which has been the replacing of his previously business-like outlook with a more casual perspective. While still doggedly determined in what he considers his duty, he approaches it in a different manner, seemingly less intense but just as involving. Accompanying this change is greater emphasis placed on the standard needs for life, such as companionship, allies and basic necessities of comfort.

He seems to feel a strong sense of duty towards attempting to resolve street and city level criminal activity, as well as assist where he is able to in larger scale heroic actions. This determination is backed up with a degree of stubbornness, but tempered by a practicality. If he is aware his presence will not help noticably, he has no hesitation in leaving, but if he feels he can be useful it takes a great degree of persuasion to make him abandon his chosen action.


A recent further analysis has revealed more in depth information on Spectre's psyche and resiliance to mental intrusion. A psychic consultant for PRIMUS attempted to read Spectre's mind, only to find that upon gaining entry (a task he described as 'not any more difficult than any other person with a strong will') actually reading the information was difficult. A verbatim quote from the psychic said it was like 'trying to read a message written in every second word on paper with no spacing, in tiny font, through a magnifying glass'. From this we believe a skilled psychic may be able to get access to his mind, but it would require conscious, sustained effort.

Similarly, the psychic later admitted that he had (without authorisation from the supervising agent) implanted a suggestion in Spectre's mind to put his left hand in his pocket every time he walked around as some sort of joke. After reprimands were handed out, this activity was observed being performed by Spectre for the next 42 minutes, before seemingly abandoned. It seems that either through strong will or some other means, his mind is able to 'reset' itself to avoid long term abnormal psychic influences. It is uncertain if this will occur with other mind alteration attempts such as through chemical means, or brain washing.


Due to his excessive paranoia, getting any form of arcane trace on Spectre is difficult at the best of times. In the few recorded incidents where a consultant arcanist has lodged a report about his presence, they state it seems completely normal most of the time. Reports refer to 'pulses' of arcane energy not at all outside of normal variation range that are occasionally detectable, and observation has linked some of these incidents with references to memories that are located outside of a normal human lifespan. Furthermore, when asked if Spectre's wide knowledge of the arcane translates into a capacity for spellcasting, the verbatim quote was "I do not believe I have met a less magically capable human being. He knows his <expletive>, but I don't think he could cast a cantrip if you put a gun to his head."


Spectre's martial combat technique is perhaps what we know best of the man, due to his semi-regular practice bouts with other martial artists and superhuman brawlers at Carl's gym being observed by undercover analysts. His combat style has been analysed by experts in several difference fields of martial arts. The results are inconclusive, with no two experts being able to agree upon the styles he uses. Current analysis suggests that he has attained a knowledge of martial arts where he has gone beyond forms of martial arts and simply adapts the techniques and philosophies he knows to match the situation. This makes his fighting technique far more dangerous as it is less predictable and more adaptable to incoming threats, but it seems to be far from perfect. His fighting technique is almost infinitely adaptable, but physical limitations provide any metahuman with abilities that aid combat a distinct advantage against him. Similarly despite the adaptability of his style and ability to analyse an opponent's weakness, a genuine master who has perfected a style will provide him with a challenging opponent, even without super powers.

A recent report was completely about Spectre's responses and combat abilities against superpowered threats that use non-conventional attack methods. The initial theory is that he would be at a substantial disadvantage against opponents he could not fight in his conventional style, but this was not the case. He demonstrates remarkable adaptability and improvisation to handle non-standard attacks, with some highlights include:

  • Releasing an electrical discharge into his own body to stun a metamorphic, liquid-based shape-morpher while it was attempting to envelope him.
  • Freezing the elastic, sticky tongue of a Frog-based enemy to a metal pole with a fire extinguisher.
  • Icing the floor when under attack by a teleporter, so upon appearing behind him the teleporter slipped over and was concussed.


Originally, analysed recovered technological equipment suggested sophisticated, but improvised designs using mostly salvaged or over-the-counter devices as baselines. Examples being creating tracking devices from GPS trackers present in cell phones, or high electricity shock devices from car batteries and egg whisks. While these devices are effective and of sophisticated design given the materials worked with, they are still crude. These are not examples of super-technology, merely effective uses of everyday devices.

More recent analysis shows that he has begun using some more advanced technology. However, none of it seems to be of his own manufacture, instead retrofitted technology of a variety of different designs. While Spectre rarely improves upon the designs, he has been shown to be adept at concealing or refitting the equipment to match other formats. For example, recently an incident was reported where a New Purple Gang member taunted Spectre upon his display of a tazer, claiming to possess a low level mutant ability to absorb electricity. Spectre then dynamically and dramatically revealed to the gang member that the device was a sonic emitter from a newer Destroid model, which rather effectively dispensed of the threat.

Some confirmed equipment Spectre has made use of is as follows. As more of his devices and their workings are confirmed, they will be added to the list below.

  • Smoke Grenades - Although called 'smoke' Grenades, these devices utilise far more than just vision obscuring smoke. Minor amounts of the chemical capsaicin is present, as well as a number of other irritants which combine to very efficiently distract targets of the device.
  • Shock pads - Spectre seems to occasionally augment his gloves with small electrical discharge devices that are similar to some electro-shock gauntlets that other metahumans use, but on a smaller scale. There are two settings that have been observed being used. The first setting is a low level shock that recipients describe as causing a numbing feeling, lessening their proprioception (ability to sense the location of limbs) and making combat more difficult to continue. The second setting seems to be a far higher level and more violent shock, capable of passing through thickened and toughened skin or hides, causing direct pain to the nerve receptors.
  • Grapple gun/zip line - Spectre's high speed movement activities often involve a combination grappling gun and zip line device. It is capable of firing a grapple at long distances and latching on to most surfaces. It is then able to drag Spectre's weight up the line at high speed, or hold him at a steady distance from his anchor poin to allow rapid swinging.
  • Shurikens - In the past he has been seen to make use of a simple sharpened metal throwing impliment, often to disarm or distract foes. However recently there have been some modified shuriken-like devices, often including an unusual effect on impact.

Unfortunately due to Spectre's secretive nature, there is no way to confirm the number or capability of those devices he has.


Physical appearance

His physical height is approximately five foot eleven inches, putting him at an average height for most men, but shorter than average amongst superhumans. His facial features have not been visibly identified due to the mask he constantly wears, but the open section around his mouth confirms he is caucasian. His voice has been identified as somewhere between 20 and 30 years of age. His build is exceptionally muscular and fit, but in an acrobatic sense rather than a body builder or boxer.


The primary constant in Spectre's costume is his mask. It is a deep blue full face covering mask without distinguishing markings and some form of transparent material over the eyes. From the outside this transparent material reflects light, giving the impression of glowing eyes, likely due to the psychological impact the sight may have on criminals. Another constant is the blue gloves worn by Spectre made of the same material as the mask. Previously the mask covered his mouth as well, it is unknown the reason for the change to one that leaves his mouth visible.

Spectre previously wore a costume of a more theatrical design, used when he needs to make an impression, consisting of a blue trenchcoat and fedora over a white business shirt and black tie, with black pants and shoes. It is currently unknown why precisely he abandoned this design, although it coincided with a psychological shift. Perhaps it was abandoned as part of an effort to remake his image.

His current primary attire is a simple pair of black trousers coupled with a dark blue zip-up hooded jacket. This jacket seems to be lined with a large number of internal pockets and pouches, within which most of his equipment is stored, although otherwise has no special modifications. The primary goal of this outfit seems to be to blend in, as when Spectre walks with a slight hunch and his hands in his pockets, he blends in as just a normal man on the street, especially walking around in Millenium City's night life. On at least one occasion the sneakers of this costume have been observed to have retractable spring blades, although they have never been seen used in combat.

Finally Spectre is sometimes observed in more specific attire. He is confirmed to possess an armoured suit that retains flexibility for more open combat, as well as a version of the suit adapted for underwater combat. Rumours circulate about other combat suits designed for specific uses, such as one intended for combating werewolves.

There exist rumours that state Spectre may be adept at disguises, but there is no way to confirm or deny this without additional data.


As possible historical references to Spectre are unearthed, they will be listed here.

51-68 C.E.

An individual called a 'Spectre of a man' was taken on as a tutor to Nero, who would eventually become Emperor Nero the brutal tyrant. Possibly involved with Nero's death, based on the writings of Nero's successor saying 'The Spectre of his past caught up to him', or a more literal translation could be 'A ghost of his past found him'.

408 C.E

During Alaric the Visigoth's first siege of Rome, a figure in a blue mask underneath a centurion's helmet was observed stealing valuable, rare scrolls out of a number of private libraries. During the sacking of Rome two years later those personal libraries were considered lost, and all their contents destroyed. However some of those contents were later found in other hands, having miraculously survived the devestation.

Approx 500 C.E

In this period in Japanese history, during the late Kofun period, there are reports of a minor warlord violently opposing the introduction of Buddhism into the country. An instrument of his actions was a person not well described in surviving texts, referred to only as the 'Blue faced devil'. Unfortunately few records survive to indicate his fate, but there is suggestion of betrayal within the house, and a surviving buddhist text from several decades later indicate an elderly monk in the area who wore a blue mask regularly.

1718 C.E.

In the account of the death of the infamous pirate Edward Teach (also known as Blackbeard), in the final fight between Lieutenant Maynard and the pirate, Blackbeard managed to disarm his opponent and was only prevented from killing him when the Lieutenant's men had surrounded the pair after driving back the pirate crew. One account says that the slash against Teach's neck that prevented his killing blow on Maynard came from a crew member noted for 'his eccentric nature, being clad commonly in a face covering mask, but knowledgable enough in matters of ill health (both of the infliction and the curing) that his manner is forgiven'.

1807 C.E.

A slave ship that had made port for supplies along the coast of the Iberian Peninsula is burnt out from the inside. All slaves within escape unharmed, while no crew member makes it out. When later questioned, one of the escaped slaves describes a man in period costume with a blue mask tied over his eyes as the person who removed their shackles. He was not recognised as a member of the crew.

1972 C.E.

Underworld contacts from London confirm that an individual with a mask identical to Spectre's was involved in the elimination of three out of four Vampire coverns that were involved in a civil war in the city's nightlife. The individual was seen with a woman aged in the mid twenties who was believed at the time to be a Vampire Hunter. After the last confirmed assault the two were spotted engaged in combat over the rooftops of London over the course of an evening, the woman displaying Vampiric abilties. The exact outcome of the event is not confirmed, but Spectre has been heard over the Respond and Protect channel reminiscing over a night he spent with a woman who turned out to be a Vampire, that ended with her chained to an anchor at the bottom of the Thames river. This has not been confirmed.

Known abilities

Fighting technique

When called upon to fight, Spectre's style is exceptional. It seemlessly merges multiple martial arts and fighting styles, to the point where identifying specific forms is quite difficult. One of his most commonly used fighting techniques works primarily on the principle of self preservation (a likely side effect of being a mortal human often fighting superhumans) followed by attempting to strike specific weak points in his opponent as he identifies them in an interceptive pattern, hitting them at the same time as he dodges their attacks. This exceptional combat ability is no match for many genuinely superpowered individuals. In fact his apparent extreme amount of experience in combat situations is his greatest attribute in combat, as it functions like a weak sixth sense, allowing him to react to danger before it is present by predicting the actions of his opponents.

Recent further analysis has revealed more about his combative technique. His lack of specific combat style is more than just stepping beyond conventional understanding of the rigidity of different martial arts, it is the art in itself. Spectre's fighting technique seems to revolve solely around whatever his opponent cannot act against. In the opening acts of a fight, Spectre is believed to analyse the fighting technique of his opponent (potentially all possible opponents) and determine the best methods used against them. He them cherrypicks different techniques from different fighting styles and adapts them to suit, meaning against each opponent he essentially creates a new fighting style to combat, all within moments of the fight starting.

When observed in the field against greater numbers, Spectre has shown a defensive style that closes rapidly with enemies and redirects their attacks, becoming very effective against large groups of foes. In contrast when fighting individual foes he will often use technological gadgets or aggressive techniques to lock down their offensive and press the attack when they are on the back foot, making an effort to either control the pace of the fight, or hold long enough to locate a weakness.

Two points of note regarding Spectre's fighting technique. Firstly although Spectre is a highly accomplished martial artist, he does not seem to demonstrate any specific mystical martial arts capability as some extreme experts in the field do. Secondly Spectre is adept at making use of his surroundings during combat, improvising weapons and obstacles.

Anti-metahuman combat techniques

After consideration, this is recieving its own category to distinguish Spectre's capability in this particular area. As he is believed to be a normal human with no specific beyond-human powers to speak of, it seems Spectre has had to adapt to be able to adequately combat metahumans. Typically all that has been observed are the results of Spectre's combat against metahumans, where he has left a tied up superhuman criminal in front of a police station, but there are some small number of reported eye witness accounts. These reports suggest that when facing a superior singular opponent, Spectre will fall back on repeated ambush tactics tailored to his opponent's powers. Typically a combination of a smoke grenade capable of obstructing multiple senses, followed by hit and run tactics intended to minimise his opponent's ability to strike back.

Although it must also be mentioned that certain superhuman abilities seem to give him less difficulty than others. In particular he seems to have extensive expertise in facing individual with superhuman strength and resilience.

Physical condition

While he is not constructed like a bodybuilder, it is a mistake to think Spectre is not in incredible physical fitness. His balance is exceptional, as are his reflexes and physical strength. Recent further refinements of his physical fitness mean he could be considered on par with Olympic athletes in a variety of areas. This combined with his incredible knowledge of martial arts means he can adapt his style to focus on where his opponent is weaker. He can out-endure a quicker opponent, move faster than a stronger opponent and use brute force against a tough opponent.

Extreme knowledge

As has been stated already Spectre seems to possess knowledge from various periods in history. The current theory is that he has somehow absorbed knowledge from a variety of sources in the past in a method likely related to the symbiote he has referred to. The practical application beyond his fighting ability is that he has a vast array of knowledge and experience from a wide variety of fields.

In addition, he has demonstrated a strong ability to absorb information as presented to him, similar to a photographic memory but on a less extreme scale. He has shown the ability to remember precise details and dates with startling accuracy, but then forget someone's name, or forget meeting a person altogether.

However do not confuse this degree of knowledge with super intelligence. While Spectre is gifted academically and capable of advanced problem solving, he is not always right, nor is he a genius in the true sense of the word. This can be confused as Spectre will often present himself as if he knows exactly what is going on to preserve this image, or attempt to trick someone into revealing something he does not know.


Very little misses Spectre's attention, which is a particularly useful ability when working in unison with his vast array of knowledge. This means that he can correctly interpret most things, be it languages, cyphers, body language or forensic tells. This is perhaps Spectre's most effective ability both in combat and outside of combat, as not only can he read the body language of people before they attack him and perfectly identify relevant clues when conducting an investigation, he has a solid grasp of when people are lying to him or concealing something.

Home made/Scavenged equipment

Spectre has accumulated a vast array of devices and magical equipment, the former sometimes made himself, but the latter taken from fallen foes. While some of the devices are commonly used, such as explosives and debilitating grenades, others are left in storage until needed. Where exactly he keeps these is unknown, but it is not unheard of for him to vanish from sight for twenty minutes and return with a magical artifact that can alleviate a problem.


The most common method of rapid travel Spectre has been observed undertaking is a mixture of genuine parkour techniques and grappling line assisted swinging. Spectre's parkour method is not the flashy 'free-running' commonly confused with the french art of travel, instead it is a highly efficient, high energy urban traveling system that matches well with the layout of Westside. When moving in urban environments less suited to this, instead he uses a home made device that functions as a combination zip line and grapple gun. This device seems to operate at the higher ends of comparable devices used by other metahumans, costumed vigilantes and registered heroes, being capable of moving him at high speed. In addition, Spectre seems to possess another high speed movement method faster than the other two listed, but currently there are no eye witness reports on what it may be. All that is known about it is that he has been observed at two different locations in Millenium City without adequate time passed for his known movement methods to traverse the distance.

Confirmed Expertise

As more of Spectre's extensive range of knowledge is confirmed, it will be included here.


Spectre shows quite exceptional amounts of knowledge about this area, usually involved in the history of arcane studies. While his expertise is a distinct second to any genuine student of the arcane arts, he definately understands more than he should. It should be noted that he has never been observed to cast a single spell or shown any signs of being magically capable.


Based on stories told and experience shown in the field, Spectre is quite knowledgable about the supernatural. This extends to experience with Vampires and Werewolves, as well as some knowledge of Fae court politics. Although this has not been conclusively linked to any practical application, some theories suggest a Werewolf found hogtied in front of the Vibora Bay police station towards the end of October in 2011 is the result of Spectre's experience against supernatural foes.


Although not a super-tech engineer himself, some recorded interactions between Spectre and other technologically minded individuals shows a keen understanding and grasp of the key concepts being utilised. This would also explain his ability to modify existing highly advanced high-tech equipment into items that fit his personal style.


Since Spectre's arrival in Millenium City, a number of up-and-coming criminal organisations have been destroyed before they properly began by precise strikes at their methods of financing themselves. Although it is not confirmed, it is believed Spectre is behind these, along with other disruptive assaults on legitimate-seeming fronts for other hostile groups. This would suggest an expertise at following financial trails to locate weak points in larger organisations on par with some of the best forensic investigators in the country.

Millitary organisations and tactics

Spectre has shown impressive understanding of the logistics of paramillitary groups when called into action against forces such as VIPER. This includes knowing where possible supply bases will be established, when to strike to maximise damage, and prediction of probable assaults. However it is important to note that this knowledge seems to extend to legitimate millitary forces organised by government authorities. Some of the advanced intell Spectre seems to be aware of suggests some kind of advanced access to PRIMUS databases, which could be the result of contacts or blackmail within the organisation.


The analysis of metahuman physiology is a controversial field due to the extreme variation in potential subjects, as well as the difficulty in assembling large sample sizes. But despite this Spectre seems to be up to date on the latest academic articles on the subject, and in some cases even ahead of the curve.


Spectre has demonstrated a practical knowledge of first aid through a number of incidents where he has performed field medicine. Although this is all that has been confirmed so far, it is believed he is very knowledgable and up to date in the field of modern medical practice, leading to some speculation that he may have training as a doctor.

Known Weaknesses

Lack of powers

Although Spectre is an exceptional combatant, more than able to hold his own against low power superhumans and rated in combat against no less than eleven unarmed foes at once, he is human with all the frailties that brings. A single lucky bullet could end his life or put him out of the fight for a long period of time, not to mention the effects of getting up close and personal with a superstrong brawler with enough martial arts training to negate his techniques.

Social isolation

Spectre has advanced knowledge of body language and manipulation, but it seems to be difficult for him to connect with people on a personal level. It is unknown how many people he views as genuine friends, although he does foster contacts within the Millenium City heroic community. The precise cause of this isolation is unknown, but current theory suggests it may be related to the legacy nature of the Spectre identity somehow. Furthermore, his abilities place him directly between two social groups. He is more human than the superhumans, and more superhuman than the humans. He seems to struggle with relating to people, believing that he cannot understand their experiences fully, just as they cannot understand his.

Although he has made efforts to improve and become more of a social being, in the process forging some bonds and friendships within Millenium City, he still seems to position himself apart from others. There have been some rumours of romantic involvement with a few well positioned women, although these are considered to be attempts to discredit the women in question by linking them with a masked vigilante and should not be taken seriously.

Knowing, not understanding

Spectre knows a great deal of knowledge, ranging from physics, biology and advanced mathematical theory, to warfare logistics, training techniques and arcane theory. However while he KNOWS these things, due to the nature of this knowledge it is not assured that he will understand it. For example, while he may know the mathematical formula, it is not assured that he can put it into practice.

Non-lethal methods

Within the Vigilante community there is a divide between those willing to use lethal methods and those who are not. While individuals using lethal methods are not to be condoned due to the inherent risk they pose, from a tactical standpoint in the event of a highly dangerous situation the capacity to inflict lethal harm may be beneficial or even required against the more serious threats or if they are required to take part in a millitary action. Spectre limits his tactical arsenal to non-lethal methods only, refusing even to use guns loaded with non-lethal rounds (likely due to the unreliable nature of such rounds). In a purely tactical sense this limits his possible responses to greater dangers.

Opinions and Comments

Relation with authorities

MCPD - Spectre frequently works with the MCPD in an unofficial capacity. He gives and receives tip offs from police officers he has fostered a solid working relationship with in a number of departments and beats. This relationship seems to extend from typical beat cops, to some suspicion he is in regular contact with high ranking officers, and even potentially internal affairs.

FBI - Although the FBI are not very public in their presence in Millenium City, Spectre is believed to have contacts within the federal agency who have on occasions shared material with him not intended for the eyes of private citizens. Attempts to discover who is sharing material with him have been stymied at every turn, but the very real evidence that there is a breach of security within the FBI (even if it is with a so far trustworthy vigilante) is very alarming.

CIA - This seems to be an agency that is not welcoming of Spectre. There are rumours and unconfirmed reports they have attempted to discover his secret identity, but so far it seems they are unsuccessful. Some of the rumours that exist indicate there may have been some form of confrontation between the CIA and Spectre, although this is all difficult (if not impossible) to confirm. If the CIA are spying or attempting to spy on (what is believed to be) an American citizen, it is cause for concern.

PRIMUS - Spectre has shown willingness to cooperate with PRIMUS in several major incidents in the past, although his staunch refusal to register under ASPRA dampens any official collaborative efforts. This leads to some tension during joint investigations or operations. A few PRIMUS agents have voiced the belief there should be a discreet investigation launched to confirm he has no hidden agenda before any further collaborative efforts are made. These are typically vetoed as a waste of PRIMUS resources.

UNTIL - Similar to his relationship with PRIMUS, Spectre has been confirmed to provide relevant informaiton to UNTIL when required. Unlike PRIMUS, UNTIL seems far more relaxed around working with Spectre on the rarer occasions his investigations extend over international boundaries, likely because his refusal to register under ASPRA does not affect them.

Antagonistic relations with organisations

VIPER - Although Spectre is far from a high priority for VIPER (his lack of powers limits the direct level of damage he can do to the organisation) leaks from within VIPER indicate they believe him responsible for a number of indirect attacks, typically by attacking their funding, shell companies and dummy corporations they use to pay for their extensive operations. A (very) small task force of analysts are believed to have been put in charge of attempting to find and eliminate him, but this is seen as a dead end position and no one of any real competence is assigned to the menial role. Despite this Spectre has had a number of run ins with individuals from the VIPER Dragon Branch, some of which are mentioned below.

DEMON - Intelligence reports that DEMON are interested in Spectre for reasons we are currently unaware of. Speculation is that it has something to do with his status as a 'legacy' hero of sorts. However at the same time he is not viewed as important enough for them to allocate resources to handling him.

ARGENT - Spectre has been observed engaged in open conflict with the private security forces working for ARGENT in the past. Although ARGENT has yet to attempt any overt action against him (either public relations based, or trying to bring him in) it is probably only a matter of time before his particular style of investigation finds something ARGENT would be willing to attempt to kill to retrieve.

Millenium City Gangs - Through a variety of overt combatative actions, Spectre has established a fear based reputation with the gangs of Millenium City. Through interviews with ex-gang members, it seems there are a reasonable proportion who attribute their departure from the organisations to Spectre, either through fear (of vigilantes in general, with Spectre being a listed example) or through being given a second chance by him directly. It should be noted that the Black Aces and the New Purple Gang both view him as a particularly painful annoyance, as they rely quite heavily on their legitimate business fronts to hide their less publically acceptable activity.

Antagonistic relations with individuals

Boa Constrictor - A member of VIPER's Dragon Branch who shows a considerable dislike of Spectre, and the feeling seems to be mutual. In one of their observed fights Spectre taunted the less intelligent Boa Constrictor into a rage, and then electrocuted him once engaged in in-fighting. Although Boa Constrictor has not been caught by the authorities after any of their battles, it seems to infuriate the VIPER agent to no end that even with his superhuman abilities he is not able to outfight Spectre.

Ripper - Another member of VIPER's Dragon Branch. Although Ripper shows no sign of remembering Spectre as anything other than just another costumed crime fighter, there has been a recorded fight between the two. The footage is difficult to see detail in as it was filmed using a poor cell phone camera, but it highlights perhaps one of Spectre's greatest strengths, his ability to redefine victory conditions to better suit his needs. As part of a larger scheme Ripper was attempting to destroy an oil refinery which had some V.I.P.s onboard. Instead of attempting to defeat Ripper directly (a task that even the most generous of analysts believes he is completely incapable of doing barring extreme outside intervention), Spectre lured Ripper to the far side of the rig of the docked boats and held him at bay while the civilians evacuated. The teenaged son of the V.I.P. recorded a reasonable amount of the incident, but the fight between Spectre and Ripper is mostly obscured. What little is seen shows Spectre using a combination of taunts and explosives to both keep Ripper's attention focused on him, and to debilitate his significantly stronger foe temporarily.

Menace - Spectre has engaged the superpowered mercenary Menace on a few occasions. In all instances neither attempts to psychologically undermine the other, instead immediately moving to attack using their impressive close quarter combat capabilities. Although they have been reported to have engaged each other at least four times, there is no indication of who emerged victorious each time.


"Hm...He'd make a good chess opponent." - Mr. Blank

"I've spent time with the guy... He's nice. He makes wearing a mask look sexy on men. And he's got one hell of a good looking rear. In all seriousness, though, I appreciate Millennium City's Spectre. This might sound crazy, since I know practically nothing of the man beyond the mask, but I feel like I can trust him in every given situations... Any and all situations." - The Shrouded Rose

"Who is Spectre? Well, he's a thinker. He's a resourceful man. He's dedicated. He's skilled. He's the kind of guy you want on your side. But most of all, he's a friend. But his dedication for what he does often makes him think that he can't allow himself to rest, and has to keep going far beyond human limits and still getting villainous asses off their nefarious egoes. That's what worries me. If something defeats Spectre, it's not going to be a super-villain. He'll be defeated by himself for not having been rested enough for his constant crusade. As his friend, I worry about that. I tried to make him sit down for a while but I ultimately failed... But, heh. What can I do, right?" - Natasha Roy, Divael

Subjective analysis and Rumours

Existing rumours

Rumours and hearsay are not a reliable source of information, especially not when it comes to someone such as Spectre who makes such an effort to spread misinformation. However even if false these rumours can provide an insight into Spectre. In addition, with so little confirmed intel to work with rumours can potentially plug gaps in available data.

Romantic dealings

Despite Spectre's closed off nature, he seems to have been picked up by some tabloid magazines as a potential scandalous love interest for notable public figures. It seems that if certain magazines wish to represent a female public figure in a negative light they merely claim she is romantically attached to Spectre. There are at least two occasions where this has occured, for a prominant Mercy Hospital doctor, and a fashion consultant for metahumans. Status: Unlikely.

Methods of contact

Supposedly the people in Westside have informal method of passing anonymous information on to Spectre. There is supposedly a garbage bin near a park where a note containing information is placed beneath the trash bag. Supposedly this information finds its way directly to Spectre. Of course, anyone who shares this knowledge claims not to know which precise bin it is. Status: Unconfirmed.

Identity speculation

Although it is not the policy of PRIMUS to attempt to ascertain the identity of private figures, in the event the it is required we know the identity of Spectre, the following data has been gathered.

Physical information

  • Spectre is a caucasian male approximately five feet eleven inches tall.
  • He is predominantly right handed although capable of using his left hand for fine motor movement.
  • Posture can alter rapidly, so it is likely this will not be effective to identify him.
  • He is likely in possession of a number of scars and signs of past injuries.
  • No clearly identifiable dental anomalies.

Social information

  • His patterns of speach are closer to a north eastern coast accent, but some of his word pronounciation does not match (for example his enunciation of the word 'dance' more closely matches a middle class southern british pronounciation).
  • The odd hours he has been seen operating exclude a full time work week as a possibility.
  • The cost of operating as he does may suggest financial independance, but this is not confirmed.
  • A high degree of familiarity with the Millenium City medical system may suggest work with Mercy Hospital, but this would be too time intensive.

Psychological information

  • His degree of caution (in some cases getting closer to paranoia) may indicate some trauma in his past.
  • Despite familiarity with modern weapons, and both military and law enforcement practices, he shows none of the usual psychological indications of military or police training.
  • When seen handling small objects he has been observed manipulating them the way a poker player may manipulate a chip. While this is a stretch this may indicate a history of gambling.

Subjective analysis

The following was submitted for inclusion in this file along with the report on Spectre's activities on 10/5/2013 by a senior PRIMUS analyst.

Although unorthadox, I feel it is worth including a subjective of a personal analysis of the subject 'Spectre'.

An initial analysis of Spectre would suggest that he is more trouble than he is worth, and that PRIMUS should neither operate alongside him, or attempt to bring him in. Although unpowered vigilantes can be highly effective in the right circumstances, typically they are viewed as of lesser importance to PRIMUS than genuine superpowered metahumans, or people in possession of advanced combat technology. Spectre's stubborn refusal to work with PRIMUS in any official capacity or register offically as a costumed vigilante means the leads he gives us are often viewed with skepticism, and with no guarantee that evidence gathered has been through appropriate checks.

However it is my unofficial recommendation that Spectre be considered a reliable resource. So far the information he has provided has all been accurate and seems to have been provided in good faith. Furthermore he has fostered good relationships with some members of the Millenium City Police Department, UNTIL and PRIMUS itself. Although some members of this department suggest considering him a danger due to his lack of oversight, I feel he is a reliable individual.

Another reason we should unofficially work alongside him and avoid considering him a danger is what could result if hostility from PRIMUS pushes him into becoming a threat. Spectre is ideally positioned in terms of skills, contacts and resources to become an incredibly effective guerrilla combatant. If hostile actions from PRIMUS convinces him that we are a threat to him there is no way to predict his reaction. He could go further underground to avoid interaction, or he could potentially do immense damage to us on an organisational level. At the moment Spectre - despite his lack of interest in becoming a registered costumed hero - seems to view PRIMUS as an ally. This is a perspective we should foster.

- Senior Analyst [name redacted]

This analysis has been included in good faith, although there is no guarantee that Spectre did not somehow persuade or force the senior analyst to include it for his own benefit.

OOC stuff

RP Hooks

  • Spectre has been around in one form or another for over 20 centuries. Immortal characters may find him familiar, but due to differences from incarnation to incarnation may have difficulty connecting the dots.
  • He acts as a costumed crime fighter in Millenium City. He is NOT registered, but his willingness to pass on leads to figures of authority mean he is often well received.
  • His experience in 'Dark Earth' has left him with habits that some would describe as paranoid. At regular intervals he will drop small sachets of either bleach or extremely strong perfume that rapidly dissolve, interfering with his scent trail. He maintains a series of safehouses that is known to number least half a dozen, and potentially dozens more. Of these safehouses current theory is that half of them are never occupied and function only as decoys. In addition to all this he regularly carries a random selection of a number of mystical amulets and trinkets that limit or flat inhibit the ability to location him mystically or psychically. Although their effectiveness varies, it is not possible to use these to track him by the specific arcane signature they give off since his random collection changes on an often but irregular basis, so the joint arcane signature they give off is regularly different. This, along with other traits, means that finding him when he does not want to be found is exceptionally difficult. Of course, different methods will have different levels of success.
  • However, although he is difficult to find, if you search for him hard enough typically he will become aware of it, and may find the searcher anyway to discover what they want.
  • His exact amount of knowledge is never clearly defined, because the best measurement for how much he knows is 'plot'. If it advances a plot for him to know something, he knows it. If it would hinder a plot if he knew something, he doesn't know it. Need someone to know an obscure fact? Spectre is that someone.

OOC notes

  • Something I should be clear about with Spectre because there have been a few times its caused a bit of tension: Spectre is and will be wrong about a few things. The character has his own perspective on matters backed up by centuries of experience, but if anything that makes him more susceptible to being incorrect about matters due to his own confidence in his perspective. It is no fun playing someone who is right all the possible time, so occasionally I deliberately play up him being incorrect about things. Misjudging people's powers, the nature of magic, or how chi/ki works are all things so far he has been stubbornly incorrect on.
  • Similarly some of the information on this page is incorrect, as it has been assembled by PRIMUS to try and find out more about a relatively secretive vigilante.
  • Spectre has been around (both IC and OOC) for a while, but since I haven't run many events or story arcs centred around him (he typically takes a supporting role in other people's arcs) he has yet to build up the heavy backstory a lot of characters have.