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Player: @rev668
The Patron Saint of Speedsters.
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Trent Keating
Known Aliases: Speed, Speedy, Mr. Awesome, The Patron Saint of Speedsters
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Detroit / Millennium City
Base of Operations: UNTIL HQ
Relatives: Classified
Age: 25
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dirty blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Sexy all over
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Publicly known
Years Active: Three
Citizenship: U.S.
Occupation: Department of Emergency: Limit Trained Agent
Being awesome.
Education: High school, some college
Marital Status: Sweet muppety Odin, NO!
Known Powers and Abilities
Faster than light speed.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Suit and visor able to stand up to his levels of speed. Insulated gloves intended to protect Speed's bare hands from severe levels of friction and/or fire.
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Speed is an agent of UNTIL's Project Newton and a member of the Department of Emergency: Limit Tested Agents also known as DE:LTA. His real name is Trent Keating and he prides himself on being the self proclaimed "Patron Saint of Speedsters". Spending most of his young adult life partying, binge drinking and womanizing Speed is relatively new to being a "super hero" as his first attempt was during the latest Qularr invasion of Millennium City.

Early Life

Trent Keating was born June 7th 1987 at Henry Ford hospital in Detroit, Michigan to a single mother,{----NAME WITHHELD----}, and immediately entered a life of neglect. Life was cheap in Detroit and being with no vocational skills Trent's mother joined a gang and took to petty crime. It is not certain just which gang she became affiliated with, though her mug shots show her dressed in black leather with pink and green hair. For the next few years his mother was in and out of jail and with no father to speak of Trent was often left in the care of his grandmother. Trent's grandmother was the only positive influence in his early life as much, if not all of Trent's core values were learned during this period. His grandmother's favorite saying, 'You gotta be one of the good ones, Trent, cause there's way too many of the bad" is credited by Trent as the most important thing ever said to him.

On July 24th 1992 Doctor Destroyer leveled Detroit. Trent's mother and grandmother were killed in the attack and with no other immediate family to speak of Trent was taken by the state. He was moved from one refugee camp to another as Millennium City was being built on the ashes of Detroit. At the age of seven he was placed in a home for boys and spent the next several years there. He was a small boy and quickly learned what that meant in a boys home as he was in twelve fights in his first year alone. At the age of nine things went from bad to worse as Trent was ganged up on and beaten into a coma. For three years he lay in a hospital bed with doctor's contemplating whether or not to just pull the plug.

Teen Years

Three years after Trent was viciously beaten into a coma, he awoke. Doctor's were going about their patients when suddenly all of Trent's monitors spiked at once. The first doctors in the room believed Trent's body was finally shutting down. It only seemed to further prove their guess after witnessing his body begin to suffer from a storm of seizures. That is, until they began attempting to read the monitors.

Every monitor attached to Trent was off the scales and his body was consuming the fluid from his i.v. at such an alarming rate that the chief resident ordered four i'.v.'s put in Trent at once. A doctor looked at the EKG and swore he saw Trent's heart rate rise into the upper 800's per minute but this can't be confirmed as the monitor crashed seconds later. All monitors attached to Trent began crashing after that as his body was suffering wave after wave of seizures. Each seizure was coming faster than the one before it and Trent's body began moving from side to side at a pace no doctor had ever witnessed before. Seconds later every doctor stood in shock as Trent's body began to vibrate at such a speed that he became almost see through, ghostly. Then, in the blink of an eye, it ended. And Trent died.

Seconds later doctors were working hard to save Trent's life. CPR was being administered and they had another EKG attached to him in an attempt to confirm the flat line. They tried several times to get Trent's heart beating again with no success and then, just like that, Trent came back. It was recorded that upon waking up this second time Trent asked the room of doctors "Anybody get the number of that truck?".

For the next several weeks Trent stayed at Mercy Hospital. He was monitored, given physical therapy and tested for any and all things the doctors could imagine that would have caused the level of seizures Trent had suffered from the night he awoke. After weeks of testing he was given a clean bill of health. He was also given the news that he was a mutant.

Trent was released from Mercy Hospital two days before his fourteenth birthday into the custody of PRIMUS. They in turn released him into the care of a school designed for young people with special powers, Free Haven. It is here that Trent discovered his powers of super speed and agility. He spent the next three years at Free Haven though his time there only reminded him of his time at the boys home. After his third year he ran away and moved into a little apartment in Westside. He was torn about leaving as he had grown fond of his teacher, Dillon Richards. However, the headmistress was unbearable and eventually sealed his decision to leave.


For the next year Trent spent most of his time trying to find himself. He worked odd jobs but never anything with a future in it. He was happy just to be alive though, and had developed quite a lighthearted approach to life in general. A friend asked him once how could he be so upbeat considering all the bad things that had happened to him, Trent's reply was "Life's already thrown everything bad it has at me so nothing but good can happen now".

On Trent's eighteenth birthday he received a phone call stating that he had become eligible to receive his grandmothers inheritance. 2.2 million was being left to him and he was named as beneficiary of her life insurance policy giving him another 1.35 million. Suddenly Trent was a million heir, and he decided to live like one. For the next five years.

During those five years Trent moved to Downtown, Millennium City, became a regular at all of the most prestigious clubs and met many women. His belief was that he was making up for lost time but in reality the amount of "living" he did in those five years were enough to fill a lifetime.

Spoiler Warning
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In Early 2008 Trent met a beautiful girl named Jen who immediately caught his eye. They began dating for several weeks but Trent was having a hard time choosing between the life he had been leading and the life he could see having with her. This upset Jen and she decided to make the choice for him. After several weeks of dating she ended the relationship and refused to speak with him. Jen finally agreed to meet with Trent two weeks later at a little coffee shop Downtown. Trent was very happy to meet her and was on his way there when the Qularr attacked the city.

Ships darkened the sky as they began dropping pods everywhere. Trent began speeding as fast as he could to the coffee shop but the Qularr were everywhere and a huge force field had gone up across the city. People were being slaughtered in the streets and there was no one in sight to help them. Trent couldn't deny his powers anymore.

Trent helped stop the Qularr invasion and saved many people. After the battle was over and the force field lifted Trent sped to the coffee shop but found it deserted. To this day Trent has no idea if Jen escaped the attack.


Trent was approached by Major Jason Larke of UNTIL while still standing in front of the coffee shop. The Major was in charge of the efforts to quell the invasion as it fell under his "Project Stargazer" jurisdiction and he quickly offered Trent a job. The job would be with a new division of UNTIL, Project Newton. Trent agreed.

Trent was given agent status and the code name "Speed" and spent the next year chasing after Gravitar with Project Newton. Many UNTIL agents died but eventually she was brought to justice. It is noted that Gravitar seemed to develop love/hate feelings for Trent and though he was the agent to finally bring her down, these feelings remain. With Gravitar behind bars Trent was sent to help other Projects and built a name for himself within the ranks of UNTIL.

One year after joining Project Newton Trent was approached by agent Kontrol. She detailed him on a special division of UNTIL called DE:LTA. "Best of the best" she called it and offered Trent a spot.

In 2010 Trent joined DE:LTA....and the rest is history.

Powers and Abilities

Trent possesses faster than light speed, meaning that he can move with such velocity as to become invisible.

Trent can reach near super human levels of strength while speeding and hit with such force as to not only fell a foe with one hit but also send any other foes near his target flying.

Trent can create such friction while punching that his hands as well as foes can catch fire.

Trent has no innate defense against psychic attacks or mind control, however, when he is speeding his body and mind move at such speeds that it becomes almost impossible to grab and hold his mind. There have only been two incidents recorded where Speed's mind has been compromised. Once while trying to stop the prison breakout of Menton. The villain was able to take control of Speed and forced him to fight his fellow teammates Kontrol and Cavalier. The second time Speed's mind was compromised was when Kontrol forced him to go to "time out".

Trent's metabolism moves at such a high rate that he is always hungry and is able to consume high levels of alcohol before becoming "buzzed".

Though Trent doesn't possess what one would call "book smarts", he is highly intelligent and his mind also moves at a much faster rate in order to process information garnered from his moving at such high speeds.


Though Trent refuses to have a session with Agent Kontrol, she still has her thoughts on him stating that "Speed's fun, everything's a joke attitude is text book coping mechanism, as is the drinking."

Trents demeanor takes a drastic and dark turn when drinking as he becomes more brooding and cynical.

Though Trent professes that no one woman has ever truly caught his attention, it is rumored that he was in love once and that she dumped him.


Rogues Gallery


"I'm the Patron Saint of Speedsters!" -Speed to anyone who will listen.

"Women want me and men want to be...oh who am I kidding, men want me too." -Speed to anyone who will listen.

"Hey Big Red, your rocks are showing." -Speed to DE:LTA teammate, Cliff-Side.

"Are you one of those naughty sexy time robo toys from Japan?" -Speed to DE:LTA teammate, D.A.W.N.

"You are old." -Speed any one of a million different times to DE:LTA teammate, Sarge.