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"A vigilant that fails to act ill deserves their vigil." ~ Starscreecher

Player: @Arkeyark
Taking crime by storm!
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged Damage , CC
Power Level:  ??
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Vekna Nax
Known Aliases: Starscreecher, Protectorate's Number Ten
Gender: Female
Species: Sans'karah
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Coraxia IV
Base of Operations: The S.U.S Vagrant (Ship in orbit around the system)
Relatives: Yaska Nax (Mother), Gathurro Nax (Breeding Partner)
Age: 53
Height: 6'1"
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Bright Orange
Hair: Short black quills
Complexion: Black feathers
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: N/A
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Known
Years Active: 40
Citizenship: N/A
Occupation: Agent of the Protectorate - Ally of the Star*Guard
Education: 20 years of Protectorate Academy training (includes arms training, protocol, cybernetic studies, xenobiology and engineering.)
Marital Status: Single.
Known Powers and Abilities
Sonic emission, superior reflexes.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Armed with a MK X Sans'karian Guardian Suit, designed with built in scanning and translation technology (highly advanced), seemlessly integrated high power wind and sonic vibration generators aswell as hand-mounted electric pulse emitter and an enviromental adaptor.
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Log #1 : The Individual


Far from a social butterfly but not quite a complete pariah, Starscreecher's strong sense of duty and near obsession with her career has made interacting with others a rather awkward experience for her. On one hand - she has gotten used to having to question and speak up for others...thus she does not hold back from speaking. But on the other hand - she often times appears to be rather callous. This is much to her dismay. Whilst she does favour her work above fun and pleasantries , she often times acts aggressively out of concern or simply because she knows very few other ways. Although, these aren't the only things that tend to trigger her aggression. At times it is simply pure pride that drives her to speak down to another. Her pride is one of the biggest flaws in her personality. At times she is a little too proud to be in her position and mistakes her own pride for responsibility. After all - she does feel that there is a lot weighing on her. Another shortcoming in her personality is her tendency to dwell on certain things. Often times coming off as paranoid, she tends to examine anything that is told to her to the letter, sometimes disregarding figures of speech and dialects. More often then not this tends to make her overanalyse everything told to her , as if even the simplest request is some sort of hidden message hiding some great secret from her. More often then not - it isn't.

Whilst possessing these fundamental flaws, she still has her good sides. Often times her compassion shines through, and above duty and servitude there is the greater good. Often times she is empathic enough to understand difficult decisions and loyalty is of great importance to her. Fully willing to stand in harm's way for perfect strangers if it means being of assistance, she is also relatively merciful. Talk of finishing opponents in gruesome ways is often times simply used by her for intimidation. She is far more supportive of the non-lethal methods.

Physical Appearance

As far as most Sans'karians go - she is relatively short lanky in comparison. Her physique is on the athletic side, musculature more focused around her arms and legs, leaving her relatively lean. Her limbs are lanky yet noticeably tight under the feathers with her muscle structure, her avian legs long and sturdy, the skin below her thighs scaly and yet sleek, streaming down to four digited feet, each toe tipped with sharp black talons as thick as large knives - and just as sturdy. Her hands are relatively more humanoid, although sharing the same texture as her legs (starting from the middle of the arm) and each finger ending in shorter, less sharp talons which are often kept near stubby. Her torso is slim, slender and firm chested. On par with females of her species her hips are relatively narrow and her backside adorned by a set of black and grey tail feathers. Her features are very avian, with a long, sharp beak much akin to a raven or a crow. This combined with the short plumage of black quills along her scalp makes her features appear quite angular and sharp, almost harsh in nature. Her eyes reflect this with their fierce luminescent orange hue, the pupils rounded and seamless. From her back sprout two large, very powerful wings that spread to almost twice her height in wingspan. These are designed for fast, aerodynamic flights.

Personal History

Life on Coraxia

The Academy

Enter the Protectorate

Starcrossed : Star*Guard

Starcrossed : Venture to Earth

Starcrossed : Present Day

Log #2 : The Armament

The MK X Sans'karian Guardian Suit

The S.U.S Vagrant