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Stellar Core
Player: Kirenshee
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“Oh good! It works! Ummmm are you okay?”
Biographical Data
Real Name: Shaylyn Bree-Foster
Known Aliases: Shay Bree or Shaylyn Bree
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado, United States
Base of Operations: Earth
Relatives: Officially, Shay has a large adoptive family in Millennium City.
Age: 19
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Copper/blond
Complexion: Clear
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: A Megawatt Smile, Long coppery hair, pierced ears, a small star shaped birthmark on the back of her neck.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: US
Occupation: Trust Fund
Education: Officially: Some Early College. Unofficially: Has the equivalent of several PhD’s.
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Hyper Intelligent: Enhanced Education
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Multiplatform Power Armor
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Name: Shaylyn Bree-Foster.

Age: 18

Code Name: Stellar Core

Born: Denver, Colorado

Publicly Known Background:

Shay was born in Denver, Colorado. A sickly child whose, mother died at birth. Shortly afterwards her father died in a car accident. Shay was relocated to Millennium City where her health was addressed using gene therapy under the care of Dr. Dio Durango. She was adopted shortly thereafter. However, her medical needs took up much of her time. She excelled in school and had an early interest in super-tech. As her health improved she developed an interest in more physical activites such as dancing, martial arts and gymnastics. She was adopted, and made ward, to Tayanna Reyes the CEO of ReyTech Digital Security Systems.

Known Identity Shay’s publicly known background is completely fabricated to prevent too many inquiries into her history. The exception to this being her name, which is not on any registry except as a part of this alias. She will be honest with her teammates about her actual history if asked. Documentation is very well done and would be unlikely to draw attention even at the highest levels.

Abilities: Shay is exceptionally intelligent and well read. Trained far beyond what could be taught by normal means. She is capable in many areas, but tends towards super technology. However, she has a great deal of knowledge in areas such as biology and chemistry. Her passion is in AI creation, nano-robotics, Defensive systems and mecha.

Shay is in peak physical condition and is a practitioner of Martial Arts specifically Muay Thai and Taikwondo. She has no special abilities from this other than what a lifelong, human practitioner would have in terms of physical conditioning and hand to hand combat skill.

She has an appreciation for combat tactics taught to her by her guardian and her extended family who have an expertise in this area.

She is able to, via her developed AI, to project into cyberspace. She has experience in small teams with this skill set as both infiltration and defense.

Hobbies: Shay enjoys cooking, skiing, hiking, puzzles, reading, rock climbing, acrobatics and dancing. She likes animals of all types and is an experienced rider and animal trainer (biological programming.) She speaks English, French (with a Vibora Bay accent) and Spanish.

Actual Background: (OOC Knowledge)

Shay is the third born child of six children. Raised away from Earth, in an alternate dimensional utopia with her family and trained to be a hero. Shay is also a student of cosmic beings that have taken an interest in her family line. In an effort to make a strong, confident exceptional woman; Shay’s training is broad and through. The method of education was a mix of hands on experience, psychic implantation, physical training and hard knocks. Aside from the cosmic beings, she had her mother, Jess who assisted in her technical skill development. Jess Thompson is a former UNTIL R&D team member. All told, Shay has the contained education of a person who has spent over 70 years in school. But her experiences are her own. Which is why, sometimes despite her knowledge, she lacks wisdom. Additionally, she has holes in her cultural knowledge. She has studied it, but will not always get references. This is especially true in pop culture. The more frivolously esoteric, the less likely she is to “get it”.

Personality: Like many who are gifted in one area; Shay struggles in others. She can be emotionally immature. Otherwise, she is friendly enough, a little flirty even. She can be a bit arrogant and controlling but that is generally in times of high stress. She has a bit of a hang up about not being powered (unlike all of her sisters) which has led to sensitivities when being left out of things. This mix of arrogance, emotional immaturity and sensitivity can cause social issues and can also be exploited by an enemy. She is young and inexperienced, but she is not stupid or completely naive in combat. In general, she believes in teams, friends and family and actively seeks to connect and protect them. She expects the same from them in return. In the lab she enjoys collaboration and team work. She enjoys learning in fields that are not her expertise. She’ll partner easily and without ego she does not seem to want or need credit, recognition or accolades. Even her armor is not her sole creation. It was designed by her, but developed with the assistance of Jess Thompson (Former UNTIL R&D and secretly, her mother), Preatoria and Sidewinder. She has a softspot for loners and people who see themselves a exiles or outcasts.

Motivations: Shay is a natural born protector. She isn’t looking to get hurt but she strongly believes that there are things much more important than herself. Most of her technology and research has multiple applications. For example: Almost every feature of her suit has prosthetic applications. She enjoys the practical application of her technology, but also the development. She joined NEX.U.S to protect Psiclone and Pretoria. She will not openly talk about why that is, but she will if you know her well enough.

Combat Style: Shay is a firm believer in minimal force. If given the chance, her typical practice is to perform scanning and visual analysis of an opponent to search for vulnerabilities. She will try to end conflicts as quickly as possible without killing or permanently injuring anyone. Typically, she will engage in measured controlled, focused, precision tactics over anything flashy. She avoids random unaimed “spray and pray” attacks. Usually relying on energy weapons, but her Heavy Weapons Module does have the ability to be equipped with alternate ordinance if necessary. Given the option, the she’ll fly, over being on the ground, mostly because she loves to fly, but also the tactical advantage it usually offers. Her base armor allows her to be quick and flexible in her movements. Her AI helps to both prepare and plan, while staying in the moment. As they continue to work together, it is likely that AI will automatically perform certain actions.

Stellar Core

The base armor is called Semi-Flex. It is durable and allows for a near full range of motion; thus taking advantage of, and enhancing, her natural flexibility and speed. It is a composite armor of miniature overlapping plates that fit like a second skin. It is formed using programmable matter, which is usually on her person in some fashion, but in a different form. Stellar’s armor is a collaborative effort mostly between herself and her mother Jess Thompson. Jess is an experienced Until Agent whom Stellar confides in and may utilize for information. She often refers to her as the, “Chic in the Chair”.

  • A note about modules: Stellar Core learned from Sidewinder to not put all of her capabilities on the same systems. Modules are called in from her M.E.T. (see below) But are not the same as the Base. They are isolated systems so that if they are corrupted; they be removed without compromising function beyond the loss of that module.

Additionally, other presets can be made, but not readily. In other words, she can bring on any pre-made configurations at will. But she cannot “create” new configurations on the fly. She would need prep time. The prep time depends on how extensive the change.

Lastly, The modules can boost or lower stats depending on what module is in play. Please see the impact on stats for the specific module.

Phase I: Base Armor

  • AI Link-Up-to the Base System
  • All critical systems: Environmental/Filtration etc.
  • Semiflex Armor Shell
  • Sensor systems and communications systems
    • Sonar/Radar with 3D Imaging capability
    • Low Light and Night Vision
    • Binocular Vision with up to x 100 magnification
    • Thermal Imagine
    • Flash Suppression Capability
    • Augmented audio pick ups with auto dampeners
  • Hand based energy weapons (Repulsing Based Energy Beam)
  • Medical and Armor repair system (Nanite Based)
  • Multi Target Programming: Allows for the targeting of 3 targets at once. But at the cost of spreading her overall attack power out.
  • Energy based shielding arrays
    • Hand based shield. Based off of her repulsor systems.
      • Can be 1 handed or 2 depending on how powerful she wants it. Note: She cannot fire her hand based weapons if two hand blocking.
    • Full body coating aids in damage resistance for about 2 minutes. Can only be engaged once per work cycle.
  • Physical Enhancement/Strength and ground speed.
    • Ground Speed of 5 (Top Speed)

Phase II: Standard Configuration

  • Chest Cannon Beam
  • Duel Eye Beams
  • Adds Additional Armor
  • Hard Light Energy Blades (Forearm Emitters)
  • Flight Systems
    • Flight Speed 7 (Top Speed)
  • Chaff systems
  • ECM systems

Phase III: Heavy Weapons

  • Increase Weapons Systems Output by 70% at the cost of shielding.
    • Durability reduced to 4
    • Weapons at Max Potential of 7
  • Adds ports for ejectable, modular ordinance such as rocket pods, machine guns etc.
    • Not calculated as they would be mission specific
  • Adds another set of duel energy weapons on the back

Phase IV: Space Configuration

  • Built for long term space survival.
    • Weapons are the same as Heavy Weapons but added power regulations units to sustain shielding
    • Oxygen system and efficiently allows for up to 7 days in space
    • Nutrition system
    • Emergency Cryo unit
    • Enhanced long range communications and location devices
    • Increased flight systems for high speed space travel and atmospheric transitions
    • Increased shielding and armor for combat and atmospheric transitions
    • Auto recall key to warp to a predetermined location (Emergency Ejection)
  • Note: This Armor is very cumbersome if not in flight
    • Agility=2 (on the ground)
    • Speed=2 (on the ground)

Special Equipment

  • Repair & Interface modules
    • Can be called to any free port
    • Allows her to conduct repairs or access external computer systems without needing to leave her armor
  • Stellar: Portable AI & Digital Cloned brain. (Available in or out of armor.)
  • Matter Energy Transfer System:
    • Holds the suit and modules in an item on her person. (Currently these are her bracelets)
  • Her necklace is a very advanced shielded power source. The chain seems locked to her body and would be difficult, near impossible, to remove.
  • Glasses that connect to her AI. These can be a makeshift H.U.D. (For working out of Armor)
  • She has a lab for creating, programming, maintaining and testing the programmable matter that makes up her armor.
  • Holographic Projector.
  • Internal and external fire suppression system.
  • The head ribbon can be easily used as restraint or as a bola or whip or sword if needed. The programming is in the ribbon material.
    • Can be stretched and looped back on itself then charged to make rigid.

References & Inspirations

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