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Big Buff Beast
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sven Ahron Bystrom
Known Aliases: Stryker
Gender: Male
Species: Beast-Human Hybrid
Ethnicity: Swedish American
Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado. USA
Base of Operations: Millennium City

Father: Ahron Bystrom (55).

Mother: Ines Bystrom (54)

Sister: Ingred Fowler (30)

Sister: Freyja Ransom (28)

Brother: Zoltan Bystrom (22)

Sister: Hildi Bystrom (19)

Brother: Baard Bystrom (17)

Twin sisters: Marta and Gretal Bystrom (15)

Brother: Istvan Bystrom (12)

Brother: Joarr Bystrom(10).

Age: 26 (DOB: October 29th)
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 1,175 lbs
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Golden wheat
Complexion: Rugged
Physical Build: Extremely muscular, well defined, dense, but lean
Physical Features: Bestial like head and maw. Claws, extensive hair and some fur coverage
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public knowledge
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: Dual Citizenship: United States of America, Sweden
Occupation: Firefighter

High School,

Fire Science Management,

IFSAC certified,

NASM certified.

Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

Immense strength,


Enhanced senses.

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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  • Standing at just over seven feet tall, Stryker has an intimidating musclebound stature. He was an avid bodybuilder, and his many long hours in the gym have paid off only adding that much more mass when his mutation manifested itself.
  • He is insanely muscular, ripped and extremely vascular. Parts of his ripped physique are covered in extensive hair, and in some places a soft yet bristly fur.
  • His genetic makeup includes a bestial gene that gives him his beast like head; not fully wolf, bear or other animal, but not fully human either. These genes give him many attributes that would be meta-human, such as immense strength, durability, and enhanced senses.
  • Has a number of tribal tattoos from his service days


  • Stryker has been through a battery of psychological evaluations before his admittance into Delta-Force. He is usually, calm, collected and able to coolly rationalize through most given situations. He is not afraid of dieing, given his spirituality.
  • Stryker does have a few eccentricities, he gets excited talking about fitness, motorcycles, and any mechanical project that he may be working on. He has a bit of a wacky attire sense.
  • Stryker is outgoing, friendly and talkative. He likes to joke around and enjoys commodore.
  • Given his captivity and the torture he endured, he can become claustrophobic, especially in situations which reminds him of the cell he was held captive in.
  • He abhors anyone that engages in torture, abuse, be it physical, emotional or mental, rape, human trafficking, child prostitution and any other forms that abuse may occur as.


  • Stryker is emotionally stable, given many years of therapy and deliverance.
  • He can be empathetic and sympathetic when needed.


  • Stryker is spiritually strong. The one thing that got him through the extensive torture and captivity. It gives him an anchor to hold onto.
  • He is quiet about his spirituality and does not bring it up unless directly asked.



  • Sven Ahron Bystrom was born to Ahron, and Ines Bystrom, in Denver, Colorado. Ahron was a prominent Swedish business man, on a work related trip to Denver. He brought along his wife, Ines, at the time 26 weeks pregnant, to enjoy a bit of time away from home. Ines, unexpectedly went into labor, and gave preterm birth to Sven. Sven was immediately given life saving measures, and put into NICU. He survived and as such, he is a National born citizen of the United States.
  • Sven is the third of nine siblings. He is close to his family, however he is, estranged from Zoltan, due to the life choices that Zoltan has made. His mother and father took the steps to became nationalized citizens, because they fell in love with Colorado, and wanted to raise a family in all that the United States have to offer.
  • Sven is the only one in the family to have the bestial mutation, for unknown reasons.
  • He is also the only one to have joined the military so far, however, Baard is expressing interest in joining the marines.

Military Service

The M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun Systems
  • At the age of 18 Sven enlisted into the United States Army. He was posted into the 51st Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT), 1st Armor Division. He spent his first years out of boot with the M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun Systems (Stryker MGS) and the MM134 Anti-Tank Guided Missile Vehicle (Stryker ATGMv). It was here that Sven learned about heavy artillery and munitions.
  • When Sven was 22, he reenlisted and specialized as a combat engineer with the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion. Here, he learned demolitions, fortifications and the use of high explosives.
  • Late in the third year of his 2nd enlistment, Sven's team was captured by extremist militants while they were working on fortifying a bridge system. During this time, the team was subjugated to horrendous torture.

Mutation into a Beast, Escape, and Honorable Discharge

  • It was unknown at the time, but Sven's genome carried a dormant gene that would irreversibly transform him onto a beast.
  • The immense physical trauma and psychological abuse Sven endured awoke the gene, quickly granting him inhuman strength and durability. He was able to easily break out of his cell and overpower his captures. He ripped open the cells of his fellow soldiers, and they made for their escape.
  • This was complicated though, as Sven's body was still changing. His muscle was becoming denser, and his body was packing more on. His bones could not keep up, and they kept snapping and breaking, then heal, to repeat the process the process over and over again. He relied heavily upon his fellow soldiers to help him walk, and keep him silent through the excruciating pain as they made their way to the US embassy.
  • Sven was sent back Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he was honorably discharged, and spent the next 3 months as his body continued to change into a beast, undergoing medical treatment and psychological healing, and testing within a civilian hospital.

Life After the Service

  • It was made clear that man-beast hybrids are not trusted in the military and that he would he would have to adapt to a civilian life. His final ranking was E-5, Sergeant.
  • After his discharge from the service, Sven completed his NASM personal training certification, along with a number of specializations. However, most personal trainers do not make enough to maintain a comforting lifestyle.
  • He then completed his basic Fireman training.
    • Works part time at Carl's Gym as a personal trainer.
  • Sven has now taken up a new post in the West-Side Fire Department, #12 Engine Company.
A hook and Ladder Fire Truck

Education, Certifications, Permits and Endorsements

  • National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM)
    • Corrective Exercise (CES)
    • Fitness Nutrition (FNS)
    • MMA conditioning (MMACS)
    • Weight loss specialist (WLS)
    • Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)
  • Fire Science Management
    • International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC)
    • Hazardous Materials Firefighting Endorsement (HMFE)
  • Concealed Carry Permit (CCP)
  • Taking courses part-time at Millennium City University, in physics and engineering

Power Sets

  • Immense strength: Can clean-deadlift ~80 tons (~160,000 lbs)
  • Lightning quick: Can run up to 35mph
  • Enhanced durability: He can shrug off most side arm shot, and heavy blows
  • Enhanced regeneration: Not as fast as when the mutation first manifested, but he can heal from bone breaks in about a week
  • Enhanced sense of smell: Able to track faint odors that have been subjected to weather, including rain and snow
  • Enhanced hearing: 55Hz to 79kHz, ((55Hz-79,000Hz))
  • Enhanced vision: 20/4
  • Low light vision: Can track the movement of a mouse, on a football field illumined by one candle, from over 300 ft away.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Bodybuilding
  • Wrestling
  • MMA
  • Parkour
  • Motorcycles
  • Rebuilding cars/motorcycles
  • Range shooting
  • American Football
    • Youth coach for underprivileged and at risk kids
  • Drums
  • Hiking, mountain/rock climbing

Combat, Past and Present


  • Claws
  • Maw


  • Modern Army Combatives (MAC)
  • Combat knife
  • Taijutsu
    • Aikido
    • Judo
    • Jujutsu


  • Standard Sidearm (Favors the Springfield-XD 40 Caliber)
  • M16 Rifle
  • M2 Browning Machine Gun
  • Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW)

Heavy Artillery

  • Stryker MGS
  • Stryker ATGMv
    • BG-71 TOW Missile launching systems
    • Array of SACLOS guided missiles


  • Adept with the use of high explosives
  • Thorough understanding of incendiary devices


Sven's Truck, a 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel, with lift kit, bull bar and wench
Sven's Ducati Monster EVO 1200
Sven's Rock Crawler


Shortly after moving to West Side, Sven was held up by some of the local Purple Gang, looking to "sell" Sven "protection." Needless to say, they got more then they bargained for. Sven decided that he would help clean up the neighborhood.