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Player: @Ouroboros1988
Not one now, to mock your own grinning?
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Styx
Known Aliases: Devil, Demon, Horned Demon
Gender: Female
Species: Devil
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: The Doldrums, Faerie
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Faerie (Earth)
Relatives: Stohnz (Sister)
Age: Unknown
Height: 9'1
Weight: 445 lbs
Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: Crimson red
Complexion: Varries; sinew and muscle to smooth skin.
Physical Build: Wide, bulky and well muscled
Physical Features: Satyr like; Ram's horns, digitigrade legs and hooves
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Currently bound; Bodyguard, Slave
Education: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Incredible strength and durability, massive size and next to limitless infernal energy.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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The Netherworld

“…And I woke from that pain to a serene disregard. I hurt no more; the thirst that had plagued me in my final moments had left me, and for a time I felt hopeful. I knew better than to expect an agreeable end, but the ground felt so soft before the horror set in.”

There are other places our world aside—Places of imagination and the rule of story. Every story you can ever recall from the little ones at children’s bed-times to the greater stories to explain all of reality; they all have a segment of reality.

These places are alternate dimensions to our Earth and some more than others rely upon our own world for their substance, their structure.

One such place is the realm of Faerie; a place of imagination broken up into so many stories and ideas, it is also known as the Land of Legends, containing worlds such as The Land of Wild Adventure. Here, all things passed in story come to be; every fantasy tale, every romanticised aspect of humanity, every Heaven and every Hell.

If you find yourself in unfamiliar scenery—you are likely to find yourself in unfamiliar company; and the creatures of this place are as strange and fantastical as the land itself. They come with their own mystery, their own quirks and goals often derived from the stories people remember from their childhoods.

You might meet your hero here—the one from the story you recall, that saves the Princess from Dragon fire and damned tower. You might meet romanticised Cowboys from the Wildest West, or Knights in armour sitting around circular tables. You might meet Angels; the goodness you expect watching from on up high—every Religion played out in its own little corner of Faerie; every God and Pantheon ruling over their own little slice of the Human condition.

You might too then, also meet your Demons.

“I could smell burning. The scent of a world ablaze filling my lungs with dust and heat; it was apparent then, as I girded myself to open my eyes, that I saw the world of ashes and embers…”

Every instance of Hell imagined by Humanity also takes a slice of reality—each unique, fiery and heated all the way to frozen and despairing. We, as mere mortals then, are bound to fall into whatever place we believed we should after our demise. Should you believe in Hell, should you believe in the laws of a God and wilfully break them—you end up Damned to the Netherworld.

From endless wastes where souls wander, to drowned depths where sinners are chained upside down for all time, all the way to rivers of fire and seared banks. You might find yourself in pitch-black caves filled with innumerable gems and riches should you be all too greedy, or even stood before the gates of Pandemonium, the Gilded Palace of the Prince of Lies. Enjoy the fire-lake side view.

A place for every belief then, and every sin. You might even find yourself in the clutches of your own personal tormentor.

Styx, The Devil

“…I heard it, long before I saw it. The heavy sound of thudding steps rumbled the very ground of this Godless place; my heart pounding within my chest as I waited withheld dread for what came.”

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Blue Stahli
The Devil
The Devil Styx is a twisted figure of a thing—an abstract result of Human imagination, she is a monster from a monstrous place. The segment of Netherworld she hails from is a dead, burned out husk of what once might have been a healthy world; The Doldrums are a layered place of punishment and strife.

Styx towers over most she meets; lending her a good deal of awe and intimidation to her cause and allowing her to control a good territory of her Hell, where she dominates the unlucky souls which fall into the place. Akin to a kind of limbo; The Doldrums are a place of purification at the hands of such creatures, making it Styx’s purpose to punish and torment those sin sullied souls that land into her realm.

Her experiences in that Hellish realm have moulded the Devil no little into the oft frowning creature that she is, yet she is far from predictable. Due to her time in the human world at the behest of Mages and Witches, she has an abstruse, often stoic personality which is difficult to read. Rather than being the personification of anger her horrific shape might lend itself to, she is capable of being calm and collected and indeed it seems to be her default state. This is not to say she does not enjoy getting riled up.

She acts with strength, aggression and no little determination in her purpose. She feeds off of the suffering of those in her grasp—the muscular nightmare gaining energy and power for all the pain and torment she inflicts, all in the name of purification. In effect then, she works on the side of ‘good’; to make those who believe suitable to meet their God.

“It was huge—towering nine-feet over me in the dim, a head crowned of Ram’s horns and legs of a goat to match. It was the heavy thud of its hooves which had so alerted me. It wears some grim invidious expression, and a desire meant for me…”

From there she is called. Those Mages and practitioners of Magic call upon the denizens of Faerie from time to time—and the Devil Styx is no different, summoned from her Hell into the mortal world via a mere Child’s riposte.

Power of a Whimsical Repartee

Any of you that have spent time on the play-ground will have heard the mischievous comeback to whatever insult or childish slur, and it is to this that the Devil Styx owes her existence.

Styx and Stohnz will break my bones, but names will never harm me.

Taught to children by parents wishing to break the cycle of anger and immature squabbles—it is substitute then to insult and ire from childish minds. The otherwise meaningless words have become known by so many, that they are lent power in the Netherworld—Faerie.

In this place they have become personified in the forms of two individual constructions of the human imagination; one of them being the large Satyr like Devil, Styx.

It has been postulated by Mages and people interested in the workings of otherworldly power as to why this rhyme would coalesce in a Hellish place such as The Doldrums and perhaps the most reasonable explanation for the random nature of Faerie came from a Sixteenth century Wizard named Peter;

“…It is possible then, that all the insults never said and anger not shared from mere children’s hearts has fed into these pair, and the power of the rhyme. Meeting them both was an experience…”

The rhyme is a line of summoning and indeed hints at the purpose of the two creatures called forth. It is said that a Mage whom controls both the Devils Styx and Stohnz gains great power from their union. In reality, the children's riposte becomes a defence against any magic laid upon the controlling Mage's name, with the power of the two Devils a great deal of intent can be turned back upon the caster of such things.

"They called my name; I heard them, felt their intent in its utterance and the fact of their meaningless loathing was perhaps lost on me... Their words and rhyme were nice, but all I did was grin as I felt the curse begin to close around me. It is when I uttered the rhyme, the retort of two Devils, and I watched as the curse washed over me harmlessly."

The Sister

It is true that creatures such as Styx do not normally claim to have family of any sort; but these two are an unusual case, linked to the one witty retort. Styx’s Sister Devil is Stohnz ; a diminutive creature at first glance, patterned with torment and fractured it can be said she is everything the titanic Styx is not.

While Styx is often a large, gruff creature that tends to sulk; Stohnz is a lively pip-squeak of childish manner. Stohnz is often seen perched upon some part of her Sister Styx, be it broad shoulder or arm, or even her head she is seemingly perfectly comfortable around the mighty Behemoth. It has been noted that the Devil Stohnz is not terribly good at her role; an apparent weakness belies her power as the strongest of the pair, and her childish manner often leaves one unguarded when meeting her. This is, of course, if she is not accompanied by her Sister and Bodyguard, Styx.

Styx and her Sister Stohnz have always been together-- they were created by the same power, by the rhyme and so were born of imagination as a pair. They can be separated, however each of them is diminished by the act.

”If I had no sister and people were to ask me what I would look for in a sister I would always think of Styx. Well I wouldn't think of Styx, Styx, because I wouldn't know her name if she were just a picture in my head. So I'd only think of someone like Styx, but that wouldn't be nice either because they wouldn't be -my- Styx, my sister. My sister is the best sister in the world. She argues with a lot of people (the whole world) but never with me. She gets angry at a lot of people (the whole world) but never with me. She wants to beat up a lot of people (the whole world) but she'd never hurt me. She looks after me, protects me from bad people and loves me. She's always there for me, and I'll always be there for her... because she's my sister.”-- The Devil Stohnz, speaking about her Sister Styx.

A Dragon Hide Collar

Called into this world with that simple rhyme, the pair of Devil's are significant magical entities and as such cannot remain in the Human world of their own account; they need an anchor of sorts, a power to keep them here other than their own. This power can take many forms; the power of a magical place, somewhere effected by curse or breach to else-where. Magical items which they might keep with them, such as ancient artefacts or cursed items-- pieces with a little story to them. More commonly however, the pair are called and bound by an individual who keeps them here in the Human world.

Currently, Styx and Stohnz are kept here by No one

The Devil finds herself unbound, and in dire need of an anchor in this world. Who will pick up the task?

More than a Slave

Beyond the purpose and promise worn about her neck in the form of elegant Elder Dragon hide, Styx has been in the human realm for a good amount of time now; even when one does not count the past instances of her summoning to this realm, her current binding at the hands of Torentus have allowed her to stay here long past the Universes preference.

As such she has been afforded much more time, with a rather lenient Master holding her leash she has had time to explore and even 'socialise' with this worlds inhabitants. It could be said perhaps that this was a mistake-- she has caused problems, trouble and more than one fiery confrontation with people she has taken exception to. With her opinion of Magic users, especially Humans, as low as it is; conversations tend to start off on the wrong foot. Or hoof...

Styx tends to get along best with creatures she might relate to; these can include interdimensional beings, Monsters of one form or another or more specifically her own kind in general. She prefers the company of Devils and Demons she out-ranks, and while she isn't the bottom of the barrel by any means, she doesn't command legions either. This said, there are examples of Humans whom have wormed their way into Styx's good graces, if you can believe she has such things.

One such individual is Elotus

Elotus is a small Infernal creature from a similar realm as the Devil herself and currently a source of small entertainment and larger irritation for her.

The Imp was brought to this world rather by accident, getting a free ride into the mortal world when the large unnamed Demon that ate him was called upon. This is a source of some amusement for Styx, and perhaps more tellingly typifies her opinion of him. When the hungry Demon was quickly slain in this world, Elotus was freed from its dark innards as grisly as that reality is, and the Imp reemerged mostly intact and undigested.

This little background is to explain how the little billy-goat Imp met Styx in the mortal world; he was his own Imp so to speak, and untethered in this reality. As such it can be said he is subject to what he calls 'Imp senses'-- the natural urge for him to flock to unnatural beings stronger than he is. One such being was Styx.

She proved to be an attractive prospect for the Imp and soon subjugated the little guy with a fiery authority. He is now, for better or for worse tethered to the stronger Behemoth in a kind of symbiotic relationship. He serves her in many ways, from simple things like fetching to more complicated endeavors such as messing with mortals and satisfying her other unworldly desires.

Styx’s sadistic streak comes out more with the little Imp, since he literally cannot get away from her grasp and she is taking more interest in tormenting him from insipid bullying to more overt harm to his being.

Elotus is not as scared of Styx as he lets on, not even remotely close. She does spook him, but not -nearly- as much as her sister does. Styx is a threat that he can see; that he can prepare for, and that he has experienced. He knows, to a degree, what Styx can do to him. She can break him, physically or otherwise and on the end of personality, Elotus is completely positive that Styx has a little, itty-bitty soft-spot for him. The reality of which remains to be seen.

"You know, I do think she loves me."-- The Imp Elotus, speaking on the Devil Styx.

Another such person who has come to know Styx is Elianna

Elianna is a diminutive Imp from an unnamed realm, who sufficed to say resisted the yoke of oppression unlike most of the Demonic hoard and actually escaped her Lord's grasp; this was, admittedly, on account of some good luck after a tirade of bad.

Elianna is a complex individual who by her very nature does not adhere to the usual stereotypical Imp behaviours or personality. This is in truth because her skin belies her true nature-- a fact which has been difficult for the Devil Styx to come to terms with. Elianna, the Imp who is much more than she seems at a glance or even read of a synopsis; is an intelligent, modern individual whom it has been Styx's rather good fortune to meet.

The Devil has benefited from Elianna's honesty, her kindness and sympathies-- aspects of emotion and interaction Styx is not used to dealing with, which has lead to some rather curious encounters between the pair. Whatever the little Imp thinks of Styx however, she seems to remain glad to see her and willing to spend time relaxing with, and even teaching the imposing creature about the modern world.

She has seemingly come to hold more tender feelings towards the Otherworldly creature Styx, whom it cannot be said does not feel anything in return. They have shared close moments, and in casual encounters the Devil does not seem to mind filling in for a lack of seating. Like the Devil's Sister, Stohnz, the small Imp Elianna has rather taken to perching upon one part or another of the large Devil's anatomy. Styx would never say she enjoys the company, and serving a purpose.

"Never underestimate the power of a gentle touch." -- Elianna, speaking on the Devil, Styx.

The House That Torentus Built

Horns spikes and hooded cloaks by toviorogers-d9nqmjz.jpg
In the beginning an accord was struck between Devil and man; a testament to man’s inhumanity and greed perhaps, and taking advantage of desperation and weakness. This is not to say the arrangement between man and Devil is complete exploitation.

The Devil Styx managed to ensure not only her own but her Sister’s continued existence in this soft mortal world and avoid the drudgery of The Doldrums for much longer than would be possible under their otherwise random circumstance. All it needed was sacrifice.

They sold themselves. Becoming a Slave in this world to mortal men was preferable to being stuck in an ashen Hell, it seemed, and even subject to the often mysterious pre-empting predilections of Mages the Devil is comfortable in her current circumstance.

It remains to be seen, without a Mage's power to hold her in place whether the Devil will be able to grace the mortal world for long.

“What do you think this is, hm? Pleasant families and happy ever-afters?”

"Think? No. Hope, yes. Ah, I see it. Written on your face, the very fear of the word, hidden behind derision and scorn. Was your place in the Doldrums so good for me not to be correct? I can hear it, that yearning, among your cosmic echo. You don't want happiness alone, you want somewhere you and your Sister belong."

“...I hate you.”

Devil's in the Detail

The Devil Styx is a complex creature in a convoluted, complicated world. Listed here are some curious facts!

  • The Devil Styx was summed by an unnamed Mage, whom did not survive the attempt. He was killed by the Magic he had wrought, taking his life in that moment to power the Devil's continued existence in this world. It is possible the Mage had relatives, or even friends.
  • Styx has earned herself by mere dint of her appearance a considerable presence on social media; a small storm driven by metal enthusiasts, by those interested in Magic and by the general amazement of nerds in basements. Of course, there are a few 'normal' people on there as well. There are plenty of pictures, even videos taken of her in and about Millennium City, including several within the cursed halls of Club Caprice. There are both negative comments, revolving around prejudice against Magical beings such as herself, as well as her appearance. There are positive comments too, hype from Gothic and Metal enthusiasts as well as simple discussion about her on a multitude of sites. She's been blogged and re-blogged.
  • This social media storm has been fueled too by her propensity to confrontation; with peoples of a Magical nature, and with creatures and Humans in general, it seems apparent then that the Devil enjoys a scrap, or a challenge. There are a couple of examples of videos on the internet of her fighting in public places, though she has yet to make the news in a super-powered city.
  • Styx seems to use little Magic. Indeed, she has a loathing of it despite how magical and otherworldly she is; this is an opinion she shares often with bland expletives.
  • Her dislike, perhaps even loathing of Magic is easy to explain when one considers her history in this world. As well as the modern writings on her recent adventures in Millennium City, Styx and her Sister do appear in several tomes, old writings upon the subject of Faerie and Magic. The rhyme and their link to it is rarer, however.
  • The Devil is a heavy creature-- weighing in at some 440lbs, or around 200Kg she isn't afraid to throw her weight around. Has a tendency to avoid furniture made by Humans, for Humans; as well as a small notoriety towards damaging flooring! Heavy hooves.
  • Her hide is double-tough! Not least because of the sinew and muscle of her, but other-worldly energies form a kind of protective barrier over her skin, which can and does deflect and absorb attacks and damage. It is incredibly difficult to pierce-- normal blades and bullets won't even touch her skin.