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Player: @Sharks
Class Focus:
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Martial Arts
Personal Data
Real Name: Alan Rees
Known Aliases:
Species: Avian Manimal - Eagle Type
Age: 22
Height: 5' 7"
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color:
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Cando, North Dakota
Base of Operations: Adrian, Michigan
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister
Known Powers
Physical and Sense Enhancements
Known Abilities
Super Genius Level IQ, Martial Arts, World Class Marksman
Multi Purpose Rifle


Alan Rees is a manimal, a 'victim' of Moreau. He was augmented with the form of a majestic Eagle. He unlike many others however, does not consider what he went through a bad thing. He takes joy in his avian form and the abilities it possesses, in particular the gift of wings and flight. He would not give up his new life for anything, despite the drawbacks of his new body.

Alan cannot remember the exact circumstances behind his becoming a Manimal. He was travelling after graduation from university and was kidnapped. Beyond that, he does not remember. He suspects that he was drugged, or perhaps kidnapped from a cheap motel in his sleep by agents of Moreau. Whatever drugs they used on him seems to have wiped his short term memory. All he remembers is waking up in horrible discomfort in a cell, and then flashes of the operating table, his veins being pumped through of mutagenic drugs and Eagle DNA. It was torturous, but he soon passed out from the pain. When he awoke, he was a Manimal. He, like so many others, were confused by their bodies and the process of getting used to it, along with this 'new life' they had. He soon fled though, which was much easier to do as a Bird Manimal, especially one based on a fast flying species. By chance, he met with agents of UNTIL, though not after a nasty run-in with Argent he does not like to talk about. One of the UNTIL agents he met was a new agent who had joined fresh out of university and was a friend of his. He soon managed to convey who he was to that agent by relating things only they could have known, and he was given passage back home after a few weeks and dealings with embassies and officials and stayed those few weeks in New Gornyj where he made new friends amongst other manimals there and learned more about himself.

Once home, he had difficulty in dealing with his friends and family. He spent several weeks with his family in Cando before he returned to Sterling Heights, Michigan where he went to college to meet with some of his College friends he had gotten back in touch with. It was one of the most awkward times in his life. He's since had difficulty in gaining employment, but upon discovering his new powers and with the suggestion of a friend, he decided to sign up with UNTIL and works as a free agent taking paid UNTIL assignments to pay the bills for his small apartment.


Physical Enhancements

  • Flight

A standard superpower, though not so super by the terms of a bird manimal. His flight is winged, meaning he needs adequate room to stretch his wings.

  • Sharp Talons / Beak

Not really a superpower, but can be handy in a fight.

  • Beyond Human Agility

As an avian, his body is super light and his agility is just beyond that possible by a human.

  • Perfect Telescopic Vision (+Night Vision)

His eyes are literally those of an eagle. He can see for miles in perfect detail, and could literally read a newspaper in someones hands if they were stood at the base of a mountain and he were sat atop of it. He can also see in the natural dark, though does require some illumination, such as the light of the stars of moon. He cannot see in an enclosed cave.


  • Light body, easy to knock around.
  • No more strong than a trained human, though his muscles are much stronger than his slim frame might reveal, being perfect mature muscle. He can Benchpress about 300lbs


  • Martial Arts: He is trained in a blended style. He incorporates Karate, Aikido and a New self-taught style called Talonic, which incorporates his Talons and beak into combat.
  • Marksman: Due to his heightened senses and vision, he is an expert marksman. He is easily able to compete at Olympic level, thoguh is of course, excluded from such official competitions due to 'unfair advantage' as per the rules.
  • Genius level IQ: He's a genius with an IQ of over 200, but he's very lazy and usually does just enough to get by.


He hates Argent with a passion. He's known to speak out against them wherever possible and is brutal in dealing with their agents.

He's working as best he can with officials in Millenium City to get other Manimals back home to their families, and for those who don't know who they are, to be brought over as refugee's.