Tarjah Blackrose

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Tarjah Blackrose
Player: SwitchBladeSuzyQ
Class Focus: Arcane Manipulation
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Saza'ari Kythosa Tri'al
Known Aliases: Dark One, Magi, The Corrupter, The Black Rose
Species: Abyssal Demon
Ethnicity: Tanar'ri
Age: Unknown
Height: Approx 5'9
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Blindfolded
Hair Color: Purest white/silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: General Corruption
Place of Birth: The Abyss
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Rumored to be married
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Strong Arcane manipulation
Known Abilities
Arcane - Electrical, Telekinetic

Ability to manipulate a hybrid of electrical energy and skilled in the art of summons. Also capable of mild telekinesis.



Tarjah is capable of appearance manipulation. Due to her heritage, she is able to shift her appearance to one of a similar humanoid structure. She is no shapeshifter, her shifts are merely a mask over her True Self. Those with acute True Sight would be able to see right through the facade, to her True Form. Those with the ability to sense auras would sense something amiss, a sinister evil.


Even though typically cloaked in flowing robes and a cowl pulled low is is clear to see that this being is one of pure perfection. Every curve of her frame is set just right to accentuate the figure of a woman. Her garments hug the flow of her lithe frame. She is not petite, nor is she large boned but a pleasant harmony of the two. Her skin is of the finest alabaster shade, baring not a scar or flaw upon it. Her skin is cold to the touch, yet is as smooth as silk. Should her low hood be removed, her face is elven in appearance, baring high cheekbones a thin nose and pale, rich lips. A blindfold is set across her eyes at all times. Her hair is silvery in hue, cascading down past her mid-back. Slender, elven ears poke from the silvery tresses. Her forehead is adorned with two small horns, curving up ever so delicately. Her face is one of exotic beauty, a haunting, yet captivating visage. Should she bare her teeth, dual sets of vampiric fangs reside in her mouth. The fore-set, the larger of the two sets, bares a slight serration.

Her shoulders are slender, her arms toned, yet baring the slenderness of a woman who knew no physical labor. Her hands are slender, the fingers slightly longer than a normal human's. Each digit is tipped with a long, wickedly sharp talon. Her talons are meticulously kept, and are the shade of the deepest violet.

Large leathery wings, capable of carrying her in flight, erupt from her scapulae. The membrane of the appendages tinted a violet hue and is torn in some places. Her wingspan is impressive to say the least. Upon the "elbow" joint of the wing itself, a sharp claw rests, capable of grasping onto objects. Her torso is narrow, though carries a more than ample bosom. Her chest large above a slender waist and blossoming hips. Her abdomen is toned, baring the hint of muscle beneath the pale flesh.

Her legs seem to extend for miles, slender calves blooming into slender, delicate feet. All in all a being of pure visual perfection

Note: Should her blindfold be removed, her eyes are mere sockets. Heavy scarring rims the black pits, the eye itself seemingly set far back in the socket, the orbs themselves a milky white color.

While having a hybrid sort of appearance, Tarjah has recently been assuming a more human appearance. A slender, chesty woman with silvery hair and a sunkissed tan.


True Form

The image that this magi presents to all is a far cry from her true appearance. In reality, she is no more than a demon. Her skin is pale, carrying the look of naturally armored plates across her meager chest. Her face is nowhere near what one could consider human, rather a demonic visage of sheer horror. Her teeth are serrated, poking from non-existent lips. Her eyes are identical to those in her preferred form, a black void in her face. Her cheeks seem gaunt, the nose thin. Four horns are swept back from her hairless head. Her legs are digitigrade, or double jointed. The foot baring but three toes, each set with a large claw. A massive curved dewclaw completes the foot. Her limbs are longer than usual, giving this demon the complete bestial appearance. Her wings are quite similar to that of her more presentable appearance, though a barbed tail erupts from the base of her spine.


Quite the contrary, Tarjah's true appearance is more akin to something from a nightmare, though she does well to hide it.


Unlike most of her kind, Tarjah is able to wield raw arcane energy. Most Tanar'ri merely use spells, needing components (be they words or ingredients) to cast. Tarjah needs neither. The energy manifests itself as a purple lightning of sorts, and acting much the same as lightning. She still possesses the innate spell casting ability, specializing in the art of summons. Calling forth to the planes, and the arcane within herself, she is able to bring other entities to this plane to serve her. This coupled with a mild telekinetic talent have made her a force to be reckoned with. Her powers have grown steadily as her time on the Prime Material Plane has drawn on.


While not a combat power, Tarjah, like most of her race is able to shapeshift in some manner. Unable to take the forms of animals, she is however capable of changing her form to suit any humanoid appearance. For example. Her humanoid form is a mere shift of her True form, combining the two to form a cross breed of sorts. To an even further extent, she can take on the form of a true human, masking as one of them. However, due to historic circumstances, Tarjah can never completely rid herself of her demonic bloodline in any form she takes. Her eyes remain as black pits, heavy scarring about the circumference. Thus, even in her more human appearance, she wears a covering over her eyes. However, any appearance other than her True Form is merely a veil. Those beings able to sense her aura, or see the true self of beings can see right through the mask to her bestial form. While not in the true sense a shapeshift, it is a spell to allow her to appear any way she wishes.


Her tone is like silk, inviting, seductive and calm. Though it does not reflect the heart beneath. Within the layers of robes lays a cold, merciless fiend. She cares little for others' wellbeing, unless it in some way benefits herself. She is moved for selfish reasons, if it is not to her advantage, it is highly unlikely one should find her acting on the side of light. She enjoys word games, and considers herself to be one of high intellect. While often abrasive and cruel, Tarjah is one of practicality and will not hold her tongue for the sake of others. While not openly defiant of the law, she has found ways to work around it, manipulate it to her advantage and avoid being a target of law enforcement.

While she enjoys the company of others (if only to mock them), she is often found perched alone in meditation. She will however seek out those like herself, those willing to bend the laws. Her motives however are rarely amicable.


In the Beginning

Alexandrea feared her daughter.

The wife of a senator, Alexandrea was no fool woman. Janus, Alexandrea's husband was new to the senate and was away for state business most of the time. Alexandrea and Janus had difficulties conceiving a child, Alexandrea was near her thirtieth year when Andromeda was born. The only child of the couple, Andromeda was a fast learner, she matured quickly and seemed to associate well with children of her own age. The daughter of a Roman senator, nine year old Andromeda was treated like royalty, though she rarely acted as such. She was a free spirit, often wandering off for great lengths of time, much to the reprimands of her mother. Rome was prospering, and Alexandrea thought that she had little to fear, least of all her own family.