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Player: Solaela
"I have people waiting for me...I can't fail"
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: Untested
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Teanuu
Known Aliases: Tea
Gender: Female
Species: Doesn't want Disclosed
Place of Birth: Same as species
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: A wife and child back home
Age: '21 in human years'
Height: 7'4
Weight: 178
Eyes: Glowing green
Hair: Short messy brown
Complexion: Slightly rough has a few scars from battles
Physical Build: Feminine but with a decent ammount of muscle.
Physical Features: Scar on face from top left to bottom right. Scar on chest near heart.
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Identity: Doesn't bother to hide it.
Years Active: Just started
Citizenship: none at this time
Occupation: Unknown
Education: None in this world
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength and agility. Chi usage.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
ReldinBox Template

Notes on stats: The 6 durability is cause she's stubborn.


Teanuu is a brave girl but her habit of sticking up for what she thinks is right can land her in trouble. she usually tries to remain calm and collected but can lose her temper depending on the situation, She has ended up on the wrong side of the law a few times in the past back home but mainly due to a misunderstanding, If anyone mentions her sister, she clams up and she becomes visually upset. When she DOES actually lose it she develops a sort of 'tunnel vision' where she ignores everything around her and she fails to listen to orders.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

All that is currently known about this 'Person' is that she comes from another world. She refuses to speak about anything from that other world aside from she was doing a patrol for the group she belonged to when she stumbled on a portal leading to Millennium City landing her in the middle of the Qularr invasion. She helped out as best she could and earned like many others the respect of the people and the acknowledgement of the champions....Despite her being tight lipped about where she came from or what she is.

Right now

Tea is getting settled in to Millennium City and the thugs on the street? They have a new headache to deal with