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Techna Ology
Player: @RavenForce
"There's a solution to every problem, it's taking the right steps toward that solution that can be hard to accept or carry out."
Character Build
Class Focus: Tech Support
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. J'asira Summerstone
Known Aliases: Techna Ology, Techna, Tech-head, Tech
Gender: Female
Species: Xenian
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth: Zuuth, Xen-2
Base of Operations: The Summerstone Mansion, Moon Base, Hi Tech Labs, ForceTech Industries Building
Relatives: Mentella, ForceGirl
Age: 20 (Based on appearance)
Height: 5'10
Weight: 148 Ibs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: No prominent ones
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 8
Citizenship: Xenian
Occupation: Active Scientist, Adventurer, CEO of ForceTech Industries
Education: PhD in Physics in addition to various non human educational achievements, particular focus on Applied Mechanics and Engineering.
Marital Status: Single (Not Looking)
Known Powers and Abilities
Technopathy, Super Intelligence, Data Manipulation and Metal Manipulation.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Array of blasters, Powered Armor Battle Suit, Teleporter Transponders and a varied and sizeable number of gadgets.
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Techna Ology (J'asira Summerstone) is the youngest of the three Summerstone Sisters (Mentella and ForceGirl being the other sisters), she enjoys reading about her favorite super powered team DE:LTA and has on occasion been able to work along side them. Like her sisters Techna is an alien from outer space, her home planet of Xen being some billions of light years away. An avid fan of all things scientific and technology based, Techna, like her older sister ForceGirl, feels more at home in a laboratory than out in the field. But that doesn't stop her from being able to handle herself well in heavy combat situations.

J'asira grew up in the hi-tech and technologically advanced city of Zuuth on Xen-2. She grew up constantly supported by her older sisters, Mentella and Sus'anna. As the youngest J'asira was kept under constant watch and was almost suffocated by the attention her relatives paid to her well being. Her naturally curious nature and incredible intelligence were observable from an early age and J'asira was always tinkering with anything she could get her hands on. During her time in education, she easily excelled at highly complex studies in the fields of science and engineering, with her specific interest leading her to study with a heavy emphasis on mechanics and electronics. Her natural abilities presented when she was of age and she has learnt finer control over her abilities than most at her age.


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J'asira's mental capacity and ability to process, manipulate and apply information made very short work of her home world's educational system, allowing her to finish two years ahead of schedule, which was an impressive feat even for a Xenian. In a similar manner to her older sister Sus'anna, J'asira is somewhat reserved and enjoys being in her own world.

J'asira was quite the "nerd" when she was at school, she didn't make many friends and was quite shy around other people. As she grew older, with a little prompting, she reached out and made a few friends, sadly those friendships soon went sour. J'asira began to hone her natural abilities whilst she was in school and made her first advanced battle bot, which field tested very well.

A few months after she left graduated from school, disaster struck her home planet.

The Army of Sentai-La, a race of vicious bloodthirsty cannibals attacked her home world, aided by a dark force. The invasion came as a complete shock to the inhabitants of Xen and many lost their lives in the ensuing conflict. J'asira was on her way home when hostile forces began to land on the planet and slaughtering the unsuspecting civilians. Buildings fell, civilians and the soldiers fought using their natural abilites and the military set up strongholds in an effort to save lives and fight off the invaders.

J'asira was telepathically contacted by her eldest sister Mentella and followed her instructions to the nearest military stronghold. She was making her way when she ran into another person around her age, an energy form being who called herself 'Sai'edra'. With the invaders audibly closing in on their location, they agreed to work together survive, fighting off invaders as they went.

After surviving such an ordeal, J'asira and Sai'edra quickly became friends and stuck together throughout the invasion period. Despite their young age, Sai'edra and J'asira gathered a group of Xenians who went about freeing fellow Xenians from enslavement or death by the Sentai-La. As the war went on and it got increasingly worse, her eldest sister Mentella had already been sent away from the planet to one of the Galactic Alliance worlds for refuge. J'asira and Sus'anna (ForceGirl) were recruited by the military to aid in the effort, their unique levels of intelligence were of use in creating and repairing pieces of technology and were key to minimizing further losses.

The Freedom Fighters disbanded when she announced her recruitment by the Xenian Military, her friend Sai'edra vanished shortly after and the other Freedom Fighters and their liberated allies were taken off Xen to one of the Galactic Alliance worlds until the war has ceased.

Working quickly and efficiently, the Xenian military, Sus'anna and J'asira as well as the remaining Xenian people bravely fought off the invading forces of Sentai-La. The war was over within a matter of months partly due to the weapons and defensive technology that the planet had at its disposal.

J'asira decided to stay behind and assist in the rebuilding of her home world whilst Sus'anna went to try and trace their older sister Mentella down and bring word of the end of the war. After almost half a year or so, J'asira became very concerned that she hadn't heard from or seen her sisters. With the help of her parents, J'asira was able to pack supplies and trace the location of the beacons installed upon the Transport Pods. She traveled through space for a total of three Xenian cycles before she was able to pick up a faint energy signature from both pods (which seem to have both crash landed) on Earth.

In 2006, J'asira arrived on Earth and hacked into a number of network systems and soon found information from various sources, noticing a fairly recent entry of a person who had happened to appear out of no where and gain papers. She was currently working as a scientist, which happened to coincide with the an ASPRA (American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act) registration with abilities which more or less matched one of her sisters. J'asira knew it had to be her sister Sus'anna. After a few weeks of searching, J'asira located her sister's home address.

After the initial shock and joy of seeing each other again, they began working and living together in the Downtown area of Millennium City.

Her arrival seemed to prompt her older sister to start a project of sorts, namely Project ForceTech, a defense technology company.

Both sisters worked hard for an ten month period, developing ideas, inventions and pieces of highly advanced technology for fellow super heroes and law enforcement teams. However after a visit by an I.P.G Official a number of the inventions had enforced limitations applied to them, to make them suitable for Earth usage as well as the removal of Xenian defense technology software. Even though significantly hampered by this set back, using Earth technology the sisters worked to replace as best they could the number of removals and soon after founded ForceTech Industries in November 2006. At it's launch, the ForceTech Industries building was little more than an office complex with a hi-tech basement.

Early January 2007, J'asira woke up late to the sound of her sister Su, who she was sure had left much earlier, speaking in their native tongue to another person. Running out into the front room area in nothing but her oddly fluffy pajamas, she saw...her eldest sister!


Overwhelmed by a rush of emotions, J'asira ran towards them, arms wide, taking them both by surprise, knocking them both to the ground. Mentella explained her situation and desire to start The Summerstone Sisterhood with an eventual Academy counterpart. Mentella spoke of putting their natural abilities to good use for the betterment of human society, persuading J'asira to want to join her sisters in becoming a part of the superhuman community.

Early 2008, J'asira settled into the new family mansion Mentella had bought. She enrolled into The Summerstone Academy for further training as Mentella devised a training program for her. J'asira could sense that her eldest sister had matured and had definitely spent time honing her own abilities.

After two years of tutelage, J'asira was one of the first graduates of steadily growing, Summerstone Academy and opted to use the vaguely human-sounding field name: "Techna Ology". Satisfied with the name, she stepped out into the superhero community and hasn't regretted it since.

After a brief trip, Mentella had returned to Earth from Xen with a new student, who, much to J'asira's surprise, she discovered that it was none other than Sai'edra Eli'dahon! Her friend from almost another lifetime. The re-union of their friendship went as well as could be expected and the two continued in each others company throughout Sai'edra's (now Joule) education.

Highlight - January to June 2013

PRIMUS Database image of GROND

After helping her sister in Research and Development at ForceTech Industries on the Moon Base Labs, from January to May, Techna took some time off to go and meet with her friend Joule. They spent a few months catching up and fighting crime alongside The Liberators and DE:LTA.

Joule informed Techna of a raging green, four armed monster, who Mentella says was once known as Sidney Potter, now called Grond. Joule informed her that on a recent mission in the Desert, she spotted Grond tearing up a VIPER Base and attacking UNTIL and PRIMUS troopers.

Joule and Techna discussing how to subdue Grond.

They quickly came up with a plan of attack and flew out to Earth from the Moon Base Labs. Unfortunately, Joule was called away on an important and urgent mission with Vitality, Techna called in the help of other heroes who were in the area.

The fight against Grond was incredibly tough as he was constantly on the move and threw large chunks of irradiated earth at them, her medic drones were stretched to the limit keeping everyone in top form. Grond kept jumping from place to place causing mass destruction, finally after a 3 hour ordeal they pinned him down and fought him consistently.

Together with the combined effort of her robots, gadgets and Raptors as well as two other heroes, they were able to subdue Grond. Techna placed a device on his head which kept affected Grond's inner ear throwing him off balance and finally knocked him out, keeping him subdued long enough for PRIMUS to come along and deal with him.

Waiting for PRIMUS Extraction and Containment of Grond.

Highlight - July 2013

SOCRATES System Malfunction - FATAL Err0r

Discussing the matter with Dr. Silverback

Techna Ology has been tracking a disturbance within the computer systems of Millennium City and certain ones around the globe. She has traced the source of the disturbance to SOCRATES, who appears to be under attack by highly intelligent and persistent cyber hacker.

She notified the Champions and Dr. Silverback, Juryrig and her good friend Gadget Boy to alert them to the situation. Techna is currently working alongside her two sisters Mentella, ForceGirl as well as some of The Liberators and Dr. Silverback to find out more about this issue.
Powering up her Prototype Digitizer.

A log of events was recorded by Techna Ology and her Spy Bots for future reference.

18th of July 2013 - Intranet Deployment/Rise of the Malicious Code

- On the 18th of July the containment measures set in place to isolate the code responsible for spawning the malicious processes were breached entirely allowing a large portion of the virus to spread throughout the SOCRATES System, with the firewalls linking global systems to SOCRATES barely protecting themselves against the malicious code. Techna Ology had left the monitoring of the code to Dr. Silverback, he called her in the early hours of Thursday the 18th requesting that she come immediately as her expertise was required.

Dr. Silverback: "I am glad you made it at such short notice! The containment measures I put in place didn't hold it for long, this virus is very persistent, I cannot even start a new process to eliminate the virus, and SOCRATES system defense is barely holding on. We would need some way to get into SOCRATES.."

Techna Ology: "I see, leave it to me, I'll have something ready in a few hours..."

Two Hours Later....

Dr. Silverback: "Nice! Is that some sort of digitizer?"

Techna Ology: "That's exactly what it is, Gadget Boy and I had a few theories on how it could be done and I came up with this... it's just the prototype mind you...but I know it will work. I'll be able to breathe using the installed file Oxygen.exe and I'll be able to access all my weapons. Execute the file once I get in." Dr. Silverback: "Before you go I'll notify SOCRATES, so you can make your way around the system using a visualization of her primary I/O bus. What do you hope to do once inside?"

Preparing to attack a "Hidden" Process with her bots and astral entity.
Fighting the DANMAN VIRUS.

Techna Ology: "It's pretty simple, the code spawning these rogue processes is deeply embedded in the core memory of SOCRATES, in order to fully wipe it out, I'll have to manually transpose the rogue processes, invert the spawning code and locate the source of the breach.."

Once inside the visualization of SOCRATES primary I/O bus, Techna set to work manually transposing the malicious and rogue processes..

She entered a series of codes at three way point terminals which set up a firewall which helped in securing cleared part of SOCRATES system. After isolating the single code responsible for spawning the rogue processes, Techna made her way to the core memory of SOCRATES and set to work destroying the virus parts trying to access other computer systems SOCRATES was linked to.

After that she liquidated the SOCTER.DANMAN/VIRUS which was in the form of a large spider, with the help of her robots and raptors. With the DANMAN Virus successfully liquidated, she installed a few programs in SOCRATES to allow her to monitor the system more adequately and re-enabled SOCRATES Defense System.

Re-enabling SOCRATES Defense System
Talking with Gadget Boy about her recent findings

Techna is currently tracking a small string of malicious code to an origin point, where she hopes to find the source of the attack and perhaps the attacker responsible. She has been keeping in contact with Dr. Silverback and Gadget Boy to help monitor the situation and keep an eye on SOCRATES.

End of Logged Events - July 18th 2013

Highlights - August - December 2013

Despite the apparent victory, the recent battle for Millennium City against Doctor Destroyer's forces was not without losses, in a cruel turn of events during the battle a Mega Destroyer released a "Destroyer Wave", a blast of particle energy, holding the capacity to disintegrate any unable to withstand the blast. Some heroes were severely injured, others were unfortunately killed.

During the clash on the southern stronghold where both Techna Ology and CharmCaster were stationed, a Destroyer Wave was released, whilst Techna was appropriately defended, CharmCaster was sadly caught in the blast.

It appeared that CharmCaster had been disintegrated by the blast wave. Unable to accept this, The Summerstones exhausted their resources trying to understand what had happened. ForceGirl was close to coming to terms with the loss of a close friend when Mentella, whilst leaving ForceTech Industries, received a weak telepathic message from CharmCaster, in her native tongue which when translated was simply: "Help".

Mentella and Techna Ology had been working on upgrading CortexusTM, the machine which allows the communication between light years worth of distance, enabling Mentella to communicate telepathically with Xen, to alter it to be able to pierce the veil of this dimension in order to attempt to track CharmCaster's unique psychic signal.

Techna Ology and ForceGirl both put their technical knowledge to use and built on modifications and after weeks of searching, Mentella located CharmCaster's psychic signal in another dimension, the Summerstones, with the assistance of Witchcraft and the Trismegistus Council, they breached the barrier which was keeping the invaders from the Qliphothic Rift contained and made short work of them.

Once they reached the portal, it was determined that Witchcraft would be unable to seal it from the outside as the energy had leaked through to such a state that it would be dangerous to attempt to close it without finding out exactly what had caused it to open in the first place. Due to the nature of the portal it was impossible to seal it permanently, so a team was needed to stay near it incase it allowed through anymore horrors into this dimension. ForceGirl and Techna Ology stayed behind, whilst the others journeyed into the portal with Witchcraft, Mentella kept everyone in telepathic contact for safety purposes.

Once inside the Qliphothic Realm, something went wrong, the travel had affected Witchcraft's protective spell, splitting Mentella, Black Diamond, PsychBlade and herself into different parts of the realm, unable to physically see or interact with each other, except for Mentella's psychic link.

In a burst of blindingly powerful white light, which was visible to them all, the elusive Alara The Light Guardian appeared, explaining that she had split them up as they stood a better chance of helping CharmCaster, if they were spread out. She offered her assistance to their cause, using her abilities to defend each sisterhood member at their various points, once all three sisterhood members were reunited they began their assault on the Tower of Sharna-Gorak, where Alara said CharmCaster was being held. Alara informed them all a concealment spell had been placed upon them to ensure that the operation runs as smooth as possible.

After engaging the Despair Incarnates and Qliphothic Imps which guarded the Winds of Despair, the team made their way towards the cell where CharmCaster was being restrained, magically captured in a form of suspended animation. Alara explained that it would be impossible for them to break the spell without her using her true form and harnessing "The Eternal Light".

Alara warned that her activation of that level of pure energy would break the concealment spell she had crafted and may in fact summon remnants of The Kings of Edom as they are drawn to powerful energy, however, she explained it was a risk she was willing to take in order to assist CharmCaster. Mentella and PsychBlade created a psychokinetic barrier to block out the blinding light shining forth from Alara's Eternal Light Form.

At long last CharmCaster was freed from the mystical prison, but she was badly wounded and had been all but drained of her defensive magic. Alara transported the team back to where Witchcraft was facing off against a few Qliphothic Horrors. With CharmCaster in a particularly bad state, Witchcraft poured significant magical energy into creating a portal between realms and Alara The Light Guardian forced Light Energy through it in order to keep it open whilst they made the transition to their world.

After sealing the portal behind them, the team met up with ForceGirl and Techna Ology who had been fighting off Horrors which had found a way through into their dimension. As a group they brought CharmCaster back to The Summerstone Mansion where she was able to rest and recover.

DECEMBER 2013 - Techna Ology has been busy working to restore ForceTech Industries after a series of events resulted in the company being brutally attacked by VIPER forces. Whilst the attack was completely unexpected and unusually deceptive for VIPER, it was dealt with soon enough, clean up is all that remains.

NOTE: The information given has been edited to a summarized version as specifics cannot be revealed without consent of CharmCaster herself, which she has not given. As a result, The Summerstone Sisterhood has not published the full report. We have instead provided brief summaries of parts of the report for possible future reference. ~ The Summerstone Sisterhood.

Highlights - January - June 2014

Techna has been working alongside her sister Mentella and DE:LTA in helping Kr'anri to get some help after being on Earth for a year.

The following recordings have been provided by Techna's SpyBot's:

Meeting Kr'anri The Prosythian

Deadly Exhalation!

Deadly Exhalation! Part 2

ForceTech Industries

After working to rebuild the parts of ForceTech Industries which weathered serious damage from the VIPER Assault in 2013, Techna began working on revisiting her first major project, namely Project B, she has provided some information about the project below:

"Whilst PR is mostly covered by my sister, I decided that with this project, I'd give a little insight into the re-development behind Project B, for the purpose of reference, Project B will be referred to as "PB". PB has been upgraded to a Questionite casing and incorporates elements of an off-world bio-regenerative steel in the form of impure, thanks to the IPG restrictions, Raonse. The Questionite casing is relatively sturdy, but has a minor impact on the bio-regenerative qualities of the impure Raonse; this is due to the requirement of Level 5 Technology to be incorporated into the project, as per the terms and conditions of the agreement with the I.P.G. PB also utilizes physio-electrical imaging, on other worlds that are classed as above Technological Restriction Level 5, this is a fairly antiquated system, despite this, it is suitable for the purpose of this project and works well alongside the Virillian Tess'aj Reactor. PB has the ability, amongst other things, to manipulate it's own mass and achieve high speed flight and is equipped with small scale self defence technology derived from ForceTech Industries. I think that's all I can really say about least on record anyway. Aside from that, the project was great fun to work on and I am very glad it is a success! I'm also grateful to my sister ForceGirl for assisting me with resources for the project to be a success. Heroes of Millennium City can look forward to a, er, slightly re-designed face re-joining them soon!" ~ Techna Ology

Personal File Update - June & July 2014 - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

Mentella's Note:

As is the tradition for my students and my sisterhood members, various forms of combat training are taught with the aim to prepare each and every one of them to be competent fighters. This is done so that if they find themselves in a situation where they either are forced or incapable of accessing their various abilities, they are not at a disadvantage.

Techna Ology and Solaris have both recently completed their maturing cycles, a natural part of development for a Xenian known as Sharna. This process for most, increases the potency, application and in some rare cases unlocks a new set of abilities. Sharna allows a Xenian to be more in tune with their individual limitations and abilities. After such periods end, the residual energy must be put to use.

Unlike Solaris, Techna Ology did not have some form of potential increase. To put it simply, Techna did not 'get a power boost'. Rather she matured in subtle ways such as her ability to multi task has been increased, she is less likely to be distracted by certain objects or people of interest to her and she uses her natural abilities more often.

Combat Training - Ref'la Dio

Techna Ology was in the twenty third group of students who were put through the two month intensive combat training course run by Black Diamond and Bionic Bullet. Despite the fact that she had previously graduated from The Summerstone Academy; at the time of her graduation she did not have advanced combat training, which is a relatively new course which features 'Ref'la Dio' amongst other alien and human fighting styles. Techna has added in few words to describe her experience;

"The beginning stages were difficult, my natural abilities focus more on engineering, technology and science than being incredibly strong, agile or tough. So yes, I didn't exactly like it for a few weeks. But my sister urged me to put my "superior intellect" to use and focus on the situation as if it were a scientific problem. I followed her advice and I started to really enjoy it. After a few simulated fights and a couple of one on one to three combat situations I felt really good. It is hard work, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely worth it! I've even got some muscles now!" ~ Techna

Whilst she is still training at this point in time, she is working towards the end of the course in addition to working on several other endeavours outside of being a CEO for ForceTech Industries. As expected alongside the students, Techna is progressing well and I have no doubt this class will not fail to impress.

End of Note

Personal File Update - Present Day - SUMMERSTONE SISTERHOOD FILES

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Groups and Various Affiliations

Before Earth, Joule and Techna were part of a small team of Xenians, named The Freedom Force, they went around helping those who were less powerful than themselves and attempted to stop crimes in and around Xen. They disbanded when Techna had made the decision to move from Xen to Earth to meet with her older sisters.

Techna is a member of the Summerstone Sisterhood.

Techna on occasion has worked with DE:LTA and much to her joy she was teamed with Cavalier.

Techna says she never feels truly alone as she is always surrounded by her droids and robots. She certainly is not alone when in a serious fight...

"You might wish to reconsider stealing that artifact..or this will not end well..for you."

Previous Super Team - The Liberators

The Liberators are a non profit organization and act on the basis of justice, not on the basis of personal gain or fame. They are one of the many altruistic fighting forces in Millennium City.

After her fellow sisterhood member CharmCaster had joined, Techna Ology followed on and joined the Liberators, however, her position as a CEO of ForceTech Industries had a heavy impact on her ability to continue on with the team. Techna explains her reasons for withdrawing from The Liberators:

"Over time, I sort of fell through the cracks in the team. Things changed, a lot and I no longer felt as if the team was were I needed or wanted to be, at the beginning I had a place and evidently, I've lost it, through no fault of my own or theirs, things do change and people do move on, I think based on that fact, I've had to realize that my involvement with The Liberators has to come to an end. After CharmCaster left, I was able to analyze how many people within the group I truly knew, and those that I did know have changed so drastically, that to me...they've become shells of their former self. It's always going to be tough to leave a group, especially when you get to know them really well, but it was becoming apparent that I was just about hanging on and balancing my job as a CEO of a defense technology organization and a super hero dedicated to a particular team, as well as working for The Summerstone really was too much. El'sai...I guess I really didn't feel that relevant any more. Not many members actually know much about me, aside from probably peeking at this file, so my exit from the group should be as smooth and silent as it can be. Having said all of this...I am grateful for being able to get to know people outside of the lab, even if it was relatively short-lived. They are a good group of people, but the group isn't a good fit for me. Taking all of this into consideration, I decided to resign from The Liberators." ~ Techna Ology

Techna Ology, as far as she is concerned is still on good terms with the group and has left contact details in case they require her assistance in the future.

As of the 2nd of May 2014, Techna Ology officially resigned from The Liberators.


In late 2017, plagued by lawsuit troubles, the Coalition dissolved. A deal was made for PRIMUS to take the heat and clear members of civil suits so that individuals would not be affected... but the price was that the organization was to disband. The Coalition was dissolved, the facilities shut down, and the organization became defunct. The Orb of Eternity was disposed of, and the Citadel was destroyed in a controlled demolition. The Phoenix Complex itself was also similarly decommissioned and rebuilt into a new headquarters for Vlocke Aerospace Industries and Frost Futuretech.

The Liberators parted ways, but remaining friends and wishing each other luck in their future endeavors. The Phoenix went up in ash... though because PRIMUS only ordered the current members to dissolve and never reform, and not outsider non-members, the Phoenix may one day rise again from the ashes when the ban on the team name "Liberators' expires in ten years.

LIBERATORS 2011-2017


Liberators Tower (decommissioned) | The Citadel (decommissioned)

Members at time of dissolution

Swift | Skarius Snowtalon | Nulion | Ouros | Viro
Hellion MK.II | Atlas Sarnosian | Trembling Mind | Lionel Blacke
TALAN | Velocies | Wintermist | Vherio | Hyena
Duuz | Charlie Lang | Kuro Hiryu |
Red Tesla | Livina Uaisbro


Swift | Velocies | Lionel Blacke | Skarius Snowtalon | Roland Vlocke
Brian Thomas | Helena Wolfe

Associates and Allies:

Creed |Davkas Droverson | Tai Cheng | King Nocturne | James Walker | Shadow | Umbra

In Reserve / Status Unknown:

Fang | Firefox | Nik Buster | Varulfr | Blast-Beetle

Deceased / Former Members:

Rocket Wolf | CharmCaster | Techna Ology | Kados | Rhiannon Frost | Ephrael Wilson

The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade

Powers and Abilities


Utilizing her powers, Techna is able to bend both technology and metal, to create battle droids, Medic Drones, Laser Weaponry, armor and shields from the world around her. In addition to being able to manipulate technology, Techna is incredibly intelligent, the natural Xenian brain capacity exceeds that of a human, this fact combined with her levels of knowledge and ability to process large quantities of information and apply them almost instantaneously to a situation as well as drawing information from the machines and technology around her, make Techna Ology a very resourceful and powerful super heroine. Her mind possesses near unlimited storage capacity, in a similar manner to a "cyber mind" but in an organic sense.


The ability to manipulate technology. Techna's Technopathy manifests itself as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, computer data and just about any form of technology she comes into contact with. She usually has to be in close proximity to the technology to fully manipulate it without completely taking it apart. However when she cannot be close to technology she can mentally manipulate the technology, which allows her to also interface with computer data.

Techna can control the flow of intricate machinery and can cause machinery to assemble, pause or even completely disengage their programming at will. Techna is able to operate most technology just by touching or looking. With this aspect of her powers she can do a wide variety of things such as:

  • Repair or induce programming glitches
  • Boost the efficacy of given technology
  • Utilize Physical Restorative abilities to reconstruct or repair machines.
  • Create complex gadgetry at a moments notice (provided there are materials).
  • Technopathic Perception, allowing her to "talk" to machines and read their "minds".
  • Data Manipulation
  • Disable technology

Induction or Removal of glitches - By manipulating the code of a program running on a computer, machine or inside a technological entity or piece of machinery, Techna can fix code to produce the correct results and remove glitches, or she can manipulate the code to produce a new command which conflicts with another causing a glitch in the programming.

Technological Boost - By increasing the output, energy efficiency or durability of a piece of technology, Techna can increase the power of any weapon, droid, drone or shield. She can also do the opposite of this and reduce the technical capability of a device by increasing it's energy consumption, drastically lowering its defenses or draining it's output.

Physical Restoration - Techna Ology can repair and return any broken or damaged piece of machinery to its optimal state regardless how long it has been broken or how damaged it was. However technology which has been broken for long periods of time will take more time to restore.

Technological Manipulation - With the enough metal around, Techna is able to create a wide variety of gadgets, including her plethora of blasters, transponders, battle droids, Medic Drones, Bio-Nanites and many more. By expertly manipulating the metal and putting her technology knowledge to use she can craft objects within a matter of seconds. She says she is able to do this by controlling specific electrons and instructs them which items to engage or disengage.

Technopathic Perception - Techna has the ability to "talk" to machines and pieces of technology and they "understand" her. It can be likened to a inorganic form of Telepathy. She can command machinery to do anything it is able to do within it's capacity. For example if she was under fire by a turret she could command it to stop firing.

Data Manipulation - Techna can manipulate the binary visible computer information known as data allowing her to collect information about businesses and organizations and their operations and to manipulate data inside computers to allow for such feats as hacking, information retrieval, information omission and alteration and computer program manipulation.

Disable - Techna Ology can exert complete control over technology she can "sense" and shut them down completely, this applies to robots and ranges from simple binary systems to advanced intelligence systems. She is particularly good with off world technology, but has minor difficulty manipulating Xenian Technology in the same manner due to it's marked complexity. Techna Ology will only disable a piece of technology entirely as a last resort, however when it is disabled she can force it to stay in a permanent state of disability.

Metal Manipulation

Techna Ology also has ferrokinetic ability or 'Metal Manipulation'. This means that she is capable of manipulating various different metals, enabling her to move, shape and otherwise manipulate any metal and metallic substances. This ability allows her to make weapons, armor, or even floating metal platforms and manipulate various metals to aid her insatiable desire to invent gadgets. She primarily uses this ability to strip metal from her surroundings to repair her droids, repair ally armor, assist in the creation of pistol weaponry or to create droids, drones and turrets. When she taps into this ability she can accomplish a number of impressive and useful feats:

  • Metal Mass Manipulation
  • Shape, Compress and Liquefy metal and metallic substances
  • Metal Detection & Metal Sense
  • Ferrokinetic Constructs
  • Metallic Granulation
  • Metal Movement

Metal Mass Manipulation - Through considerable concentration Techna can increase the mass or size of a given metallic object or substance. This becomes more taxing as the source material is less readily available. By either observing the metal or touching it, Techna can cause the metallic material/substance/object to increase in mass to allow her to use the metal for other purposes. However Techna cannot generate metallic substances or metal itself, she must have a source of metal in order to augment metal for her own uses. As a result she cannot exert this ability, nor any other metal manipulation abilities in the absence of metal.

Metal State Manipulation - Probably one of her most displayed skills is Techna's ability to change the state of any metal or metallic object she is presented with. She is capable of shaping metal to her needs, from molding the metal to be as small as the nanites she frequently makes use of right up to repairing or replacing the large metal panels on her robots and laboratories.

Metal Detection & Metal Sense - Techna can remotely sense the presence of metal and gain detailed understanding about the metal they are sensing. She is able to determine the size of metal structures she can sense by determining the amount and where the metal is located. Through focused effort she can remotely move the metal towards her if it is deep within a structure or below the ground.

Ferrokinetic Constructs - By shaping and actively animating metal, Techna is able to generate constructs of pure metal which can be tailored to be tools, objects, armor, robots and gadgetry. She readily salvages metal from her surroundings to either help replace certain things or turn them into replacement panels etc. In the event that Techna has no access to technology and does not have the time nor is in the situation to formulate any technology, when pushed, she can create pure metal beings to do her bidding, such as metal robots, this skill is rarely displayed as it can be quite taxing to focus on these metal robot constructs for long periods of time.

Metallic Granulation - A decidedly more offensive use of her metal manipulation abilities is the ability to transform metals and metallic substances into small particles of metal, rendering them useless and unable to serve their former purpose. However at present this ability requires physical contact to be done reliably and completely, at range the scale of the granulation is unreliable and may only be partial. Techna is working to strengthen this ability however.

Metal Movement - The most basic of skills which Techna exhibits is the ability to move and lift metal objects or objects containing a certain amount of metal within them. This skill allows her to draw up hidden traps which are comprised of metal, physically and dispose of them as well as lift herself (when wearing her powered armor suit) and a limited amount of others, into the air in the event of extensive damage to her jet pack or other forms of transportation devices. This skill allows her to emulate telekinesis on metal clad foes if she so desires.

Super Intelligence

Techna Ology is an incredibly intelligent individual and has the ability to process information at an increased rate compared to other super powered beings from her race. Whilst most Xenians cognitive processes exceed that of other races within the known universe, Techna's enhanced intellectual capacity allows her to even exceed this enhanced rate of cognition that exists amongst her own people. As a result she possesses higher mental faculties than a fully grown Xenian. This includes a more powerful memory, better calculation skills, greater reasoning skills, and a superior learning capacity. Techna Ology's intellect allows her to multi-task with extreme efficiency and use her abilities on levels which would not normally be mastered at such a young age for a Xenian.

In relation to her other abilities, Techna's intelligence can assist her in dismantling machines, software and various forms of technology that she may encounter without difficulty.

If necessary, Techna Ology can combine her technopathic and super intelligence abilities to technology, allowing her to manifest her intelligence as a form of Intuitive Aptitude. This allows her to instantly comprehend and understand the complexity and exactness of technology and even powers with a basis in technology without the need of long-term or special education. This form of 'technopathic intuitive aptitude' that she possesses is not always utilized as she does enjoy taking things apart and learning slowly if a situation allows for it. She can also apply this Intuitive Aptitude to machinery and engineering which allows her to generate functional and powerful robots with ease in a short amount of time.

Mentella's Note: Techna does not readily make use of her ferrokinetic abilities for direct combative purposes, such as attacking opponents in close quarters combat. She mainly uses this ability of hers for defensive purposes such as manipulating the quantity of a certain metal to shape it for armor or additional drones or resources. Whilst I have advised against this particular reluctance with using these powers, my sister has remained opposed to using these abilities in the field. One possible reason for Techna's reluctance could be her comfort at utilizing her primary Technopathic abilities instead of her Ferrokinetic ability. Regardless Techna Ology is more than equipped to deal with a variety of different situations and her staggering intellectual capacity (even for our species) presents her with the ability to quickly process situations and generate solutions.


Techna uses and builds these devices and pieces of gadgetry to help her to fight crime with tech fueled power. Techna Ology has provided some notes about a few of her creations.

Techna's NOTE: Some of my gadgets...may seem as if they breach the I.P.G. but they were all "OK'd" when I had to present them to the I.P.G. I'd be able to make them better if I was allowed to use Xenian Technology..

Phaser Laser X-24 - Okay...maybe, I used some off world tech for this's basically a pistol which fires a laser beam filled with my B.N.M.'s at my target. The beam can be tuned to produce a low to high intensity laser blast which can damage a target. It's biometrically tagged so it can only be fired by me. However...there is chance (0.0154% to be precise) that it can disintegrate my's only happened...a few times. This mainly occurs as my laser has a very small chance, as previously mentioned to induce cell autolysis in an organic target, this effect on inorganic robotic targets causes an internal powerful EMP pulse to course through the system. Thankfully this effect only occurs if I turn my Phaser Laser to maximum, which I rarely do.

Blasting an ARGENT lackey with the Phaser's medium intensity setting

Heavy Powered Armor & Light Powered Armor Battle Suits - Both of my powered armor suits are made from a metallic alloy comprised of Xenite and Raonse. (Both off world substances which I might add, cost a fortune to get from Xen to this sector of space!). Xenite is an extremely durable metal and is nigh indestructible, it's not possible to manipulate outside of using Xenian metal mastery technology or being able to manipulate metal itself. Xenite can only be found on my home planet of Xen, I do have a small personal supply on Earth however. I use the Xenite for durability and the Raonse, well, it's a regenerative bio metal, that means it can consistently grow back, I also use it for flexibility, as it has a less crystalline molecular pattern than Xenite and for its ability to absorb "magical" energy signatures. My suits incorporate my self sustaining systems, holo tech interfaces and can house the various gadgets I use in the field. It also comes with my Insta-Belt, the belt allows me to change my outfit instantaneously. I don't actually use this suit much, I usually wear the less armored version. In terms of offensive armor systems, I took apart my sonic blaster and incorporated it into my Battle Suit gauntlets to be utilized as one of my armor's offensive systems in combat. The offensive blasts I use it for are fairly low level but can be tuned and focused into a stronger blast which can weaken my opponents.The Sonic Blaster was one of my earliest pieces of tech I created when I got to Earth, it utilized a sonic generator I built into a pistol to fire high frequency sonic waves at a specific target.

Teleporter Transponders - In a word. Teleportation, the ability to move something or someone through space by the disembodiment of the object in on location and its eventual reconstruction in another. Teleportation is possible for sub atomic particles if you look at it from a quantum mechanics point of view, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect however..uh..sorry..I got bad...anyway back to my transponder device, basically what it does is that by using a sub dimension, sort of a pocket dimension if you will, I can shift myself, other people and objects through space. By briefly removing a person from this dimension and placing them into the pocket dimension then retrieving them via molecular disintegration and reconstruction in the place where the other of teleporter transponder device was. I use these devices to transport droids to and from my labs or bases as well as transporting myself and others.

Kinetic Modification Field - This was a joint endeavor with my older sister Dr. Su Summerstone. The Kinetic Modification Device uses a combination of high powered kinetic dampening field technology alongside a strong gravitational field. This device is in actual fact a small emitter which is part of my powered armor, it can be adjusted to protect me or anyone within 100 ft of my position. The field severely depletes the inertia of an object in motion, be it an energy blast, magical bolt, melee weapon or physical strike in motion. Whilst the attack will still connect (if they don't move out of the way) it will be severely weakened. The field can be fine tuned to projected a stronger center protection and a weaker outer field protection.

B.M.N. (Bio Modification Nanites) - Probably one of my more interesting creations...the BMN or Bio Modification Nanites are small robots which are programmed to carry out certain functions. I use them in my ammo clips for my Phaser Laser and my Xorn Phaser as well. They are in the actual energy blasts that they fire, on contact with an entity, organic or other wise they infiltrate the system of the target. I have a variety of nanites in each clip, I'll just list a few;

  • Sensory Overload Nanites - These induce an electrical storm in the brain/CPU of the target causing a temporary overload which triggering a state of temporary paralysis.
  • Gravitational Nanites - These can alter or remove the gravitational field in effect around a target, suspending them in the air or causing loss of balance for a time.
  • Master Control Nanites - Nanites infused with a powerful AI which can assume control of a target, forcing them to attack their allies. It does this by wiping out the higher brain functions of a target and assuming direct control. I got the idea from talking to Mentella about her telepathic powers.
  • Genetic Modification Nanites - These are really fun to use, they temporarily scramble the DNA of a target causing them to be transformed into a small, pink "Teddy Bear". The target is still able to utilize motor functions such as running but has no access to their weapons or powers as the nanites double up as a power negation effect.
  • Qliphothic Nanites - When I visited the Qliphothic Dimension last year with CharmCaster I was inspired to create these, they create a small gateway into the Qliphothic Dimension and afflict the target with "Horror Tendrils" which are, upon closer examination appendages comprised of dark energy.
  • Temporal Disruption Nanites - These disrupt the temporal reality and anchoring to this time line a target has, causing them to temporarily phase in and out of existence. It's a bit too complex to explain but it basically makes them sort of intangible.
  • Infection Nanites - Nanites infused with an infectious disease which causes internal poisoning to the target.
  • Psionic Summon Nanites - These nanites are infused with a very tiny portion of a psionic essence from my sister, which translates into the manifestation of a psionic entity on the physical plane, it fights along side me for a while. On contact with the target it latches onto the targets mind and draws on any psionic energy and manifests the entity.
  • Respiratory Modification Nanites - First Part of my Bio-Assistance Range of Nanites, these can be injected into the body of an organic being and using its bio-engineering skills it can alter the respiratory system inside a being to suit the current environment. For example, humans (for the most part) cannot breathe underwater normally, these Nanites would allow them to breathe water like air, via diffusion and separation of Oxygen molecules through a micro mechanical system.
  • Reactive Regeneration Nanites - The second part of my Bio-Assistance Range of Nanites. These nanites can be commanded to adhere themselves to a targets body, in doing so they scan the target and carry out a damage assessment. Based on the damage assessment report they then actively seek out damaged cells or areas of a machine and initiate accelerated repair. This causes rapid cell regeneration for organic allies and structural repair for inorganic allies/surfaces.(Note: These nanites are programmed to work primarily on organic targets as I am capable of handling mechanical reconstruction using my own natural abilities. The inorganic reconstruction abilities of the nanites were added in the event that I am unable to focus on repair directly.)
  • Immediate Recovery Nanites - The third part of my Bio-Assistance Range of Nanites. These little robots are similar in function to the Reactive Regenerative nanites, however they aren't as powerful. As a trade off for being less powerful, they are continually present in the system of my allies (provided they are within my reach) and of course myself. These nanites provide periodic organic repair in conjunction with other forms of healing that may be present and provided by myself or another. The nanites work by perpetually scanning allies and immediately working to repair wounds over a period of time using constant cellular regeneration bursts. My nanites can also adapt to inorganic allies such as my robots and provide the same level of structural repair.

Augmentation Nanites - I use these bionic enhancement nanites when, I don't have enough time to focus on a piece of technology in order to boost it. They aren't as good at augmenting a person or machine as I am, but they do the job and are great in a bad situation. They increase the power of an individual or machine by around 34.0978%, not a massive improvement but better than nothing. They embed themselves within the central nervous system or operating system of the intended target and decrease response times from brain to the effector (the muscle), making the person or machine hit harder and survive better. The effects are temporary but can turn the tables in a fight fairly quickly.

Reanimation Serum - I concocted this serum when I encountered Alara The Light Guardian, a very powerful extra dimensional entity comprised of light and another unknown energy source. She had the ability to restore the life force within a person or large group of people. I managed to emulate this ability with my Nanites and perfected it so that it has no negative side effects, aside from the memory of the incredible impact which affected the recipient prior to being restored. It works very well, the Nanites must infiltrate the entire system before taking effect, once in effect they provide the body with enough regenerative energy and healing then return to the serum holder.

Primal Pheromone Manipulator - After battling with Teleios and traversing Monster Island, I was impressed with some of his creations, despite the fact that they tried to kill me. I created a Manipulator Device after I came across some of the technology that certain raptors had embedded in their skin or grafted to their backs. After careful examination, I was able to build something similar. The device sends out a strong pheromone which attracts the raptors, almost like a sort of mind control. Still it has it's issues, for example, after a while it tends to short out and some of the Raptors may simply wander off. I put a beacon (shielded naturally) in Monster Island alongside a teleporter transponder unit which can teleport pheromone controlled raptors to my location, which means I can take these Raptors around Millennium City, any ones which try to stray off are teleported back to Monster Island instantly.

Xorn Phaser X-900 - One of the many weapons and tools I usually carry with me. Much like my Phaser Laser, it's biometrically tagged so it cannot be used by anyone else. The original Xorn Phaser was significantly more powerful, but I was forced to degrade it by the I.P.G. This version has a wide-spectrum particle beam function and can house a few of my B.M.N's. I've made it about as energy efficient as I can, given my tech restraints. It also has the capacity to mix my Nanites up so it can produce unforeseen negative effects to my foes. I used to use the less powerful and incredibly energy hungry Xorn Phaser X-700, but I re-built it to be stronger and more reliable, it took me a few version to get one which doesn't breach the I.P.G rules though. But the testing was worth it as I've come out of the testing phase with a very useful weapon.
Deploying a Containment Vortex to apprehend a Destroid

Holo Tech interface - Through my experiments with matter reduction and relocation into a cyber matrix, I was able to come up with a prototype for a holo transporter device. It scans items and then shrinks them and stores them inside the holographic matrix, by pressing a few buttons and selecting an item a holographic projection of the item is shown before it starts to return to its normal size. This effect is however limited, I cannot shrink people or buildings and store them in the matrix. Unlike Bionic Bullet's holo tech interface, mine is not visible and is instead housed within my suit. My older sister ForceGirl helped me with the development.

Inter Dimensional Portal Generator - This device allows me to get objects from another dimension and breach dimensional walls. Alternate Realities, and parallel universes all that kind of stuff. CharmCaster can do it using "magic", she once summoned this weird staff from one of her portals. After months of research and planning I finally was able to match produce a frequency which matched the energy signature from CharmCaster's portal frequency. Allowing me to breach the dimensional walls with my gadget.
Firing the cannon on a group of Destroids

Occipital Disruption Blaster - One of Mentella's many psionic related devices. This little blaster was given to me as a present from her to me. Basically it targets the occipital lobe of a brain and temporarily disables it. Making me invisible to my target. The effect only lasts a while but it's pretty cool. I tweaked it to include some Disruption Nanites which mess with a robot's CPU, specifically any optical sensors, blotting out it's perception of me for a short time.

ForceTech Containment Vortex - Based on my sister's ability to contain foes within shells of high powered kinetic energy. This device allows me to suspend troublesome foes within energy shells for a short while before dissipating, it helps to be able to put foes in a “time out” phase, and it’s quite funny really.

Orbital Cannon - A high powered Particle Assault weapon from a weapons platform belonging to UNTIL. Whenever I need it, I can bypass security protocols and take command of the cannon and fire on my intended location. Instead of having to use a device or a gadget, Mentella taught me to mentally hack the computer systems, it's a lot quicker.

Sonic Pulse - A few months ago I recalled to mind a device I used to have when I was decidedly more active in the field (and a little naïve admittedly), I remember having some difficulty with the intensity of it and I had decided to no longer look at it. I re-created the device which is a Sonic Pulse device. By modulating my device to the right frequency I'm able to blast foes with a sonic pulse, which is essentially a blast of focused sound, which has a highly disorientating effect on targets.
Techna activating the Force Shield Matrix

ForceTech Force Shield Matrix - ForceTech Industries develops and provides state of the art shielding technology to a wide variety of organizations including UNTIL and PRIMUS. I managed to get my hands on a force field generator, which from the look of it was probably one of the earlier versions. I was able to modify it into a shield matrix projector with similar integrity to a ForceTech Force Field Projector (the difference between the two is negligible). My modified version generates a matrix of hexagonal force fields, which extend out from the central emitter, the circumference of the shield matrix is large enough to shield me from particularly strong impacts that my Kinetic Modification Field may have trouble with. It provides me with more than enough defense in combination with my suit and nanites. The Shield Matrix can pretty much withstand anything thrown at it, in short of a Xenian Commander Fleet vessels "Splitter Beam" which carries the around the same destructive force as 10 nuclear bombs going off in at the same time.

Powered Suit Modification - Conversion Gauntlets - I've always had fun creating nanites with regenerative abilities or updating my robotic support units as they are able to greatly assist my allies and I when we're feeling the effects of combat. My technopathic abilities, amongst other things, allow me to reconstruct any machine I come across but outside of my inventions I personally can't actively translate my reconstruction abilities to my organic allies...until now! (I hope.). I modified the gauntlets on my suit to translate the reconstructive abilities I have into a form of regenerative energy, similar to that I use in my inventions. I'm still testing this idea to see if it will work as well as in practice as it does in theory.

Robotics and Transportation

Techna's Note: As a Xenian, I am severely limited by the I.P.G (Inter Planetary Guidelines), which states that I am forbidden from using Xenian Technology on Earth. This is because Earth's TR level is 5. Despite this, I've been asked by UNTIL and PRIMUS several times to bring some Xenian Tech to planet Earth but I'm not about to break the I.P.G's rules. Even though I hate the rules in place, I know I must abide by them. As a result my gadgets and robots are limited in terms of weaponry and defense, but I do my best and I've managed to keep both my robots and gadgetry remarkably advanced, given the limitations imposed by the guidelines.

Techna Ology has access to a plethora of robots, devices, gadgets and other tools which she can call upon for a range of reasons, from data collection to flattening an enemy.

With a SpyBot

Techna SpyBot - A small surveillance robot designed with the sole purpose of keeping an eye on different parts of Millennium City and other parts of the world, including Lemuria. Techna is alerted to trouble if these robots pick up distress signals from civilians. These robots are invisible to the naked eye and move at fast speeds through the air. They are equipped with low powered force field generators, sensory stun cannons and camouflage technology.

Medic Drones utilizing regenerative "webbing" to cocoon and heal Techna Ology

Medic Drones - Medic drones are robots equipped with the primary function for survival enhancement and support. They are capable of projecting powerful regenerative waves of energy, which cocoon the target in a fluid binding of healthful energies. They possess the ability to heal both organic and inorganic targets.

Xenian Battle Droids - Whilst these droids are Xenian, they have been significantly neutered technology and weapons wise in order to make them "fit in" with Earth level technology. The droids I currently use in combat usually stand at around 4'8". They are equipped with Rapid Fire Energy Cannons with a firing rate of eight blasts per 0.5 secs, Neutron Rockets and a Raonse carapace, optical sensors an intelli-tech for transformation.

"Meet Bobby, he may be a highly dangerous Destroid but he's actually quite nice!"
Bobby standing tall ready for action

"Bobby" - Whilst in another dimension filled with Destroids and Shark-Human Hybrids, I came across one Mega Destroid. This robot was huge, about the size of a Class 7 Xenian Battle Droid. I got a little too close and it spotted me, luckily my robots came to my aid, I started to hack its programming and soon shut it down. I tampered with a few of its electrics and changed parts of its code. I rebooted it and it acknowledged its new programming. I named him "Bobby". He's pretty awesome. I can call him to my aid any time, I'm in way over my head and he'll come along and smash everything!

Reprogrammed Destroid Robot - I have a knack for reprogramming robots and whilst fighting off a Destroid assault team, I isolated one of the robots, a Leader Drone, which seemed to have a very minor delay in its programming for attack. I took advantage of this and sort of broke the data stream, leaving it active but having no idea how to act. I then configured a few settings and created some new processes and changed the "MasterD" code to "MistressTO". Sadly it got blown up in a battle with Gigaton, but I can mentally take over a nearby Leader Drones, they seem to be the more useful ones.

Reprogrammed Snake Gulch Robot - A couple months back, I was informed about the rouge robots running around in Snake Gulch. I decided to check it out and saw that the coding for most of these robots had been severely altered from the code they were meant to have, not only by VIPER but also by the robot Mechanon. I reprogrammed one of them for good measure and have kept it with me ever since.

Transformation - Each of my robots comes with additional technology packed inside for when a situation calls for it. Allowing me to manually transform my Battle Droids into Battle Turrets and my Medic Drones into Particle Platform Droids using my technopathic powers. When transformed they do a lot more damage.

A.T.A.F. Go-Go Boots - I created these for 'all terrain' travel. To put it simply these boots project an field of transformative energy which temporarily reduces the amount of friction that exists between the surface I am interacting with, this allows me to run along at high speeds. Most of the time I'm fast enough to phase my opponents! I modified my Exo-suit to incorporate stabilizers to deal with the increased speeds I'd be travelling at.(Techna's Note: These were at one time known as my NRGSlide Go-Go Boots, I've upgraded them somewhat and I'm liking the outcome.)

T-9 Jet Boots - I decided to update my transportation methods ever so slightly. My T-8 jet pack is still an option, if I wanted to start using it again but I prefer this updated option. Much like the T-8 was, the T-9 is a part of both my Powered Armor Suit and Exo-suit. It runs on an internalized power source and can assist me in reaching speeds exceeding 300kph.
Flying high above Millennium City on her G-Cycle

Techna's G-Cycle - I fashioned this mode of transport a few months ago actually, I realized that since I couldn't use Xenian Tech to boost my current methods of travel, I should just build a faster transport mode and that's exactly what I did. My bike is capable of flying at sub sonic speeds. The metallic alloy it was initially constructed with was fairly sturdy, however upon testing it was found that the Kendrium chassis lacked the durability required to necessitate containment of the power source and technology I planned on including within this transportation. So I went with a mixture of Questionite and Raonse, along with a few other 'goodies' in terms of chemicals to allow the metals to bond. After a few different prototypes, I managed to come out with a finished product, namely my G-Cycle.

ForceTech Industries MoonBase Lab Complex

ForceTech Industries Moon Base Labs - Surface Level
Techna's Notes - "A home away from home" that Earth phrase applies here I think. My sister and I built this research building on the moon, mainly for my own purposes. It's pretty spacious and has plenty of technology, most of which cannot be brought to Earth, thanks to the I.P.G. I also use it as a base to work on projects for ForceTech Industries when my sister is too tied up in business meetings, super hero work and teaching in order to focus on the project. Joule and Solaris swear that I live there, which in all fairness can be true sometimes...I just love the ability to be fully surrounded by technology and just get enveloped in my work! I...don't know if that is strange or not...oh well. That's not to say I don't value company, but sometimes it's good to just focus on work related endeavours, as the CEO of ForceTech Industries I do have to attend an incredible amount of meetings and monitor various different work related 'things' most of which I prefer to do remotely unless it's absolutely necessary I be there, like when a prototype is unveiled and inspection is needed. I found that working from the office really didn't put me in the best of moods so when this opportunity presented itself I jumped on it and relocated, it may be a very long way from where I was but I'm able to focus so much better and it helps that I love the environment!

The ForceTech Ind. MoonBase Lab Complex is equipped with ForceTech Shielding and my own personal invention of various security devices, including a parallel dimension Mega Destroid. The ForceTech Shielding protects the lab complex from just about anything and a larger cloaking field which also doubles as an atmospheric force field, allowing for breathable air and a low powered gravity inducement field. The facility is equipped with a full array of technology which aid me in tracking, scanning and reverse engineering larger pieces of technology. It also has a few labs and houses off world technology. I usually use the lab to finish off projects, produce parts for projects, repair equipment, but I mostly have fun coming up with inventions or improving previous ones before realizing that the improved versions can't leave the Labs...

In recent times, I was involved in Project Bio-B, in fact this was my first project where I was in charge! I loved it and the end result was fantastic. Bio-B was mainly worked on in the ForceTech Industries MoonBase Lab Complex. My friends and family have a fair bit to say about my attachment to the place:

"My youngest sister has finally found an environment in which to fully explore the creative power she has. I'm pleased but also slightly concerned. It could simply be a youthful phase of constant invention and modification. Unlike myself, Techna does not show any restraint when utilizing her abilities with that environment, which is interesting and somewhat amusing to observe. I am slightly concerned at the amount of time she spends but after monitoring her by spending the day with her, I was convinced she was perfectly fine, albeit somewhat over enthused to be inventing." - Mentella

"The labs have literally become an extension of Techna's imagination. The base is crawling with technology, from Earth based technology to Xenian Technology. I am impressed at her constant desire to invent and I am also proud of the extent she has gone to, to make sure the facility is secure." - ForceGirl

"Sometimes I think her attachment to the lab is somewhat unnerving, but it's good that she is able to express herself and invent to her hearts content in a safe environment, not to say she isn't welcome to do so here, but seeing robots all over the damn place in the mansion was getting irritating, especially when I was trying to rest after a stressful mission or something." - Bionic Bullet

"Techna's lab is so ALIVE with technology I can almost taste the energy in the complex as I enter, it's like one giant pool of energy! I'm happy that she's happy, but it'd be nice to run into her in the field or something, I've only run into her a couple of times but we've never really hung out that much outside of the lab recently. I think she needs to take a break and meet up with Solaris and I!" - Joule

"She needs to get out more, it's fun to see her on Earth, especially since we don't get to see each other as much as we used to. It's always good to meet up with Joule and Techna. The three of us got on well and we always have the longest catch-up talks. I hope we get to save some people or fight a villain together soon, it'd be great for all of us to be in action together again!" - Solaris


  • Techna has a tendency to get fully integrated into her work, so much so she may loose track of time and may go for days without leaving the lab.
  • Her metal manipulation abilities whilst impressive are not the fore front of her arsenal, she prefers to use them for other purposes such as inventing rather than fighting.
  • Techna loves being able to use her abilities to conduct research, fight evil and aid her allies
  • Her K.M.N does allow her to be highly resistant to incoming damage, however, unless she is fighting alone it usually is on an inverse setting.
  • Techna does not appreciate people attempting to tamper with her equipment.
  • She is capable of mental communication with computers, robots, artificial intelligence and had an almost sixth sense regarding metal.


  • Techna is still learning how to deal with Earth technology which in comparison to that which she is used to is ancient and outdated. When creating her gadgetry and robots, she must remember to create them to be in line with the technology on Earth.
  • Techna can get easily distracted by computers and technology around her.
  • She can come across as annoying to some who have a similar interest in technology, as she has a tendency to tinker with technology to make it better or corrects people.
  • If she is in an environment where there is no metal and she cannot access her base, she will be relatively powerless and will have to rely on her pistols and armor.
  • Techna can be strained if she tries to take over too many computer systems at once without having access to the main source, however her upper limit is yet to be defined.
  • Controlling or try to manipulate technology very far away from the source (distance wise) can prove impossible to very difficult for her.
  • Has an unusual soft spot for robots which makes her more reluctant to attack them.


  • "I love technology, it's sort of like the spice of life...know what I mean?"
  • "No CharmCaster! It's NOT MAGIC! There is a perfectly understandable and scientific explanation for why my robot is now...a fire breathing dragon!"
  • "I love it when a good plan comes together!"
  • "Wow... it's Delta!!!"
  • "El'sai, the security system here is...just sad..."
  • "I haven't tested this in the field yet...but...oh look! Those gang members harassing that guy over there just volunteered!"
  • "Isn't TNK-597 Striker, just one of the CUTEST robots you have EVER seen?!"

Personal Interests/Likes

  • Robots, Robotics anything to do with robots really.
  • Technology as a whole, it's not been decided if this is just a general interest or a side effect of having Technopathic powers.
  • Tinkering
  • Creating new gadgets and weaponry
  • Research
  • "Bobby" and TNK-597 Striker, she thinks both of them are simply adorable
  • DE:LTA, she looks up to them and thinks they are pretty much perfect.
  • Her two sisters Mentella and ForceGirl
  • Speaking her native tongue.


  • Having to contend with "magic"
  • Super Villains
  • People who use science irresponsibly, like creating huge biological monsters or giant robots..
  • Mechanon
  • Innocent people getting hurt.
  • Enemies of the Summerstone Sisterhood.
  • People who underestimate her or downplay her abilities


Personality Assessment - Techna Ology

Assessment Completed By: Dr. M. Summerstone


When it comes to technology, robots or anything of that nature, Techna is probably the most enthusiastic person you'll ever meet. She derives great joy from taking apart machines, inventing new devices or generally tinkering with equipment, striving to make it better. Techna Ology, in a word is ecstatic, when it comes to technology. She enjoys using her abilities to assist and has a particular, albeit peculiar soft spot for robots, especially excessively small or excessively large ones. Her larger brain capacity and vast stores of information regarding technology and science, can baffle and intimidate her enemies and allies. She has the tendency to be slightly annoying by tampering with other pieces of technology. Curious by nature, Techna is sometimes easily distracted. However this trait vanishes when she begins to mentally enter the world of technology to assist her allies and take down her foes.

Social Interactions

Techna is very enthusiastic when it comes to talking to friends and meeting new people, although she has not had much opportunity to do so as of yet. Although she has attended The Summerstone Academy and has left with one of the best records amongst her peers she would do well to meet some other people, either within the super hero circle or in places where social gatherings are known to occur. Her mother tongue is not of an Earthly language, however this fact has become less of an issue as she has progressed and only slips through when she is overly excited. However when she is focusing on something all semblance of social interaction skills seems to vanish, only to be replaced by the occasional word in her mother tongue or speaking to her robots.


She is exceptionally mild mannered and very, very rarely erupts with anger, preferring to walk away from a situation than to allow it to get out of hand. Her emotions do have an impact on her powers, joy can cause her to super process information and invent using her abilities several times as fast as she would normally. Attacking her friends, family or robots on the other hand, can prove detrimental to a person's safety. Whilst she is not exceptionally strong physically, she is twice as strong as a normal human of her age and build, not to mention the plethora of gadgets she has access to. It should be noted, in times of extreme distress or sadness or anger caused by an outside factor can cause her to lash out with her powers, permanently ruining data streams, destroying communication networks such as the internet itself and manipulating metal in a violent fashion to the point of creating robots or weaponry of a high threat level.

Psychology and Mental Health

Human Psychology is simply not adequate in all its capacity to begin to scratch the surface of a Xenian mind, however, I am able to translate a few things into understandable psychological terms that relate to Human Psychology. Techna does not suffer from any serious psychological disorders, however she has the tendency to tinker almost on a reflex and has a fairly deep seated "fear" of loosing her friends and family members. This is likely due to an acute version of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stemming from witnessing the Invasion Force of Sentai-La on her home world of Xen before they were pushed back and obliterated.


Techna Ology is mentally stable and has no glaring personality issues, aside from over enthusiasm when it comes to technology. She enjoys working with and on technology as well working with groups of people. As one of the more recent additions to The Liberators, Techna enjoys working with new people and enjoys helping out where she can. Techna Ology by her very nature is not a violent person, as a result her gadgets, robots and tools used for crime fighting are often non-lethal in order to avoid fatally wounding an opponent, unless there is no other option but to employ lethal force. Dependent on the situation and group of people she finds her self in and/or with, Techna can come across in two striking ways, namely, serious and goal orientated, or extremely fun loving and innocent.


Signed: Mentella Summerstone

Public Opinions

Have you run into Techna Ology before? If so, post your opinion here!

Cavalier: "Techy is awesome. Yes that is a direct quote."

Personal Experiences File

Mentella - "My eldest sister? She's super protective, anything I need help with and BAM! She's there; I can't even begin to tell you how many times she has saved my life! Sure she can be difficult to deal with, over protective but I'm sure she means well. As for her power...yeah...I don't even know where to begin with that one...I mean I tried to measure her psychic potential and the amount of energy she accidentally released fried all my equipment and I haven't been able to get that lab back online since...and then she tells me she has more energy than that point I sort of backed off and said, she basically has no limit, she's an unrivaled mentalist but she's also a fantastic sister!"

ForceGirl - "My second eldest sister, is a lot like me actually. She's the founder of ForceTech Industries and a fellow researcher and scientist. Like me, she's really good at getting into work mode, we both love being in the lab. My sister has the ability to generate powerful shells of force energy and turn invisible as well as the ability to generate null fields. She has a serious grudge against VIPER, I can't really blame her though, I'd probably feel the same if someone stole my tech and used it against me. Like CharmCaster she's good at calming situations down and is quite relaxed generally."

CharmCaster - "CharmCaster and I don't actually have much in common, despite that, we are pretty good friends. She's all about magic and other dimensions, I'm all about science and robotics. We both joined The Liberators, she joined when it first formed I think, I joined a few months after her. It really helped us to become better friends. Initially we weren't all that happy with each other, my robots didn't even like her. But now things are a lot different, which I am happy about. She recently left The Liberators as her other duties seemed to have increased in volume. She's really good at mediating and calming situations down."

Bionic Bullet - "J-I mean...Bionic Bullet and I are good friends. She was one of the first humans I met when I came to Earth and I enjoyed her company and we recently worked on a few new gadgets for her to use in combat. She's an excellent shot and loves fighting my battle droids and testing the limits of her abilities. I helped her a lot as she went through a few problems, both on a tech level and on a personal level. She's a really down to Earth type of person. I know that her and BD hang out quite a bit, I think they have gone on super hero work together as well. BB used to be an assassin, but now works as an UNTIL Agent, if you ask me I think that's a much better career choice!"

Black Diamond - "Black Diamond or "BD" as we normally call her, is Sol's older sister. Both are from The Crystallos Family back on Xen. BD has two "modes"; "Diamond Form Mode" and "Normal Mode". In Normal mode, she's great to talk to and quite perceptive about things as well as intelligent. In her Diamond Form mode, she's a totally different person, it's like she just loses her emotions and ability to empathize. It's quite a fascinating transformation when you see it up close. I see her pretty often, she's normally coaching Solaris on different fighting techniques, they both like sport and physical exercise a whole lot. BD and I meet up every so often to pit a battle droid together, constantly testing her limits with her diamond form and helping her to improve, it's a two way thing really. I learn how to build smarter and she amps up her toughness. BD's capacity for a personality is usually underestimated cause she doesn't let everyone see that side of her. She's incredibly strong even without her diamond form. Mentella and BD usually are at "the loggerheads" when it comes to certain topics or problems and they argue sometimes, despite that, they are actually good friends."

Solaris - "Sol and I get along pretty well. She can be really annoying sometimes, but she mostly directs that towards her sister, which is fun to watch. Sol is a pyro kinetic so she's always playing with fire and as a result is a bit of a prankster...okay, she's a MAJOR prankster. And when I say she's always playing with fire, I mean ALWAYS. El'sai, I think one day she might just turn into living fire or something. Alongside Joule and PsychBlade, Solaris is one of my best friends, we rarely get to hang out anymore with me joining The Liberators and juggling that with inventing and super hero stuff. Solaris is busy with the Alternative Placement Project and working with her sister. That being said, when we do get to hang out, it's always a whole lot of fun!"

Joule - "Joule has got to be my best friend in the entirety of the universe. We met by chance and our respective skills complemented each other very well, allowing us to leave our place of refuge quickly and even defeat some invaders along the way. From then on we really just clicked, even though our families have a historic rivalry we both agreed that we wouldn't let that dictate if we could be friends or not. We kept in contact until I left Xen for Earth. You can imagine my surprise when my eldest sister brings her to Earth! We caught up and our friendship was just the same as it was way back then. We catch up from time to time when we can, I like to help her when working with Delta or when tracking down Ion. She's really energetic and fun to be around!"

PsychBlade - "Violet is really nice, aside from my sisters she was really comforting when I thought CharmCaster had died. She's not got that much of an interest in technology, or science for that matter. However she and I are good friends, I did study with her briefly when she was a junior student at The Academy. She's been around recently, I think she's on the Alternative Placement Program. I was on that program before joining The Liberators. I hope she finds a group soon."

Psion The Psinister - "El'sai...this guy gives Xenians a bad name. Well, maybe that was a little harsh considering his recent change of heart. He's an odd person. The tension in the room when he's near Mentella is stifling sometimes. It is strange to see their relationship play has transformed dramatically in the past few years. My sister seems better for it, so I'm not too worried. He may be a 'good guy' now, but he's got a long way to go before I can fully trust and like him."

Cavalier - "Cav...Cav...Caaaav..*giggles*...he's just...yeah. I-I think I might need to lie down..."

Kr'anri - "One of the first Prosythians I have encountered in my life. I'm not sure if I can put down here what we know about them...but it's pretty interesting and fascinating. Kr'anri is the last of her kind and has joined Delta. I helped her through a few things, she's changed significantly with Mentella's guidance and help and I think she's changed for the better. As a person Kr'anri can have quite pronounced mood changes, but then again, so do I."

Variant - "I've spoken to him on multiple occasions. He's a really nice guy, I like him. He's quite protective in a sense of his friends which I think is a nice quality to have. I've seen, via my SpyBots, how powerful he is and I think he's very heroic. He strives to do his best and that is always a good thing in my eyes. I haven't yet had the privilege of fighting alongside him, but from what I've seen I can't WAIT to, it'll be soooooo awesome! I recently heard from Sai'edra that he changed his name from 'Vitality' to 'Variant'. I find that a little strange but I can only assume something big prompted him to change his identity..."

D.A.W.N. - "Haven't had much of a chance to speak with Dawn. (I really need to do something about that.) But from Mentella, I hear she's a great ally and friend. I hope to work with her in the future. Having said that, from the footage I've seen, her weapons systems look pretty impressive!"

Shockwave - "Only spoken to this guy a few times, nothing in depth, so I'm not overly knowledgeable about him as a person, but he seems to be a nice guy. He likes technology like I do and commented on my technology. The last time we caught up, Joule told me he's a telekinetic. Based on the way he was standing next to Dawn so much, I'd say they had a thing going on! If that's true, that would be one of the cutest things!"

Crescentwave - "An interesting nymph, she's got a regal quality to her and apparently she is from Lemuria. I've seen recordings of her amazing water manipulation powers. I think they are really cool but I've not yet had the experience of seeing them first hand, although BOTH my sisters have! She's also a member of Delta so she's automatically cool in my book."

"Bobby" - "My parallel universe buddy! I love him to bits, I can always call him when I've got a situation. But due to the massive amounts of energy it takes to breach dimensional barriers with my "I.P.G. approved" field gear, I only get to see him some of the time when fighting in the field. But I see him regularly enough when I'm off world."

NRGMuffin.exe - "I designed NRGMuffin.exe as a part of a larger project to have more units 'in the field', since I'm not usually an active part of the superhuman community on Earth. I outfitted NRGMuffin.exe with some heavily modified off world technology to ensure she could pass the I.P.G's inspection panel. She comes with a weapons system fueled by what we call 'Cyosie', which is basically a form of energy. Her armoring is quite unique to her and contains off world materials including, 'Raonse' components. I've added several other useful systems and functions to give her a good level of autonomy. Her AI algorithm is organic in nature, so she has the capacity to think and react like a sentient being. In a way, NRGMuffin.exe's primary function is the provision of additional fire power. However, she has some limited supportive systems. As standard she has state of the art defenses against cyberkinetics like Cybermind and has enough encryption in place to test even my home world's super computers."


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