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Player: @Seffs
Wait, where's the camera?
Class Focus: Support
Power Level: 39
Research & Development: Mysticism - Enchanted Gear
Personal Data
Real Name: Tamsin Poole
Known Aliases: Tam, Tee.
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 16
Height: 5'4
Weight: A little more than you'd expect, due to the cybernetics.
Eye Color: Pinkish
Hair Color: Dyed Pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: 'Generally European'
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Europe.
Base of Operations: None in particular
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Belligerent and numerous
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Um. Still a Telepath. Has an anti-grav unit built into her cybernetics. organic parts regenerate fast.
Cybernetic bits.



Since the first member of the Poole family discovered he had telekinetic abilites way back in the 1890s, the family practiced selective breeding in order to refine the ability and to ensure it never died out in their bloodline. Since then, the widening family has mostly devoted itself to petty criminal acts in the less super-heroically patrolled cities, keeping themselves under the radar and generally being nuisances. Unfortunately, the most recent child rather threw a spanner in the works.

Pale to the point of albinism, Tamsin spent most of her childhood being shuttled around Europe while her parents continued with their 'jobs'. Around the age of 14, she started to suffer crippling headaches, which her parents believed to be the first sign that she was developing her telekinetic powers. However, after a year, she couldn't so much as lift a leaf with her mind and she'd switched from being a model child to a distinct problem. If the rest of the family found out that there was a flaw in their programme, then this branch might have to be... pruned.

To cut a long story short, they reasoned that the best way to try to get her to use telekinetic powers would be to put her in a life-or-death situation involving an overly elaborate death trap. Hopefully the stress and panic would cause her to attempt to survive, and thus finally unlock her potential. If it didn't work, then there wouldn't be a problem any more. To cut the story even shorter, technically, this scheme worked. She did indeed manage to save her own life, though only just. To her surprise she turned out to a) be a telepath, and b) capable of re-writing her own mind to boost her own power, and found herself avoiding certain death. Instead, she got pretty certain death that was only averted because she happened to be in Milennium City, home of some of the most advanced medical care in the world.

Almost 60% of her body is now cybernetic, and the remaining parts have been threaded with various systems to compensate. The only thing that the medics couldn't do anything with was her vision as her entire visual system had been burned out when she first used her powers. Despite her injuries though, she's very optimistic about the future, deciding to let her extended family continue to believe she's dead and instead use her abilities to partly repay the City of it's help to her and mostly to annoy her family.

While blind, she can tell where people are around her by picking up on their psychic signatures. Other than that, she's a very poor-mind reader; around large groups of people, her senses get overwhelmed, and when isolated with only one person, she can pick up surfae thoughts. If she puts some effort into it, she can read minds properly, but the effort required to not kill the other person by accident is significant and leads her psychic precense to have a rather opressive feel to it.


Teep is generally optimistic, impulsive and painfully over-confident due to the fact she's got a second chance at a much more interesting and settled life around actual people. The fact she's been on the verge of death seems to have left it's mark in her general outlook. Really, what's the worst that could happen?

She has an accent that's practically unplaceable due to her upbringing all around Europe. Different words in a sentence can be pronounced differently, even, depending on where she picked them up.


Teep is a telepath of frankly excessive power after accidentally re-wiring her own visual cortex in order to boost her own power and save her own life. She's got absolutely no telekinetic potential and has to achieve things via brute force generally. For example, against robots or zombies she literally has to flood them with so much energy that either their motherboards fry or their heads explode. Unfortunately, this typically has repercussions in the form of cripping headaches and nosebleeds. One of the reasons she's so bad at mind-reading is that she's afraid she'll simply wipe the mind of the people she's attempting to take a look at if she concentrates too hard. (Though, as the zombies demonstrate, that may be the least of your worries)

Her cybernetics and wiring allow her to move a bit faster and be a bit stronger than a baseline human of her build, but it's not something she relies on. Besides, supercharging it reduces her already limited battery life from 72 hours to about 24.

Recently she's gained the ability to regenerate her organic half via 'means at her disposal'. You ask no questions, she'll tell you no lies. She has a tendency to avoid silver jewelery, mind.


Halcyon Academy Teep is a student at Halcyon Academy. Which is a little tricky. But she's learning Braille.