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To use the HeroCard template, copy the following onto your PDB page and fill out the appropriate information:

| profileimage =
| character =
| alterego =
| powers/skills =
| supergroup = 
| link =
| biography =
| str =
| int=
| com =
| dur =
| spd =
| ref =
| agi =
| dex =
| sta =
| reg=
| cha =
| wea =
| sor =
| ene =
| psi =
| fame =
| aln =
| backcolor =
| bordercolor =
| spacer =

Profile Image
Character image. Should preferably be square. If it's too wide (or too small) it will be automatically shrunken (or expanded) to the appropriate size. If you have no image, don't include this parameter and it will default to a placeholder image instead.

Your character's preferred name (note this does not need to be exactly the same as your character page title, for example if you wished to exclude a suffix required to make your page unique e.g "My Character" rather than "My Character (@handle)"). This will appear in big bold letters next to your image. If your character name is too large for the space you can adjust it using CSS e.g character = <span style="font-size:95%;">Character Name</span>.

Alter Ego
Your character's civilian identity. Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified.

A brief summary of your character's main power and skill sets.

Your character's current Supergroup Name. Defaults to 'Confidential' if not further specified. You can add a link to your supergroup as follows: [[Supergroup]]

A short biography or introduction for your character

All powers and abilities fall between a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a god-like entity. PLEASE be responsible in the score you select for your respective character as VERY few individuals should have scores of 9 or 10, especially. Those numbers should be intended for individuals with godlike abilities/ powers. Below is a list of the stats and their respective power level.

Strength (STR)
This is how physically strong your character is, can be by natural means or aided (such as power armor).

  1. Poor - Able to press up to 50 lbs.
  2. Typical - Able to press 100 lbs (standard human).
  3. Good - Able to bench press unaided up to 400 lbs. This would be those who engage in intensive exercise.
  4. Excellent - Able to bench press unaided up to 800 lbs. Maximum human strength. Power lifters fall here.
  5. Remarkable - Able to press unaided up to 5 tons.
  6. Fantastic - Able to press up to 25 tons.
  7. Incredible - Able to press up to 100 tons.
  8. Amazing - Able to press up to 500 tons.
  9. Monstrous - Able to press up to 1000 tons.
  10. Unearthly - Cosmic level individuals who can move planets with sheer strength.

Intellect (INT)
This rates your character's IQ and overall deductive, logic and reasoning abilities.

  1. Poor - Below average (human) intellect.
  2. Typical - Average intelligence. Most regular humans.
  3. Good - Above average human intelligence and reasoning skills.
  4. Excellent - Gifted. High level intelligence and reasoning skills.
  5. Remarkable - Genius level intellect with astute deductive skills who can design and create 'real world' technology.
  6. Fantastic - Genius level intellect with the ability to create and design slightly advanced tech.
  7. Incredible - Advanced Genius intellect. Can create and design advanced technology.
  8. Amazing - Super Genius. Can create and design major advanced technology.
  9. Monstrous - Your intelligence is enhanced past known limits and can design anything your imagination thinks of.
  10. Unearthly - Your IQ cannot be ascertained by any means. Omnipotent.

Combat Skill (COM)
This refers to your character's fighting ability. The examples given are guidelines, and martial arts can mean any form of trained fighting or equivalent untrained fighting ability.

  1. Poor- No combat training or ability to fight.
  2. Typical - Most individuals with little to no actual combat training.
  3. Good - Minimal training in combat or some natural talent to fight.
  4. Excellent - Formal training in fighting techniques. Most soldiers and agents in agencies like UNTIL, VIPER, etc. fall here.
  5. Remarkable - High level of proficiency in some combat forms.
  6. Fantastic - Mastery over one or two forms of combat and high proficiency in several others.
  7. Incredible - Mastery over several forms of combat. May have a few chi abilities.
  8. Amazing - Mastery over most forms of combat on Earth - even those thought lost to time. May have several chi abilities.
  9. Monstrous - You possess mastery over all earthly forms of combat and have full access to your chi.
  10. Unearthly - You have mastered all combat forms on this planet and even beyond. Can use chi in a universal way.

Durability (DUR)
This determines your overall protection from damage. This includes natural or man made armor (excluding force fields).

  1. Poor - Reduced durability or physically impaired in some manner.
  2. Typical - Standard human in everyday clothes.
  3. Good - Some light padding or heavier clothing. Leather of hide protection.
  4. Excellent -Your skin or armor will provide some defense against small caliber bullets, knives and other damage.
  5. Remarkable - You are bulletproof, resistant to normal blades and up to small explosives like hand grenades.
  6. Fantastic - You can withstand some lower end explosives and small energy weapons may only bruise.
  7. Incredible - Higher grade energy weapons and such will hardly touch you. Can possibly withstand medium grade explosives.
  8. Amazing - High level tech or major explosives will prove difficult to breach your defenses.
  9. Monstrous - Most items are impervious to your armor/ skin. Can survive a nuclear explosion at ground zero.
  10. Unearthly - A level of cosmic durability not found on this plane.

Speed (SPD)
This notes your characters overall movement. May come from running, flight or other forms of travel.

  1. Poor - Your movement is impaired in some form or fashion.
  2. Typical - You move at the speed of an average human.
  3. Good - You move up to Olympic level speed (up to 30 mph)
  4. Excellent - You move faster than a regular human (up to 100 mph).
  5. Remarkable -You move up to transonic speeds (up to 768 mph).
  6. Fantastic - You can move up to supersonic speeds (up to Mach 5).
  7. Incredible - You can move up to hypersonic speeds (up to Mach 10).
  8. Amazing - You can reach up to orbital velocity (up to Mach 33)
  9. Monstrous - You can reach up to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second)
  10. Unearthly - Warp speed; you actually transcend light speed/ instantaneous ability to travel.

Agility (AGI)
This is a measure of a person's flexibility, coordination and overall reflexes.

  1. Poor - Uncoordinated or impaired in some fashion.
  2. Typical - You have normal balance and jumping capabilities for an average healthy human being.
  3. Good - A natural ability or very minor training. Fairly coordinated.
  4. Excellent - You can perform gymnastic stunts. Can dodge a few oncoming attacks.
  5. Remarkable - Olympic level caliber skills. Can dodge some oncoming attacks. Maximum human ability.
  6. Fantastic - Inhuman level of ability. Can dodge most attacks
  7. Incredible - Inhuman level of ability with intensive training. Can dodge the majority of oncoming attacks.
  8. Amazing - Super human level of ability with training. Will hardly be touched in combat.
  9. Monstrous - A very high level super human level of ability with intensive training. Next to impossible to touch.
  10. Unearthly - Cosmic entities with superhuman training or abilities. Absolutely impossible to touch.

Dexterity (DEX)
This measures general hand-eye coordination in using things like energy projection, firearms, thrown weaponry and the like.

  1. Poor - You are extremely uncoordinated or impaired in some way.
  2. Typical - Someone with little to no experience. Might hit something close by if taking the time to target.
  3. Good - You can hit targets with time to aim properly.
  4. Excellent - You have training or natural ability to hit moving targets.
  5. Remarkable - Olympic champions and record holders are here. Maximum human ability.
  6. Fantastic - You have inhuman hand eye coordination, allowing you to target things most eyes can't even see.
  7. Incredible - You have inhuman level abilities with a high degree of training. You can perform complex attacks and maneuvers.
  8. Amazing - You have super human powers and/or abilities alongside training. It is exceptionally rare to miss a shot.
  9. Monstrous - A very high super human level of ability with intensive training. You are not known to miss.
  10. Unearthly - Cosmic entities with access to a target and a weapon or ability to reach it can hit it.

Charisma (CHA)
This is a gauge by how others perceive a person or their general influence to others.

  1. Poor - Zero social skills.
  2. Typical - Average social skills. One of the crowd.
  3. Good - You tend to engage others in social situations. Outgoing.
  4. Excellent - You can easily sway friends and acquaintances with your words.
  5. Remarkable - A minor public speaker, politician or religious figure.
  6. Fantastic - A leader. You can influence others with your words and natural charisma.
  7. Incredible - A natural born leader whose words can influence an entire state.
  8. Amazing - Someone whose words can influence an entire country.
  9. Monstrous - A minor deity of sorts or someone who can influence an entire planet.
  10. Unearthly - Someone who possesses the power/ influence of a major deity.

Weaponry (WEA)
This details the level of weaponry or offense technology you use, be it guns, power armor or whatever.

  1. Poor - Carry no weapons on you.
  2. Typical - Small items. Regular brass knuckles, small knives and other mundane instruments fall into this category.
  3. Good - Small caliber handguns, martial arts weaponry and standard bolts/ arrows
  4. Excellent - High caliber weaponry and arrows/ bolts made of upgraded materials.
  5. Remarkable - Light energy weapons such as pistols. Kendrium weaponry.
  6. Fantastic - Medium level energy weapons. Small explosives. Questionite weaponry.
  7. Incredible - High level energy weapons. Missiles and large explosives.
  8. Amazing - Large scale destructive items that could potentially level a city block.
  9. Monstrous - Nuclear or Thermonuclear bombs or equally-powered weapons that could level an entire city.
  10. Unearthly - World devastating weapons and devices.

Sorcery (SOR)
The level of skill that your character wields in the arcane arts.

  1. Poor - Zero ability and even highly susceptible to magical effects.
  2. Typical - Most humans with no magical ability and standard magical defenses.
  3. Good - The ability to perform minor spells, rituals and/ or cantrips. Novice.
  4. Excellent - You have a decent grasp to perform a variety of magical effects.
  5. Remarkable - You are well versed in several fields of magic. Can understand several rituals.
  6. Fantastic - You have mastered one or two fields of magic. You have a high level understanding of rituals and magic.
  7. Incredible - You have mastered several fields of magic and can perform complex rituals.
  8. Amazing - Extensive mastery in fields of magic and knowledge of rituals thought lost to time.
  9. Monstrous - Someone whose skill level is on par to what would be the Trismegistus Council's Archmage.
  10. Unearthly - You are a cosmic being composed of actual magic.

Energy Projection/Manipulation (ENE)
The ability to project one or more forms of energy form your body, such as fire, sonic manipulation, electricity, etc.

  1. Poor - No innate abilities and highly susceptible to energy effects.
  2. Typical - Most humans with no ability to project energy.
  3. Good - Energy projection with little damage output (ie a small shock or bonfire).
  4. Excellent - Energy projection at some damage output (ie a taser like effect or small fireball).
  5. Remarkable - Energy projection with moderate damage output
  6. Fantastic - Energy projection with high level damage (ie a lightning bolt)
  7. Incredible - Very high energy projection which could destroy a structure such as a building.
  8. Amazing - Immense energy projection abilities that could level a city block.
  9. Monstrous - Energy projection powers which could level a city.
  10. Unearthly - You control vast energy manipulation powers which cannot be registered by normal means.

Psionics (PSI)
This is the level of ability and training in mental powers such as telekinesis, telepathy and the like.

  1. Poor - You not only lack mental powers, your mind either does not exist or is undetectable.
  2. Typical - You have no degree of telepathic or empathic ability. Most baseline humans.
  3. Good - You have minor telepathic or telekinetic prowess. Read some thoughts or lift minor items to around 400 lbs with your mind.
  4. Excellent - You can read thoughts within eyesight or lift up to 800 lbs.
  5. Remarkable - You can read someone's thoughts from a short distance and/ or lift heavy items up to 5 tons.
  6. Fantastic - At a short range you can possibly dominate someone's mind and/ or lift up to 25 tons.
  7. Incredible - At a medium range you can possibly dominate someone's mind and/ or can lift up to 100 tons.
  8. Amazing - At a far distance you can possibly dominate a person's mind and/or can lift up to 500 tons with telekinesis.
  9. Monstrous - Can dominate most minds across the planet, even those with great willpower. It is possible to be able to lift up to 1000 tons with your mind.
  10. Unearthly - You can do all of the above possibly at any distance. Able to move planets with your mind.

Fame (FAME)
Your character's fame / how widely known your character would be.

  1. Feeble - Completely unknown. Could also be a person who works exclusively in a covert fashion.
  2. Typical - Few know of you, if any.
  3. Good - A not well established hero or a novice.
  4. Excellent - You are known by others within your neighborhood.
  5. Remarkable - You are known throughout the city by reputation.
  6. Fantastic - You are known throughout the state you reside in for your exploits.
  7. Incredible - You are a well recognized hero/ine within your country.
  8. Amazing - Your reputation/ name is known throughout the world.
  9. Monstrous - People know who you are even on planets aside from Earth.
  10. Unearthly - Your name is known through the cosmos.

Alignment (ALN)
Your character's alignment, good, bad or neutral.

  1. Lawful Good: A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty.
  2. Neutral Good: A Neutral Good character is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition.
  3. Chaotic Good: A Chaotic Good character favors change for a greater good, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well.
  4. Lawful Neutral: A Lawful Neutral character typically believes strongly in Lawful concepts such as honor, order, rules and tradition, and often follows a personal code.
  5. Neutral: A Neutral character doesn't choose sides. They typically do what feels beneficial for themselves and those close to them.
  6. Neutral: A Neutral character doesn't choose sides. They typically do what feels beneficial for themselves and those close to them.
  7. Chaotic Neutral: A character of this alignment is an individualist who follows his or her own heart, and generally shirks rules and traditions.
  8. Lawful Evil: Characters of this alignment see a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and show a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while they usually obey their superiors and keep their word, they care nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and are not averse to twisting the rules to work in their favor.
  9. Neutral Evil: Characters of this alignment are typically selfish and have no qualms about turning on their allies-of-the-moment.
  10. Chaotic Evil: Characters of this alignment tend to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel.

  • This is a modified version of GameStatBox originally created by TheMightyDork with some additional stat box assistance utilizing guidelines from MaekadaBox designed by Maekada. It also is roughly based on the FASERIP RPG system for providing tiered abilities and powers. I wanted to design an attribute box that provided a variety of statistics to detail a character while not being too cumbersome. - @pallas001