The Emissary

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- Spoken to Ripper when he was attempting to impede her progress, seconds before one of his arrests.

The Emissary
Player: @Gigagal
Class Focus: tank/DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: The Emissary
Known Aliases: Giga Gal
Species: Homo-sapien?
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Age: N/A
Height: 5'6
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Pending
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Another dimension
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Super strength, physical invulnerability, flight, energy production and manipulation
Known Abilities
Almost identical to the late Giga Gal

Who she is

The Emissary is a hero who works under the auspices of GLOBE and the Silver Age Sentinels. She bears an identical appearance to the late Giga Gal due to the fact that Emissary hails from an alternate dimension's earth where she was Giga Gal's polar opposite or counterpart in almost every way. She's come a long way since her time there, thanks to an accident involving Argent, and now does everything in her power to ensure the safety and security of humanity and it's allies. She's often seen as cold, calculating or even taciturn and rarely has the time or inclination to partake in social affairs. The Emissary takes a pragmatic and practical approach to almost every situation she finds herself in be it mundane, martial, or diplomatic. Never one to mince words or a suffer a straw-man deflection.

While there is still some doubt and question as to the nature of her 'conversion' or the innocence of her motives. One thing cannot be questioned; her conviction. In all she does she maintains a single minded and oft obsessive focus and though she strives to avoid violence there is little that anyone can do to deter her from a set path or goal.

It is interesting to note that she mirrors the former heroine Giga Gal in more way than one. Where Giga was a hero, Emissary was a villain. When Giga fell to her dark impulses, Emissary overcame her own. While Giga was weakened and killed in the course of events... Emissary remains alive and stronger than before(In some regards). It almost lends credence to the opposing worlds theory. Almost.

One thing can be certain. The Emissary is here to stay now that the link between her world and ours has been severed with the defeat of the latest 'Dark Templar' invasion. Whether we like it or not.


Emi s1.png

The Emissary never had a father or mother, and grew up in squalor and obscurity. Without a real family she relied on the charity of those in a similar plight for her early education. In the beginning, her vision was much like the late Giga Gal's, the tell-tale pink glow burning brightly. She saw the world in a bright pattern of energy.The lives of others and infrastructure around her were blurred and vibrant, leaving her in mild awe and leaving a unique impression upon a young and budding psyche. But despite any inferred innocence that would be assumed of a young girl, she could never escape the gnawing, burning disdain that seethed across the outskirts of her thoughts. The hateful voices that whispered sweet disgusting nothing's into her ear where no one else could know. For you see the Emissary had been borne of a ritual, a ritual interrupted that gave her such great power and such terrible responsibility. Within her body were yin and yang, two sides constantly warring for dominance in achieving their aims. Her body sealed and protected against the terrible darkness of the Qliphothic by ancient powers, she was in every sense of the word a living prison. But the prisoner was exerting control in subtle and insidious ways, though she resisted them... for a time.

Growing up an orphan without family taught her one thing. Survival. From that one principle so many more things blossomed. A need for recognition, a need for acceptance, a need for safety and security. Never knowing where your next meal would come from and living in fear without understanding of the strange world around you gives a detached perspective and as time went on these things evolved into something else. She began to grow in the confidence her powers afforded her. Running from other meta humans turned to confrontation... fear turned to arrogance and violence... And soon the young woman that Emissary had become was impressing her will upon others, deeming how they should conduct themselves and enforcing her world view upon the circumstances that surrounded her. In time she became a conqueror, a far cry from the rat eating girl in rags indeed.

An empire was forged, a place of intolerance, violence and brutal 'justice'. Acolytes were brought up and trained then indoctrinated into her mindset and given terrible blessings. Taught to serve without hesitation, pause or mercy. For a time this brought a semblance of order and a facade of peace, though it lacked freedom in every way. This of course brought resistance. A rebellion. And while they were few in number they were bold and clever, aided by the guile of her most trusted adviser. As time passed their guerrilla strikes and decisive refusal to bow the knee brought the Emissary's empire to it's own... and in the act of betrayal from some of her more cherished acolytes... another phase in her life was born.

Emi s2.png

Destruction, ruin, entropy. Plain, simple, unfocused. In less than a month she had reduced everything she had conquered and most of the rebellion to ash. If she couldn't control it then she would destroy it, finally giving in to the dark whispers she had resisted throughout her life the Emissary embraced what she was without full understanding. She would have made war against the world had she not been stopped in Europe by the blackmailing syndicate who possessed the one thing she could not obtain by force; The knowledge of the ancient Lghulo. Something that had eluded and enticed her from the day the evil voices began. Ironically, it was this very knowledge that turned her against the voices, seeing herself as the shining darkness did, a tool to be used and discarded. In learning the purpose Lghulo had set for her life and what his servants had intended for her birth the Emissary became enraged and swore to oppose it, though she abandoned none of her powers or former ways. This was brought about during the first 'Dark Templar' invasion in which herself and other 'dopplegangers' of the former New Templars group were accidentally shunted into Millennium City by a dimensional weapon the rebellion had intended to destroy them with(sending this worlds New Templars to Dark Earth).

After the return to Dark Earth (Her home) she quickly proceeded to dismantle the remaining Syndicate forces that had held her in check and, with the help of Nightmare Revival and Rampage, nearly destroyed it. Unfortunately, before she could consummate her victory over the America's she was sent back to Millennium a second time as the result of another dimensional weapon. Part of the second Dark Earth invasion plan where they intended to destroy this world to renew their own. This return, however, brought a change... The Qliphothic influence that once inhabited the young woman was mysteriously gone. This left her clear headed for the first time in her life and with it a slew of new emotions surrounded her former memories. Guilt and shame assailed her and nearly drove her to suicide.

Over time she adjusted, made friends and allies and helped to defeat the second dimensional invasion. Shortly before the Dark Templar's final defeat her own former influence, the original source of her powers, possessed the body of the deceased Giga Gal in an attempt to reclaim the Emissary. But with the help of Thundrax, Berzerkka, Smokin Mirrors and a few members of the GLOBE community the edomic powers were dispelled before they could once again take root in her life. She has now become a rather effective, if not emotionally restrained, heroine, saving the city from a crashing Aero-carrier and fighting alongside the Silver Age Sentinels. Even UNTIL and PRIMUS were eventually brought to trust her with a moderate degree of stipulation and are even sponsoring her attempt at citizenship within the United States.

Thus ends the history of Emissary, albeit abridged. The rest continues on...

Powers and Abilities


Super Strength

Her strength is just as prodigious as the former Giga Gal's. The Emissary however has shown a great deal more aptitude in it's application, a result of her upbringing and former lifestyle. The musculature of Emi suggests that said strength is supernatural in origin, as there is no abnormality in size or shape. This leaves a definitive explanation regarding the source undiscovered.

Energy Manipulation

Energy Manipulation

The Emissary can use the energy her body produces to devastate others, protect herself and others, or enhance her physical prowess. It is possible there are even regenerative or healing properties lacing the gold hued contrast to her former near edomic blasts. She is also capable of sustained flight at mach speeds and even teleportation, the scope of which is still unknown.

Damage Resistance

Physical Resistance

She is capable of shrugging off all but the most powerful attacks and withstanding the extreme pressures of deep water or even outer-space. However her low body weight (Contrasting her abilities) makes her just as susceptible to kinetic force as any normal person. She is also very good at shrugging off name calling.

Opinions and Comments

(Please feel free to post in character opinions, perspectives, or comments. Negative and positive)

"She is a symbol, she is hope that something good can come out of something bad, the ideal that things can change for the better. If something as rotten as what she was can become a force for good then maybe, just maybe, my home can one day be a better place." - The First Spectre, a member of the resistance from her home dimension, who aided in her defeat in the Champions universe during her first incursion.

"I'll be honest. When I first met her, I was disgusted. I've BEEN ta her homeworld. Seen things first-hand. I know better'n most what she's done. AND ta make things worse, she was wearin' Amber's skin, her voice, her scent? I hated her. Now? She's not Amber, she never will be. That doesn't mean she can't be a good person, an' a symbol of how we need ta believe in redemption. In a way, Amber lives on through her. Don't tell'er that. I think she's tired of living up to her." - Hunter

"Her very existence is an insult to Amber's memory and a constant, insufferable reminder of my greatest failure. I look forward to the day she reveals her true intentions." - Rezz

"I've never met Giga Girl, but I've met the Emissary. Some of the other heroes seem to trust her, but Emmy gives me the willies." - Avro

"Well... She looks a lot like Giga Gal, one of my heroes I looked up to before I even became one myself... and that is where the similarities end. I don't understand her very well and I don't like how she kills people, sometimes on accident. I hadn't seen her do that in a while and, well... I believe anyone can find redemption if they try hard enough. Craig says she's done it. I haven't seen it fully yet... but... I have hope for her. She can do it. People need to give her more rope because she may surprise all of us yet. Oh yeah, and she needs to open up more. I'll make her smile! Just you watch!" - Cosmic Glory

"I have a lot of faith that under that cold and often brutally hard exterior, there's a woman capable of love who can heal the ghastly wounds she's suffered in her life, and that she's inflicted on others. I admit part of me sees her as a great tactical weapon against the forces of darkness, and another part of me sees her as an instrument of revenge on those who took Amber from us, that we can take something powerful and precious away from *them*. So many people expect her to fail. I expect her stumble a few times -- who doesn't -- but in the end, she'll emerge triumphant. Heaven help us -- and me -- if I'm wrong." - Thundrax

"You know, if I were to wipe out a country, then just up and tell everyone that I was all better now, people would still want my head on a silver platter. That aside? I like that she continues to threaten me. Leads me to believe that I worry her." Kastor

"Sascha approached by Comrade after Tournament other day. Comrade give impression of hard shell, but, well, when person come to total stranger to say 'Not bad job', Sascha think that good person to go drinking with sometime." - Real Soviet Damage

"GAH THAT WOMAN. I'm going to beat her. Dunno when. Dunno how. But I will... That being aside, shes pretty good for a lightweight... looks a lot like someone I knew. Either way, don't know her much outside of the gym, but the girl can scrap." Persephone

"I haven't seen her in action in the field. I've seen her at Carl's though, and she really gets my blood boiling. I can't wait to go a round or twenty with her!" Canadian Fist

RP Hooks

  • She is from another world in another dimension, one dubbed Dark Earth
  • In that dimension she was a destroyer, a super-villain responsible for wide-scale destruction
  • She operates on both the GLOBE and CRP channels
  • Her powers were formerly edomic in origin