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The 12th of June started out like any other day, but it would end in flames and bloodshed. VIPER struck when most of the Tower´s inhabitants were asleep, secure behind the electronic defenses of the Tower, and watched over by the ever vigilant eye of the Tower's Artificial Intelligence, code-named VIOLET.

It will never be known how the virus entered the mainframe, but all available evidence points to an inside source bent on destroying the group. Unfortunately, the traitor or traitors will never be truly known and neither will their motives. It mattered little if it was greed, jealousy, or simple stupidity that led to this desperate attempt to destroy the Guardians, but the unknown traitor forgot one thing: Towers may crumble and fall, but ideals stands forever.

The Virus entered the mainframe at 0315. By 0317, it had infected all the sub-data banks and rerouted the security protocols to disable the IFF system of the Tower thus categorizing the Guardians themselves as enemies of the now corrupt system. Most of the Guardians that fell during the assault did so in their own beds, killed in their sleep by a system designed to protect them but now turned a mortal enemy. Rooms sealed shut, poison gas leaking out and machine gun turrets teared through the heroes as they tried to escape the deathtrap that they used to call home.

Many made it out the hallways and common areas just to get gunned down by the VIPER commandos entering the lower floors and fighting their way toward the command center, the very heart of the Tower. Led by a terrible woman who seemed to share her human features with those of a snake, the VIPER troops were able to conquer most of the Tower before the Guardians had time to reassemble or call in their allies to help them in the battle.

As VIPER´s gyrocopters swept in towards the now undefended Tower and a series of controlled explosions led the central area in ruins the surviving Guardians had no other choice but to abandon their home in order to save themselves. A few brave members of the group stayed behind to give their friends a chance to save themselves. Their fates were still unknown as the Tower collapsed with a giant cloud of dust and a thunderous roar heard all over the city.

Despite VIPER's best efforts, the Guardians persevered. Reforming initially under the leadership of Orion Prime, they battled and clawed their way from the ashes to reform with new purpose and a new drive. Slowly they built themselves a new Tower and took the fight back to VIPER. Culminating in a combined strike, codenamed Operation: Mongoose, the Ultimate Guardians showed VIPER once and for all what it was to strike against such a group of heroes.

The Present

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