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Tia Steward
Player: @Rhundas
Tia profile.png
"Danii? What're you doing with that camera?"
Character Build
Class Focus: PvP
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms: Fighting Styles
Biographical Data
Real Name: Tia 'Liam' Steward
Known Aliases: T, Tea
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: British
Place of Birth: Presumed southern UK
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None known
Age: 18
Height: Varies
Weight: 207lbs upwards
Eyes: Varies
Hair: Varies
Complexion: Varies
Physical Build: Varies
Physical Features: Varies
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Lawful Evil

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Identity: Known
Years Active: Approx. 2
Citizenship: USA
Occupation: Security at Club Caprice under Caprice Management
Education: Basic
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Powers and Abilities
Partial dimensional manipulation, shapeshifting
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A pair of spiked gauntlets
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About Tia

Allow me to open this page by thanking you, the reader, for stopping by to read what I've written. I hope that you appreciate the time and effort put into this page and have as much fun reading it as I did making it.
So yes, thank you.

Tia is/was a human born with an ability to control dimensional energy. At the age of fourteen, during a hiking accident in Nevada, she fell into a slightly radioactive cave. The radiation was not enough to kill her and it instead slowly mutated her body over the course of six months. This experience was incredible traumatic for her, but she has gotten over it. However, she has still not gotten over the fact that no one went looking for her, and that upon finally reaching the surface and travelling back to her family, her mother instantly rejected her as a daughter and cast her onto the streets. Because of this Tia has had a very serious hatred for humankind, but that hatred has slowly abated due to the friends she has made in Millennium City and the rest of the world.

Currently Tia works at Club Caprice as a bouncer under the group Caprice Management and also works as a courier on the side. She's in love with, and engaged to, Nu Danii.


If there was a single short phrase that captured Tia's personality perfectly, it would be the phrase "selectively violent". Tia's face at rest always seems to look like she's either angry, slightly annoyed or - at the very least - in deep thought. This is not always the case, but one could easily be mistaken for thinking that she's always inclined to be one of the former two, the reason for this is that Tia often comes across as incredibly violent and rude. This is partially due to her upbringing (or lack thereof) and a recently overcome utter hatred of un-mutated humans.

Despite her 'tough girl', tomboyish attitude, Tia is capable of smiling once in a while and not wanting to offer bone-shattering punches, especially when around with her fiancée, Nu Danii, and at times she can hold civil, intelligent conversation. She has, however, an extremely low tolerance of people fooling around unless she genuinely finds it funny, or if these people would be friends she has already made. Examples of these would be Bareth, the (not very) renowned Caprice bar dancer, and Angus, the Rowdy Highlander.

She also seems to have some kind of soft spot for feline ears, having a pair herself and constantly giving attention to her lover's in the form of stroking, poking, flicking, nibbling on, or kissing.


For reasons known only to herself and the people she chooses to disclose such information to, Tia's voice is - quite simply - dryer than the Sahara after a month of no rainfall. There is no kind of recognisable quality to her voice, no pitch change, no tell-tale signs whatsoever. Her voice is a dry, emotionless, genderless, horribly British monotone. Some people have complained that their ears have started to hurt simply from straining to understand what Tia is saying sometimes, and rarely something she says may be completely unintelligible due to her voice and her accent.

Comically, her voice works with her 'constant angry face' to further give the impression that she is indeed constantly angry.


Tia's powers fall under two distinct catagories: the ones she has gained from her mutations, and the ones that stem from her other innate ability to partially control dimensional energies.

Generally her mutation-based powers include changes or 'improvements' to her own biology and/or anatomy, some allowing greater stamina, others allowing regeneration, and others further boosting or changing the way that her previously 'normal' human body fuctioned. Her dimension-based powers are what everyone would easily see as her 'main set' of powers, the ability to create fire from nothing or to seemingly teleport between two spaces nigh instantaneously. Many of her dimensional powers are not as simple as they appear to be, but are made to appear that way due to their very nature.

Mutation-Based Powers

Tia's mutations come from a period of her life when she was exposed to high, but not lethal, levels of radiation over the course of six months. The radiation was not enough to kill her, but enough to force biological changes that potentially could've done. Luckily, the first thing her body did was somehow evolve a combination of a co-existence and an outright immunity to background radiation.


One of the first mutations to emerge, Tia's regeneration was the main thing keeping her alive within the radioactive environment. It would quickly replenish dead cells at fifty times the usual human rate and could sometimes break down more severely mutated cells, stopping any kind of fatal or serious changes. In her usual day-to-day regime, Tia's regeneration simply keeps her 'safe' from harm, closing over cuts and scrapes that she accumulates from her speedy work as a courier, where she takes many shortcuts, some of which aren't exactly safe.

Tia's regeneration is in no way strong enough to regenerate missing flesh or limbs in the blink of an eye, and probably would take several years to replace a serious loss - such as an arm. Complex structures such as eyes might not even be recoverable at all, but Tia's not exactly willing to try that any time soon.

She has also noted that her natural regeneration only applies to her flesh and blood. Her bones seem to take a normal amount of time to heal.

Denser Body

Another of Tia's mutations is that her entire body tissue and bone structure are now much denser than one would expect for a person of her size and stature. With the density comes added durability and she's been rumoured to take a steel girder moving at 40mp/h to the chest and climbing back to her feet with no broken bones and only a 'slightly' mangled exterior. The rumour continues further into that she still carries a 'H'-shaped scar from the impact, but no one, save Danii, would be able to confirm or deny the speculation.

She's also been seen to have collapsed on a "Gaelen Harn" and is rumoured to have given the mercenary lasting back problems.

Enhanced Eyesight

Tia's eyes are also victims to mutation, having evolved a much keener sensitivity to bright lights - in turn giving her an innate night-vision - which can potentially induce headaches. She can also faintly make out infra-red lighting and can get a migraine from having such light sources shone into her eyes.

She chooses to represent her eyesight as different by altering her eye colours, specifically choosing pitch black sclera and deep red iris. One of her eyes lacks a pupil for a reason known only to herself and those she wishes to tell.

Dimension Control-Based Powers

Ever since before Tia mutated, she had some prowess in altering the ebb and flow of dimensional energy which she has slowly grown more confident in doing so as she has grown older. As of now her ease of controlling this power leaves her somewhat cocky and very prone to overestimating her abilities and ultimately regretting it later.

Her dimensional powers allow her to basically change how her imprint in the current dimension is recognise, akin to simply hacking into a game file and editing the values found within. Tia can control her visibility, her speed and her appearance.


By inverting the 'imprint' she makes on ambient dimensional energy, Tia can effectively make herself 'invisible'. She is almost completely invisible while stationary, appearing as a patch of distorted air, but as she moves the distortion must move with her and therefore amplifies the shimmering of the space she occupies. The effect of this is that the faster she moves; the more pronounced the shimmer.

Using this method she is unable to change the level of noise she makes, or the amount of heat that her body puts out - she's basically just invisible to the human eye and nothing else, anything that uses echo-location or any type of thermal vision will see her as clearly as they would see anyone else.

Dimensional Burns

By focusing on a patch of dimensional energy, Tia can essentially tear it temporarily. Doing so releases an enormous amount of energy from that rend in the dimension and very commonly results in what Tia has dubbed a "cosmic flare", a very fast-burning, blisteringly hot flame that spreads very easily, even over inflammable surfaces such as concrete or metals. The "flare" also can be created underwater, but instead results in a pocket of superheated liquid that quite simply breaks physics, causing a temporary collapse into what Tia has named the "dimensional abyss", a place where things just seem to disappear into and never return. These collapses only last nanoseconds, but that appears to be enough to break down all matter within a meters radius, causing a "cosmic flare" to be highly lethal underwater.

Time Manipulation

In a similar way to how she can manipulate how light reacts to her body, Tia can also exert a lesser effect on the forces of time itself, allowing her to slow her body down or speed it up relative to a certain dimension's time. The effects of this is that she can essentially move around at speeds that normal humans, and even some metahumans would not be able to comprehend. She can also use this ability to be able to dodge incoming melee attacks, but seems to struggle when confronted with ranged projectiles (such as bullets) as they are sometimes simply harder to spot, or they move at such speeds that her still-human reactions can't seem to keep up with.

She's also been seen to be able to extend this ability to people in very close proximity, which usually means one person she currently has in her arms, in order to slow bleeding or to speed up the effects of drugs through a person's system for whatever purposes.


By literally changing the shape of her imprint, and the properties assigned to each part of herself, Tia can essentially take on any form she desires. However, even with such customisation and choice before her, she prefers to stick to forms that everyone will recognise as her.

To avoid simply blowing people's minds, Tia has decided to stick to a few base guidelines to make sure that she can be recognised and not to creep anyone out too badly:

  • Keep to the same gender
  • Keep to a human anatomy - no going Grond
  • Try not to imitate people too well

Other Notes

This section will contain random scraps of information that people may want/find useful.


Over the course of her time in Millennium City, Tia has made a huge amount of friends, some of which she doesn't always get to talk to as often as she likes. Her main 'group' of friends consist of:

Nu Danii - Tia's wife and fulltime best friend. Tia feels nothing but affection for the pint-sized vampire and only asks for the same in return... or at least the opportunity to molest Danii's kitten ears once in a while.

Bareth of the Lononziac Tribe - Tia first met Bareth when the orc only came up to her knee and had hair like a mangy dog - she's watched as the orc has slowly become more sophisticated and gained his own personal amount of class.

Angus Johnson - Tia can't exactly remember meeting Angus, but she knows it probably has something to do with Bareth. All she can say is that her favourite passtime has become setting the Chaos Spawn on fire, watching him burn and regenerate, then doing it all again. This is much to the chagrin of her lover, who has a chronic fear of fire.

Want to say something about Tia?

Feel free to leave a message here, either OOC or IC, about Tia, this page or how I roleplay myself. All comments and critisisms are appreciated, even if they are negative. For something more personal or serious, don't hesitate to contact me in game (handle: @Rhundas)

"I don't think there's anyone more I could ever love than Tia. No matter how mean she might be to others, she doesn't eh... Always mean it like that..." - Danii

"Tia? Eh. I wouldn't mind her so much if she didn't follow me around as if we were friends. I saved her life once, now she feels like we should talk all the time. She's not a bad kid, but she gets kinda annoying sometimes." - Rhundas

"Tia? Y'mean that cheeky brat who thinks I'm a great torch-material? She's fine I guess...though I wouldn't mind her shutting her trap from time to time...and not hitting people in the family jewels for NO apparent REASON!" - Angus Johnson


Tia's powers and abilities have limited the number of job opportunities available to her. Anything that requires the least amount of care is usually beyond the hasty, brash girl and results in failure.

Her speed and strength have lent her a bone for doing courier jobs, where she can run cross distances faster than most automobiles and even some aircraft, able to break speeds of up to Mach 2.

Tia's current occupation is working as security in Club Caprice under the group Caprice Management, where she is responsible for attempting to enforce the "no-violence" policy that the Club holds, however she normally does this by contradictory methods, roughing people up before trying to chuck them out. She also has a part-time courier job that she runs whenever she needs the money and is practically able to be on call for them all the time, making deliveries across the state in a matter of minutes.

Criminal Record

Some people may be aware that Tia has been arrested an ungodly amount of twenty-three times. Oddly she's only ever been checked in to jail for seven of these times, the other records just end with her arrest. Technically she still has some kind of arrest warrent out for her, but most people responsible have just simply given up, the mutant being too elusive to pin down.

Her previous charges involve

  • Petty theft - five times
  • Vandalism - fifteen times
  • Breaking and entering - one time
  • Hate speech - one time
  • Grievous Bodily Harm - one time