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Player: @UVee
"Time to brighten things up!"
Class Focus: Hybrid - DPS/Support
Power Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: UV
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: Mid-twenties
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Canada
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Ultraviolet Radiation Manipulation
Known Abilities
Can create a UV "hard light" shield, uses dazzling UV light to disorient foes, minor martial arts
Grappling Hook, Length of Chain


In the Beginning

The story goes that Ultraviolescent was born with the rare genetic disorder known as albinism, leaving her with milky white skin, silky white hair and pink eyes, and with it the subsequent lack of protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. With her particular case of albinism, it appears to have been caused by a mutation that has allowed her to manipulate, deflect and control ultraviolet radiation instead of allowing her skin to directly absorb it. Essentially her body did not need to produce the pigments other humans normally would for protection as the ultraviolet radiation would never physically reach her.

Her mutant abilities weren't apparent to her until adolescence during an altercation at school. She was constantly bullied in school due to her different appearance and it wasn't until one day she finally decided to stand up for herself that her abilities emerged. Enraged by those who mocked her, she slowly started to glow with a strange, bright purplish/pink aura which caused mild burns to those closest to her. The kids who were making fun of her ran away in fear and told some of the teachers, but none of them believed the children, thinking they were again trying to poke fun at the poor, pale-skinned girl. After this incident, none of her school mates seemed to bother her, and she was able to create small bursts of purple light almost anywhere around her but she had very little control of it. She also realized that her ability wouldn't work very well in complete darkness, however if there is any form of light around, she could seem to create these small glinting purple lights that danced to her will.

Ultraviolescent decided it would be best to not use her ability near anyone again fearing she would be subject to further teasing and decided to keep it a secret from everyone, including her sister - her then best friend in the world.

Mastery of Light

It wasn't until high school that Ultraviolescent learned of ultraviolet light and she started studying further into the subject, realizing that her ability may be tied to it in some way. She did her research and concluded she was capable of manipulating electromagnetic radiation in the 200 to 420 nanometer wavelenths, otherwise known as black light or ultraviolet light.

With this new found information, she practiced, and practiced and soon she was able to manipulate the light in such a way that she could fully deflect the radiation from her body and even control it. After a few years of self-training, she was able to form an invisible barrier around her that prevented the radiation from ever reaching her skin, the only side effect being that it would create small visible purple sparkles around her. Eventually she could focus these sparkles into a shield and get them to circle around her fists. She enjoyed creating her own private light shows, but she still decided to keep her abilities a secret, not so much in fear of being teased, but more in fear of being taken away from her friends and family by a government or criminal orginization to be studied.

The Heroine Emerges

At the age of 21, Ultraviolescent had moved out of her home in Canada and was living alone in a fairly bad neighbourhood in Millennium City, but it was the best she could afford working as a lighting technician at one of the city's dance clubs. She witnessed several muggings as she walked along the streets, feeling somewhat helpless... She knew she had powers that could possibly help others, but wasn't sure if she should use them out in the open. She knew criminals would more than likely recognize the girl with pink eyes and white hair and she didn't want someone to follow her home, and break into her appartment while she's sleeping knowing she'll be vulnerable.

Knowing she wanted to change the city for the better, she decided to train hard and get herself into the best physical shape she could to prepare herself for her ascension into the ranks of superheroes. She wasn't capable of building up much muscle, but she definately had honed her agility and dexterity. She fasioned together a dark purple costume that she felt fit her powers, and took to the streets, combating street thugs in her area, and becoming a local hero! Now she has been summoned to assist in other areas of the city, and she has decided to answer that call as Ultraviolescent.

Powers and Weaknesses

While being able to manipulate and control ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolescent is also capable of creating "hard light" which is light that acts like a solid. Apart from these abilities, she is otherwise 100% human. She is not very strong, but she is very agile, comparable to the best of human athletes. She uses her fists primarily in combat, as a means of delivering her harmful UV radiation attacks to her foes. She relies heavily upon her abilities to manipulate ultraviolet light to ensure her survival and to defeat her foes.

Staple Abilities

Ultraviolescent using her UV Shield.

UV Shield – Harnessing her ability to create hard light, Ultraviolescent is able to create a shield that absorbs and defelects most energy types and projectiles.

  • Telekinetic Shield (Rank 2)

UV Fists – Ultraviolescent wraps her fists in UV radiation, capable of causing severe burns. If necessary, she can also create a short stream of hard light photons, capable of penetrating the strongest of armors or hurling foes away from her. She can also leave lingering UV radiation around her foes causing additional damage.

  • Aura of Ebon Destruction (Rank 3)
    • Used in conjunction with: Haymaker (Rank 3) and Burning Chi Fist (Rank 3)

UV Bubble – Again, using her ability to create hard light, she is able to form a bubble around herself or others for extra protection.

  • Mindful Reinforcement (Rank 2 + Revitilizing Boost)

Dancing Lights – Ultraviolescent creates a sphere of dancing UV lights around her, causing her foes to either become disoriented or temporarily blinded, while still causing some damage from the radiation.

  • Ego Storm (Rank 1)

UV Surge – Ultraviolet light swarms Ultraviolescent, creating bursts of highly energetic radiation around her which enhances her attacks.

  • Electric Sheathe (Rank 1)


Ultraviolescent is human, and as such is vulnerable to everything that a normal human would be whether it be physical or mental. It is only through the use of her ability to control ultraviolet radiation that she is capable of protecting herself while fighting formidable foes.

While she can control ultraviolet radiation, she is unable to create it on her own. If she is in a place where there is no source of light, she is at her absolute weakest.


Even though Ultraviolescent knows she is typically looked at as a weaker hero, she fights with resolve and confidence, sadly this fighting spirit of hers rarely surfaces in social situations. She acts more like a wall-flower than a social butterfly, but not so much because she is shy but because she worries how others view her, most not seeing past her pale skin and white hair. Those that have gotten to know her find that she is very outspoken on many issues and that she does open up, it just takes her time.


Due to Ultraviolescent being human, she has to rely on equipment every now and then to help her out.

Grappling Hook Launcher – Every hero needs a way to get around town, and a grappling launcher seemed much cheaper than a car or motorcycle. Her natural agility lets her use the grappling hook with ease as she swings from one building to the next.

Length of Chain – Although most would think she wears a length of heavy chain around her right forearm to intimidate her foes, it actually serves a purpose. She uses the chain like a whip, wrapping it around her foes necks and then pulling them closer. For added effect, she likes to spread some UV radiation along the chain when she hurls it out at her enemies.

Secret Identity

Not many details regarding who Ultraviolescent is has ever been made available to the public.

Ultraviolescent has received many requests for interviews but has declined all of them as a tactic to protect her identity.

Theme Song

Dreamscape by 009 Soundsystem


Ultraviolescent joined the ranks of S.P.E.A.R. after listening to their radio frequency while they were raiding a VIPER base. She began to worry as the comms started to be flooded with sounds of heavy combat, and not much else. With that, she took it upon herself to seek them out and provide assistance to them. When she arrived, they were pinned down and unable to get themselves further into the base. With her ability to create UV shields around herself and the members of S.P.E.A.R., she was able to give the team a tactical advantage, and they could then complete their mission. While she mainly remains a solo hero, she has been made an honorary member of S.P.E.A.R. and she will don an outfit with S.P.E.A.R. colors during events and raids as a sign of respect and honor.

OOC Notes

Build Notes

  • Plays in guardian with DEX and PRE superstats. DEX for additional damage, PRE to help boost the damage from Aura of Ebon Destruction, and to come in lower on the aggro lists of mobs.
  • STR and EGO are secondary stats. Both are primarily boosted through gear but also through talents. Both are there to help her deal more damage.
  • She makes good use of 2x Mysticism Helix (-50% energy cost on Melee powers) to help her deal continuous damage.
  • Makes use of block HEAVILY.
  • She's been able to place consistently in the top 5 against Clarence during the Winter Event despite the overwhelming difficulty melee characters have against him, even after arriving late on many occasions. Again, block has helped her to a great extent in fighting Clarence (so have the cookies!)
  • Full list of powers:
    • Telekinetic Shield - Rank 2 (Used heavily for damage mitigation and energy building when HP is low)
    • Aura of Ebon Destruction - Rank 3
    • Clobber
    • Thundering Kicks - Cripping Challenge Advantage (Used primarily for the damage debuff, but on occassion for tanking)
    • Haymaker - Rank 3 (Primarily tapped damage, main source of DPS)
    • Boutiful Chi Fist - Rank 3 (Always fully charged, extra DPS from DoT)
    • Demolish - Below The Belt Advantage (Always fully charged, used for damage Resistance Debuff)
    • Ego Storm - No Advantages (Used for holding and clearing henchmen)
    • Bountiful Chi Resurgence - Rank 2 + Resurgent Reiki
    • Mighty Leap - (Gap closer)
    • Iron Lariat - Kyoketsu Shoge (Used for knock to, minimal chargeup ranged damage and additional DoT damage)
    • Electric Sheathe - Rank 3
    • Masterful Dodge - No Advantages
    • Mindful Reinforcement - Rank 2 + Revitalizing Boost (Used as a heal when necessary, otherwise used as additional damage mitigation when tanking tougher foes)

Other Notes

  • Ultraviolescent first appeared in City of Heroes approximately in May 2009, as a Dark Melee/Shield Defense scrapper. I really loved her concept and the energy shield that was provided as a costume piece looked absolutely amazing on her. Sadly, this was at a time when AE farming was still the norm and I quickly grew bored of her. She only reached level 35 and most of those levels were gained in AE.
  • When I first started playing Champions Online back in closed beta, I was a little sadened that shields were not static like they were with the shield defense powerset in CoH and I felt that Ultraviolescent just wouldn't be the same without her shield always out. It was also disheartening that there was no "elemental" or non-physical melee powers available in CO. Even power replacers couldn't help make Ultraviolescent work as we are not able to color the power replacer auras. Ultraviolescent, although portrayed as my main on the CO forums and in my global handle, I didn't actually create her until much later in the game's life. It wasn't until the changes to the Sorcery framework that I decided that Aura of Ebon Destruction was a logical and feasible way of getting Ultraviolescent her glowing purple fists and I slowly started to assemble powers to make her survivable and capable of great damage.
  • Ultraviolescent didn't start at level 1 or level 5 like most other characters. She started at level 27. My "first" character I created when the servers went live was named "Elemental". I grew bored of the character mainly because everything was really easy with her (Pre-"nerfed" Pyre + Firey form = everything dead instantly). I bought a rename token and put together the pieces that made Ultraviolescent. As a way to help me learn how to play Ultraviolescent without worrying about having to fight mobs that are 3+ levels above me, I decided to use the Crime Computer 2.0 to find missions that she's missed. She's finished every possible mission she has missed and she has caught up and is now doing missions that are her level. If Ultraviolescent had started at level 1, it would've been very difficult to level her up (she only has 3 "regular" attacks, two of which are tier 3) or I would've had to take powers that are concept breaking or otherwise wouldn't suit the look of the character.
  • One day I do hope that Cryptic implements a "Shield" framework as I'd likely take a few powers from there. I also hope that one day we can have a shield that always stays out on our characters much like they could in CoH. One day I may be able to remove Aura of Ebon Destruction as well when they finally give us auras or power replacers that allow us to change their color.
  • So far, I find her a highly enjoyable character to play, and she hasn't encountered too much difficulty soloing. Even in the endgame instances she is still highly survivable and has on occassion tanked Dr. Destroyer in the Nemesis Confrontation without a defensive passive (with backup of course!).
  • Where did I get the idea for Ultraviolescent? I wanted to make a concept hero for CoH that looked like a classic silver age hero, and I wanted to stay away from the typical Brute Strength or Elemental types of heroes, but I still wanted the hero to be strong. My computer case has a few ultraviolet cold cathodes in it which light up everything inside and I've always loved how ultraviolet lighting worked. I threw together a neat costume, and (as I mentioned before) I really loved how Shield Defense provided an energy shield costume piece, and it fit perfect to the concept of the character. Ultraviolescent was born!
  • Where did I get the name for Ultraviolescent? Violescent is actually a word which means something that appears ... violet! Add Ultra to the front of it, and you have not only a great superhero name, but also one that is actually unique!