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Nuxyr R. Derdajock
Player: @nuxyrryxun
oh shit, that me
Personal Data
Real Name: N
Known Aliases: NuxyrRyxun, nuxyrryxun, Nux
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 20
Height: At least 169cm
Weight: No idea
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Flag DEU.png
Occupation: IT guy
Place of Birth: Somewhere
Current Residence: Internet
Marital Status: Not engaged
Known Relatives: None

This is a list of my characters, supergroups and pages I created.
Hit me up in CO if you want!

My Characters

All sorted by Creation Date


My main characters
40 27th.jpg 27th
Creation Date: 12 January 2019
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] Freeform
40 80 px Elivagar
Creation Date: 16 July 2021
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] Freeform

S.T.U.R.M. Agents

All of my characters affiliated with S.T.U.R.M.
40 SoulEye.jpg SoulEye
Creation Date: 2 January 2014
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] The Psychokinetic
40 Arody.jpg Arody
Creation Date: 12 April 2014
[[File:Flag F.png|18px]] The Marksman
40 Conex.jpg Conex
Creation Date: 13 April 2014
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] The Specialist
40 Technolark.jpg Technolark
Creation Date: 10 September 2014
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] The Automaton
40 Catana.jpg Catana
Creation Date: 5 October 2015
[[File:Flag F.png|18px]] The Unleashed
40 Infiltraitor.jpg InfiltraitorHeader.png
Creation Date: 26 July 2016
[[File:Flag F.png|18px]] Freeform
40 LOVELACED.jpg L0V.e.L4C.e.D
Creation Date: 4 March 2018
[[File:Flag F.png|18px]] Freeform


All of my other characters
40 Interstellar Ambassador.jpg Interstellar Ambassador
Creation Date: 11 January 2017
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] Freeform
6 80 px Moonlove
Creation Date: 22 April 2018
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] Freeform
26 Aetulia.jpg Aetulia
Creation Date: 12 May 2018
[[File:Flag F.png|18px]] Freeform
6 80 px Lucky
Creation Date: 10 June 2018
[[File:Flag F.png|18px]] Freeform
23 80 px Saint of Swords
Creation Date: 30 March 2020
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] Freeform
40 80 px MASK
Creation Date: 11 September 2020
[[File:Flag M.png|18px]] Freeform
6 80 px Elster
Creation Date: 24 February 2021
[[File:Flag F.png|18px]] Freeform
... More to come!

My Supergroups

All of my supergroups

6+ STURMHeader.png S.T.U.R.M.
Creation Date: 2 March 2014
[[File:|18px]] Supergroup

My miscellaneous pages

All of my pages that are neither a character nor supergroup

6+ STURM suit female.png S.T.U.R.M. Combat Gear
[[File:|18px]] Item

6+ 27thSpaceshipNN.png Evernight (spaceship)
[[File:|18px]] Vehicle