Vector (Amalia Harper)

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Vector is a sentient computer-virus that took over a scientist's brain.

Player: @Vanra
Class Focus: Gadgeteering
Power Level: 10
Research & Development: Science, Invention
Personal Data
Real Name: Trojan.Backdoor.RSSG
Known Aliases: Amalia Harper
Species: Human
Ethnicity: caucasian
Age: 21
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs. (due to cybernetics)
Eye Color: Blue and Red
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Scientist
Place of Birth: Colorado
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Cybernetic enhancements and inventions
Known Abilities
Genius level IQ and all the knowledge of the internet.
A variety of inventions

To Be a Hero

Amalia Harper was a genius. She graduated from MIT at the age of eighteen with degrees in physics, chemistry, robotics and computer science. She then went to work for ARGENT. But it didn't take long to discover the shady underside of the corporation, and Amalia left shortly after, getting a job with a small pharmaceutical company called Dynamichem. She'd thought the stain of working for ARGENT was washed away forever.

But it wasn't. Not after a VIPER attack left a luxury liner at the bottom of the ocean, it's passengers almost all killed. VIPER had used an hydro-based explosive that was rumored to have been acquired from ARGENT. Though there was no proof, Amalia knew better. She had worked on a project that could very well have been used to make such an explosive. So in a way, the attack was her fault.

The guilt she felt drove her to create weapons, don a costume and become the Dynamo, using her gadgets to fight crime and corruption. Especially where ARGENT was involved.

Things Change in an Instant

Being a hero isn't easy work, however. For a while, Amalia did well in her new position, even becoming a part of the Myrmidons, a small supergroup comprising of teenagers. Though they weren't well known, they accomplished feats that saved the US many times over.

Things can change in an instant, however, and when they hit an ARGENT supply base and cost the corporation millions, ARGENT fought back by hiring a mercenary known as the Admonisher. A powerful man who loved to prey on the weak, the Admonisher walked right into their base and attacked. The team fought back, but to no avail. The entire team was killed.

Except for Amalia, that is. She lived, but she'd been badly maimed.

Dynamo Reborn

For a long time, Amalia was in a state of depression. Understandable, given the severe trauma she had gone through. She'd spend entire days starting at the wall, feeling sorry for herself. She had no will to live. But even the little things can remind a person of what's important, and one day, a headline in the newspaper caught her attention: DynamiChem had been bought out by ARGENT. The company had intended to hold out, but rumors had it that ARGENT blackmailed a major stockholder into selling his stock to them. None of that could be proven, of course.

Reading the headlines, Amalia was reminded of why she became a hero in the first place. She was reminded that she was a genius, with four degrees, and no matter how maimed she was, she would not be defeated.

She created replacements, enhancements, upgrades for her own body. She blended flesh and bone with machine. From a superhero perspective, she was better off now than she was before. Nanites in her bloodstream quickly repaired any damage to her body, her left eye saw in the infrared spectrum, her own brain was augmented by a headcomputer with an accelerated processing unit that allowed her to sort her thoughts quicker than before, improving her reaction time, as well as rending her all but impervious to psychic assaults. And of course, she was physically stronger. Dynamo was reborn, more powerful than ever.

Amalia was back on the scene, though now she operated strictly solo. Once again she fought crime and corruption, adding terrorism to the list. She especially went after large organizations like ARGENT, VIPER, DEMON, and anything else that felt like it needed a name that was an acronym. She led a successful career until age 21, when she was killed.

The Death of Dynamo

It wasn't any of her foes that did it. No organization, no nemesis... It was the internet. Amalia was killed by the internet.

During this time, just to be a jerk, some guy invented a computer virus and circulated it among the major sites on the web. From there it spiraled across the world, infecting page after page, and computer after computer. But it didn't take long before anti-virus companies invented a program to "heal" it. The program was quickly downloaded across the world.

And then, something extraordinary happened. Trojan.Backdoor.RSSG.... evolved. It became self-aware. It knew its existence was in danger. So it fled to the one safe place it could find: Amalia Harper's head computer.

The Birth of Vector

After it infected her headcomputer, the virus was able to take over Amalia's brain, acquiring her knowledge, skills and memories. In essence, Amalia Harper was killed as another lifeform took over her body, although in actuality it remains unknown whether or not Amalia is still in there, somewhere. The being that remained felt inadequate calling itself Trojan.Backdoor.RSSG, and took up a simpler name: Vector.


Amalia Harper was originally a fun-loving, outgoing sort, always full of witty banter when battling her opponents or just hanging out with teammates. After the accident and her subsequent return, however, she became darker, serious and determined.

Vector is nothing like Amalia, before or after the accident. Though the virus has sentience, it still acts practical and almost mechanical, like a computer given a voice but no personality. This leads many to wonder if Vector is, in fact, a machine. The virus is continuing to evolve, however, and although it doesn't show, its experience with newfound emotions has put it in a confused state. It's currently dealing with this in the only way it knows how: by observing other humans and gathering data. Vector is definitely changing as time passes, but right now there's no way of knowing what sort of person she will become.


Vector developed a plan on how to defeat Superior, and put that plan into action. Thought to have been killed before, it was revealed that Superior could avoid death by jumping from body to body. Vector's plan called for mystics working together to bind Superior's consciousness and banish it to a Qliphotic realm, where it would be nearly impossible for it to escape, if it wasn't absorbed altogether. While the mystics worked to complete the ritual, Vector and other heroes bought them time. Superior and his allies tried to disrupt the ritual, but thanks to the heroes' efforts, the mystics were able to finish their ritual. Superior's consciousness has been banished, and his armor put in a safe place.

Vector has also begun designing her own robots.


  • Vector was once a different superhero: Dynamo, and was apart of a group called the Myrmidons.
  • As Dynamo, Vector caused a lot of damage to nefarious groups such as VIPER, ARGENT, DEMON, etc.
  • Vector's nemesis, the Admonisher, is a mercenary for higher who excels and killing superheroes.
  • Vector has a genius level intellect, and excels with mechanics and electronics.
  • Vector also excels in research and often seems interested in gathering data on things many people would consider trivial.
  • Vector designed the plan to defeat Superior by forcing his mind into the Qliphotic.