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Player: @Melphon
Yena in casuals
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 13
Research & Development: Arms, Fighting Styles
Personal Data
Real Name: Yena
Known Aliases: Hyena
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Spiked, highlighted red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Barmaid / Superhero
Place of Birth: Lincoln, Nebraska
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Lycanthropy, improved strength and agility
Known Abilities
Acrobatics, fast-talking
Looking for RP



Born in Lincoln, Nebraska as a result of a one night stand, Yena immediately started in life running uphill. She was put up for adoption when only a few weeks old, and spent the majority of her childhood flitting between adoption centres throughout Nebraska. When she reached her teenage years, the rebellion phase kicked in and she ejected herself from the Lonely Hearts adoption centre in Omaha, Nebraska. Learning to live off the streets toughened the young and fragile girl into the type of woman she is today, but it was a different event that changed her personality. At the age of sixteen, she was running in a small gang based in Iowa. It was here that she was walking the streets lonely one night and was attacked by a rabid dog, suffering a relatively painless bite to her forearm. Or so she thought. Over the next few months, it became apparent that the bite was far from anything normal at all. The blurry dog that had attacked her instead seemed to have been a werewolf or lycan of some description, and Yena was now one of their kind. It was here that she gained the name she now uses, Yena. When her gang found out she had changed, they cast her out for being a "hyena". In time, she decided that she was indeed, and she needed to do something about it. With training and intense mind controlling techniques she learned at a small dojo in Minnesota, she has managed to channel this power, able to call upon it when she likes.


Yena is a lycanthrope, although not as legends portray. She is able to transform if and when she desires, and she keeps her agility and strength at all times. She can produce claws from her fingernails that suit her style of fighting well, but she strives never to kill anyone in combat unless the situation was desperate. With heightened senses, especially smell, and her wolf-like speed and agility, she is able to climb and traverse most ground with ease, as well as sense danger and attacks easier than most.

It is possible she is susceptible to silver bullets as the legends suggest, but she is obviously reluctant to put it to the test.


Being an orphan from the get go shaped Yena into who she is today. Self-sufficient and strong, she is quite happy to work alone all the time if no one else is around. However, she does develop a need to have interaction with others to prove to herself she is still a human at heart. Her life on the streets has left her with a quick wit and tongue, though not always to everyone's amusement, and she can be quick to anger some people with her pushing of certain topics.


At 5 foot 7, Yena is a relatively petite but athletically built female. Her styled hair, highlighted with red, shows her lifestyle and carefree abandon to any who see her, and the mix of leathers and jacket show she is more down to earth than most. She takes pride in her apperance, but not so much that it becomes a hindrance to other things.

Yena in a partially shifted form.

When fighting, claws up to three inches long extend from her nails, which she uses with brutal, but non-lethal, efficiency. If transformed, her frame goes from athletic to muscular and her body sprouts a small layer of dusty brown fur, striped. She vary rarely does this, but for a stronger fight, it can give her the edge. If absolutely necessary, she will transform entirely. In her true lycanthrope form, she stands just under seven feet tall, extremely muscled and with a terrible bite.