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Player: @agentx5
Ynnea 300x300.jpg
Hope never dies, and it is stronger than fear or doubt.
Character Build
Class Focus: Dedicated Healer
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown if Ynnea is a name or a title
Known Aliases: The Prophetic Savior
Gender: Female
Species: Nectean
Ethnicity: Celestial predecessor
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Her descendants include the races of elves and dwarves.
Age: appears to be 14 to 16, actually immortal
Height: 150 cm (4 ft 11 in)
Weight: 45 to 50 kg
Eyes: bold blue, glowing slightly
Hair: brunette
Complexion: light-skinned
Physical Build: slim
Physical Features: Her green eyes glow slightly when angry, as her magic is fueled by intuition and emotion. Her hair is an unusual natural dark cherry red, a mix of red and black hair strands. She typically wears it at a medium length and lets it flow freely, but in formal settings she will put on a fancier appearance. She likes wearing red lipstick and is an accomplished chemist enough to craft it herself, she also enchants it so it won't smear or smudge.
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: The name is known, what she truly is is largely unknown.
Years Active: Unknown, possibly infinite
Citizenship: N/A
Occupation: Oracle
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Powers and Abilities
Positive necromancy magic (healing), abjuration protection fields, and an attack that can (or nearly) outright instantly kill a being, living or undead.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
She has a battle armor she can summon from the "scarab" idol on her belt. This armor is head together through force of will.
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About Ynnea



She's able to cast positive necromancy (aka. healing magic) with a level of purity unseen in almost all mortal beings. She herself is immortal, and eternally young (appears to be a 14 to 16 year old girl in her human form). She's also adept with all other forms of magic, but in particular she specializes in two types of magic which are believed to be impossible opposites, transmutation (which relies on careful academic study and precision in creating the runes and other foci used) and necromancy (which relies on powerful emotions and focuses control over those feelings to channel the power precisely).

Her most notable powers include:

  • Healing
  • Dispelling curses or other enchantments
  • Protective bubbles of force
  • Resurrection

She has two forms:

  • Human, appears to be a forever-young 14 to 16 year old girl (as seen in her portrait image). She is typically barely clothed in spite living in climates that would cause most human bodies to suffer from hypothermia and has a body temperature of about 42°C. She typically draws tribal markings on her body to protect her from the natural elements, the pigment is actually enchanted. The garments she wears are a micro-fiber gold weave thread and as soft as silk.
  • Full Celestial, grows brilliant white feathered wings from her back and typically wears gold-plated durium metal armor and an enchanted corona of floating fragments like a halo above her head, held there by her will power in the same way that cities and objects can hold shape in the astral plane.

Ynnea CelestialForm.jpg

Theme Music

The follow music epitomizes Ynnea. She's is a truly holy being, and all the is left standing against Azazel Yrre on Xzianthia's material plane of Xzianthia to stop him and his armada of demons and undead. Yet amidst all of this strife and continuous losses as the evil shadow of the Nha Si'Marat grows larger and closer, she never loses hope!


Myths about her

When she first revealed herself to the elves, dwarves, and humans of Xzianthia; it was believed she was a goddess. To the elves she was a goddess of the forest, of nature, the mother of all life. To the humans, she was a pagan deity of life, later discredited as heresy by the monotheistic religion that later predominated human society. To the dwarves, she was a powerful angelic being and an ancestor, but no goddess. An elven myth says she is the queen of dragons, actually a dragon herself but thankfully a good and kind one. A human myth said she gave birth to the first humans. Still another myth said she is the mother of all dragons and gave birth to them originally.

The truth about her

Ynnea is one of the last living Necteans, an truly ancient race that once spanned not just material plane of existence but several. Necteans were the first product of life, and immortal. They do no not die of old age or suffer from diseases that they cannot regenerate and recover from. They are certainly capable of dying, but their society grew to become peaceful, harmonious, and communicated mostly though telepathy and the sound of music. Being in such harmony with the world, they were able to cast magic on a level not seen by other beings.

Her brother, the devil

As magic began to dim across many planes of the material universes, the Necteans tried to do what they could to reverse the trend, developing crystals of power and using them to jump between planes, communicate, and teleport from planet to planet. It was at this time Ynnea's twin brother, Azazel decided that the reason magic was weakening was because of this new "mortal" form of life which was starting to grow. He proposed a radical solution, cleanse all life from all of existence and begin again. The other Necteans were horrified at this, said it went against the freewill God has intended for the existence, that they should be peaceful steward by not harm or interact with life's development, if their end as a species on the material planes had come it would come and was meant to be. Azazel was exiled for his heresy.

When Azazel returned, he came back with an army of monsters: demons. He demanded all Necteans submit to his will, those who refuses were to be killed as they were now "infected" themselves. Futhermore, he challenged any "God" to stop him and if none did, that proved he was right and the only "God" was himself, for he believed himself perfect. The peaceful race of Necteans were driven to extinction by his hand.

Ynnea narrowly escaped with a few other Necteans. They took the wealth of Nectean's knowledge and technology and hiding on a remote lifeless world orbiting a start in a nebula. They then set about carving out several new planets and seeding the original one with life. They used every last power crystal the Nectean's had created but successfully created a world full of life she had transplanted from various other worlds Azazel was destroying and put them all together on her engineered world. They left this world and it's life behind specifically as a trap to kill Azazel once and for all, for they were a race of peaceful beings, not warriors. It was not in their nature to fight and kill, but this new mortal life with it's strong focus on survival and adaptation would. They knew if they gave this race the tools they needed, and made sure they were hidden well so only the worthy would find them. It was the will of God for it to be so, they said.

The other Necteans then began to study how to rise above this horror of evil which was growing in the material plane, lead by Azazel. They turned their thoughts inward and focused on becoming one with the world in such a way they would ascend from it into something greater. Thus began the race of celestials, angels.

Her exile from her people

While the surviving peaceful Necteans started to ascend and become angels in the Celestial Plane, an "extension" of the infinity of the Astral Plane, Ynnea found herself in a dilemma. She had fallen in love with a man, a mortal human. His name has been lost to the sands of time, but it is clear she loves him even now after even millennia that he has been dead & gone.

The other angels told her to leave the mortals to their fate, if they would resist the evil then they would, if they wouldn't then they wouldn't. To stay behind meant Azazel might have access to following where the others has ascended and continue his crusade against God and all life. She would not forsake her love for him, even know he would die and she would one day be alone. She also vowed to defend life and would not give up on the mortals. She hoped and believed that the could resist evil's corruption and triumph.

The other Necteans chastised her for her folly, accused her as being as delusional as her bother and sealed the gates to the celestial plane for good telling her that she had chosen only suffering and death. For her "selfish", "childish" wants and foolish hope she was to be cut off from her people and they slammed the door on her.

Ynnea's tears of anguish were comforted by the man she loved, he would love her as long as he lived he said and he thanked her for believing in his people, in mortal life. She smiled but knew he could not forsee what she and the others did, the odds of success were almost guaranteed not to succeed.


She has a number of children with this man, the children were more susceptible to mutations that were related to adapting to their environments and thus evolve a bit differently:

  • The various races of elves (who evolved to be more in tune with the natural jungles and forests they lived in)
  • The various races of dwarves (who evolved to be more in tune with the caverns they lived most of their lives in underground)

Each of these races also shared some of Ynnea's immortal purity and live very long lives compared to humans.

The truth about Ynnea and the silver dragons who protect her

The Silver Dragons she keeps company with and that guard her fiercely as their queen do so because they believe in her. And because she believes in Alyssa Q'Uzixola, they in turn respect Alyssa as well. The Silver Dragons are kind beings, as the color of a dragon develops over time and is a very overt physical way of showing what kind of choices they make with their spiritual character. Thus Silver Dragons are always neutral good, whereas the black Shadow Dragons are chaotic and evil. Thus, calling Ynnea the "Queen of Dragons" is actually a misnomer, as the evil Dragons fully support her evil twin brother and are well-known to have lead armies of demons and/or undead it the name of the crusade to "cleanse" life. Thankfully the evil dragons prioritize treasure even higher, so unless being persuaded or provoked they are generally going to stick to their own territory and not leave it or their hordes of treasure. Take note that ALL dragons love treasure.[[Category: