Yolanda "Singing Vixen" Howard

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Yolanda 'Singing Vixen' Howard
Player: @Arkeyark
Partner, I've got a score to settle.
Character Build
Class Focus: Gunslinger
Power Level: N/A
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Yolanda Howards
Known Aliases: The Singing Vixen, Daughter of Coyote
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: Yuma
Base of Operations: Southern Desert
Relatives: Mother (deceased)
Age: 140
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: N/A
Complexion: Yellow-ish grey with a white underbelly
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: A patch of fur is missing around the rightmost side of her neck as there is a tatoo featuring a crouching Coyote.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 122
Citizenship: US
Occupation: None
Education: None, illiterate
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Supernatural protection, hightened scenses and increased speed and stamina.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A pair of old six-shooter revolvers and a Winchester rifle. She also uses a thick rope lasso and a Wakizashi.
ReldinBox Template

"Them folks around the world tend ta' ask themselves the question, 'How long do I have left? How can I make my stay worth it?', ya' ain't lookin' on the bright side. At least yer not countin' the days passed knowin' that you could 'ave a million more. But every life I save makes them days worth it, but I could save a million lives and not make up for the fistful I've taken. But I'll keep savin' them lives. I'll make sure no one makes the mistake I did." ~The Singing Vixen

Character Biography

Smokin' Personality and Traits

Yolanda's morality has shifted dramatically over the years, and thus so has her personality and outlook on life. Due to how the past treated her, she is a tiny bit more weary of people in the world, in particular those of questionable motivation. She becomes very uneasy around strange behavior and tends to question it outright. She shows great care and affection for her fellow heroes and would often offer her assistance even when odds seem against her (Though she would most likely flee if things seem to be getting too sticky). Weither on duty or off duty ( she sees little difference) she always tends to be very hearty and outgoing, sometimes passing off as a tiny bit silly.

Though she is not too well educated (she is infact illiterate) she is quite cunning and is quite accute with rapid decicion making and deduction. Her curiousity is not too strong, and has embraced that some things cannot be explained or should not be. That said, she does tend to be insistent when the situation calls upon it, and can become relatively hostile when dealing with situations that have or would endanger the lives of others. Though, regardless of this, due to her previous transgressions she has become somewhat of a pacifist, even when dealing with the worst of foes. She rarely if ever uses fatal ammunition on a living foe and prefares the use of concussive bullets and the use of enviromental obsticles in order to help take down her foes. Though if the situation calls for it, she would gladly use real bullets with gusto. She is actually quite proud of her own skills, but rarely boasts about them, instead prefaring them to be the 'butt of the joke' in most conversations. Reguardless of which she is still confident in her skills, knowing her limitations well and knowing that there may always be someone stronger. When a situation comes up where she may be facing a foe or dilhema that she suspects can be out of her reach, she will not hesitate to ask ask the more able heroes to aid her.

Gun totin' History

The Wild Wild West

Yolanda Howard, member of an un-named group of bandits, was amongst those terrorizing the west back in the 1880s.She had fallen in with the gang at a young age, having little to no choice after the death of her mother a year prior. Yolanda was born as a bastard child. Her mother had raised her for ten years, travelling about with her and finally meeting her end - being stoned to death for being a single mother. Yolanda had managed to escape, though traumatized from the scene. She spent the two years prior scavenging for food and barely staying alive, living as a drifter. Eventually, she had managed to eavesdrop on a couple of unpleasant gentleman and learn of a gang of outlaws and thugs that were recruiting anyone needy enough to join them. She leapt at the opportunity to join them, and was allowed in on the condition that she prove her worth within the first few months. She had been given a gun, instructed how to use it, and at first left to either defend their wagons at night and act as a meat shield for the supplies. Her prowess seemed to have been proven when she had encountered her first case of resistance. One of the members of the band of outlaws had attempted to poison the water supply and escape. She had been put on guard duty that day, as usual, exhausted from having carried most of the stolen supplies from the stash. She spotted the encroaching gang-member and after a confrontation, managed to draw her gun first and fire out of frightened instinct, shooting the man dead in the chest as he had began to poison the supplies. Having shown some competence, she was allowed to ride as a regular member. As the years passed she had helped the gang gather a considerable amount of wealth, but they also had begun to suffer a considerable amount of casualties as their plans became more and more risky.

Young Yolanda

The gang had spent a period of time raiding the camps of the local Quechan natives, stealing from then during the night. Eventually their patience had run out, and they proceeded to raid one encampment, brutally executing anyone in their way. Yolanda herself carried out the brutal murder of the lead hunter, who had cursed her with his dying breath. He swore that - in her darkest hour, a malevolent spirit would visit her and judge her. Yolanda could not understand the Quechan man, and thus did not pay heed to his warning. The bandits had completely gutted the camp, burning it and leaving nothing behind. Yolanda, at this time, had begun to become weary of her peers. The gang had been on edge. She was the best amongst them with a gun, but they were far from trusting of her. As time had passed, she had gained an infamy amongst them as being swift with a pistol, which worked well enough. The gang itself had become rather infamous at that point, each one of them having procured quite a large bounty. At last, the time for their biggest plot yet had come. The gang had come up with a plan to rob a cargo train carrying a large amount of gold, and profit from it greatly. Yolanda, eighteen at the time, had been tasked with eliminating anyone that gets in their way, taking point. It was an un-nerving task for her none the less. Skilled as she was she was far from ready to take a bullet for the other gang-members. Eventually they had managed to fight their way to the train car containing the gold bars. The gang members tad taken a moment to examine exactly what their profit would be, and the amount of gold was far more then they had originally thought. It did not take long before each one of them pulled a gun on one another, the gang's trust falling apart in an instant. A vicious gunfight ensued, and Yolanda was shot through the chest with a revolver, falling back through a window and falling into the desert. Yolanda lay dying, her fears having come to fruition. Afraid now that her life seemed to be fading, she waited silently for death. As she felt her strength leaving her, she was suddenly visited by the spirit of Coyote, the Trickster. She was offered a deal by the spirit : He would offer her a second chance - giving her immortal life, in exchange for carrying a penance for her actions. Yolanda accepted the offer without hesitation. Her wound seemed to suddenly close up, a painful experience that left her unconscious shortly thereafter. Shortly after awakening, she would be visited once more by the same spirit, being informed of her penance. She had been given a fair gift. Allowed to heal and live for as long as it would take to make up for her transgressions. Unfortunately, after taking so many lives, it seemed unlikely that would be any-time soon. But as a further punishment, as time would go on, her body would undergo an unpleasant metamorphosis. Her body would slowly begin changing into that of a coyote, and if she did not prove her willingness to follow through with her promise and fully atone - she would be trapped in the body of a wild coyote forever.

Beyond the beaten Trail

Yolanda's life had been changed forever. Genuinely guilty for her actions, she had set off into the wilderness, and began a long period of training. Yolanda had chosen to better herself for the good of others aswell as herself. Shortly after this ordeal, she fell into the care of a local lawbringer whom had offered to help train her in order to better her skills - in exchange for her assistance. Surprised that one would be so easy to forgive another - regardless of their ill-reputable past, she spent the next few years helping to bring law to the western frontier, all the way till it's end. She had remained a good and loyal friend to the lawbringer, and as time passed they had grown to love one another. Unfortunately, their love did not last for very long, as the long-term effects of the curse had become apparent as she shared the truth with him. Though hesitant to believe, once the symptoms of the change set in he was beginning to believe her. Fur had sprouted over her body, and her form seemed rather twisted unlike before. The other problem being that ageless, she would easily outlive him. They agreed to dismiss their relationship, though they would remain close until his death in 1930. As time went by, she began to follow in the footsteps of other well-known heroes, and had appeared to many of them seeking to offer them assistance. Her physical changes had come with their own perks, increased senses and speed giving her an edge along with her expertise. Yolanda adapted to the times as they passed, but always kept the homely and comfortable atmosphere of the old west present in her daily life.

Labors and Dangers

Yolanada had observed the 1938 'Martian' invasion from a distance, having heard reports of the occurrence and observed the heroes Cowboy, Dr. Twilight, Optimus and Sea Hawk as they did battle with the massive vehicles. Inspired by the events that had taken place, she felt far more encouraged to offer her assistance to fellow heroes should they ever need it, developing her nature. In 1965, the first Qularr invasion had occured. Yolanda contributed in her own way by offering assistance to the heroes fighting off the massive monsters attacking Earth's major cities, in particular the three-headed monstrosity Mitsura. She also helped fend off the Qularr's secondry attack not too long later and earned plenty of battle experience from it. Having survived Earth's first inter-planetary invasion, her hopes had been greatly bolstered. Both by her victory and by observing the heroes and villains of Earth working in tandem, giving her a more clear goal. While she was unable to help with the attack on New York in 1967 by the Martians, having been in the middle of recovering from her own battle, she did seem eager to learn about what had happened that day, and had come to admire the hero Drifter, seeing him as an icon and inspiration. Yolanda's next role of involvement would be during the Gadroon's first invasion in 1977. As the alien batrachoids waged their full scale assault on Earth, Yolanda had been amongst those fighting back against the gadroon invading the cities, making full use of her skills and suffering quite a few painful wounds. In the end she was driven back, forced to observe their fall. She offered her help defending the mystics casting a spells upon the Gadroon's ships, and observed their defeat, her hope renewed.
Yolanda settling down in her new home.

The Fated Days

She continued to offer help and assistance in virtually any large scale conflict she could reach, until the fated day of the Battle of Detroit. Yolanda herself had been on duty in Texas at the time, fighting off the super-villain Dumblecop. It was not long after she and another hero - the roving rhonin hero Kaichi had managed to take down the villain, that they had received word of the events transpiring in Detroit. Due to a painful leg injury sustained during the battle, Yolanda was unable to accompany the other hero. Kaichi - who had bumped into the other hero on several other occasions, had offered her one of his blades in order to keep herself safe, as a gift, saying that she was "still rusty at close quarters combat.". Yolanda would never see the other hero again, as he had perished along with many others after Doctor Destroyer's devastating attack. Shocked and awed by the loss of life and the fact that she almost walked into it, Yolanda went into mourning for the fallen heroes, helping in the construction of a dedicational monument for the Arizona born heroes that perished in the fight. She would continue to light a candle to commemorate the event every year on it's anniversary. She in turn kept the blade that was given to her, learning to use it over time. She was not particularly skilled in the art, but she could defend herself a tiny bit better now. Yolanda returned to her duties, drifting from state to state and offering her assistance, keeping in contact with her fellow heroes. By this time she had managed to pull enough strings and gain enough favors to get her own home, run down as it was, and live in relative comfort as opposed to making camps and sleeping within caves. She had even begun to become more social, freely offering to hang about with certain heroes whom were not too sensitive about revealing their identities. Finally, in 2009, the second Qularr invasion had occurred. Yolanda, having been visiting Millennium City on the trail of an old ally, suddenly found herself fighting for her life against the massive amounts of Qularr sent down from the Mothership. She aided in the defense and execution of the Ironclad Defence, and watched as the Champions drove back the Qularr invasion, downing their Mothership. She has since been keeping a closer eye on the rebuilt Detroit.

Yolanda overlooking the downed Mothership the following night.

Pistol Packin' Potential

Tools of the Trade

Colt & Stallion

Her favored weapons would be her pistols, a set of colt revolvers or "Six Shooters" she calls Colt & Stallion. Both revolvers have had restoration done through the years in order to keep them effective while still keeping their rustic style, aswell as making sure that they would not recieve damage due to age. The guns themselves typically have an etching of a coyote on their wooden grips, as a little trademark image. Each pistol usually has a thick metal strip at the end of the grip in order to re-enforce them on the rare occasion that pistol-whipping becomes necissery. The pistols themselves are made out of reinforced steel, and while not super-sturdy they are still adequately stout.


Her Winchester rifle, oh-so-inventively refered to as Winchester is another useful part of her arsenal. Like her pistols the rifle itself has gone through renovation and restoration multiple times and has become a staple of her work. The rifle itself helps her on most any type of mission, used to help her snipe and very useful at medium range. She has mastered the use of her rifle to the T and can easily defend herself with it should the need arise. The rifle itself, as the pistols, shares the coyote etching in order to 'claim' that it is her own.


An interesting little tool she uses is a thick lasso that she tends to carry with her to most places. The thick rope has seen the worst of conditions and still persevered, though half it's lenght has recently been added to it, as it has been cut in the past. She is very well trained in the use of the rope itself ,has with all her other equipment, and can make use of it for an assortment of things such as swinging and reaching out to fleeing opponents or distant objects. The lasso itself is approximately 45' in length and made out of rawhide.


Yolanda's chosen ammo for the most part differs between the situation, but her inventory is far from vast. Typically she uses hardened shells and high caliber shots for her rifle, but when dealing with normal foes she switches to special concussive bullets, as to not fatally harm them.

Kaichi's Wakizashi

The last remains of the hero Kaichi, Yolanda wears this japaneese blade from time to time when she feels it may be necessary. The blade itself is probably her sturdiest weapon, made out of an immensely hard titanium alloy and quite light. The downside being though, is that she has very little training with this type of weapon, and is thus very deft and clumsy with it.

The Supernatural

Her brush with the supernatural has left her a few innate abilities.

Sixth Sense

Inheriting one such quality of her patron spirit, she has recieved a sixth sense, being very accute now. She can sense and feel most spirits, and detect malignant energy. Though she is not immensely sensitive to it. She can also detect energy trails, which is very useful for tracking down foes.

Super Speed

One other ability she has attained is an incredible boost to her speed and reaction time. She is much more agile and quick, able to accelerate to a high speeds and use twitch movement in order to help her commit various tasks, from reloading quickly to drawing her gun first.

Supernatural Presance

Due to the nature of her abilities, she is surrounded by a supernatural aura that is neither malignant nor benevolent. The aura can easily be recognised by most magically-inclined or energy-sensative beings.

Rootin' Tootin' RP Hooks

If your character is from Arizona they would most likely have heard about her and her deeds.

If your character attended the first Gadroon invasion or the first and latest Qulaar invasion, they would probably recognise her.

Anyone familiar with Coyote and has mystical powers can detect his mystical presence around her.

Western-based characters may have met her in the past, as she tends to seek them out and establish connections

Face Blastin' Extras

Tunin' Theme Music

Ace Combat 0 Soundtrack - Zero

No More Heroes Soundtrack - We Are Finally Cowboys

Samurai Shodown Soundtrack - The Solid Earth

Character Relations

Family and Friends


Tito Herrera, aka Xiuhtotol has become a close ally of The Singing Vixen. Having both met during the 2009 Qularr invasion, the two became friends shortly thereafter and teamed up from time to time. They decided to get to know one another on a much more informal basis and have become closer as the time goes by. Yolanda feels a close fellowship with him, and often playfully pokes fun at his mystical affiliation.

After a long period of bonding and working with one another, a romance began to develop between Yolanda and Tito. Early during the first days of January 2012, Yolanda and Tito confessed their love to one another and exchanged intimate affections for the first time. While they feel a strong attraction to one another, her image as a super-heroine (aswell as his own) and the prospect of her eventual transformation into a coyote has made their love-life quite difficult. While this has caused some dispute, it has not completely deterred them from trying to make the relationship work against all odds.

Foes and Rivals


A supernatural crime syndicate that goes by the name of GRIEF (Global Requisitions and Eldritch Foundation), operates across the world in a large selection of countries. The group itself consists of corrupt magic users, supernatural creatures (such as the undead, werewolves, demons and so on), humans afflicted by plagues or curses and even common every-day thugs that are forced to join in order to provide manual labour. GRIEF operates in the shadows, often times offering it's assistance to other villain groups in order to acquire favours and resources as well as consorting with higher powers such as the Kings of Edom. GRIEF's followers are each lead by a different mystic crime lord from each corner of the world. One for the Middle East and Europe (The Demon of the East) , another in-charge of Southern America, Africa and India (The Witch of the South), another for areas such as Canada and Iceland (The Beast of the North) and one for both Central and Northern America (The Scourge of the West). The syndicate itself has existed for as long as a thousand years, in the form of a secret society of magi, making use of the dark arts. GRIEF and it's leaders pose a massive potential threat to both Earth and the realms beyond, aswell as anyone that practices any sort of magical art. Their goals are to gain control of the world's riches, and seize supreme power through sapping energy from the magical ether, thus creating a metaphorical monopoly on all magic.

The Scourge of the West

The Scourge of the West

Morgan Devlin was once a down on his luck miner in the early 1800s, working in a coal mine in Virginia out of desperation for work. Morgan was not am ambitious young man. His early life was plighted with a violent upbringing and the preference of physical intimidating over actually working for his goals. He garnered little respect and ended up at the bottom of the barrel very quickly. After a long day of extending the mine, the miners had accidently excavated an expansive underground chamber. While a group returned to the surface to report their findings, Morgan stayed with a small group whom had been tasked with keeping the tunnel stable. It was not long before each of them began to feel themselves drawn towards the chamber.

At first, it was a mysterious ire that tugged at their minds, trying to pull them in. But it was not long before they could all hear a beckoning voice within their minds, offering them their heart's desire if they simply strode in and took it. While many of the miners felt a rush of fear, as hearing the voices made them think they had gone mad, they found they could not give into that fear. Not for a lack of trying, but those who tried to run away found their way blocked by an intangible force. Eventually hysteria began to brew amongst them. That, combined with whispers of betrayal and the use of an uncanny personal insight into each of their psychosis, the entity had managed to have them come to blows - even begin killing one another. It was when the violence was getting to it's worst that the chamber lit up. Rusted stone braziers lit a rather specific path towards a pedestal in the centre of the cavern, an eerie purple glow emanating from an object too small to see clearly from where they stood.

The remaining miners, Morgan included, had become overcome with lust for their precious rewards, as many of them did not want to leave the mine with nothing but blood on their hands. They made a desperate dash, many of them still throwing punches and kicks to one another, swinging pickaxes and shovels as they did their frenzied little race. Morgan in particular showed a great amount of determination, brutally murdering each of the miners, making sure that none of them beat him to the prize. As he ripped his pickaxe out of the last of his comrades, still overcome with the sickening thrill of killing and manic from the events, he approached the glow only to find that the very thing emitting it was what looked like a gap in the air itself, a black space no larger then a coin. He felt himself drawn towards it, his mind straining, an overwhelming sensation that made his mind feel like it was either going to explode or expand.

Upon touching the anomaly, it seemed to slowly seep into him. Before he could react, the air around him seemed to fill with an unearthly glow, his body radiating a vast amount of energy. He could see the walls of the chamber clearly now, visions of unimaginable horrors, depictions of atrocities and mind-boggling collages of otherworldly events. He could hardly comprehend half of what he saw, yet he hardly needed to. The presence from before communicated with him directly, appearing AROUND him in the form of a thousand colourless fronds all emerging from him. "You have proven yourself." it said, it's voice entropic. It was hard to discern a gender or for that matter an actual voice. What his mind registered as a voice sounded more like a droning, metallic ringing. It was the only thing his mind could comprehend. It merely filled his head with thoughts and reasons, communicating with him in instances so quick that his thoughts were literally answered upon his thinking, the answer simply known to him, though only to the extent the entity saw fit. "I am a servant. A surrogate for the will of Deizzhorath, a whim of the Kings of Edom and your fellow. Bare me, strengthen me with the chaos you bring, the lives of others and the meat of physical form. In time you will be more then merely 'Morgan Devlin'. You will no longer be bound by what is right and wrong as all those who wrong you will bend to your will." Morgan's mind filled with a mixture of fear and want. He was being offered everything he had ever wanted in exchange for carrying out the will of something he could not even comprehend. But the lingering sensation of fear gnawed at him. The fear of the unknown. But the temptation, the amazing power he felt living within him. His greed consumed him as he gave in. He felt his body fill with fresh energy, madness and agony wracked him at that moment, but he took it all, took it all and felt his mind open to a multitude of consciousnesses, each calling for him to go out into the world and spread their word. In a moment, it was over.

Morgan soon found himself returning through the mine, a pickaxe in hand and a madman's glare in his eyes, he head to the surface, where he intended to begin sacrificing lives to his newfound masters immediately. He wanted more power, and he was determined to reap it. No matter what the cost.

Morgan's activity was at it's highest throughout the 19th century, where he spent much of his time roaming the US and making use of his powers to gather warped, crazed followers and give their souls to the mysterious entity that had possessed him. Of course, wanting to indulge in the anarchy he caused, Morgan and his 'posse' became well known bandits and murderers, infamous for their brutality and elusiveness. It was an ideal image that Morgan mimics to this day. Though as time went by , his activities mysteriously decreased, Morgan had been active in one way or another during that time, giving a shady hand out to those indulging in crime or the occult. Garnering a large gathering of mindless slaves and associating himself with many powerful and supernatural figures, Morgan eventually helped found GRIEF. In his opinion, the chaos was far more entertaining when 'shared with friends'. Taking his place as one of GRIEF's regional executives, he is in charge of all business conducted within the US.



Yth'gamla-eth, a mysterious space-faring cosmic horror, was contacted by GRIEF's Demon of the East and eventaully found his way to Earth. Yth'gamla-eth is a monsterous entity that can fade it's density out to the point of melding with the fabric of the universe, hense why it often appears as an incomprehensable, shifting mass of stars and energy. The being promotes itself as an assassin, willing to destroy the foes of it's employer, aslong as it's cryptic, usually random demands can be met. It is a being that is chaotic in nature, it's reasoning usually senseless and baffling, asking for random assortments of items ranging from near-impossible to aquire artifacts, weapons and technology to mundane items like bars of soap and books.

Yet behind this insanity comes the sense that Yth'gamla-eth has a greater plan then any of it's employers can comprehend. It's form often shifts and melds with it's background, usually up to the point where it transcends it's dimention and can only be interacted with by also shifting to it's dimension. Yth'gamla-eth seems resiliant against most kinds of damage, physical attacks usually either fade into it or refuse to even scratch the being. Magic and energy based weaponry can injure the being and even banish it temporarily to own pocket dimension, where it will stay until it fully regenerates. Powerful, stealthy and incomprehensable, Yh'gamla-eth is not only GRIEF's chief assassin, but it's greatest spy.

The Witch of the South

Coming Soon

The Demon of the East

Coming Soon

The Beast of the North

Coming Soon


Mathew Dumblecop Richards is a crazed psychopath with the ability to generate a large amount of eletrical energy, which he uses to violently zap innocents into submission. He has a knack for abducting people and shocking them into mental submission, trying to drive everyone to the painful limits he has reached.

Posse's Feedback - Other heroes and their thoughts!

Of course, everyone is entitled to voice their opinion! What are your thoughts on the spunky slinger?

"Chica Perro? Nicest girl I've ever met, despite... well, you know. Don't let her looks fool you though: She's great to hang around, fun to talk to and VERY fun to go about super-heroing with, and, admittedly, kinda cute. Fun to cook for too; Gal has one hell of a mighty appetite!"- Xiuhtotol on Yolanda