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Player: @Keymonk
Ytid closeup.png
Close-up of Ytid's face.
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: Fairly strong
Research & Development: None.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ytid Helgirsdottir
Known Aliases: Bane of the Red Wolf, Slayer of Gorm, the Ever-Rising, others.
Gender: Female
Species: Jotunn (giant)
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Jotunheim
Base of Operations: MC, Diplomatic apartment as roommate of one Battalion.
Relatives: Family still in Jotunheim.
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 250lbs
Eyes: Pitch black
Hair: Black
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Muscular, amazonian
Physical Features: Pitch black eyes, deep and even voice, bushy tail, sharp-toothed mouth
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


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Identity: No attempt to hide it whatsoever
Years Active: Months
Citizenship: Pending US Citizenship
Occupation: Bodyguard
Education: Technically home-schooled
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

Supernatural Strength, Quick Healing, High Constitution, Superhuman Senses.


Brawling, raised with battle, good adaptive skills

Equipment and Paraphernalia
PRIMUS issued communicator, High-Tech Mace issued by a private contractor, capable of absorbing impact for non-lethal fighting. Incredibly durable.
ReldinBox Template

((WIP!))Ytid, a giant from Jotunheim in the mystical realm of Faerie, is a mace-wielding heroine stationed primarily in Millenium City. Brought to the Earth by powers sorcerous, she has begun establishing herself as a registered heroine and is pending US Citizenship. Though obviously from another world entirely, she is slowly adapting to a different realm.



Born and bred in a harsh world, Ytid is at times a hard woman. Valuing personal strength and courage above all else, it can be hard to earn her respect if one does not conform to her standards and expectations for this. Seeing as her definition of strength is somewhat loose and hard to place, it is all the more complicated to gain her approval. One thing is for certain, however; she disapproves of guns and magic both, one cowardly and the other considered 'borrowed', and thus false, strength. It can therefore be hard for her to get along with these types of heroes, as she is quick to voice her displeasure at the means with which they fight.

This boldness is another trait that Ytid possesses, both in battle and without. Very brave and confident, sometimes to the verge of recklessness, she rarely thinks twice about meeting a challenge or engaging in battle with a strong foe. Out of combat, Ytid rarely bothers to hide her displeasure with others or to avoid conflict. Rather, she can come across as abrasive and blunt when she voices her concerns and opinions, since she usually does little to make her words sound less harsh. As such, it is easy to see her as an unpleasant person to be around.

Though prone to wrath in combat, she is surprisingly hard to upset out of combat. Though she may be harsh, it takes a lot of provocation before she responds with any measure of force. This is partly due to the pride she takes in keeping her rage under control, and her sworn desire to avoid breaking the laws of humans.


Super Strength

Observed to be able to lift weight equal to about a medium-sized car, Ytid clearly possesses physical strength far beyond that of a common human. Though muscular, her mass does not suggest strength at quite those levels. Her muscles must thus be assumed to be quite dense, capable of putting great force behind swings, throws and so on. Her weight supports this theory, her body weighing in at roughly 250lbs.

This strength is utilized through her mace with great skill brought on by a life of battle, her swings capable of generating massive amounts of force. Particularly heavy clubs, her weaponry of choice, benefit greatly from the considerable momentum she is capable of putting into her attacks, the weight and wide impact areas generally benefiting greatly. Even without a weapon, her physical strength makes her a formidable foe, should she close the distance with her foes.

High Survivability

A variety of traits keep Ytid on her feet in any given battle; a combination of high resilience, quick regeneration and a burning rage tempered by an iron will. Her skin is generally tougher than even the hardiest humans in peak physical condition, though the protection does not come close to what would be found in skin of rock or other super-tough bricks. This resistance to injury makes her able to take hits that would injure most humans in stride. However, while this is very useful against goons and relatively weak threats, it only offers basic protection against most stronger superpowered foes.

Coupled well with this is her indomitable will, this strong fighting spirit able to keep her standing despite heavy injuries. Through force of will, she is capable to keep herself in the fight even when worn down and injured. In battles, though she does her best to keep it under control, she has a tendency to become enraged. This rage is utilized and directed towards her foes through the aforementioned willpower, lending greater strength to her strikes and encouraging her to be all the more stubborn in her desire for victory.

Further helping her stay alive after battles is her quick regeneration, her flesh repairing itself much quicker than an average human. While this regeneration is very good for recuperating from battles, it is of little use in fights, as it does not nearly heal her quickly enough that there is any tangible benefit in battle.


To better fight the criminal element in Millenium City of today, many heroes rely on equipment to round out their skills or reinforce their weaknesses. In this, Ytid is no exception, though she does not currently possess much else than her weapon and a communicator.


Ytid's weapon of choice is a large mace made out of a (for her) relatively light compound of durable metals, its weight allowing her to swing swiftly and with great force. The head of the mace is formed with four protruding plates of metal around the base, forming a cross outwards from the middle. Though on first glance completely solid, these plates are actually made of many smaller parts that comprise each plate, attached together by flexible links. This flexibility allows the mace to absorb some of the force of impact, making the mace somewhat less likely to outright kill her targets. Further helping to avoid accidental murder is a force-field emitter hidden in the middle of the mace, the force-field absorbing its own share of the force to further decrease the risk of murder.

By folding the plates together and using a telescope-like structure, the mace is able to collapse together into a simple, slightly thick metal rod that Ytid may carry around with her more easily and a bit more incognito than a massive mace.


Ranged Combat

Being a warrior who relies on close combat first and foremost, Ytid has little means with which to fight at range. As she eschews ranged weapons such as guns as cowards' weapons, she is left in a bad position if she fights someone who can outmaneuver her. Should the situation become desperate, she is strong enough to fling her mace at her foes, or leap at them to try to swat them out of the air. Should she not manage, there is little she can do to be a threw to them, short of improvising by using nearby objects or smaller enemies.


While courage and confidence is a good thing, it can sometimes be taken too far. Unfortunately, this is something Ytid at times suffers under. Proud and stubborn, she has a tendency to occasionally end up in dangerous situations, because she took a taunt as a challenge or threw herself into a battle with odds stacked against her. Her pride contributes directly towards her tendency to avoiding using ranged weapons, which has more than once put her at a distinct tactical disadvantage.



- Almost never wears any footwear.

- Has a stomach capable of digesting raw meat and flesh.


- It is said that Ytid collects the blood and bodyparts of 'worthy' opponents.

- There are some who say that Ytid suffers from shopping addiction.

- Some suggest Ytid can eat her own body weight in food twice over.

- Some believe Ytid is a demon in disguise.

Public thoughts and opinions

((Feel free to post any impressions, quotes or opinions from your own superheroes and/or civilians or other!))

Knox: Strong, mastered in a fight. Always up for a scrap. Talks straight, to tha point; no sugar-coating. As good a drinkin' partner as a sparring opponent.