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Player: @ZachsMind
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Doktor Zachary Carleton
Known Aliases: Zachary Jakes, Zachariah Mentalioso, Robin Starveling,
Gender: male
Species: cybernetic humanoid
Ethnicity: caucasian
Place of Birth: Texas
Base of Operations: MoonBase, Terra, Sol, Western Spiral Arm, Milky Way
Relatives: parents (deceased). two sisters. extended family of blood. close knit family of choice (see Slack Patrol ).
Age: 42
Height: originally 5'10" but now depends which chassis he's wearing.
Weight: either twelve pounds (just his head) or half a ton (heaviest chassis)
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Complexion: beige
Physical Build: excuse me?
Physical Features: he's a head on a chassis I don't know what to tell you.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public knowledge.
Years Active: Over a decade. Since the Qularr invasion. August 2009.
Citizenship: Texan. American. Terran.
Occupation: Science teacher at Ravenswood Academy. Inventor and assistant to Dr. Silverback. Superhero.
Education: Bachelors at UT Austin. Doctorates from multiple disciplines
Marital Status: Happily divorced
Known Powers and Abilities

  • excruciatingly intelligent about some things
  • excruciatingly ignorant of other things
  • ranged particle and crushing damage
  • experimental blaster with unpredictable unpleasant effects
  • highly experimental defenses that don't always work
  • very agile and strong for a human brain on a robot chassis
  • limited healing and resurrection capabilities
  • jet pack granting limited flight capabilities

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • wrist bolter
  • chest beam
  • experimental blaster
  • robot chassis
  • autonomous robot pets and drones
  • jet pack

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Out Of Character (OOCly)

Doktor Zachary Carleton (aka ZachsMind) is a fictional character based very loosely on myself (see also "Mary Sue" and endless variants) which I've adapted to multiple projects and social virtual settings since the summer of 1985. I joined The Church of the SubGenius and back then it was customary to make up pseudonyms for ourselves on the eventuality of committing Art Crimes of questionable scruples and legality. We never actually got around to doing anything that required a secret identity, and the only reason why my identity was secret at the time was because no one cared. I fashioned this elaborate back story for my alter ego that somehow involved cloning. I don't recall the details now but it's not important. Somewhere around the turn of the millenium I began using ZachsMind as a nomenclature online for Bulletin Board Services, AOL and Prodigy, email, then myspace and facebook and twitter. It's who I go by online, but it's really just another way I refer to myself now, and the identities have blurred to the point where it just doesn't matter, beyond vain feeble attempts to keep my online and offline lives separated by a nonexistent wall of apathy and willful ignorance. The version of ZachsMind used inside the game of Champions Online has been mostly an inside joke this past decade. A way to tell myself "continuing adventures" of an idea I long ago should have abandoned.

If this character serves your roleplay habits in the game that's great. This page is an effort on my part to be a little more sociable in Champions Online than I have in years past. Whether it amounts to anything remains to be seen. This may be too little too late, but better late than never, right?

In game (ICly)

The general public knows little to nothing about Doktor Zachary Carleton. He's in the news now and then. Usually as one of many names who assisted The Champions in saving the world again. Historians would note he was a participant in the preventing The Qularr Invasion of late August 2009. Prior to that he was not a superhero. He was instead a freelance inventor who helped Defender and a number of other 'capes' with gadgets and weaponry. In fact before and during his time as a superhero, he also freelances as someone who can help superheroes "suit up" for a price. That coupled with a more regular salary for assisting Doctor Silverback with his many projects and experiments helped put food on the table, figuratively speaking.

Little to nothing is known about Zach's birth and childhood, other than he was born in the state of Texas, and that his parents died while he was in college. When asked he reports a very boring idyllic childhood and young adulthood that was spent mostly studying and failing to be an actor, but he learned he had a talent for Creating and experimenting in what he calls "The Forbidden Sciences." Zach joined The Church of the SubGenius in 1985. While in college, Zach made a name for himself in the scientific community as a mad scientist and was largely ignored or ridiculed. The only ones who seemed to take him seriously were costumed vigilantes who would turn to him to solve problems no one else would tackle, like how to sheathe or otherwise contain an energy sword from another world while not in use, or how to tame psychic energies with a headband filled with wires and diodes and some duct tape. When it was learned Zach was called in to help Harmon Industries with some R&D projects he got in the news a bit briefly. Then the Qularr Invasion happened and he was largely forgotten in the maelstrom of countless other heroes. Zach still doesn't think of himself as a superhero per se. More like someone who supports other superheroes.

Just a few years ago, Zach was captured by someone who claimed to be Doctor Destroyer (but clearly was not). Zach was decapitated, his body cryogenically freeze dried while his head was attached to a robot body. It took him awhile to get his body back as well as his robot toy friends Amber, Cody, and Elfen. Zach used to be merely an inventor, but for the past few years of his career he has become essentially an Automaton with a human brain along for the ride. Still unable to figure out how to reattach his human body permanently, he leaves it in cryo on the Moon inside his base of operations, which he shares with his Family of Choice, the Slack Patrol. Zach is also a lifelong card carrying member of The SubGenius Foundation, as well as lead deacon of The First United Patrio Psychotic Anarcho Juxtapositioned Church of Latter-Day SubGenii and Prepatory Academy for North Texas and other places or "the church with the long name" for short. Oh, and he still likes pineapple on his Chicago style pan pizza, even tho he can no longer digest it properly.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Ranged Damage - Wrist bolter with particle damage. Chest beam with crushing damage. Experimental blaster with various sometimes predictable results.

Passive Offenses and Defenses - Zach's robot chassis are nearly Unbreakable and with some Concentration can increase his damage output.

Miscellaneous Gadgetry Robot chassis housing a humanoid nervous system is a little faster and stronger than the average human being. Jet pack attached allows for flight. Medical nanites work on both organic and artificial materials keeping Zach and nearby friends up and running efficiently. Magically imbued gloves allow for some limited melee capabilities. Zach is also a walking cell tower and wifi hotspot, with its own self-replenishing power source.


INTELLIGENCE - Zach has multiple doctorates in various sciences and disciplines. He's also studied under the tutelage of Doctor Silverback and great minds from this world and others.

CONSTITUTION - Zach has a high will and mastery over his own body and mind, allowing him to stay in the fight longer than some.

EGO - Zach can be quite full of himself sometimes and has difficulty associating with people. However when he puts his mind to something, the results can be occasionally impressive.


BadRobot: He's a savage with power armor like powers. Currently at large One of Zach's greatest failures. Zach created "Good Robot" to be a servant of mankind, but it was not supposed to have self-awareness. One day Zach absent mindedly left the robot's remote control on the work bench as he ran off saving the world again. While Zach was gone, the robot picked up his own remote control and wired it into himself. When Zach returned there was a big hole in the wall and a note that said, "Get your own coffee! I'm thru being ordered around, suckah!" So now Zach refers to it only as a "Bad Robot."

StarkFist: Ice powered menace. She's a maniac. Currently in jail. Just another crazy ex-girlfriend from Zach's past who once seemed to be nice but then one day she just got mean and they broke up. He went into fighting crime and she went into committing crime. Their relationship was back when he still had his head attached to his original body. They haven't really caught up recently since she's been incarcerated and he's been decaptitated. It's complicated.

General Perception

Although he does have the occasional fan who walks up to him and thanks him for this or that, most of the public knows little to nothing about Zach. They might know his name. He's been in the papers. They might know he's one of the good guys. There are images of him shaking hands with Defender and they're both smiling. That's about it. Defender has shaken hands with everyone. Player characters who are mad scientists themselves might see Zach as a coworker or someone they've rubbed elbows with at Mad Scientist Conventions. Fellow superheroes know him as one of the guys to go to if you need your gear fixed. Provided you can afford his fees and want something done right. There are others who will do it for less, but Zach's a bit of a perfectionist and you do get your money's worth. Most don't know he's a brain in a jar on a robot chassis. They think it's some kind of trick or unique approach to a costume. Granted, in a world where there's angels and demons and aliens and pirate ninjas, a brain in a jar on a robot isn't really that big of a deal, but some may find it more unsettling than others.

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