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Player: @Reefermun
Zannon Portrait.jpg
"Taste my justice."
Character Build
Class Focus: Flexible
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Zannon
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Project Greenskin
Relatives: Deceased
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'10

6'4 in armor

Weight: 160lbs

460lbs in armor

Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: White-Blonde
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build: Slim
Physical Features: Tattoos acquired on Earth
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2008-Present
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Security Guard
Education: No formal education
Marital Status: Unattached
Known Powers and Abilities
Dense bone structure and lessened gravity contribute

to enhanced strength and durability.

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Malvan questionite alloy armor

Neutronium sword named "Silvertongue"

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A Silver Knight

Far in the lonely regions of the galaxy there was a planet. This planet was very similar to Earth in many ways; vast oceans, large continents,and open fields. On this planet Zannon was born and raised. He grew up a soldier, fighting on behalf of his king for most of his life. As he neared the end of his servitude the unthinkable happened: peace. His king had forged a brotherhood across the entire world. Many years passed, peaceful years, science improved and technology changed. Eventually they became a spacefaring race. During this peaceful period Zannon continued his training, perfecting the art of the sword. He was hailed as a champion in many local tournaments around the planet. After many years of practice he was finally invited to the royal tournament, the place where the very best of his kind crossed blades and fought with honor. His king was watching and it inspired him. He fought well and came out on top. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the king made a mad dash back toward the palace. Zannon followed him and discovered researchers conversing with the king about a possible invasion. The Gadroon had arrived, soon they blackened the sky. The king assembled his knights and went to battle against this new foe.

Zannon followed the devout warriors, witnessing their fall. He took up his blade and joined his king, slaying countless amounts of Gadroon. The two fiercest warriors on the planet were eventually overwhelmed, exhausted, with millions of amphibian corpses littering the landscape, millions yet still walked. They took captive the king as Zannon feigned death, watching helplessly as the Gadroon forces left. After the battle cleared, Zannon ran as fast as he could to the nearest launch site, taking a ship and chasing the Gadroons. Soon after he emerged from the planet's thick atmosphere, a blinding light came from behind him. The Gadroons destroyed his whole world. Zannon, awash in absolute fury, vowed he would avenge his people and save his king. Zannon chased the Gadroons, hidden,for months.

During his pursuit he was intercepted by someone who was chasing him. The Malvans. He was captured, after a furious battle, and made a slave. Slavery has never been bad on Malva, as it is a paradise. Perfect for any living creature. Taken to their arena, Zannon became a gladiator. He fought for years in the arena, becoming well known around the galaxy as a gratuitous fighter. One fateful day a fleet of Gadroons showed up at the arena on Malva. This renewed Zannon's fury and he went on a destructive rampage. The planet's weaker gravity made him that much stronger, and his thick skeletal structure made him hard to break. His steel will kept his head clear as he fled to the Malvan flight decks. Commandeering an entire battleship, the furious gladiator laid waste to the Gadroons, sparing the Malvans, and escaped the planet. He was finally free again, but he still had to find his king.

Over the course of a few years, Zannon combed the stars for his king. He crafted for himself a suit of armor, made of scraps from within the giant battleship. During his travels Zannon fought many foes with his impervious armor, the Qularr, the Roin'Esh, and even the Elder Worms. On the brink of giving up, Zannon's Malvan Battleship picked up the signal of the Gadroons. Zannon prepared a space pod to infiltrate the Gadroon fleet. Crashing his way into a carrier ship, the questionite-clad warrior made his way to the hangars. He found the ship that his king was taken away on. It had a gaping hole in it and appeared to have been collecting dust for years. The thought of the mighty king dying at the hands of the Gadroon fiends reignited his rage. Fashioning a sword out of a scrap of the dusty, destroyed ship; Zannon wiped out thousands of Gadroon, making his way to the planet below.

A New Home

Plummeting toward the strangely familiar planet below, Zannon landed in a river. Emerging from the river he discovered a city. The city was seemingly separated into an upper half and a lower half, with seven extremely tall towers standing in the center. The Gadroons were descending toward the planet so he had to think fast. Suddenly a huge flake of concrete was flung at one of the ships. Hearing a familiar voice, Zannon turned around and was overcome with inspiration. His king was there fighting the Gadroon fleet. Working together Zannon and the king wiped out vast amounts of Gadroon. With the planet's weak gravity, the two warriors were stronger than ever before! After driving off the Gadroon fleet, Zannon bowed to his king and offered him his sword arm. He had finally avenged his planet. Zannon made a silent vow that day. He vowed that he would forever fight tyranny, regardless of the race, to prevent the atrocities that befell his people from ever happening again.

Years passed and Zannon migrated south, from Detroit, to Arizona. While traversing the desert, Zannon stumbled upon Project Greenskin. A military base focused on research regarding radiation and the behemoth Grond. Greenskin was under attack by an irradiate army so Zannon stepped into the fight. Effortlessly flinging irradiates around and shattering the ground every step caused the project director to recruit Zannon to work for him. After taking down a villain known as Gigaton, Zannon helped repair the damages caused by the battle, making an excellent makeshift crane due to his strength. Zannon continues to this day to fight for Greenskin.

Zannon Banner.jpg


Since he was young, Zannon has always been something of a trickster. He enjoyed joking with his friends and making light of any situation. When the Gadroons destroyed his world, however, his entire demeanor changed. He was coldblooded and silent for the longest time. After being reunited with the king, he has slowly started becoming like he originally was, though no amount of time can heal the wound of a missing world. Zannon has a strong sense of righteousness, he is able to judge others' intentions intuitively. His greatest strength can sometimes be his greatest weakness, in that he is relentless in his goals. Zannon is very patient with others, despite being quick to anger. The only time he is truly mad is when he himself fails. The way he carried himself can readily be compared to the prophetic thief of virtue.

Known Enemies

(Work in progress)

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Due to Earth's extremely low gravity relative to his home, Zannon exhibits incredibly amplified strength. He is able to lift bulldozers with no effort.

Enhanced Durability: Zannon's people evolved to be very durable. Their bones are harder, denser, and thicker. Zannon also sports a suit of questionite armor, material salvaged from his Malvan battleship. The armor, being questionite, is one of the most durable things in the known universe.

Master Swordsman: On his home world, Zannon fought for war and for sport, until the massacre, using a blade that looks similar to a Scottish claidhmor. Upon finding the wrecked Gadroon mothership, he fashioned a great sword from its metals, dubbing it Silvertongue.

Enhanced Speed: This trait goes hand in hand with his strength. Due to the lesser gravity and lower air resistance, Zannon is capable of catapulting himself forward and blinding speeds.


Zannon's most noticeable feature is that he sports a shining suit of questionite armor. The armor is nigh indestructible and is equipped with a regenerative molecular solution that repairs any little flakes of metal that are lost in battle. In the gauntlets are questionite chains salvaged from his battleship's mess hall. He uses the chains to sweep away any opposition before they get near. In the feet of the armor are two twin-ion repulsion engines. The engines can accelerate to a moderate pace in an atmosphere, enabling flight, however they really shine in space, there they can accelerate exponentially, enabling local space travel.

Zannon also wears a cape. His crimson cloak is a battle standard that he (inadvertently) managed to rescue from the destruction his home. It, along with him and the king, are the only things left from his home world. Because of this, Zannon takes really good care of his cape, never letting a foe touch it.

Zannon's main form of offense is a sword fashioned from a destroyed Gadroon mothership. The same ship that his king was held captive on. The ship was forged of neutronium, an intensely heavy material ejected from neutron stars. The sword is a scrap of metal that Zannon peeled off of an impact area on the ship's hull. After finding a new home on Earth, Zannon further shaped the scrap into a blade, dubbing it Silvertongue.

Zannon Dash.jpg

Recent Happenings

Recently, Zannon joined a group of heroes called Conquer. Despite being only a soldier among their ranks, he loyally serves them.

He spends his free time back in Millennium City, performing on the streets and in the theater.

Zannon has recently stopped using his sword. Causing too much bloodshed, he threw aside his arm and now fights with his fists. With his strength in conjunction with his Questionite armor, Zannon can hit really hard. Word is, he is currently building a new suit in order to make his new fighting stance more effective.

Zannon Dance.jpg