Abony Negative

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Abony Negative
Personal Data
Real Name: Abony Peterson
Known Aliases: Abe
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington
Current Residence: Millennium City
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Grace Peterson (mother), Cameron Peterson (father), Aysteria Peterson (twin sister)
Affiliations: Genesis League
Equipment: None


Abony Peterson was the twin daughter of a super-powered couple that lived in Seattle. She was born with unique powers of bitter ice and negative energy.

She had lived in Seattle for her entire life, until her best friend and band-mate, Ivo, moves to Millennium City, a place littered with heroes and villains.

Seeing this as an opportunity to do something with her powers other than hide them, Abe and the rest of the band moved into Ivo's new place.


Abe's family was quite wealthy, her mother a lawyer and her father a realtor.

Her twin, Aysteria, often manipulated Abe into being the exact image of her. Aysteria became popular among her friends, and Abe was forced to tag along to listen to their bitter and mean gossip of the unfortunate classmates who became their topic, along with adding thoughts that were mere lies, in order to have the attention come off of her.

Abe, not liking that one bit, was under pressure, and never got to do the thing she wanted throughout her pre-school and elementary years.

Though in middle school, she met Ivo Grey, Mickey Porcelain, and Rohan Ebudae, becoming best friends. When Aysteria found out that Abe was hanging out with rowdy, unpopular punks, Aysteria became raged, and tried to keep Abe by her side at all times.

Once it got to the point that Abe, her twin and her new friends were fighting about the issue, Abe put and end to it, and stopped hanging out with Aysteria. From there, Abe was Aysteria's sworn enemy.

Not long after detaching from Aysteria's manipulation, Abe started to learn how to play the drums, before she started developing skills in her powers. She spent time with her mother and father learning how to defend herself with her powers, along with controlling them.

Abe's relationship with her mother and father varies. Her mother being a lawyer, when Abe requests things like money for shopping, purchasing an item of her interest, or defending herself when solving any conflict between she and her twin, it always takes much convincing. It sometimes extends to where whoever was over at their house at the time were invited as witnesses.

Her father however, was there, but was working most of the time either at home or at his office. Only being able to speak or spend time with him when she was training with him.

Combat, Powers, and Conditions

Abe has a natural blood temperature of 15 degrees, and can form ice with a controlled cooling of her blood, creating a blood temperature of around 0 degrees.

She only trained in controlling her powers and defending herself with them, moving to Millennium City with the rest of the band encouraged her to further her skills and use them for combat, along with developing a technique to slide on ice that she forms. Once she was able to hit things on target and keep her stamina up, Abe was comfortable to help out Genesis League, when Ivo (who joined Genesis League) fell bed-ridden after being bitten by a snake.

After mowing through Telios' clones and saving Steel Chimera, Abe felt confident to fight crime around Millennium City alone.

Though as confident Abe may be flying solo, sometimes during summer or in hotter places Abe needs a special 'suit' to keep her blood cold and enhance the ice that propels from her fists. She often has a hard time staying cool in the summer; she can't stay in the sun's view for long until she could have dehydration issues, no later would she faint from the heat. During the wintertime she often dresses like it's summer, and swims in open water without the effects of hypothermia or frostbite.

Her skin is very sensitive with direct contact to heat, and often causes scarring burns. There are multiple places where her twins sister (who had skills in blasting fire) had placed her burning hand to Abe's skin and made it bleed, and Abe had to go to the hospital.

Genesis League

Volunteering to help Genesis League on the mission in Telios' tower, Abe proved herself worthy of joining Genesis League. After taking care of neighborhood thefts and threats for a few months, Abe decided to join Genesis League as an operative.

Abe does not work on the investigations on Lord Venom and other high-priority rivalries, instead, Osprey has appointed her in charge of the new rookies that come into Genesis League, working on low-level missions.