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Player: @Emulator
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 31
Research & Development: Mutations
Biographical Data
Real Name: Keiron 'K.T.' Themus
Known Aliases: Adranus
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Mutant)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Millennium City, Massachusetts
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Massachusetts
Relatives: None (As far as he's concerned)
Age: 19
Height: 5'10
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Black
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Scarred skin on both arms from fingertip to Elbow
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: Less than one
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Student
Education: Uneducated
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Pyrokinesis, Elevated Body Temperature, Flight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Suffice to say, Keiron did not have the most stable of childhoods, even when he was still a baby, his parents were not in the most stable of relationships, his farther out at ridiculously excessive hours with no reason as to where he was and how long for, his mother aggressively demanding of where said father had been. Even throughout his childhood he only ever watched his parents from a distance: from doorways or from upstairs, where they couldn't see him. Finally, when he was nine years old during a day at grade school, he made the decision he didn't want to stay with either parent and decided to just pick a direction and run rather than be the ammunition in as messy a divorce as there was. Keiron waited until he was sure both his parents were asleep before he grabbed a back-pack, grabbed what he thought he would need to survive. After that, he just slipped out of the kitchen window and ran. Not caring in which direction he ran.

Gang Lifestyle

Seven years on the street was a harsh time for Keiron, the supplies he took with him didn't last him long, resorting to him to scavenging what he could, when he could. The clothing he also had didn't last him long, out growing them by the time he was twelve, forcing him to beg, borrow and steal discarded rags. Whenever he could, hobo communities let him stay with them for a few nights before Keiron decided to just move on. By the time he was sixteen, Keiron had found nothing but a reality, to him, that seemed harsh and unforgiving. At least until he felt he was in the 'wrong place at the right time', being discovered by a pair of Gang members looking to find freash meat to join the 'Coyote Gang', a small time group of social misfits and troublemakers that operated in the Westside district. Keiron was apprehensive at first until he was fed the usual line about how being with the Coyote's meant he was with a family and would have a home. Initiation was simple enough: square off with a Coyote 'Pack Member' and the Alpha would see if you were worth to be a 'Cub' or not. Fortunately for Keiron, he was the lighter, more nimble of the two in the initiation, despite being malnourished and easily earned his place in the gang.

It was during his time in the gang that he learned of, and adopted the Straight Edge Lifestyle, leading a clean lifestyle to keep his body pure. There was the odd occasion whilst with the gang he thought it wasn't a good idea, but his worries were easily sated with exaggerations and half-truths about what the Gang did. As time went on it became harder for Keiron to justify what he was seeing from his new 'family': assaults, muggings, arson attacks, even stepping into the Gang warfare with the other small-time gangs. The more Keiron saw, the more he knew he had been lied to when the Recruiters whisked him in off the streets but he dare not say he was out because the only way out of the gang was to end up dead. Thus meaning Keiron was stuck with this lot life had given him.

That changed when he was eighteen years old. He was out on a raid with other members of the pack, thinking it was time that his hands should be bloodied. Keiron was told to watch and learn how to mug someone just passing in the street. The whole thing went rotten frm the word go when the intended victim pulled a weapon and a fight ensued. In the end the victim's weapon was wrestled from him and he was gunned down in cold blood, much to Keiron's horror... at that point he didn't care what happened to him, he was leaving the gang and he wasn't looking back

Explosive Emergence

That's when it happened: after declaring himself out of the gang, the inevitable response came as the Gang Leader set his the entire gang on Keiron with the intent of killing him. Keiron grabbed the nearest weapon he could and tried to fight off the entire Coyote gang. At first he was able to hold his own until a kidney punch floored him, allowing the Gang to beat down on him. During the beat down, Keiron could feel his body starting to boil... LITERALLY boil as the gang started to back off after rambling remarks about how Keiron had become hot to the touch he had become in those few moments. Kieron then got to his feet, visibly shaking and gripping his mind, as if feeling it were about to explode. The next moment, Keirom erupted in a torrent of Immolating fire, the flames just spreading outward from him with such concussive force it was comparable to a large explosive device detonating, taking both the gang AND the warehouse with it.

This was Adranus' birth cry

In the ensuing aftermath of the 'explosion', Keiron felt like he was in excruciating pain where he stood, only for a moment as he looked around, the dust starting to settle to show that the warehouse was nothing more but a large pile of debris that had just collapsed on everything except him. In a split second, he knew he had just killed, murdered 39 people, no matter who they were. In the distance he could hear sirens, that explosion had caught attention he didn't want, prompting him to flee the scene. After he felt safe, the first thing he wanted to do was throw up. He knew the only way out was to fight off the entire gang... but that's what he only intended to do, he never intended to kill them the way he did. Once he was somewhat more calmer after the events he soon realized what he was. He was a mutant.

X-Pelled Mutant Academy

After returning to street living a year after the 'incident', Keiron had more or less self taught himself how to use his powers with creative success, like the formation of wings of flame able to left him onto flight, to damaging side effects to is arms, the thermal backlash from creating and throwing fireballs had left his hands and forearms up to the elbow had been scarred and mutilated, rendering the nerves that attribute to the sensation of touch dead. But even so he honestly felt there was nothing he could do to keep his powers in check, lest he have another incident that wiped out the Coyote gang only one year previous. That chance came when he heard about the X-pelled Mutant Academy, an academy for troubled teens that could help them suppress and control his powers. Thus he approached the Academy Director Carolina Mitchell for acceptance, struggling at first due to his inability to read the Application form or even fill it out.

Some time later, Keiron was finally accepted into the academy... and immediately it was clear that his personality was as abrasive as that of his parents: every attempt to socialize was met with Keiron lashing out with assumption and conmjecture to some people, spesificly the likes of fellow students Jeremy Imenex (to whom he thought was the a-typical Hollywood playboy) and Helldozer (Often calling him 'Carrot Top' in conversation) Even his working relationship with the teachers has been abrasive, often claiming that he would rather give oral presentations rather than written ones (too embarrassed to admit at the time he was Dyslexic), or showing outright refusal to learn specific subjects (because he feels it clashes with his chosen lifestyle and personal beliefs)

Over time at the academy and the events that occurred in the Fall of 2011, Keiron, whilst still abrasive and explosive in conversation, and confrontations, has started to become a more tempered individual, though only slightly. In that time, with the assistance of fellow Student Samian, he has better controlled his Pyrokinetic abilities (Though admittedly, more so than the teachers have taught him). Since becomign a Sopomore at the school, Keiron now also feels he now has a sense of responsibility in the face of the new Freshman class of the Academy. Though he is still not afraid to jump into a war of words with those who are willingly disruptive in class.


At the beginning of the Winter semester, like most of the student body, Keiron had been infected with an unknown disease, during the early stages Keiron believed that he was suffering from flu. As the Illness developed to more 'aggressive' symptoms Keiron was adamant that the symptoms weren't as bad as they seemed until forced to admit himself to Mercy Hospital for observation, and with good timing as on Christmas eve the Hospital Staff quickly rushed Keiron to an Isolated Ward for observation and treatment. Once the individual treatment for each symptom had been administerd almost three days after contracting the spotty outbreak Keiron was cleared to be discharged under the proviso that he don't take on too much too soon.

In January, despite everything during the previous semester, Keiron still seemed to be at war with himself about his 'interactions' with the rest of the Academy's student and staff body, finally coming to something of a head at a Comparability Class involving a game of 'no contact' Basketball. Keiron immediately believed that the game wasn't best suited for a Pyrokinetic as crude as he was. Further abandoning the 'team' he was on during a variation of the game 'British Bulldog' as he just abandoned his position and allowing Dr Mitchell to win the round. A fellow student Concept attempted to tell Keiron how his powers could be used, only for Keiron to snap back at Dennis' face with some rather strong, harsh words.

The warning signs were there, Keiron knew that he had slipped into a Downward Spiral but decided not to act upon it, thinking it would 'go away over time'. Other students, one the class had ended, attempted to pull Keiron out of the spiral, but Keiron seemed adamant that all he'd be useful for was a walking weapon. The Students (Project Echo,Night Spider and Bloodryn) did their best to try and Teach Keiron that his powers would take time, given Keiron was the only Pyrokinetic at the Academy. Despite their best efforts, all Keiron seemed to see from Spider were cheap pops at his blatant inabilities and Lya just pushing him to do things with his powers he beleived would only cause more harm than good.

His own Personal war then took a turn for the worst when Keiron seemed to just shut down and start arguing with himself, sending him into the arms of a Mental Breakdown, almost collapsing under the weight of whatever demons haunted him and his actions against the Academy.


Whilst evident in his way to approach to written studies, Keiron has been aggressively defensive over why he would not write his answers or such things. The medical reason begin is that due to his uneducated upbringing since being on the streets, Keiron suffers from a form of Dyslexia, whilst he is able to read large-sized text and fonts, writing is considered an impossibility to him.

Keiron is also a firm believer in the 'Straight Edge' way of living, meaning he chooses not to 'pollute' his body with the use of narcotic drugs or the consumption of alcohol. Despite stress and other such situation, Keiron has not wavered from his chosen lifestyle, no matter how strong the temptation has been.

Finally, due to his past experiences, Keiron's mentality on Gang's is 'no surrender, no mercy'. Honestly believing that anyone who IS (not has been) affiliated with a gang should be shown no mercy before begin handed over to the authorities beaten, bloody and darn-near broken.