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The Angel Who Did Not So Much Fall As Saunter Vaguely Downwards

Physical Attributes
Magical Attributes
ѻ ӿ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ ѻ
Lawful Evil
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Azrael Marital Status: Loyal mate of Le'Shvira
Known Aliases: Azazel; Crawly; Wrath; Son of Perdition Occupation: Pit Lord; General; R&D Company CEO (Host); former Grigori
Gender Male Persona Base of Operations: The Pit/Earthly based Sanctum or Penthouse
Species: Fallen Angel/Devil Education: Angelic Upbringing
Ethnicity: Caucasian Male Host Date of Birth:  ??/??/????
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Relatives: God (Father, Diety) Michael, Raphael, Gabriel (Elder brothers, Archangels) Lucifer (Elder Brother, Archangel/Devil);
Antiel/Pride (Brother, Fallen Angel); Baraphiel/Sloth (Sister, Fallen Angel); Uriel/Lust (Sister, Fallen Angel); Bartelby/Greed (Brother, Fallen Angel);
Age: Indeterminable Complexion: Silver grey/Caucasian
Height Variable/6'2 Physical Build: Muscular
Weight: Variable Physical Features: Spikes and spines/Sharp jawline
Accent: Refined deep English accent (think Alan Rickman) Equipment: Binding Necklace
Eyes: Purple eye, red iris/Glowing Red Known Abilities: Illusion, Teleporation, Reality Manipulation, Possession, Enochian Sorcery, Dark Sorcery
Hair: Ebony black/Ivory White Weaponry: Angelic Blade
Standing: Unaligned, posing as citizen via Host. Allies: 6
SuperGroup: Shadowfire Stratum Enemies:
Sidekicks: None Pets: Demon Butler (Walter); Celestial Messenger (Barachiel);
Minions: Demonic Host/Fallen Angels/Celestial Constructs IC Deaths: Host destroyed twice.
OOC Data
OOC Name: Skittlez! Combat Style: Text duels with oversight/Game Mechanic
Level: 40 Previous SG's: None
Gender: Ambiguous Access to VIP Club: Yes
RP Type: Mature RP Access to VB: Yes
Started CO: Immediately after beta # Costume Slots: 37
RP Aptitude: Twelve years Alternative Characters: Andromache; Mikhail Conall; ChiropTerror; additional others less commonly seen
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Known Information

In common accepted Judeo-Christian mythology Azrael is perceived as the Angel (sometimes Archangel) of Death. While serving in Heaven as a Grigori, he recorded the births and deaths of every human born and watched over the Hosts of all Angels and all the humans who were destined to become Prophets of the Lord. As the Pit Lord Wrath he is unknown to the general citizenry but those with deep contact in Hell may know of him as a ruthless commander of the Pit's armies and a common foe of the demons in Hell, with his own demonic host. Hell Lords may have faced him in battle, if they're strong enough.

Alexander King, Azrael's host, is a military deserter, who's previous life was partially scrubbed by Azrael. Persistent techsavy characters who suspect this identity is fraudulent may uncover the remaining evidence that Azrael missed, proving Alexander King a military deserter. The history set up in place puts him as the CEO of a minor R&D weapons and armoury company working for PRIMUS and the US and UK Militarys. He is known to be married to Eliane King (nee Sinclare) an Italian fashion model, daughter of the rich Sinclare family who helped to fund the launch of Alexander King's company. There are no birth records for Eliane nor a marriage certificate of any kind, and – again – techsavy characters would discover this with some research.

Angelic characters will know him as a betrayer and may find his existence offensive; demons may feel similarly as he is still an angel, and while he controls a host through fear and the odd cases of idolisation, most demons hate him for this very fact.


Azrael has several forms, as he has a human host and can manifest through this host a perception of his 'devil form', as the Pit Lord Wrath. He is also capable of showing an angelic form, however non-Fallen Angels will see right through this. His forms are detailed below :


Alexander King, the descendent of Judas Iscariot and Alesiter Crowley. A sharply faced, muscular man with shortly cropped black hair and rugged, chiselled features. His eyes are purple instead of white, and the iris are red. He tends to wear fine Georgio Armani or Louis Vuitton suits and Prada or handmade Italian leather shoes and is rarely seen out of them.

Devil Armour:

A 'classic' devil look to showcase what he is, as his true form carries certain issues detailed below. Arching demon horns and shocking white hair, with glowing red eyes and a body covered in spikes and armour. The armour is made from an unknown Celestial metal and appears to withstand huge variates of damage with little to no problem. Below his skin, there is a constantly flowing scrolling Enochian scripture which – to those who can read it – details the life and history of Azrael, and reacts depending on his mood or use of his angelic abilities; it goes from dull black, to soft yellow, piercing gold, shocking white and – at it's apex – jet black with a burning purple outline that gives off waves under his skin around each character.


Rare to see, but when Azrael really needs to put across a point he can lose the armour and become a conduit for dark sorcery and Enochian magic, as well as tear apart anything in his path.

True Form:

Unless you travel into the Pit – from which there is no coming back – there is no way of mistakenly seeing this form before the Apocalypse. Like all Angels, Azrael's true being very large and impossible to describe, as only a select few can see it and the very sight of it leaves them without words. Aside from Prophets and a chosen few, the mere sight of Azrael's true form will cause the eyes of any creature who looks upon him to melt in their eye sockets, as the human vision is too basic to take in the aetheral visage. This form is locked down tightly in the Pit, however, hence why Azrael is forced to use a vessel at all times to be on Earth.



The information in the following sections is strictly for character detail and other than trivia things that include his smell and details of his behaviour, it is to be treated as unknown knowledge. If you use this knowledge in game to get an upper hand, I will chose to ignore you and your interactions with my character, and repeated attempts to metagame or godmod will result in a one-way trip to my ignore list. Please, for the good of fun RP, don't meta-game.. And help control the pet population; have your pets spayed or neutered.



While in his 'devil form' Azrael's strength, durability, healing factor, speed and endurance are all in the superhuman level. He can press about sixty-to-eighty tonnes, take blows from miniguns and superhumanly strong opponents, move about twice as fast as the finest human athlete, heal practically as quickly as an eye can blink and go for hours without tiring. Azrael has a mastery over the arcane, after millenia of study, and – while most versed in the Enochian magic of the angels - is very capable with all dark sorcery. He also possesses limited ability to alter reality, as an angel, although this is greatly diminished by his imprisonment. As an angel, regardless of his fallen status, Azrael is essentially immortal. He has a longevity that is tied to the White City, and so long as it exists, he will continue to live. This does NOT mean he is invincible, however, and Azrael can be destroyed by those that know how.

Azrael's greatest weakness is the fact that he is forced to use a human vessel to do his work, and that human vessel can be harmed. Although he is capable of regenerating it to exceptional levels, it is still prone to damage and enough repeated damage could destroy the body to the point where he would no longer be able to regenerate it, and forced back into his prison. Azrael cannot manifest on Earth outside the dreams of a mortal and taking a human host is not a simple matter of jumping down someone's throat; his host must be willing because, despite being a Fallen, he is still an angel and angels must have permission from their hosts to use them, unlike demons. His host must also be of the correct bloodline; he can't ride just anybody, they must be right for him. His previous known hosts have been Judas Iscariot, Brutus the Younger, Ögedei Khan and Aleister Crowley, though he never used the last, preferring to watch the man, instead. His current host is a military deserter called Alexander King, who can trace his line back to both Judas Iscariot and Aleister Crowley, through different familial roots.

Azrael is arrogant, ill-tempered and assured of his dominance over mankind and demonkind – he respects certain, powerful demons and creatures like dragons or fae, however. He believes that he is on the losing side of the war against heaven, but fights regardless. This is either a sign of his loyalty, or his pure arrogance, in the belief that he is right. He spends the vast majority of his time trying to prevent an all out conflict with Heaven, Earth and Hell, however – his intentions are unknown. Azrael, despite his relative calm, is a creature of intense emotion. Of course, it is to be expected; as a Grigori, he was one of the Watchers. He observed man kind and saw the freedoms that God gave them, which incurred his jealousy. He, like his brothers and sisters, was restricted to what he could feel or do, simply following the word of Heaven blindly. This was the reason for his Rebellion, Fall and continued Fight. This information can only be gained through roleplay, and assumed knowledge/metagaming will result in questioning as to how your character came to this knowledge and may result in the end of RP if it's been pulled from this bio.


  • Azrael is known to many demons, though very few like him, for obvious reasons. Despite the fact that he is one of the Fallen who fought with Lucifer against Heaven, Azrael is convinced of his dominance over human kind and demon kind, and can be egotistical about it. This can be detrimental to his success, but he is also capable of being charming and works with demons and humans in his plots.

  • Within the Pit – separate to the Dregs of Hell – Azrael and the other Fallen are imprisoned. From Grigori, to Cherubum and Seraphim and even Putti and Muses who refused to fight in the War, the Pit is filled with angelic outcasts who never made their home on Earth. Azrael's powers are dampened because of this, and he relies mostly on bragging and his army to cement his position within the Pit. Seven Fallen angels rose to dominance around Lucifer's cage, and the demons they took to their thrall refered to them, not by their angelic names, but by titles derived from the Seven Deadly Sins. Azrael was named Wrath for his capabilities in this field.

  • A fairly large part of Azrael's character is that he is the lover of a Qlihpothic nightmare who is whispered about in legends. He makes it abundantly clear to those who query it that she is his main focus and concern and that any harm befalling her is a very good way to break his rage and cause him to put you at Place Numero Uno on his shitlist. If your character would wish to make something of this, please ensure you have both my permission and the permission of Le'Shvira@Jasuke before you bother.

  • Character inspiration drawn from WB Supernatural series, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens and TeamFourStar's DBZ Abridged Parody.

  • Is Lawful Evil! Wrap your head around that one; despite being a clearly evil character, he has fought to prevent Qliphothic and Alien invasions and Therakiel's apocalypse from happening.

  • Keeps an inordinate amount of house plants in his Millennium City penthouse and even if he doesn't visit for months, they stay alive easily; those who know of his history in the Garden of Eden as the Snake will understand why he surrounds himself with plant life.

  • Is a huge fan of the English rockband Queen and promised to wage war upon Hell and the Pit if they tried to claim Freddie Mercury's soul. He owns all of their records and saw them in concert; yeah, he likes them that much.

  • While in his human form he smokes and drinks, claiming to do so because it 'humanizes' him and when they do it in movies they look 'cool'; despite the foul smell of the thin cigars he smokes, the smell never hangs around, and he instead smells of Versace aftershave, usually Blue Jeans.

  • The nephilim (true nephilim-- the half-human, half-angel type) were created by Grigori that mated with humans who gave birth to nephilim offspring. Azrael, who hated humans, abhored his siblings who did this. Because of that, he tracked down and killed all Grigori who survived their expulsion from heaven for their acts. The last remaining Grigori fell to him, one by one, and other than fallen angels and those who managed to survive in Heaven, there are none known living.

RP Hooks

  • Is neither a hero or villain, but relishes the opportunities to fight angels or demons spoiling for a brawl; however, he's much more keen on forging alliances and prefers a calm conversation over butting heads.

  • Azrael's aura reads as a Fallen Angel with hints of Qlipothic energies, and he is sensitive to angels and demons; he is capable of entirely hiding his supernatural visage to humans, however.

  • Azrael is arrogant; along with a shaved chest, a closest full of expensive suits and the eyes of a mad-man Azrael possesses, above all, a giant ego and stroking it is a much safer way of surviving in a conversation with him than appealing to his (non-existent) human side.

  • If your character is in possession of an angelic artefact, Azrael will be able to sense it. Want to RP with that as a hook? Sling me a tell and we'll work something out, I'm very open and approachable.

  • Azrael is in love with the Qlipothic entity known only as Le'Shvira and his loyalty to her is matched only by his loyalty to Lucifer. Attempting to come between the two is a very good way to get on Azrael's bad side and attempting to harm or threaten her will cause him to lose his barely contained patience.

  • In his human form, Azrael poses as the CEO of a weapons R&D company; while not as well known as James Harmon, he still has some minor clout following his development of weapons designed specifically to fight demonic and Qlipothic forces and his information on helping to stop Therakiel's minions.

  • While I doubt it, if you're a demon who is dedicated to the particular sin of Wrath and would like to have served under Azrael or still do so, feel free to drop me a tell or a mail in game and we'll try and work something out. Azrael hates demons, but those that follow him aren't mistreated, particularly. I mean, it's still Hell and all, but he does want to keep his army for the End War and randomly killing them off would be counter productive.

  • Azrael is always looking for allies in the End War and to help prevent anything happening before the Apocalypse that would ruin his plans. So if you're an evil character who would join his side in (and be around for) the Apocalypse, we could always RP them meeting over just such a thing. Again, drop me a tell or mail in game.

Unacceptable RP Hooks

  • "Nyeehh evil demon you die now." Look, I like a gratuitous violence as much as the next Scot, but if you're going to pick a fight with Azrael make sure you do it right; he's not a demon, he's a Fallen Angel or a Devil, and not everyone immediately knows it. If you're unsure if your character would know, send me a Tell, I'll be happy to judge it based on your character's abilities.

  • ”I'm a Hell Lord/Powerful Arch Angel! You are powerless to me!” You'll definitely get a reaction from that – it's a one way ticket to my ignore list. Azrael rebelled from Heaven, but he's just as arrogant as as they come and he obeys the law of one other; Lucifer. And if you come up to me claiming to be Lucifer, I won't even dignify you with a Tell explaining why I'm ignoring you. Same goes for claiming to be God.

  • ”I have a weapon/artefact/spell that kills demons/angels/gods! You're now dead!” As with the above, this is an excellent way to find yourself on my ignore list. Azrael's human host can be destroyed by anyone persistent enough, if he doesn't stop you in the time it takes, and his true form is locked in the Pit, which is surrounded by demons, Celestial monsters and kept sealed by the Hellguard, so no dice there. He carries an angelic blade capable of destroying his true self, as do his brothers and sisters, but they never let go of them. Therakiel's sword could lop off limbs, but he'll just try to kill you for trying.

  • Suggesting you're a higher ranked demon, dragon, vampire, demigod, transforming robot, dinosaur or banana, than my character and that it should intimidate me/draw respect. Status can be earned via RP, not just written into a bio and assumed. (*)

(*) There are exceptions to the rule; the more established an RP character is, and the more reasonable their status is (hard earned heroic persona, as opposed to writing 'This is a very powerful character' in a bio) the more I will take your character seriously. If you're not sure if you're an exception to the rule, send me a Tell!

A good example of a hard earned status would be heroes like Thundrax, The Blue Bruiser.

A bad example of a hard earned status would be suggesting you're a Lord of Hell, Archangel, owning a billion dollar cooperation, or boasting strength/skill. You may cry hypocrite for this, but Azrael was cast down into a Pit and imprisoned there and worked hard to get to where he is now, and that is by no means super powerful. Considering a persistent mob of New Purple Gang members have a chance of destroying Azrael's host, I would hardly call him God-like; he's just very arrogant and no stranger to bluffing or outright lying to avoid conflict/brow beat people. Whether or not you're intimidated is up to you. I demand the same respect that I give and will not lord my characters status as a former Angel over anybody, nor assume his host's position matters one lick to your; they merely exist to encourage roleplay and build what I hope will be an interesting backstory.


Azrael's existence falls under a lot of scrutiny, when examined next to science. He's been around for billions of years, technically, although not all of them have been as a conscious being; for a long time he existed only as a wavelength of celestial intent. The story goes that when the Earth was created and man was born onto it, an order of angels watched over them, observing their progress. These angels were known as the Grigori, or the Watchers. They documented history, of both the White City and of Earth. Azrael began his training covered much of humanity, although he spent a great deal of time in Heaven, too, and whenever he got free time he would observe the mighty Arch-Angels – the four pillars of the White City, and one's who had actually seen God.

Azrael observed humanity in an animal form, preferring the guise of a serpent, personally, and found them to be disappointing creations when compared to the rest of his Father's work. He dare not speak his mind, however, as to believe God was wrong was paramount to blasphemy and would see you cast from the White City or – if you were lucky. - killed. Azrael wished neither, so he continued his studies and remained impartial during them, However, it wasn't going to last, someone was bound to notice..

And notice somebody did. Azrael was compiling a report in one of the antechambers, casting Enochian runes across the room like dancing lights, recording his knowledge for future readers. A language that was as much emotion as it was speech, the Enochian tongue allowed the hearts of their writers to transfer into their work. When working, he was interrupted by Lucifer, the youngest of the four Arch-Angels, but the most beautiful by far, and renowned for his adoration of their Father – Lucifer loved God more than any other angel. Lucifer asked Azrael about his studies on Earth, questioning him at great length about the 'awkward hairless apes' that populated the planet. Lucifer seemed pleased by Azrael's hesitation about this latest creation.

He asked Azrael to do a few things for him, and the young angel did them without question, relying on the fact that none of his superiors were Arch-Angels and he would do as he was told by Lucifer, unless one of the other's overruled their younger member. He spent a lot of his time observing Lucifer, watching how he acted and treated his brothers and sisters and spoke of the various issues in the City.

As the years wore on, Azrael was promoted until he achieved the Celestial rank that put him in charge of an entire House of Grigori; they would later become his garrison, too. He kept himself going, but never pushed too far above his station, just enough to keep himself moving, without drawing too much attention to himself. When Lucifer began meeting other angels who felt similarly about the human problem as he did, Azrael was swept up in it, as were his garrison, who all felt similar, bar one. The Arch-Angel snared their minds easily, and they listened to him speak of wiping the humans out.

When the order came from on high, that God had commanded angels would bow down and worship mankind, the outcry from Lucifer shook the foundations of the City. The inner circle that he had gathered and taught, bepreaching his own brand of what Heaven should be onto, rose up with him in protest, begging God to rescind the order. Lucifer begged Michael openly to join his side, to prevent what he saw as a madness. Michael called Lucifer a freak, a coward and a bad son and all those that stood with him would be judged as such. Lucifer asked Michael one more time to help him, but Michael maintained that the word of God was law. Thus began the great war that tore Heaven apart, and Azrael joined Lucifer's side, warring against his brothers and sisters in the Great Rebellion.

Limited in number, Lucifer and his cohorts were outmatched by Michael and the White City's army. Lucifer used his arcane knowledge to draw the celestial constructs from the Great Pit that lay below the Earth, a place of dead space where the mistakes of angels were sent. These twisted beings, warped by their time in that dark place, became the backbone of Lucifer's army and they struck out against Heaven, with Azrael fighting his kin with a great sadness. Azrael's garrison was all but wiped out in a fight with Raphael, and only seven angels stood against the Arch-Angel; they fought against him, but Raphael was stronger than them all and he cast them into the Pit with their twisted army; Lucifer and his forces were cast down, to join them. The Great Pit became their prison, and all were locked into it for their crimes.

While peace reigned in the White City once more, things were not so happy down below; despite the fact that they had been allies during the war, with Lucifer bound in an eternal cage and his followers separated and segregated from him, they fell into disarray, tearing into one another. The Pit was a dark, cruel place that drew out the worst in all of them. It warped their holy nature and the weaker ones – those who did not fight in the war, the constructs of Lucifer and those just too beaten by losing their former lives – became dark, twisted creatures – nightmares, almost. Azrael and a few others were luckier, including those that had battled Raphael – as some of the strongest left, capable of standing against an Arch-Angel without being wiped out, they began to wage a war in the Pit that lasted longer than any of them cared to remember. The Seven rose to power in the Pit, quickly conquering weaker angels and forcing them to fight for them, so they could fight over who would rule. The war continued deep in the pit, and as the first demons were created by Lucifer and his first human servant, Azrael began recruiting and twisting demons to his own purposes, fighting his brother's and sister's with them. The Seven were given names attributing to the seven characteristics deemed unwanted by the White City; Pride, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth and Gluttony. The thrall that Azrael controlled, and their kin called him Wrath, instead of Azrael, and he began a long and arduous journey to fix his mistakes.

As the battle in the Pit evened out, Lust, Wrath, Pride and Envy became the four most prominent figures in the Pit; they tried to cease fighting as much as they dared, to observe the alarming rate at which Hell had grown while they'd been absorbed in their own war. It had grown to be many hundreds of times the size of the Pit, populated by twisted human souls who had become demons; demons who might follow Lucifer, but the majority of which hated the Fallen, who were responsible for their torture in hell. Azrael and his brothers and sisters warring had actually fuelled the discontent on the earth and fanned the flame of hate that the human race waged upon one another. Along with demons, Azrael also brought corrupted celestials under his control and some of the old weapons that Lucifer had used, including giant angelic monsters that Lucifer fashioned to fight Michael's armies with.

While fending off attacks from one another the Pit Lords, or the Seven, also had to deal with their prison guards, the angelic assault forced known as the Hellguard, and attacks from Hell itself, which the Hellguard let happen, either for amusement or so that both sides would wear the other down and make their job easier. Luckily, however – at least for the Seven – they stilled possessed enough of their angelic powers to repel the demons who attacked, and many more fell under their control during these years. Azrael battled various Hell Lords in his time, defeating some and bringing others into his camp under a coalition. Despite being the embodiment of Wrath, out of his brothers, he was rageful and wasteful with his Wrath – it was a cool, calculated and dangerous kind.

Azrael defended his slice of the Pit with Enochian wards, celestial and demonic armies and the construct weapons from the War, proving himself to be a tactician and general, and also managed to prevent all-out conflict with factions form both the Pit and Hell, proving his skills as a negotiator.

For a brief time, Azrael and Pride worked together, combining their armies and crushing waves of demons from their siblings and Hell, managing to conquer a vast area with their combined efforts. However, Antiel – the Cherubim Azrael had known in Heaven, who had become Pride – was boisterous and made claims that angered Azrael, the two came to blows. Their alliance fell apart quickly, and Azrael reacted with the deadly Wrath he was known for, decimating a large portion of Antiel's armies in two solid campaigns and shaking the other's grip on the Pit. At this time, their sister Uriel – who had become known as Lust – swept in and took much of Antiel's power for her own, and became Azrael's direct opposition within the Pit, trying many times to have him killed, personally. She even went so far as to give her Angel Sword – one of the only things that could permanently kill the Seven Pitlords – to one of her loyal demon followers. One of Azrael's guard threw itself on the blade and Azrael took the demon down; to this day, he remains in Azrael's realm, being tortured and Azrael has Uriel's sword as a trophy.

Baraphiel, or Sloth as she had become, aligned herself to Azrael in recent centuries and while she does not control a great portion of the Pit, the two combined have a slight edge over any single Pit Lord, buying them some breathing room. Compared to the raging war of yesteryears, the Pit has known a relative calm as of late, and Azrael and his siblings have all turned their eyes to Hell, Earth and Beyond to find alliances. .

In the past century, Azrael has cemented his place on Earth. In the 20th century, he secured some measure of control over the life of Aleister Crowley, one of his potential vessels, as well as descendents of an old vessel, Judas Iscariot. He took children and seeded them across the globe, using demons to possess their parents and raise them in confines to worship Azrael with the eventual goal of one day serving as a potential vessel for him, as Azrael requires his host to say 'yes'. He twisted events so that he would have a host in the form of Alexander King; King, however, wound up leaving the confines and the demons assigned as his parents were punished for losing him. When Azrael found him, however, he was a military deserter who's wife had abandoned him and taken his children. Alone and afraid, he was ripe for Azrael to swoop in and charm him into giving up his freedom. Azrael helped him get revenge on his wife, and then set up Alexander's children in the same way he had the man, and more hosts sprung from King's lineage.

Azrael also set King up as an R&D specialist for the American military, starting a company – OphanimTech – and manipulated a history for him, to maintain the cover. He set him up in America and began looking for support for his war, twisting humans into slaves by convincing them to sell their souls to him and his demons, and striking deals with magical cults and beings. The time was relatively boring for Azrael, since he could do most of it in his sleep, but he didn't expect the next ten centuries to be all that interesting anyway, so he didn't care much. He was shaken from this bored revere, however, by something he didn't expect.

While at a party hosted by James Harmon, posing as King, Azrael met for the first time, the Qliphothic Shadow Goddess Le'Shvira. He was the only being in the room capable of piercing the veil of shadows that she wore and he baited her into coming to talk to him, which she did, potentially more out of curiosity than desire to speak with what she no doubt believed to be a mundane human. Azrael, however, proved to be more than a mundane human, and he invited her to join him in a further discussion on humanity, where he revealed to her his true nature. She was the first to be trusted with it, mostly because he believed she was the only one who was likely to believe it, and the two met on various occasions, their relationship becoming one less centred around the torment of humanity and further their own goals, to one based on – dare it be said – a most unusual love. Azrael, who had betrayed the being he perceived to be the creator of all things in the Universe, turned turncoat and slaughtered his brother's and sisters – found a soft spot for a creature who didn't even fit into his race's belief of the universe. The Qliphothic realms were removed from Hell and the Pit, and Azrael had no real knowledge of them, but he allowed himself to be taken in by this unseeming Goddess, and became more loyal to her in their time together, than he was even to Lucifer.

Azrael's body has undergone changes because of his time with Le'Shvira; as his host is incapable of withstanding the Qlihpothic corruption, he must take it himself, and while it doesn't kill him, it has changed the way his Earhtly visage exists, corrupting it and making him something else. What that is, Azrael doesn't know, as neither he nor Le'Shvira are even aware of the corruption setting in.

He has also created a tentative business relationship with the rogue demon tradster Avarice and, in his human form, spoken to the human mystic Eldritch.