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"Is this thing on?"
Player: @klixxon
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Evan Chambers
June 1st
U.S. Citizen
Vibora Bay
UNITY Headquarters
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
  • Father: Gavin Chambers; Deceased.
  • Mother: Elise Waters; Alive.
  • Sister: Brooke Chambers; Alive.
Physical Traits
Gene Enhanced
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Athletic Build
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
  • Regeneration.
  • Chi Focus
  • Enhanced Pain Tolerance
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Reflexes
· Equipment ·
  • Folding Bow
  • Several Multi-Purpose Arrows
  • Dagger x2
  • Revolver
  • Multi-purpose all climates suit
  • Mark 3 tactical retracting magnetic wings
· Other Abilities ·
  • People reading
  • Escape artist
  • Parkour
  • Martial artist
  • Tech crafter
  • Lie detection
  • Survivalist


Evan Chambers as a kid was trained by a man called Noel Ki'rasen'alavugau, he learnt how to harness his inner energy also referred to as 'chi' and fight his targets using his inner senses, not relying on his ears or eyes. Once he reached 16, Evan wished to join with UNTIL, this caused him to train harder than ever before, he broke his arms several times in training. His devotion to get in on merit drove him to push through the pain and he eventually could tag along with UNTIL as a camp aid for their camp at Project Snakecharmer, alongside his friends, however Brooke stayed in the city.

Evan having no clue what to do.

When he arrived at Project Snakecharmer he aided the campsite by fetching many supplies with his friends. They got news that VIPER was killing off all the soldiers so he and his friends rushed to try and get to their aid, however they arrived too late and instead met with Viperia. She was in the middle of her ritual when she spotted them and begun her attack against them. They didn't hold up long once Evan was hit by one of her surprise attacks immobilizing him. He was then forced to do nothing but watch as his friends were killed infront of him, begging for him to help them, their voices echoing in his head, his eyes filled with rage and despair. Viperia let her snake bite him to 'finish him off’. However as she left, his rage gave him the strength to eat some of the Viperium crystals laying loosely on the ground around him, he screamed out for days as he was stuck, his body regenerating from the wounds, it took two weeks for him to get out of the catacombs.

Evan getting ready to fire his arrows.

Starved and dehydrated he was left to hunt the remaining wildlife on the island just to remove his hunger, he then begun cutting trees with the knives left behind by the UNTIL campsite group. He spent the next week hunting and chopping down trees for their wood. Making a makeshift boat he packed enough of his hunts to survive him till he arrived in Vibora Bay, where he adopted the alias Blackout. He spent the next few years training and hunting, he deserted his old life and left any trace of Evan Chambers in the wind. He got a job as a bounty hunter. He learned many skills from this, and lessons, such as always have a spare mask, never rely on others and always make sure the job is done, check the status of the target.

Blackout's new costume.

Blackout uses his daytime to work for UNITY and interrogate suspects on his own, or get information from possible suspects, however this often leads to Blackout getting involved in alien sex parties and makes up some regretful memories and also ones he loves. Which developed his liking to Amazonian's, Elves and a huge disliking to cat-girls.

Blackout in casual clothes outside his house in Vibora.

Checking up on his sister he was filled with even more rage, she had become a VIPER agent, not to infiltrate but to enjoy the art of killing and torture. Now, he met his enemy that would rival Viperia in his heart. Bonnie Von Rozen, a meta who can control the dead like puppets, this included his two friends and father, she could see his fears and played him against them, he fought and killed them all, except for Bonnie, who whispered to him "You cannot kill me because I'm the only good thing left in your life", he aimed his bow at her but she was gone before he could fire it.

Blackout investigating a magic disturbance for UNITY within Vibora.

Blackout met with Juliana, a Zephyrion assassin turned trainer, he saw her wisdom and power making him request to train under her, which he did, later finding out that she is the same race as his old master Noel. Blackout trained with Jules for well over a year learning how to move fast, conceal his presence and master conversations. Later meeting Chloe Evans, a girl also training under Juliana, he initially thought she would die within an hour, when she survived he fired an arrow right for her head which she narrowly avoided, gaining his respect. Now Blackout continues to seek his vengeance against Viperia and his nemesis Bonnie Von Rozen, his first childhood friend.


  • Regeneration: Thanks to the Viperium that Blackout ate his body gained the ability to regenerate from injury, it heals him at a cellular level and even prevents most forms of poisoning, however due to this added strain his body cannot fend off natural elements meaning he can still get drunk, just a slightly higher tolerance.

  • Chi Focus: Thanks to his rigorous and unforgiving training by Noel, Blackout is able to focus all of his internal energy, or ‘chi’ and move it to certain points of his body to apply varying effects, such as stunning an opponent when striking, adding extra hurt to a punch and many more applications.

  • Enhanced Speed and Pain Tolerance:Blacklight has broken his bones so often that he barely feels the impact of a solid hit and can continue to follow up with a counter of his own, not to be mistaken for not receiving damage, he just doesn’t cry out in pain. His enhanced speed is based off his reflexes and the Viperium’s effects on his natural agility, allowing him to run faster and make larger jumps than a normal human.

  • Folding Bow:Equipped with stealth technology, a digital scope, several input buttons for varying effects applied to the arrow or the bow itself, this bow is able to fold up into a small triangle and even completely vanish. It can even split and operate as two varying length daggers that are coated in a snake venom that paralyses the nervous system.

  • Multi-purpose arrows:These arrows have interchangeable heads and bodies so that Blackout can apply the desired effect to each arrow he fires, normal arrows, water arrows, smoke arrows, fire arrows, razor arrows, armor eating arrows and more sit within a completely hidden quiver resting on his back

  • Revolver: A hidden and magic revolver, given to him by a mage on one of his many scandalous adventures where he faced against several demons with no pants, can fire unlimited bullets with a short cooldown to act as a clip.

  • Multi-purpose all climates suit: After visiting Canada, Blackout realised. The original suit got way too cold way too fast. So he made a new suit that was able to adapt to climate changes and various weathers.

  • Mark 3 Tactical Stealth Wings: A set of bird like wings that come out from the back of the suit and work via micro gravity repulsors and magnetic direction control with his gloves. The mark 1 and 2 were destroyed during testing as they were not agile enough to stop him at the last moment.
    Blackout testing the Mark 3 Wings in Vibora Bay.



    Viperia: Viperia is the bane of my existence and I will patiently work my way up to killing her, no matter who stands in my way, she will be absolved of her crimes in the afterlife, and never come back.

    Snake eyes.png
    VIPER: This bunch right here can all perish with their damn sacred idol, a bunch of fangirls of destruction. I failed to stop them once, but that will never happen again, even if my sister is one of them, no mercy to VIPER.

    Bonnie Von Rozen: Bonnie Von Rozen, my childhood friend… a menace, she will stop at no length to get her way, to control all of the dead and enslave the world to cater to her and only her, she has an odd crush on me and it’s creepy. She wants me to worship her but keep my mind, HA, like any sane person would do that, even the insane would have to be desperate, one day, she will kick the bucket too.


    UNTIL: I aspired to be part of them and finally got my chance and screwed up big time, I blame the rookie side of me, I was too keen on fighting instead of defending and making sure everything was set up right, a few things were off but I let it slide and then VIPER had their way with the team I was in.

    UNITY: After the Viperia incident, Evan agreed with UNTIL to leave his life behind and be a secret member to the UNITY division, he is investigating from Vibora instead of Millennium City.

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    Breaking Benjamin
    Lights out
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    The Fear
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    Falling in the Black
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    Who I am
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    Hollywood Undead
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    Let it Burn
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    Ill Nino
    I’ll find a way
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    My Demons


    • Has a liking to Amazonian’s and Elves due to his history with them.
    • Has a huge disliking to cat-girls and often reacts indifferent to them as to not want to trap them and throw them away.


    [More to come]