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:: The Master of Manipulation ::
Player: @newsmanpyro
" I see the secrets of mankind. "
Character Build
Class Focus: Hybrid
Power Level: 40.
Research & Development: Science.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jacob Michael Summers.
Known Aliases: Dr. Braindead, Jacopo
Gender: Male.
Species: Human-Android Hybrid ( Homo Superior )
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Finland
Base of Operations: Not know publically.
Relatives: Parents; Reynold Summers, Tina Summers [ Deceased ]. Adeline Summers [ Wife, deceased ]
Age: 35+ E.S.Y (Earth Standard Years)
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 134 Kg ( APPROX )
Eyes: None
Hair: None
Complexion: The brain looks withered.
Physical Build: Slim, Bulky
Physical Features: Just a brain.
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Publicly known as " Jacopo "
Years Active: Has been Dr. Braindead for 5 years
Citizenship: Born in Finland, moved to America.
Occupation: Leader of the Trading Company " JayCo "
Education: Basic Earth Education, College, Law school, Doctor's school, MC-U, various Scientific schools.
Marital Status: Widow.
Known Powers and Abilities
Dr. Braindead is an adept at self - defensive martial arts, specializing in deflecting careless attacks with his palms. His weapon of choice is discharging Thermal Energy from his gauntlets, violently burning the enemy. His gauntlets also contain an impressive amount of varying devices, which he is not afraid to use.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
His helmet and exoskeleton is made out of his signature alloy, Solid smoke. This material can withstand it's own weight 60,000 times, making it extremely durable. The rest of his frame is constructed out of Reinforced steel. His primary defense however, are his Forcefields. He can raise them quickly and "Launch" them away from him, pushing the foe back.
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~:: Introduction ::~

Braindead.jpg( By @faytha ) Sharpbrain.jpg( By @berfegor )

Jacob Summers was a brilliant man. Warm-hearted and caring, he always strived to help others and make the world a better place. Jacob's IQ wasn't that high, really. It was more of an average. But his learning skills were inhumane. He once dismantled an M60 during his time in the Army, just by watching his instructor fire it a couple of seconds. Jacob finished MCU with highest grades, and went trough various of other schools and educated himself as much as he could, before opening his own company, JayCo, a small company that produced electronics and metal materials.

Jacob's childhood didn't bother him too much, even though he grew up withount a mother. He was raised by his father, Reynold " Exment " Summers, who was a scientist with questionable motives. Jacob learned most of what he knows from his father, and often helped him with his work.

All in all, Jacob's life wasn't too bad. He even found a girl of his dreams at the age of 21, and married her some time after.

Years passed. JayCo - Company grew, and started a secondary business as a trading company, shipping items across the world quickly with a teleporter that Jacob invented, that worked trough a satellite.

But all good things had to come to an end. Jacob's life started to crumble once he found out that his wife had cancer. It was the only thing Jacob could not fix. They had noticed it too late, and the cancer had progressed too far. Her death was inevitable.

Adeline Summers passed away. Her last words were whispered into Jacob's ear. " Make the world a better place. "

Jacob sunk into depression and retreated into his Lab. He started to drink heavily. His business fell quickly.

But the emotional trauma triggered something inside of his brain. Something that had been there ever since his birth. Something that his father had implanted.

A parasite. A fully self - aware, intelligent parasite that had helped Jacob learn and progress. A parasite that was his alter ego.

The parasite finally woke from it's slumber and took control of Jacob's body. It would not let Jacob's brain go to waste due to emotional setbacks.

The parasite built a mechanic body, and moved the brain into it, completely breaking free of his organic shackles.

This maniac, this parasite. Now in control. He is now known as " Jacopo ".

Jacopo efficently revived JayCo's businesses by starting a black market and dealing items under the law.

To avoid suspicion from the law, Jacopo donated money to various charities, making himself a positive figure. To further on his cover, the " Superhero " Braindead has been seen fighting crime, stopping crimes that he had staged himself by hiring criminals, and paying them out of prison once they were caught. He was contacted by UNTIL to work for them, and he gladly accepted. After some time, he was a genuine UNTIL Officer. With that, he was also given access to the Club Caprice. The stage had been set. The operation had begun.

Nimble, intelligent, cruel, cold and determined. But influenced by Jacob's deeds and experiences. He strives to complete one goal.

To make the world a better place. At any cost.

The Glorious evolution is at hand.

All organic matter shall be eradicated.

Perfection awaits.

~I see the secrets of mankind.
~I understand their destination.
~Everyone will go this way.
~They will fulfill their duty.
~I am free of my body.
~I need no more air to breathe.
~Here is the point of no return.
~No chance to go back.
~I am floating in the universe.
~Like on a silent ocean.
~My mind is opened wide.
~To understand our .. Life. 
~:: Abilities ::~

--Expert knowledge and skill-- Dr. Braindead's total calculated IQ is undefineable. His mind is like a Super-computer, and his Tactics and his theories ( almost ) always correct.

--Pocket-Armory-- Dr. Braindead's gauntlets carry an enormous amount of varying devices, suitable for any environment. Little is known about the armory, but currently publicly known ones are;

A poweful Tazer, enough to paralyze a metahuman

Electricity - absorbing tesla - coils on his gauntlets

Concealed LMG. A retractable barrel, and a belt filled with 7.62 caliper bullets.

Magnet - field deployer, able to deflect bullets and such

Electricity - conducting surface, for Electrified melee-combat

Various syringes, containing experimental medicines and poisons

--Psionic Immunity-- Due to Dr. Braindead's parasite, his mind is technically dead, therefore making him immune to Psionic attacks. Illusions and other optically-damaging attacks are also rendered useless, due to his lack of eyes connected to his brain. His visual scanners are well protected, and are inside his Solid-smoke helmet.

--Vision of Potential-- Dr. Braindead's single most powerful, natural ability - is the innate skill to find potential within others - and awake it .. By questionable means.

--A Personal Army-- Dr. Braindead has a factory full of mechanical minions and soldiers, ready to die at his command. He usually prefers to teleport himself out of the arena before sending in one of his JayCo - Trooppers. He can also call down a Hornet-blast from his Satellite that is well - stealthed. A Hornet-blast is a violent discharge of Thermal Energy in the shape of a beam.

--Feel no Pain.-- Dr. Braindead's lack of an organic body disables any ability of recieving receptor signals, therefore making him unable to feel any pain.

~:: Drawbacks ::~

--EMP's!-- The correct sequence of an EMP is able to entirely shut down Dr. Braindead. Momentarily, of course. He is well aware of this weakness.

--Emotions? Bah!-- Even if Jacopo has taken over, Jacob still exists. If you somehow manage to trigger his emotions, you may render him incapacitated.

--Overconfidence-- Dr. Braindead underestimates - Everyone - and thinks himself as the superior one.

--Shields down!-- Behind his powerful shields, Braindead is rather frail. - IF - you get behind his forcefields, that is.

--Out of gas!-- Dr. Braindead fuels himself with Thermal Energy and his custom medicinal liquid, and needs a constant supply of it to survive. If he is kept away from refueling himself, he will die.

~:: Personality ::~

Dr. Braindead is not the most social of beings. He hates everything organic, and is disgusted by anything relating to the nature, thus not getting along well with Nature-powered heroes/Heroines. Technology-infused people, however he seems to have a deep interest in, and is ready to chat the matters of Science and Revolution with them. He thinks himself as the Superior one, thus treating others like trash, calling them with degrading names and such mean things. But who knows. Maybe he'll like you. Loyalty means everything to Dr. Braindead, and he adores anyone who he sees the loyalty in.

~:: The Glorious Evolution.::~

Dr. Braindead's theory of " The Glorious Evolution " is the plan of combining man with machine, mechanizing the world, getting rid of all human emotions and making Humans the superior race by mechanically enchancing them to the next level of evolution; Homo Superior, which he already calls himself. In this world of cybernetical augmentations and no emotions, there would be no crime. No sorrow. This is the future Braindead seeks.

The Flawless Future. The Glorious Evolution.

~:: Comments ::~

"Jacob is allright. He knows how to work. I doubt if he ever sleeps. Does he ever sleep? Oh, whatever. No, Jacob has been a good co-worked since I met him at the MC-U. Even after the death of his wife and his long-term sickness. He'd always be there for me, even tho he would never admit it openly." ~ Dr. Valkyrie

"He gives me lemons. And he treats me pretty nice. One day I want to be a disembodied brain, manically vendoring illegal items to the public just like him." ~ Faith

"Brainy? He's pretty good with his tools, and he's actually very friendly...I wonder why he doesn't like being told that?" ~ Dr. Clairefield

"The doctor? Hmm. Driven, I suppose, is the term. Driven, aye- I just hope he is driving in the right direction." ~ Adamantia

"Ugh, oh Braindead's cool. Frit doesn't like him though. If I'm honest he freaks me out a bit. I mean, where is even his face? ... He's not gonna see this, right? Oh, huh, I made a funny coz he don't got eyes. Huehue." ~ Humungor

"Ah'unno the lad. But ah' see'em 'round tha' club somedays. He just... Stands. Stands in tha'one place, every. Time. Starin' into nothingness. S'not normal, ah' tell ye. Tha' lad's up'ta no good. " ~ Pillow

"An interesting example, yet he seems to be way too sunk in his own hate for everything of flesh. Even if we both did make a good contact, his company wasn't much of a thing I would choose. He had useful perks and I've used them. For that I thank him." ~ Ruuzel

"Doctor Braindead -- of course I know him. A brilliant mind, and one that deserves my gratitude; he's certainly made some wonderful contributions to my company. I'm very pleased that he's on our side." ~ Victor Ardaman (Ardacorp CEO)

"Don't even get me started on Bubs. He's an ass, but damn would it be a bad idea to mess with him. He kinda has that mob boss feel to him. He's usually quite composed until you provoke him, then you're definitely gonna regret it..." ~ Xintos