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Knight Templar
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"You shall see the glory of my God not through my words, but through my actions."
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Super Group
Rank Leader
Current Affliations Modern Order of the Knights Templar
Former Affiliations N/A

Real Name Erin Mason
Known Aliases Erin Reyes (maiden name), Lady Reyes, Angel, Half-Pint, Short-Stack
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate September 1st
Place of Birth Manila, Philippines
Current Location Millennium City
Relatives Monsignor Michael Mendoza (adopted father - deceased)

Apparent Age 19
Height 5'1"
Weight 124 lbs
Eyes Light brown
Hair Black
Complexion Medium complexion
Build Toned, lithe, and compact
Notable Features Scarred gashes on her right shoulder and forearm; laceration scar running from navel to breastbone; GSW scar on right shoulder; knife wound scar between navel and ribcage

Identity Confidential
Citizenship Filipino Citizenship
Marital Status Married to Kid Ballistic
Occupation Student, apprentice, and member of the Modern Order of the Knights Templar
Education High school


Divine healing, celestial blasts, swordfighting, and some hand-to-hand combat training
Two One-handed swords, pressurized holy water gun with cannisters, charm bracelet with various religious paraphernalia

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    Erin possesses many qualities that one might expect of a knight. She is calm, patient, and loyal to a fault. She tends to see the best in the people around her, and feels that those who do wrong should be given a chance to redeem themselves. That's not to say she's a pushover entirely. While she is friendly to most everyone she meets, she is not so quick to extend full trust to just anybody. Once her trust is earned, however, you'll never find a more loyal person to have in your corner. She's not the type to nag, and despite the fact that she holds Christian beliefs, she's not judgmental and prefers not to proselytize. If anything, she believes she can do more good for her fellow man by demonstrating how to be a good person, and by showing what the power of faith can do for a believer. In other words, rather preach at people, she lets her good deeds do the talking.

Some of that warm and fuzzy quality Erin has about her cools a bit in the presence of evil, supernatural entities. She was brought up in an order who's primary function in modern times is to defend mankind from DEMON, after all. In the presence of such evil, she is steadfast, stoic, and unfaltering.


Faith celestial blast.png
Erin's choice of hero moniker aptly describes the fuel for her powers. For Erin, faith isn't proselytizing to non-believers, paying lip service only to her God. For Erin, her faith means showing those around her the power of her God through her acts and deeds, without advertising to others who or what she is about (unless asked), and fully trusting that her God will pull through for her in the end. When she is full of faith and conviction, her attacks become more powerful and her healing abilities are more potent. When that faith wavers, so do her powers. Should something occur that truly causes her to question her faith in God, it could very well strip her of her powers.

Martial Skills
Erin has been training for years now in sword fighting, first under the training of fellow Templar Lady Claymore and now under the tutelage of Sparrowhawk. She is very proficient with the one-handed sword, and has quickly gained skill in dual wielding arming swords. Her current mentor is also working on rounding out some of the deficiencies in her martial training, by instructing her in unarmed combat. While her previous training has helped somewhat in that area, she is at this point a novice at hand-to-hand combat.

Divine Healing
Erin has been granted the power to heal the sick and injured. She needs to be within 10 feet of her target, though she often prefers to be in much closer proximity when using this power. For minor injuries and afflictions, she does not require much focus. For major injuries, especially those that are critical or potentially fatal, she needs to have complete focus, with no interruptions. She is able to cast out her healing powers in a sphere around her, but the effect is not as powerful as when she focuses on one specific target, therefore making it not an ideal solution when there severe wounds to see to.

Celestial Blasts
Erin is able to gather up divine celestial power and use it offensively to fire off projectile blasts. She can do this either with hand gestures or through channeling the power through her weapons. It can also be used as a source of illumination. The blast is a blinding bright. This power's effectiveness depends on what the target is. Against your average human or metahuman with a normal resistance to attacks, it's pretty effective. If the target is resistant to damage, not so much. However, if the target something evil and supernatural, it's devastating.

Holy Purification
Think of this power as an evil, supernatural entity repellent. Erin can cast this in a sphere around herself, at a radius of roughly 10 feet, and keep such creatures at bay. It is painful for evil creatures to come into contact with, deadly to the weaker variety (such as fledgling vampires or zombies), and usually is enough to keep them off of her for a short time. On a side note, this ability also allows her to bless water and turn it into holy water.

Protective Barriers
Erin is now able to create protective barriers that physically manifest themselves in a sphere of golden light. Unlike her purification circles, she cannot perform other actions while maintaining a barrier. She also needs to keep in contact with her sword, Amoris Gratuiti, to create and maintain them. The barriers can take quite a pounding, but require focus and nothing can get in or out. This means any allies within the barrier cannot launch attacks from within.

Erin is pretty well traveled, having spent a significant amount of her young life living in foreign countries, and as a result she has learned other languages. She is fluent in Tagalog, Filipino, Pangasinan, English, and Indonesian. She is also proficient in Sinhalese and Tamil. She is currently learning French, but she is far from proficient.


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Only Human After All
Erin is human, and just as susceptible to injury or illness as any other non super powered person. Fairly self explanatory.

Unknown Depths
After being caught up in the tragic events of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Erin has a very understandable fear of large bodies of water. She does alright if the water is clear enough to see the bottom, or if the water is fairy shallow. Being near large bodies of water can bring on symptoms of anxiety, and if the situation is stressful enough can bring on a full blown panic attack. She manages this fear by quite simply AVOIDING large bodies of water.


Faith with gratia 2.png
Claíomh Solais
Claíomh Solais is a legendary weapon, it's origins deeply rooted in Irish mythology. Lugh's sling, Cúchulainn's spear Gáe Bulga, the shining sword Cruaidín Catutchenn, the weapon's shape has taken various forms over it's storied history, often in association with god-slaying myths. It, like most of the myths associated with it, faded and disappeared with time. The weapon resurfaced in 2018, when Jocelyn Cross - a broker and demon-bound member of DEMON - attempted to sell it to a group of cultists. It came into Faith's possession when she and the Progeny put an end to the sale. Claíomh Solais changed shape after Faith touched it, taking on the appearance of a Celtic close combat sword. 28 inches in length its style is certainly a departure from what she has used prior. The 20 inch long flared, broadleaf style blade has a blood groove running down its center. The handle is made from smoothed hardwood, with three brass plated spacers. The crossguard of the sword is a crescent-shaped brass moon. A Templar coin forged from brass is set at the bottom of the pommel, no doubt chosen by the sword based on its current user.

The sword has many magical traits to it, though Faith has yet to discover what these are. These are abilities that she must consciously activate. The most readily apparent is that the Claíomh Solais can generate light, which enhances what she can already do with her own powers. When placed at the throat of another, the person cannot move and cannot lie. With enough concentration, the magic within the sword can cut through most any wall or shield, and cause piercing wounds that will not heal under normal circumstances.

As of March 2018, Faith has not discovered any of the magical properties of Claíomh Solais, and thus has no idea how to access any of the powers it holds. Generally, she wears this on her left hip, wielding it with her right hand.

Amoris Gratuiti
The history of Amoris Gratuiti dates back to the sacking of Rome in 1527. The arming sword belonged to Captain Kaspar Röist, who died so that Pope Clement VII could escape. His wife, Elisabeth Klingler Röist, took up his sword when invading forces broke into their home and began hacking at his body. In her moment of desperation, when she was ready to give her life to defend her husband's body, she was granted divine power. Templars that had embedded themselves amongst the Pontifical Swiss Guard bore witness to the event, and managed to persuade her to escape Rome with them. She eventually became the first woman ever to be admitted into what eventually became the Modern Order of Templars. Amoris was handed down from master to student. While the sword had to be reforged and repaired during all this time, it never once was shattered to the point it couldn't be restored. Erin's adopted father, Monsignor Mendoza, had wielded it prior to being permanently injured in Indonesia. Now she wields the weapon.

Amoris is a short sword known as a schweizerdegen, with a blade that is 28 inches in length. It has a fluted section of blade, which tapers into the rest of the sword's shaft, before the blade itself tapers into a sharp point. The crossguard is golden, with the Latin phrase Amor animi arbitrio sumitur, non ponitur etched in tiny script. The wooden grip is made of dark walnut, which has been well smoothed from so much use over the years. The butt of the pommel is golden, with the cross side of a Templar coin set into it.

Amoris has special properties to it, a secret shared from master to student each time it is handed down, though when the sword began to exhibit these properties is a mystery. Such properties include the ability to create protective barriers, and it deals extra damage to undead/unholy enemies. Generally she wears this on her right hip, wielding it with her left.

Justitia is a Valentine's gift from Kid Ballistic. Almost twenty inches in length, this parrying dagger's design is based on one supposedly wielded by a Saxon bodyguard, who hid his Catholic faith by inscribing a biblical verse into the crossguard. The dagger features a dual edged blade, with a crossguard that curves out into the shape of two wings. On the inside curve of the wings is a latin inscription: gaudium iusto est facere iudicium et pavor operantibus iniquitatem. Specifically, it is the following verse from Proverbs 21:15: It is joy to the just to do judgment: and dread to them that work iniquity. Decorative loops at the ring guard provide additional protection at the hilt. The handle is wrapped in soft leather. She does not always carry this with her, and more often than not it is carried in Kid Ballistic's messenger bag when the couple needs to smuggle weapons in where they generally are not allowed.

Clementia is a weapon that was designed by Kid Ballistic, which she carries in a holster strapped to her right thigh. Modeled after a cross between an airsoft gun and watergun, this pistol sized weapon is meant to be used in close quarters to deliver a pressurized burst of holy water. The grip is fashioned from well-polished, sturdy wood, with the rest of the weapon made from a gold-colored metal. Small tubes weave out and across the top of the pistol, before connecting again near the muzzle. Where a pistol's hammer would normally be, Clementia has an opening the size of a silver dollar for inserting pressurized canisters of holy water. The words Eia ergo, advocáta nostra are etched into one side of the customized pistol, and the words illos tuos misericórdes óculos on the other.

Combat Wear
The first set of combat attire Erin donned when she debuted as Faith was fine, when the body armor beneath her white robes could keep up with the smaller challenges hero work provided. But as the dangers she and her team faced began to gradually become more and more dangerous, Sparrowhawk suggested that an update was in order. While it still maintains the similar knight-like motif as the original, the materials used are comprised of components patented by Alex Harper herself. The base suit beneath her robes are made of 'Spidersilk', which is made of flexible polymer thread that is as durable as Kevlar. It is lightweight, allowing for greater freedom of movement. The upper portion of this suit is fashioned to have the appearance of chainmail, without the issue of weight and weakness to penetration. A coating of Trilovex (a liquid armor also of Sparrowhawk's own making) covers the suit to provide protection against bladed weapons, as well as dispersing the force of impact to prevent injury from blunt force attacks. Over this suit, she wears her white, hooded robes and cloth belt.


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History of the Modern Order

    "On this terrible day, in my final hour, I shall let truth triumph and declare, before heaven and all the saints, that I have committed the greatest of all crimes. But my crime is this: that I confessed to malicious charges made against an order that is innocent so that I could escape further torture. I shall not confirm a first lie with a second. I renounce life willingly. I have no use for days of sorrow earned only by lies."

    Those were the defiant final words of Jacques de Molay, thought to be the last Master of the Knights Templar. For the past seven years, upwards of 5000 knights of the order had been arrested, all as part of a plan for King Philip the Fair to seize the Templars vast wealth. What the king, and the people of Paris did not know, was that many knights had gone into hiding once the persecution began. A handful of these survivors watched as Jacques de Molay and Geoffrey de Charney, old men who had long served the order, were burned at the stake. With their deaths, a secret only known to those within the order died. The secret? That certain members of the order had somehow been gifted with the ability to call upon the power of the divine. Those with the gift went into seclusion, taking with them what treasures had escaped from King Philip's grasp.

    The next 700 years were spent trying to quietly rebuild the order. Much of those early decades were spent simply trying to restructure the order, to better hide the identities of the few members that remained, and to try to bring in fresh blood as quietly as possible. Safe-houses were established, a network of residences across Europe where members could carry out their work in secret. It wasn't until 1783 that the order found a new purpose, a new mission for its members: to protect the innocent from the dark workings of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. This shift in focus caused a split within the order, as some felt that their duty should only be to protect those of the Christian Faith. It is unclear what has happened to those that left, or if they continue to operate. Those that chose to stay became part of what is known to just a few in the supernatural community as the Modern Order of the Knights Templar.

From Orphan to Acolyte
Progeny team shot - faith.jpg
    Erin's parents died when she was barely a year old, and none of her extended family wanted to take on the burden of an additional mouth to feed. As a result, her early years were spent in a state-run orphanage in Manila. She could have faced a long hard life, probably winding up on the street, were it not for the intervention of Monsignor Mendoza. To everyone else in the neighborhood, he was just a man of the church who was famed to be able to say a prayer for someone and their ailments would disappear. In reality, he was a member of the Modern Order. He was paying a visit to Erin's orphanage, and felt that the child was different. He always trusted his intuition, and it had never led him astray before. The Monsignor made a few calls, and soon the child was taken out of the orphanage and into the care of the Order. Monsignor Mendoza became her legal guardian, caretaker, and mentor.

    Erin found herself whisked away to Banda Aceh, Indonesia not long after, when the Monsignor was posted there. The child soaked up everything her mentor taught to her, and not just the lessons in how to use the power of the divine. When she wasn't in regular school, or in a training session, she was working alongside the Monsignor doing acts of charity, helping her fellow man. The two were present in 2004 when Banda Aceh was struck by the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Erin was separated from the Monsignor in all of the chaos, and barely managed to survive. It was days before the two were reunited. Aside from being scared out of her wits, Erin managed to only escape with minor injuries. The Monsignor, however, suffered quite a few injuries, and to this day carries a limp as a result.

    The next six years were spent helping with the recovery efforts throughout the devastated regions in Indonesia, then after that, another four years were spent in Sri Lanka, until finally, the Monsignor received a posting in the US, in Vibora Bay. The next two years were spent in intense study and training, preparing for her 18th birthday, when she would be promoted from acolyte to a full-fledged member. She was presented with a sword, which she named Gratia.

Arrival in Millennium City

    Normally, once an acolyte becomes a full-fledged member of the Order, they would be trained in sword fighting, which would be done under the guidance of their mentor. Due to the Monsignor's physical condition, it was decided that Erin would be trained by another member of the Order. She was moved to Millennium City, where she met her new teacher, a brusque, opinionated woman named Jane Claymore. Erin also enrolled in her senior year at Grace Memorial High School. Early on, she decided to use her training and apply it to hero work, registered under the name Faith.

    Erin spent her first several months solo, working in Westside, primarily using her healing abilities to aid the underprivileged. She eventually crossed paths with a group of teen heroes called The Progeny. She later joined them, and while some were dubious of her powers, as well as leery of bringing an outsider into their tight-knit group, she earned the trust over time. And over time, she grew to trust them as well. Ever since surviving the tsunami in 2004, she had kept people at arm’s length, fearing she would lose them somehow. The group helped her to relax, to ‘let her hair down’, and to allow others in. She even found love! In the Progeny, she found a new family. Sure, somewhat dysfunctional, but it was a family nonetheless.

Timeline: 2016 to 2017

• Faith becomes involved in an incident involving giant alligator men dragging people down into the sewers. It marks her first encounter with The Progeny, albeit brief.

• Some teen heroes, including Faith, volunteer to spend time with old and retired heroes of Millennium City. She and the young heroes wind up protect the senior citizens from the infamous Bloodshot.

• Faith becomes a member of the Progeny.

• When Strong Suit fears her father is no longer safe in prison, it sets her against the Protector's very own Peacemaker. Faith and other members of the Progeny arrive to back up their teammate, but ultimately the violent situation is diffused peacefully.

• Faith and many other members of the Progeny are forced to play a game of Truth or Dare just to escape their headquarters. Eventually they're set free, but not before there's a falling out between Faith and Kid Ballistic. He apologizes a week later, and the two become friends.

• A red, rampaging monster dubbed the Monsterback causes mayhem next door to the Arcade-O-Rama. Faith is among the group of Progeny member that responds to subdue the beast.

• Faith and Kid Ballistic start dating.

• Faith and other Progeny members help Kid Ballistic with a sting to catch a villainous young speedster named Quicksable. They manage to fend off a bank robbery, perpetrated by employees of the bank, and stop Quicksable before he can rob the vault.

• Luctus and Faith assist Fletcher in dealing with an attack at a museum. The assailant is stopped, but she is injured during the fight. She recovers quickly once she is able to use her healing powers on her injuries.

• The Progeny take a camping trip up to Lake Michigan, only to find themselves coming face to face with an army of giant spiders and a woman who seems to be connected to their presence. Faith and Kid Ballistic are the first to come into contact with the horde of arachnids, but are rescued by their teammates before they can come to a gruesome end.

• Faith and the Progeny team up with Deviate when rodents of unusual size attack the Mall of Millennium. The rodents are driven away, thus allowing spenders to go back to their sales shopping.

• When the Templars take an interest in the incident on the Progeny's camping trip, Faith arranges for her adopted father, Monsignor Michael Mendoza, to meet with the team. He reveals the identity of the spiderwoman encountered - Salei. She winds up being torn between defending her father or the Progeny when the Monsignor states that the teens are to be left out of further investigations into the woman.

• The Progeny are warned by Ghostbird and members of the Protectors of the World that they are officially targets for Salei's new age, proving that the Monsignor and the Templars know far more than they originally led the team to believe. Plans are made to keep both teams apprised of any new information as it becomes available, and it's theorized that Salei will strike on the next new moon.

• Kid Ballistic gives Faith Clementia, a high pressure water pistol for delivering holy water. They are promptly ambushed by Maniacs while test firing it in an abandoned section of West Side. The couple easily takes them down.

• Faith is tasked with joining the Monsignor and Lady Jane Claymore of the Templars to apprehend a demon-bound initiate named Juanita Bravo at the Demonhame located at a museum in Xochimilco. They are able to interrogate the woman regarding the mask that granted Salei her power and the archaeologist who discovered it.

• Lash invites Faith, Black Ice, Silver Scar and Deviate to a fashion show, failing to mention that they were to be bodyguards for fashion designer Brandon Albright. They come face to face with a villain called Fashion Maven, and find themselves on the losing end of the fight. The tables are turned when Kid Ballistic arrives. Shaky cellphone video shows Faith using her powers while out of her costume, leaking her identity as a hero belonging to the Progeny - the part about being a Templar however doesn't come up. Thankfully Black Ice's agent manages to keep the focus off the rest of the team, and only a handful of folks in West Side put two and two together about Erin Reyes and Faith.

• Investigation into Salei leads a team of Protectors and Progeny to Templo Mayor and Teotihuacan. Faith is among those sent to Templo Mayor. As the new moon rises, Salei's spiders attack! During the course of the fighting, Kid Ballistic, Kl'vin and HexBane are kidnapped and taken away.

• Faith and Cait Sith join the Protectors as they race to Teotihuacan. With Salei at the Great Goddess's seat of power, and a barrier surrounding the ruins sucking the life energy from everything around it, the odds are stacked soundly against those trying to break in. It takes an orbital strike to finally shatter the barrier, allowing Faith and Cait to join their teammates inside. However, they arrive too late, as both Heartbeat and Kl'vin are dead. It takes a desperate act to end Salei once and for all.

• In the wake of her teammates' deaths, Faith finds herself unable to access her powers as she enters a crisis of faith.

• Faith winds up face to face with the Doctor, the infamous assassin turned drug lord. She is grievously injured, but manages to escape when the Maniacs arrive and start fighting the Men in White. Thanks to Kid Ballistic's hands-on knowledge of field medicine and Cait Sith's healing abilities, she narrowly manages to survive.

• Colleagues of the Chinese hero Longwang take Olevia, seeing as she is the current holder of the celestial dragon. Still coping with the deaths of their teammates, the Progeny were not about to let one of their own be taken away! Faith, Deviate, Hexbane and Silver Scar manage to stop the Chinese heroes.

• The Progeny intervene when an armored vehicle transporting a superhuman juvenile is ambushed by his brothers. This becomes Faith's first brush with the vampire cang calling themselves "The Ghouls." She is bit by Julian during the fighting, and for a time is subjected to visions she saw as a result of the vampire's bite.

• Faith and members of the Progeny suddenly find themselves placed into the roles within the story of the Nutcracker, with no memory as to how they actually got there. Faith is cast in the role of Clara, the romantic interest of the Nutcracker Prince. The story comes to an end when the Doctor, cast as the Mouse King, is defeated. The Narrator of the story is furious that the Prince is not the one to defeat the lead villain. It also becomes apparent he has a fixation with Faith.

Timeline: 2017 to 2018

• A shaky truce between the Progeny and the Ghouls is broken when the gang of vampires board the cargo ship Demeter and take its crew and dock workers hostage. Faith and members of the Progeny respond, only to find it all to be a trap orchestrated by the Men in White led by the Doctor and Killshot. Surprisingly, they are aided by Elias, leader of the Ghouls. The team narrowly escapes with their lives when explosives rigged on the ship cause it to sink. Elias goes missing after the incident.

• Faith becomes leader of the Progeny. She stresses that it is only until the dangers presented by the Ghouls and their vampiric master, Kostadin the Black, are dealt with, and which point she would gladly step down.

• Faith is taken under Sparrowhawk's wing, so to speak. She begins to learn how to dual wield weapons.

• Members of the Progeny seek out Faith's stalker, the mysterious narrator named Herr Drosselmeyer. But the man strikes before they can catch him, Faith is written into the role of Princess Aurora, trapping her in the story of The Sleeping Beauty. The team, with assistance from Fahrenheit of the Protectors of the World, manage to enter the story, save the girl...and in the end, find out that Drosselmeyer is actually a man named Ross L Meyer.

• Faith and Lash are ambushed at the mall by Kevin Anderson, one of the two remaining Ghouls. The fight ends when Lash hits him hard enough he is thrown clear to the shore of Lake Michigan.

• Faith leads Kid Ballistic, Terrific Tiger, Deviate and HexBane into the heart of Ghouls territory when Julian - the last remaining Ghoul - takes Cait Sith captive, threatening the faerie cat's life. The group manages to convince Julian that his dark master has been lying to him about the Progeny. Just as he accepts this truth, Kostadin himself arrives. Despite their best efforts, the teen heroes are outmatched and outclassed. Faith's powers return as she moves to sacrifice herself to save Julian from Kostadin. This gives the team the edge it needs to drive the ancient vampire back, but it isn't enough to outright kill him. The Progeny are forced to flee to the tunnels beneath West Side, first by rioting instigated by the Men in White, and finally by abominations born from Kostadin that pursue them. Julian gives his life to ensure the team escapes. This, and timely intervention from a shadowy organization known as Initiative Black, allows the team to survive the night.

• Ross L Meyer manages to kidnap Faith, taking her out into the middle of Lake St Clair, where he proceeds to use the tale of Swan Lake to trap Kid Ballistic in the role of Prince Siegfried and Deviate as Rothbart. When she hears the only way to end the story is for the Prince and Rothbart to die, she puts up a struggle and steals the magic book he uses to work his magic. She writes a new ending, where no one has to die, and gives her teammates their location. Lash brings them to Kid Ballistic's doorstep - literally, boat and all - and Ross is taken into custody.

• The Witch of Time Dominatriea warps space and time to replace the Protectors of the World with adult versions of the Progeny. Faith and the others begin to realize after a bit that this false reality isn't real. Heartbeat and Kl'vin, brought to life once more by the witch's magic, give their lives so that reality can be returned to normal.

• The manager of the homeless shelter Faith volunteers at is transformed as a result of depression and magical interference. She manages to talk him back, thus ending the spells hold.

• Faith and Kid Ballistic raid a Black Aces warehouse in West Side. They manage to destroy a stockpile of high tech, alien weaponry, but the man in charge - Black Jack - gets away.

• Faith goes to Flint, Michigan to visit the Monsignor. She is ambushed by one of Kostadin's abominations and used as bait against her father. For what purpose? To force him to give up Elias, who has been sheltered by the Monsignor for months now. The standoff comes to a close when Elias steps out and then destroys the creature.

• The Progeny meet to discuss information regarding Kostadin the Black. Faith suggests that the team focuses on training, and informs the team that Sparrowhawk specifically wants the Progeny to take charge of West Side.

• Faith and Kid Ballistic go head to head against Killshot in a showdown at Warehouse #7, an industrial club in West Side's docks area. The assassin is taken down, but later manages to escape police custody.

• Kid Ballistic proposes to Faith.

• Monsignor Mendoza gifts Amoris Gratuiti to Faith, a sword originally held by the first woman to join the Templars.

• Faith is among a team of Progeny members that take the Buster on a road trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when reports seem to match up eerily with things they experienced with the Ghouls and Kostadin. They run a military roadblock, then find themselves ambushed by an undead lion like creature. This creature, later called a Tsavos, seems to target Faith specifically, before it is finally taken down. The team takes some heat from members of Initiative Black, but are allowed to stay to help patrol the city streets. Faith is taken to the medics tents, where she puts her healing powers to use.

• Faith is in the medics tent when the Siege of Pittsburgh finally comes to an end.

• After several months of targeted killings, the Templars go into hiding. Faith chooses not to, in order to stay with Kid Ballistic and help her team.

• Kid Ballistic and Faith, through his craftsmanship and a favor owed by a jewelry shop owner, finally obtain wedding ring: a rose crafted out of a spent slug mounted on a simple gold band and the firing cap from a bullet set into a silver band.

• Sparrowhawk arranges for Faith to train under one of the world's greatest swordsman, Supreme Sky M, member of the Super Human Cyborg Force 5. As a result, Faith and Kid Ballistic spend Christmas in Tokyo.

• Faith intervenes when yakuza target Kid Ballistic while they are in Tokyo. She winds up clashing swords with Mugen no Ha, a swordsman who summons weapons from tattoos on his body made with magic ink. The fight ends when Supreme Sky M swoops in and the yakuza, Mugen no Ha included, flee the scene.

Timeline: 2018 to Current

• Black Ice's nemesis Red-Hot takes control of Lash via an ancient Chinese ritual. Faith and members of the Progeny manage to disrupt the ritual, but not before it manages to sever Lash's connection with the celestial dragon Longwang.

• The Progeny are investigating a new high-end drug that dangerously boosts the powers of metahumans. The young heroes manage to interrupt a deal in progress, but not before the substance is used by two teens. While the rest of the team manage to save one of the users, Faith fails to heal his comrade, whose out of control powers cause him to rot right in front of her.

• Faith and her team are forced to work along side Red-Hot in order to find and put a stop to 'The Alchemist' aka Mister Fu, the man behind the highly dangerous drug that has killed most of its users. In the battle that ensued, Faith's sword Gratia is completely melted. She and the others are taken in by MCPD when their enemy manages to convince the police he's just a harmless old man. On the bright side, his drug operation was put to a halt.

• The Progeny find themselves being set up by parties unknown when Faith, Kid Ballistic, Terrific Tiger, Black Ice and Strong Suit investigate shots fired at Inner City Thrift and Exchange in West Side. They find the building positively infested by untold numbers of insects. When they finally seem to catch up to the person responsible, their quarry starts a fire that quickly spreads. The team manages to escape, but their reputation takes a nose dive when local media outlets begin to blame the fire on the young heroes!

• Faith, Kid Ballistic, Terrific Tiger, Starlet and Strong Suit, as well as Olevia Alvarez in one of her many personas adopted in the wake of losing her powers, respond to a hostage situation at a bank, pitting them with against the Men in White. Their well executed plan seems to be going well, but chaos ensues when Faith attempts to put a shield around one of the hostages...and inadvertently reveals her to be Renee, a vampire and formerly a foster sibling of the Ghouls. Tiger is critically wounded as the vampiress lashes out, then is promptly swarmed by insects - the work of the bug controlling woman from the thrift store fire. Lash regains her powers, and proceeds to jump into the fray. The end of the incident sees Renee driven off, Faith managing to stabilize Tiger enough to be transported safely to Mercy Hospital, and the Progeny being applauded for saving all but two hostages - presumably one being Renee in disguise and the other being the mystery bug woman.

• Faith, Dragonfly and Lash are forced to fight their significant others when a woman by the name of Kelly Anne Graves puts Kid Ballistic, Black Ice and Ace under her sway. Eventually they manage to get free, but not until after the woman manages to escape with Salome's Circlet.

• Sergio Loreto, a former Templar colleague, is dredged up from the waters of Vibora Bay, and it falls to the only Templar not in hiding to pick up his investigation where it left off. This leads to Faith asking the Progeny to take a drive down to Vibora Bay for assistance. It also conveniently gives most - if not all - of the members an excuse to spend Spring Break away from Millennium City.

• Faith, Kid Ballistic, Dragonfly, Black Ice and Egress enter the Django, a jazz club in the Easton Tangle, in disguise to intercept Jocelyn Cross, a broker in occult artifacts for DEMON. The group successfully manages to stop the transaction, incapacitate the buyers and trap Cross, and Faith becomes the new bearer for Claíomh Solais, a legendary weapon that Cross was attempting to sell.

• A number of the Progeny are lured into the alley by a shady spider man, with claims that he knew a woman who could tell their fortunes. Faith, despite being suspicious, comes along. The team makes it through one reading, and when it's time for Faith's fortune to be read, she calls the woman out. She turns into a giant snake woman, which the team manages to subdue.

• A simple warehouse raid goes horribly wrong when Faith and Kid Ballistic find themselves in Killshot's crosshairs. Faith's injuries leave her in a coma.

• Killshot leads a splinter group of Men in White - dubbed Men in Red - on an assault on Mercy Hospital, where Faith still lays in a coma. The Progeny manage to foil a frontal assault threatening the lives of healthcare workers and patients alike. Kid Ballistic is forced into a confrontation with Killshot as the assassin enters through a rear entrance. Initiative Black's Warhound intervenes, and the resulting fight sees the man injecting Killshot with a compound that nullifies his regenerative abilities. Kid Ballistic manages to save both Warhound and Faith's lives when he fires on Killshot, resulting in the assassin's death.

• Faith is pulled from her coma when the Monsignor returns from being in hiding and uses his abilities to heal her. The next few weeks is spent recovering. She finds out that the original reason for her adopted father's return was because he'd been diagnosed with cancer.

• Faith and Kid Ballistic go to pay a visit to the Monsignor after a team meeting, only to find squad cars parked outside of the boarding house he had been living in. The Monsignor was dead - murdered by a single wound that pierced his heart. A paranormal investigator with Initiative Black was able to determine that the man's killer was Kostadin the Black.

• Faith speaks before those assembled for Summit Hospitaller. She presents information gathered from journal fragments obtained by the Templars prior to their going into hiding. These fragments provide information regarding Kostadin Vankov aka Kostadin the Black.

• In light of what has been a rather dark first half of 2018, Faith and Kid Ballistic decide it's time to tie the knot. What is supposed to be a small, private ceremony becomes a bit of a Silver Age skirmish as Bendo and his Bendo Band attempt to take out the pastor officiating their wedding. The Progeny easily dispatch the geriatric villain, while the pastor continues the wedding during the fighting.



    The Progeny: Faith joined the Progeny during the summer of 2016. Her first initial contact with members of the group occurred during The Urban Jungle event, which saw her having to help guard elderly superheroes against being captured by a man known as Bloodshot. She was brought into the group proper not long after. Initially the question of her religious beliefs was a bit of an awkward point, but for the most part, everyone (Erin included) have been able to work past all that. In 2017, Erin became the team's leader... a temporary thing, if you ever happen to ask her.


    Deviate: Erin is just getting to know Deviate, but she has quickly found herself admiring his cheerful disposition and open-minded attitude. When others would question the nature of her powers or be skeptical of ulterior motives, Deviate seems to just accept her at face value.

    HexBane: Jill was one of the first people to jump to her defense over the matter of her beliefs and the source of Erin's abilities. The two became close friends, the first one she'd ever really made before. Their dynamic was a good one, with Jill being tempered by Erin's more diplomatic tendencies and Erin being reminded that there comes a time where you have to care for yourself first before others. The two have sort of drifted apart over the last year or so.

Holy hand grenade.jpg
    Kid Ballistic : Erin cares a great deal about Sidney Mason, which is a bit ironic considering how antagonistic he was toward her initially. Since those first awkward and frustrating interactions, she's come to learn more about his past and upbringing. In some ways, the two are very alike. They both had sheltered upbringings, both trained since a young age for their future occupations. The difference comes in that her upbringing had the presence of a nurturing father figure, where Sid's father who could never in a million years be described as nurturing. For whatever reason, these two almost polar opposites have found themselves wanting to be more than friends. And neither one of them have a clue as to what to do about it.

Erin... had no idea what to make of the very outgoing, if not all that intelligent, Olevia Alvarez. Slowly but surely though, Olevia helped to pull Erin out of her shell, which helped her to open up to other members of the team. She eventually came to view her teammate as the sister she never had. In fact, were it not for Olevia, Erin would likely never have opened up to Sid in the first place! While the young Templar may not always understand or agree with her friend's motivations and views, she knows that Olevia's heart is in the right place. She helps remind Erin that it's okay to just let your hair down now and again... both figuratively and literally.
    Luctus: Erin wasn't sure what to make of Lyman in the beginning. Now that she's had more of an opportunity to get to know him, she finds in him a person with incredible strength to hold up such a heavy burden. Her job now seems to try and get him to smile a bit more often to make that burden somewhat lighter. At first Penthos, the spirit of mourning who has taken up residence in Lyman's mind, did not seem to like her much. He now seems to be more tolerant of Lyman's friendship with Erin.

    Sparrowhawk: Erin was left for a time without an instructor to further her sword training, when her teacher was sent elsewhere on Templar duties. She didn't expect to see that role filled by another. Sparrowhawk, the leader of the Protectors of the World, stepped into that role after the Progeny for a time named Erin as their leader. Under the older woman's tutelage, she has seen her swordsmanship grow, her scope of combat expand, and leadership skills expand. She holds a great deal of respect for the veteran hero, even if she doesn't always agree with some of her viewpoints regarding the finer points of team dynamics.


Herr Drosselmeyer
Dross ingame.jpg
Name: Ross L. Meyer

Abilities: Instanced illusions via enchanted book, plagiarism, hack writing skills
Occupation: Freelance columnist

Status: Incarcerated
    Ross L. Meyer was just your everyday, average, boring guy, until his mother passed away. In the process of going through her belongings, he came across an enchanted book. He discovered quite by accident that he could incorporate people into stories he wrote in its pages, but didn't fully learn the extent of that power until he came across Erin. Taken by her selfless attitude and gentle demeanor, he began stalking her. He began writing her into his versions of The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty to try and win her over... which had the exact opposite effect he was going for. Erin was able to overpower and take possession of his book when he trapped members of the Progeny into Swan Lake, providing them a nonlethal means to escape the story and giving them the location he had taken her to. Ross is currently in jail, as his lawyers try to overturn his conviction.

Doctor resize - faith foe pdb.png
Name: Dr. Pascal Hugo Kaufmann

Abilities: Excellent physical condition, skilled marksman, skilled hand-to-hand combatant, master assassin, and medical expert
Occupation: Leader of the Men in White, arms dealer, and criminal mastermind

Status: At Large
    Erin had the misfortune of running into the Doctor when she was dealing with a group of Maniacs on Men in White turf. The encounter nearly killed her. Since that first initial face off, Faith and Kid Ballistic - as well as others in the Progeny - have had run-ins with the Doctor and his organization. Thus far, these confrontations have ended with her and her friends barely managing to escape with their lives. Considering Erin and the Progeny are not giving up their work in Westside, it looks as though the enmity between these two won't be ending anytime soon.

Name: Franklin James Martin

Abilities: Enhanced regeneration, expert marksman, peak-level human condition, master tactician and strategist, close quarters combat specialist, augmented reflexes, and military training
Occupation: Field commander of the Men in White, assassin for hire

Status: Deceased
    Erin had never heard of Killshot prior to a fateful ambush set by the Men in White on board a cargo ship. Since then, she and the Progeny have had more than one run in with the man. When Erin and Kid Ballistic started actively targetting Men in White operations, it only increased the odds of coming to blows with the man. Eventually, the two teen heroes faced off with the man during a drug deal at a club known as Warehouse #7. The two narrowly won the day, as the intervention of MCPD bought them the time needed for Erin to react and take him down. Killshot was arrested but escaped custody while being transported to holding. The assassin's grudge against both Kid Ballistic and Erin came to a head during a deadly assault on Mercy Hospital, which led to Killshot's death.

Kostadin the Black
Kostadin standin.jpg
Name: Kostadin the Black

Abilities: Old, cunning and terrifying
Occupation: Commander of an undead army

Status: At Large
    When the Progeny came into conflict with a group of young vampires calling themselves the Ghouls, they had no idea just how terrible the boys' sire could be. Erin and the Progeny didn't actually go up against Kostadin until the vampire surfaced after the group had convinced the final remaining Ghoul to turn against him. It was only through teamwork and a literal miracle that allowed the teens to triumph against him, and that still fell short of killing the vampire. Kostadin has not forgotten the damage that Erin's divine powers can inflict, and has been systematically killing other members of her order to eliminate as many obstacles to his plans as possible. It is unclear exactly what those plans are, but it seems inevitable that Erin will find herself a target of the centuries-old vampire.




Faith OST Vol 1.png
Faith: The Original Soundtrack Volume One

1. Pilgrims On a Long Journey by Coeur De Pirate
2. Transcendence by Lorne Balfe
3. Arrival by Dustin O’Halloran
4. Morning Star by Taylor Davis
5. Dawn of Hope by Taylor Davis
6. Despacito (Instrumental) by Taylor Davis, Lara de Wit
7. Spirits Entwined by Peter Kater, Tina Guo
8. Big Love Adagio by Bond
9. Palladio by Escala
10. Falling by Woodkid
11. Genesis Rising by Tina Guo
12. Atonement by Taylor Davis
13. Halo of Light by Taylor Davis

14. I Love You (Acoustic) by Woodkid

Faith ost volume 2.jpg
Faith: The Original Soundtrack Volume Two

1. The Golden Age by Woodkid
2. Orphans by Dustin O'Halloran
3. A New Journey by Taylor Davis
4. Wilderness by Taylor Davis
5. Nearer My God To Thee by The Piano Guys
6. Dream Star by Haylie Ecker
7. Devil’s Trill Sonata - Larghetto Affettuoso by David Garrett
8. Hurricane by Slow Meadow
9. Cinema Paradiso: Love Theme by Ennio Morricone
10. Swan Lake Theme by David Garrett
11. Beethoven Scherzo by David Garrett

12. Farewell by Apocalyptica

Faith OST Vol 3.jpg
Faith: The Original Soundtrack Volume Three

1. Legendary Guardian by Taylor Davis
2. Gavi’s Song by Lindsey Stirling
3. Epilogue (Relief) by Apocalyptica
4. Hymn by Magnus Fiennes
5. Titanium/Pavane by The Piano Guys
6. Rockelbel’s Canon (Pachelbel’s Canon in D) by The Piano Guys
7. Tales of the Wind by Taylor Davis
8. Pain Has A Memory by Rhiannon Bannenberg
9. The Mission/How Great Thou Art by The Piano Guys
10. Hysteria by Escala
11. The Symphony of Extremes by Apocalyptica
12. Jupiter’s Lightning by Coeur de Pirate

13. Aurora’s Theme by Coeur de Pirate

OOC Notes

OOC Notes:
Faith sitting.png
• While Faith isn't well known among the hero community, she has garnered a reputation in West Side for being a hero that genuinely wants to help people beyond just crime fighting. Her distinctive costume and her ability to heal makes her easily recognized. If you or your contacts on the street live in West Side, it's possible she may have helped someone you know!

• Faith has worked alongside members of the Protectors of the World on many occasions, and is currently being mentored by Sparrowhawk. If you're a Protector, and you make use of the Barlowe's gym and simulator, chances are you've seen her there!

• Faith does a lot of volunteer work at a homeless shelter called Hearth & Hearts in West Side. If your hero does charity with the homeless community, you've probably seen Faith there, in her civilian ID of Erin Reyes.

• Faith was seen doing hero work out of costume at a Fashion Show in 2016. There is shaky cellphone footage of the incident, and while it was mostly just a footnote in local news, it's possible that your character may have seen it. That is, if they follow fashion news, anyway.

• Faith's casting choice is Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

• Monsignor Mendoza's casting choice is Giancarlo Giannini.

• Jane Claymore's casting choice is Lucy Lawless.

• You can listen to Faith's complete soundtrack on Spotify.


Have you worked with Faith before? Leave a comment!

"Bear in mind, most of what I know of Faith is based on observation and very little one on one interaction. From what I have seen, she tends to put others needs before her own. While this is certainly admirable, I would caution that sometimes, a little self preservation is needed." - Cait Sith

"Erin's... calming. If that makes sense. She and I have some things in common, and she doesn't seem bothered by my powers, so it's easy to talk to her. Uh... Let me put it this way: Penthos seems to li-... dislike her less than just about everyone else I know." - Luctus

Faith by joemdavis-d9m8pfk-resize.png
"I'm not keen on magic or religion, but I would put my faith in Faith." - Black Ice

“There’s a lot about Erin that’s hard to believe. But she’s real. Her kindness, her patience, her beauty... Even her powers: all real. I didn’t buy any of it at first. Now me and her… I haven’t been this excited to be around someone since... Killshot, probably. Guess that’s a different kind of excitement, but you get it.” - Kid Ballistic

"Erin MIGHT be the closest GIRL friend I've had while being Lash. I think we kinda bounce off each other well? She's kinda serious and stuff and I try to get her to let her hair down a bit. She's actually pretty awesome and has GOD POWERS. How neat is THAT? I'm totally going to be her maid of honor when she gets married, I mean I DID set up Sid and her!" - Lash

"Erin's my best friend! We share secrets and stuff, but she's overall a private person. I've learned not to ask her for too many details, though, because I can totes be too nosey and stuff. She's an amazing person, and I'm glad to know her." - HexBane

"Faith is very determined, very focused and exceptionally talented. She has a very good head on her shoulders... I have a feeling she will go far if she puts her mind to it." - Sparrowhawk

"I don't know where the team would be without Faith. It's amazing how she keeps everyone alive - in every sense of the word. It's not just that we'd all be in the hospital for weeks on end without her, but... well, we all came into this with our hangups. And she's helped heal those scars, too.." - Strong Suit

"I haven't seen powers like hers in years. With the way thing are today, though, I just hope the demand doesn't exceed the supply - I sense Faith is kind of person to give with no hesitation." - The Peacemaker

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