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Player: @Bernard_the_Beast
Brogan Portrait.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Brogan
Gender: Male
Species: Semi-Chaotic Transdimensional Manifestation of Undetermined Extraterrestrial Origins
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 7' 1” (2.15m)
Weight: 831 lbs. (376 kg)
Eyes: Red (Luminous)
Hair: None
Complexion: Carmine-Red skin tone, human-like texture and cellular structure.
Physical Build: Immensely Muscular, Herculean Physiology. Bulky and heavy, but extensively well-defined musculature (he's big).
Physical Features: Anatomy very similar to human physical structure, various differences allowing for much greater physical size. Skull shape unlike any recognized earthly life-form. Ridges present across head, brow and jaw. Large, grotesque yet symmetrical external teeth formation. Small nostrils, no visible ears. Large and luminescent eyes.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: N/A
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Presumed Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Meta-Level Physical Strength and Endurance. Various elemental fire powers, presumed to be Mystical.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Utilizes Heavy Weapons, including long metal or wooden blunt instruments akin to baseball bats. Usually obtains objects in the field.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Paragraph Indent.pngHailing from a transdimentional plane of existence, as of yet unidentified on the Kabbalah Tree of Sephiroth from which planes of existence are usually identified, Brogan is an undetermined extraterrestrial being of potentially mystical origins. Often assumed to be a demon based on the stereotypes of red skin and some monstrous features, and even sharing some characteristics of what demons are assumed or known to be, Brogan's origins are not exactly known but are unlikely to be demonic in origin. Though initially bound to his plane by some form of mystical servitude, the connection between him and his home realm was broken when a group of DEMON summoners attempted to pull him to Earth. At the same moment, Brogan (though nameless at the time) was processing the remnant essence of a group of athletes, and though born to manipulate their collective personalities as a form of energy, the sudden disruption caused him to absorb their combined consciousness. As a result, when he appeared before the DEMON group he found himself imbued with the knowledge of various sports from Earth, as well as a few alien planets throughout the universe; more importantly however, he was given free will, and with this new found freedom he used his strength and abilities to defeat his would-be-masters and begin exploring the world he now found himself in. Quickly discovered by Heroes, he was able to demonstrate his ability to act without the constraint of DEMON influence, and was handed over to PRIMUS for debriefing.

Paragraph Indent.pngToday, Brogan finds himself acting as a hero representing PRIMUS on a small scale. Granted permission to reside in Millennium City and use his strength and abilities to help humans, the red-skinned brute finds pleasure in combating villainy in the same way a home team would confront the away team in a contact sport: head on, and with teammates by his side. Usually somewhat cheerful and always enthusiastic, he is a boisterous but well-meaning companion in almost any endeavor, and his strength proves an invaluable aid when fighting super-powered villains at street level. In his personal life, Brogan surprisingly enjoys being very social, spending times at clubs, bars, gyms and recreation centers, and taking pleasure in activities ranging from dancing, drinking and pleasant conversation, to cooking, bodybuilding and wrestling.


Sexy and he knows it.
Paragraph Indent.pngStanding at just over seven feet tall, Brogan is already taller than the average individual. His width however, is what sets him apart from the humanoid physical standard. Weighing over seven hundred pounds—and most of that muscle—he is an exceptionally large individual in any crowd; not towering over anyone, but imposing nonetheless. His massive form is covered in red skin that is very human-like in texture, but with no hair follicles present, giving his skin a somewhat smooth and luster-like quality. Though his physical proportions are certainly exceptional for his otherwise humanoid form, his head is unique and otherworldly. Often considered a demonic face, Brogan's skull has a series of boney ridges running in symmetrical fashion across his cranium, forehead, brow and chin. His teeth are grotesque and unnatural, jutting from what would be lips on a human face, giving him a monstrous look. The teeth are thick, some with sharp points, some slightly dull. Unlike a human's teeth, which are made of various substances such as enamel, dentin and cementum, Brogan's teeth are skeletal bone, covered in an unknown mineral similar to enamel. His nostrils are minute in scale, suggesting limited olfactory senses and he has no visible ears. His eyes are also a unique feature, in that they are completely luminescent, and give off a visible red glow. The intensity of their radiance seems to be determined by the magnitude of his present emotion.

Paragraph Indent.pngFor attire, Brogan has acquired dozens of different sports uniforms ranging from Football and Baseball, to Tennis, Wrestling and Snowboarding. Typically boasting a team logo of a skull with horns, his colors usually involve red and black themes, but many of his outfits have colors more common to the sport being represented. Casual attire typically involves tight athletic shirts and jeans, although he occasionally also wears necklaces, wrist bands and arm bands, taking inspiration from modern professional wrestlers. One trademark piece of attire is baseball caps, of which Brogan has some variety in his wardrobe; most of which have red and black themes. For shoes he usually wears athletic shoes and sports socks. Sometimes he may be seen shirtless as well.


Big bodybuilder, big shopping list.
Paragraph Indent.pngHighly aggressive and energetic, Brogan is always enthusiastic about the realm of physical activity. Being so physically determined, cognitive thought isn't his primary specialty, but he does have intelligence enough for human-level rationalization. Being not from the earthly plane, Brogan does show some degree of skepticism when given information relating to subjects he is unfamiliar with, but he is often willing to listen and learn. In terms of personality, Brogan is usually lively and intrigued by human life, particularly when the subject of physical activities is brought up. A primary personality trait that is often noticed immediately when conversing with Brogan, is his constant referral to life from the perspective of an athlete on the field. Occasionally confusing heroes and even villains who are strangers to him, Brogan constantly refers to human existence as a game, and the battle of good versus evil as being a sport. He will often call heroes the “Home Team” and villains the “Away Team,” under the impression that heroes are the ones deserving of claiming Millennium City as their home. His primary reason for choosing heroes over villains is less on the grounds of morality, and more on the grounds of equity: Brogan often calls villains cheaters, and believes that they are not worthy of winning the game. To that end, he participates as a player by having become a registered superhero, joining the struggle against crime and villainy. Other terminology includes calling neutral parties and justice officials as being referees or “refs,” and civilians and innocents as being spectators.

Paragraph Indent.pngOther personality traits include being highly conscientious, very much wanting to do his work well and thoroughly, and this is easily identified by his passion for athleticism and devotion to physical fitness. He is in-between being organized and disorganized, as well as being between careful and careless. He is attentive to his surroundings, but headstrong and occasionally rushes into situations. He does believe in the concept of a “game plan”, however, and is very much willing to discuss tactics. He is very disciplined, and rarely shows impulsive traits. In terms of agreeableness, he is equally soft-hearted and ruthless: though he is often friendly and encouraging towards others, he does possess the aggressive nature of an athlete and a fighter, and sometimes does not show sympathy as well as others might. He is neutral in terms of trust; being a stranger to earth, he has no one and nothing to look to as a reference he can generally learn truth from. To that end, he is skeptical about almost everything he is told, and will often look or ask for evidence in the face of extraordinary claims. He is more helpful than he is uncooperative, generally willing to provide assistance to others who need it. In terms of neuroticism, Brogan is absolutely secure about his own life, self-satisfied and usually calm. He is open, favoring variety and often expressing qualities of independence, and though he can be imaginative he often does things on a practical basis. He is unabashed, unashamed and not one to be embarrassed, as his ability to feel and interpret emotions is limited due to his only having discovered emotions since he was summoned to earth.

Paragraph Indent.pngMind Readers and Empaths will find very few mental defenses blocking any kind of probing or thought reading, however being from another plane of existence, Brogan's thoughts are encoded in a way much different to human or animal's brains. As such, mind readers without knowledge of mysticism or the arcane may not be able to understand his thoughts, though certain emotions may be easily interpreted. It is also worth noting that even though his thoughts are readable, his willpower is intense, and will prevent weaker telepaths from manipulating his thoughts or actions.

Powers, Attributes and Skills

No surprise there.
Paragraph Indent.pngWith the sheer mass of his physical build, it is unsurprising that Brogan's primary strength is his indeed his physical strength. With enough muscle to lift over a thousand pounds naturally, he is further augmented by residual energy bound to him from the extradimensional plane he was summoned from: this power grants him a super-human level of strength, able to lift five to ten tons of weight. His endurance and durability is similarly impressive by purely natural means, but further enhanced: his fatigue rate is exceptionally low, preventing him from tiring even during vigorous activities over long periods of time, and his skin is nearly impervious to small arms, such as knives and small caliber ammunition. Though he does not have the grace of an acrobat, Brogan is quite agile, and is able to perform various gymnast feats: often he will defy the stereotypical concept of a brick by swiftly dodging and avoiding obstacles or attacks, demonstrating the quick reflexes that muscular strength affords. In possession of such great physical capabilities, Brogan occasionally multiplies his power by using improvised weapons, commonly picking up blunt objects or using a huge, self-fashioned baseball bat.

Paragraph Indent.pngBrogan's fighting style is somewhat unique, but familiar in form to attacks commonly used by brutes and brick-type metas, using mostly hard hitting attacks meant to crush and smash opponents. Brogan does vary slightly in that he is able to swiftly incorporate moves from different styles of wrestling into his fights, while still being effective. Often able to daze smaller opponents with his heavy hitting blows, Brogan is occasionally able to initiate a quick grapple to perform slams, throws, takedowns or submission holds. Most of these grappling attacks seem to be inspired by professional wrestling, but being aware of the potential for his opponent to effectively counter-attack during a showman-like move, Brogan is often fast to reach the most devastating part of the move as soon as his target is within his powerful grip.

Paragraph Indent.pngSupplementary to his physical abilities, Brogan is able to command a certain kind of mystical force that allows him to manipulate fire. With this elemental control, Brogan can use certain fire based attacks, including creating localized bursts of flame that can injure his enemies. A further seemingly supernatural ability includes a very limited degree of telepathy: unable to read minds or influence decisions, Brogan does have a carryover from his origins that allows him some ability to dominate lesser or willing minds. Though the power is too weak to use to any practical effect, it is worth noting, as it may enable him to influence various beings who are unaware or susceptible to such effects.


Paragraph Indent.pngThere are very few tools that Brogan utilizes in his superhero career. Naturally strong and resistant to damage, Brogan has limited need for any kind of armor or weapons, and at most wears costumes for the purpose of fashion rather than functionality. At most, Brogan has a smartphone, which he uses for personal communication, listening to music checking sports scores and using a free bodybuilding and fitness tracker application.



Before consciousness.
Paragraph Indent.pngWithin the Kabbalah Tree of Sephiroth, a mystical map accepted by the occult within our universe, there are many different planes of existence. Within these planes are many places: constructs similar to worlds and galaxies, some similar to those found in our plane, others vastly different and simply impossible to form within our own dimension. One of these planes of existence bore the physical form of an as of yet unnamed being. Within this plane were, and perhaps still are, many other beings of a nearly identical nature. The beings existed solely for the purpose of capturing residual energy that transcended the planes, drifting, wayward and unknowing. This energy has within it however, traits, and other elements of character, and is often referred to as a soul. Whether this term is accurate, the energy at least contains information, and it is this information that creatures of this plane processed. Using their powers, whether cosmic or mystical is unknown, they reached out and collected these wayward spirits, destroying or directing them in an effort to maintain order within the plane. These beings have no mind: they are functionaries, controlled by an unknowable entity that merely passes commands onto them; yet they possess minds capable of thought and analysis, so that they may consider the quality and state of the energy that they capture. That one being, however, was unique in what it would eventually become.

After consciousness.
Paragraph Indent.pngPractitioners of dark, ebon magics on earth known collectively as DEMON, and led by the diabolical Luther Black, discovered this realm through their arcane sorcery. Through their portals they could sense that the beings within this realm knew only how to serve, and in order to discover their potential value as servants, summoned one before them. The one they summoned was not unique to any other being within the plane, but was interacting with energies at the time: these energies were that of athletes, no one individual in particular, but the collective consciousness of various practitioners of sport from different worlds and galaxies. None of the beings noticed the portal as it opened within their plane, but this single being knew that something different was happening, when it felt itself growing distant from its plane, the energies of consciousness still within its grasp. As time and space grew meaningless around the being, its control over the energies within its grasp broke, and in a way the being's powers backfired. The residual energies found themselves attracted to the being's mind—a place empty of thought and identity, but with all the that was necessary to plant the seeds of self-realization. As the being began to phase into the realm of earth, separated completely from its original plane, it began to experience all that the energies contained with in them: thoughts, memories, everything that contributed to a personality. As its materialization was complete, the being looked around for the first time of its own free will, and found himself in our world.

Super Home Run!
Paragraph Indent.pngThere is little other history. In a single instant, the being was infused with personality, the capability of thought and rationalization, and even found he possessed a name: “Brogan.” Immediately upon his arrival in the Downtown district of Millennium City, his non-submissive status was recognized by the DEMON who had summoned him and a fight ensued. Finding he still possessed certain powers he had within his own realm, and considering the DEMON practitioners were relatively novice in level, Brogan defeated them quickly. Soon afterward, patrolling heroes came across the situation and convinced Brogan to go into their custody temporarily. Accepting the proposition, the new arrival was transferred to PRIMUS personnel for evaluation and debriefing without incident. Already within his mind were the basic concepts of social conduct, as well as minor moral considerations that enabled him to adapt quickly to earth society, and PRIMUS found it surprisingly easy to explain the situation to Brogan. Readily accepting his new position in the universe, and eager to see what his new found consciousness would think of this world he had found himself in. Registering himself as a hero, and gaining permission from PRIMUS to perform various street-level hero duties and operations, Brogan ventured forth bravely and with great enthusiasm.

Current Life

A morning jog.
Paragraph Indent.pngBrogan has been residing in Millennium City for nearly two years now. During his time as a citizen of earth, he has found comfort in many aspects of human civilization, and acts almost as any other person would. Though he does not have a job, he is sponsored by PRIMUS, and receives a small stipend based on his performance in accomplishing tasks, defeating criminals and keeping the streets of the city safe. Aside from his heroic deeds, he lives a surprisingly normal life: physical training in the gym, grocery shopping, morning jogs, visiting coffee shops, going to clubs; these are all recreational activities he takes part in as a city resident. At present living in a small basement dwelling, Brogan is somewhat cramped, but does not complain because even the freedom of sleeping in a small room is more than he endured as a slave of a mystical plane. He is satisfied with his current life, and seeks to continue to do good in what ways he can, and receive the adulation he finds both amusing and gratifying.

Noteworthy Past Events

At present, Brogan has very few recent moments of exceptional interest worth recording. Still relatively new to the world of super heroic deeds, he is testing the waters, taking advantage of opportunities when able but still focused mainly of street level crime fighting.

  • Millennium City (C.R.P.)
    • Accepted as a Champions Response and Protection (C.R.P.) associate and first responder, given access to C.R.P. communication channels and first notice involving any crisis situations that may arise in Millennium City and abroad.
    • Has, on numerous occasions, joined fellow C.R.P. responders in thwarting bank robberies that the MCPD requested assistance in dealing with.
  • Millennium City (Independent)
    • Successfully aided in incapacitating many low-level super villains within Millennium City, as well as leaders from notable groups such as The New Purple Gang, the Cobra Lords and the Cult of the Red Banner (most of whom have since escaped confinement due to the extreme volatility surrounding Millennium City's Westside Jail).

Roleplaying Information

Character Considerations

Brogan can occasionally be found in Club Caprice.
Paragraph Indent.pngNot being human, there are various considerations to be made when attempting to interact with Brogan. One of the most important is recognizing the fact that Brogan is not a demon. Despite his physical appearance, semi-aggressive and chaos-loving nature, Brogan is not a demon nor representative of any demonic plane or entity (note that the definition of “demon” in this section, and the definition used by Brogan himself is that a demon is "an evil spirit or devil, to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell"). At present Brogan is described as a transdimensional being, the term alien being unsuitable as it is typically used to describe a being from another planet within the same plane of existence, though perhaps a different universe.

Paragraph Indent.pngWith an aggressive personality comes an occasional stumbling block for social interaction. At times Brogan will be overly energetic even in a casual mood: this may sometimes relieve tension of individuals talking with him, who may consider his enthusiasm a way of breaking the ice, but some who prefer more quiet and studious means of conversation maybe off-put by it. As mentioned in his psychological profile, he is unabashed, unashamed and not one to be embarrassed, as his ability to feel and interpret emotions is limited due to his only having discovered emotions since he was summoned to earth. Because of this, he is sometimes prone to saying things that may make others uncomfortable based on the individual's own opinions on various subjects, mostly dealing with nature. Brogan does not have any opinion on the necessity of wearing clothes, or one's sexuality for example, and though he has been trained in human social custom he may speak on such subjects without consideration for the comfort of his conversation partner.

Paragraph Indent.pngThough aggressive at times, Brogan does have a more passive side that he adopts, generally when he is in a place where he is comfortable or casual. When hanging with those he considers teammates (the closest equivalent to friends that Brogan is capable of having), he is usually in this relaxed state. When dealing with strangers in this informal state, he is usually open to questions, but closed to accepting any requests or favors. On casual terms, Brogan is comfortable in conversation, and is open to various favors or activities. When very familiar with someone he has usually placed his trust in the individual, and is open to almost anything, whether a request, challenge or other activity. One of the most important considerations to be aware of on a relationship level however, is that Brogan is asexual: he has no preference for individuals of any gender, and is not interested in sexual relations. Personal relationships are able to be developed with him, but not ones that involve sex as Brogan sees no necessity in doing so, having no sense of sexual desire or lust (although he does have a sense of victory and achievement).

Character Hooks

"When you got it, flaunt it!"
  • Brogan may be recognized for his participation in lower-tier Super Strongmen competitions, often held in the shipping yards in the southwestern districts of Westside. These events are not simply competitions however—they are places of gathering for strength-determined heroes who express pride in their physique and physical power. Brogan also takes part in other urban competitions and sports, including Bodybuilding, Parkour, Wrestling and Football.
  • Being interested in sports of almost any nature, Brogan may be familiar with your character if yours an athlete of any fame, from Varsity to Professional!
  • Those who frequent Carl's Gym in Westside may have heard about him or even seen him working out. Though not a personal trainer, he is known to have given out tips every now and then, and is always energetic with testing someone's strength and skill.
  • Very outgoing, Brogan may be seen in casual scenes such as Club Caprice, Sherrera's Bar and even near street vendors or cafés throughout the city.
  • Having a cellphone, it is possible to contact Brogan by mobile. His number may be found on the Registered Heroes Contact List, as well as through PRIMUS channels, however he may not be interested in what you have to say unless you offer a proposition intriguing to him.
  • Street level heroes, particularly those operating in Millennium City, may have heard about or seen him. He is connected with Westside and Downtown particularly, as he finds entertainment in fighting members of The Cobra Lords, and satisfaction in defeating members of DEMON.

Character Tropes

Boisterous Bruiser: Self-confident, dauntless, proud, dignified, imposing, fearless—and not afraid to remind his opponent of these facts out loud while pinning them in a submission hold. The Giant: Not only a head taller than the average human, but five times as broad-shouldered make this trope apply.
Gentle Giant: Despite his mass, he's friendly and enthusiastic most of the time. The Big Guy: A generic place for a bruiser like Brogan in the Five Man Band. And he is big.
Mighty Glacier: Brogan is strong. Very strong. Though faster than the common “Glacier,” he can take a beating and deal one out. Lovable Jock: An athlete with no shame, Brogan knows he's big and outdoes the competition in terms of athleticism—but he's friendly and encouraging to everyone.
Super Strength: From where he comes from, muscular strength is important, but greater strength is required to do work—and some of that strength carried over to his new home. Muscles Are Meaningful: Powers by themselves aren't enough—Brogan knows that a strong body will continue functioning no matter what happens to his powers.
The Strength of Ten Men: Even without superpowers, his sheer physicality allows him to meet this Trope's minimum qualifications. Heroic Build: A perfect musculoskeletal, physiological construct, Brogan's muscles are perfectly formed, despite his incredible mass.
World's Strongest Man: Without powers, he'd still out-do the non-meta competition in a weightlifting tournament. With his powers, he can rival some of the greats. Smug Super: Again, self-confident, dauntless, proud, dignified, imposing, fearless and fully aware of it, Brogan is an egotist about his physical form and skills as an athlete.
Anti-Hero: He doesn't fight crime because it's right, he does it because he thinks Villains are cheaters, and that Heroes are more deserving of having him as a teammate. Wrestler in All of Us: Brogan will suplex his stunned opponents, bearhug his dazed enemies, put unaware thugs in a chokehold, and do plenty of other moves if given the opportunity in a fight.
Wrestling Monster: As such a wrestler, and considering his already monstrous looks, it rather fits that this trope would be used to describe Brogan. Squash Match: More of a street-level hero than a cosmic-threat handler, Brogan often faces regular humans with guns—which have hardly any effect on him. He enjoys watching them struggle though, and is ironically supportive.
Just Hit Him: Again again, self-confident, dauntless, proud, dignified, imposing, fearless and fully aware of it, Brogan enjoys flaunting his strength when given the opportunity—even if it costs him time. Finishing Move: Submission hold. There's something that satisfies him about watching someone struggle, hoping they might challenge him by breaking free...or maybe they'll just submit. Either way, Brogan wins.
Hoist Hero Over Head: Whether done as a friendly gesture, or when one of his teammates needs a subtle hint, Brogan's actions aren't always against Villains, if he discovers one of his own team are “cheating.” Load Bearing Hero: Usually done less as a friendly gesture, and more as a reminder of who is dominating the situation in a fight. Hint: it's probably the huge, musclebound red-skinned brute.
Neck Lift: When things aren't going his way, Brogan will use dirty tactics. A chokehold or chokeslam is a good way of expressing his dissatisfaction with the current situation. Rated 'M' For Manly: Big, powerful and sexy (in his own mind), he'll beat thugs up without a shirt, grab them in vaguely erotic ways to keep them pinned, and be completely unabashed by any of it. Don't be a pussy.
Kayfabe: He doesn't always show his jovial personality—sometimes he keeps it hidden, feeling that a tough exterior reflects his tough physique. Mean Character, Nice Actor: One revealed however, Brogan's brotherly personality is more easily recognized.
Bear Hug: His muscles give him an advantage here. Whether crushing a hapless thug, testing a teammate's resistance or greeting a close acquaintance, this move is perfect for him. Deadly Hug: If crushing of hapless thugs or teammates goes on for more than a few seconds, call a doctor.
Asexuality: Brogan is male, but Brogan doesn't care what you are. Nor does he care about sex. Better Than Sex: Sports is where Brogan finds his ecstasy. Bodybuilding is his foreplay, wrestling is his sex, total domination of his opponent is his orgasm.
No Sense of Personal Space: Brogan don't got it. Simple as that. He'll stand close to you just to remind you how big he is, because clearly you weren't paying attention before. You Sexy Beast: He isn't human, and he definitely has a beastly look about him—monstrous to say the least. And with his physique? Come on.
Big Man On Campus: Taking an interest in varsity sports, he often demonstrates a college jock type of personality. True Companion: Once he calls you a teammate, you're there to stay—so long as you don't break the rules.
Chaotic Good: He loves chaos, but agrees and follows established rules and laws, simply from his good and athletic nature. Lightning Bruiser: Faster than your typical Brick. He's not just strong, but fast, and seeks to defy any trend of unsubstantiated assumptions that big, musclebound guys are slow. So watch it.
Big Brother Mentor: He's as much a coach as he is a teammate. At his teammates request, he's there as close as family, willing to help. Power Makes Your Voice Deep: Brogan is powerful alright—and he's got a deep, guttural tone to back it up.
Evil Sounds Deep: Or in his case, chaos sounds deep. A harsh baritone, fitting to his size and aggression.