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Player: User:Jade Defender
"Scream for me... hehehe... Oh what sweet music we make!"
Biographical Data
Real Name:  ??
Known Aliases:  ??
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: U.S. Citizen
Place of Birth:  ??
Base of Operations: Confidential
Relatives:  ??
Age:  ??
Height:  ??
Weight:  ??
Eyes: Red Iris on Black
Hair:  ?? Dyed Dirty Green
Complexion: Albino
Physical Build: Average Athletic
Physical Features: Sharp and angular chiseled features, Carnivale has nearly glowing red eyes set upon black orbs. There is a predatory sense behind his gaze and venom in his smile.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: secret
Years Active:  ??
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Leader of The Maniacs of the Millennium's Most Wanted, Former Leader of The Dark Brotherhood (rumored to have murdered them all)
Education:  ??
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Tell-tell (easily Identifiable) Reddish "outfit"*stitched coat, and shredded pleated pants, Several high-powered Sidearms (preferably revolvers), M16-A2 Assault Rifle, Various Knives and Blades, Grenades, Home-made Devices: such as; (gas emitters), Fire-Axe...
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada


(The Material of this monsters origins is very mature and graphic, and may be offensive to some readers...)


The story of this madman's past has been told, and re-told, and falsified through countless stories... It is unclear to anyone who he is or what drives him, but it is clear he is insane, something to which he seems completely satisfied with...

Some specialists theorize that he is the epitome of societies failures manifested, that he may be the textbook study of how far wrong a human mind can really go...

A killing spree that ranged several states within the South-western U.S. ending in Nevada, landed him in custody, years after his apparent escape from a psychiatric institute for the mentally destitute. His massacre involved 131+ victims, and the horrendous nature of which, put him in league with the metahumans and monsters that inhabit "Stronghold", where he was officially transferred. His capture also costed 12 more lives, 8 of which were law enforcement officers. While incarcerated, his madness seemed to garner him respect, as several superpowered criminals fell mercilessly to his murderous hands, and his compelling words. During a raid by Viper operatives to release several prisoners from the Stronghold Facility, Carnivale made his own escape, adding another 17 bodies to his kill count.
The Carnivale of Broken Dreams

Down the Rabbit Hole...

NOTE: The Following information is presented OOC, "Out of character", as its discovery would be VERY difficult even for an investigator on par with DC' Comics own Legendary "Batman". Its intended to give a player some perspective as to the scope of Carnivale's madness, without actually giving the inquiring character real details of Carnivale's past or his origins...

  • Was Outcast as a child, thrown out of the house to fend on his own at age 4...
  • Stayed near his families home (Rural) scraping, and salvaging untill he was 9, having been involved in many gruesome displays of cruelty. To animals and people (Think the little boy from Texas Chainsaw), except a tad more twisted...
  • Learned to get into the walls of the house, moving unseen among the house...
  • Watched his Father, Uncle, and Cousin Brutally treat his mother, her sister (his aunt) and older sister (age 10 when he was thrown out, and 15 when he hit 9) for years...
  • His female cousin was killed from abuse at age 6, when he was 8, he played with her body like a doll, and made her pretty, as well as he could...
  • More people came, all the time, and some of them disappeared, to the cruelties and twisted machinations of the men in the house, raping and abusing the women often over weeks...
  • Would Kill the young girls off, whispering to them lullabies as he murdered them "setting them free" (this angered the men of the house, who had begun to suspect the boy was "around")
  • would make the girls pretty in death, and "play" with them... only to later "eat" them for sustenance.
  • at age 10 became more bold, allowing himself to be seen for brief moments, he had mastered the hidden areas of the house and the surrounding property, and blatantly antagonized the men of the house...
  • Would often play games with the residents, stealing things, in teasing games, taunting them...
  • Games became deadly, after the men "hurt" him... attempting to capture and kill him, with shotguns...
  • Murdered his sister while she was being brutally raped, by his Uncle, "Setting her free", after sneaking into the room from one of his hidden entrances, this Completely caught the madman off guard, and the boy murdered him as well, beating him to death brutally as he lay paralyzed, after being electricuted (Soaked the floor, near the bed, and used jumper cables tied to a car battery, and the Fuse box)
  • Sang singsong tunes to his mother as he killed her as well, though she begged for salvation... His Cousin, Knocked him unconscious, at his fathers direction, catching him at work on his mother...
  • Made good an escape, talking his cousin into attempting to murder his now crippled father (confined to a wheel chair), when strangers arrived, distracting the men (he convinced his cousin that his father would steal all the girls, etc)
  • Used the strangers to help himself, playing on their pity, and played the role of victim, tricked them into situations that brought his Father and Cousin out of hiding, to subdue them...
  • the Strangers overcame his Cousin, at his pleading, killing the madman in self defense...
  • Strangers tried to escape after this, but the boy sabotaged their vehicle, before it got 100 yards...where he fled from the Vehicle...
  • Went back inside and stalked his father, brutally assaulting him, tormenting him, through the house, where he proceeded to maim him further, used chemicals to keep his father aware, and out of shock while he performed many more atrocities on him, like molesting his mouth with the mans own severed penis.
  • He beat him for hours much as his father did the girls, saying many of the same things the men had said to the women as they hurt them... as time drug on, he took more trophies from his father, and fed them to the men's dogs, also attempted to feed these trophies to his father...
  • The boy paraded the women around his Severely damaged father, playing disgusting and tormenting games, like lap dancing the dead girls on his father, and using other parts of their anatomy to further torment the man, one such, example, was forcing the dead girls jaws to bite flesh from the mans face...
  • The Police raided the house, after one of the surviving strangers reported the incidents at the house, the boy severely injured one of the officers, attempting to resist arrest, when he ambushed him from the ceiling with a meat hook, taking one of the officers eyes, and extremely disfiguring him, as the boy lifted him from the floor, attempting to lift him into the ceiling, but lacking the strength...
  • the boy was apprehended with further injuries both to himself and a handful of more officers (Bites, kicks, etc) and even killed one of the Officers by tricking him into a jury-rigged trap...

Madness?... is in the Eye of the Beholder

Carnivale has made a habit of allowing himself to be taken to Institutions for the Criminally Insane, concealing his abilities and searching for and recruiting new minds that he finds entertaining. He seeks out those with the darkest minds, with severe homicidal tendencies and he coaches the darkest and most depraved aspects of these souls to the forefront of their personalities. When the time is right, he unleashes these new recruits on a rampage through the facilities, gleefully parading behind their murderous work, singing and dancing and joining in the bloodshed.

Symphony of Destruction

The Black Parade


The Maniacs seem to have new leadership and are better organized and more strategic than their history has ever demonstrated in their crimes. Also, the Maniacs are far more brutal and murderous. (showing new costuming and clearly more sinister crimes)

The Maniacs kidnapped several journalists from the Westside area (Jonas Quinn, Natasha Peebles), after a three day search, their bodies were discovered in the Detroit River, with jagged smiles carved into their faces, their eyes carved out and their stomachs loaded with bleach, the Corpses were bloated and deformed from the expansion of interior gases.

The Maniacs assaulted a major drug dispensal warehouse operated by lackeys and business associates of the Recently incarcerated "The Truth". Several of his top enforcers were kidnapped (Antoine Luceno, Scott Duvall, and Lawrence Belle) they were hung by the neck outside the Skyrise apartment building facing the Millennium Penitentiary; Jagged smiles carved into their faces, their eyelids, and lips surgically removed, their stomachs were opened and their intestines strung to dangle to the streets below.


The City is in a state of shock and panic, local authorities and heroes are patrolling diligently to uncover the wereabouts of these New Maniacs and put an end to this reign of horror. Chief Surhoff of the MCPD has taken a personal oath to driving out this madness and ceasing the killing spree.

Jan 24th, 2012

Several bomb threats were called into the cities emergency system, threatening City Hall in City Center, Harmon Labs in Downtown, and the Skyrise Apartment building in Westside. Two of the bombs were diffused and eliminated, however the Skyrise detonated with 25% of the inhabitants inside as well as several Emergency technicians and firemen, who were trying to assist in evacuation procedures.

Chief Surhoff was Broadcasted over the Emergency broadcast system from WCOC, he was attached to the WCOC Radio transmission tower in the thunderstorm. The heroes fought valiantly to free him, before the storm could kill him, via the 70ft Lightning rods welded to his trap. The Chief was rushed to Mercy General, where he underwent emergency surgery to remove a Maniacs emplaced pacemaker from his chest.

Convoys of jury rigged maniac rigged "floats", constructed from husked vehicles retrofitted with mesh wiring for windows, steel and Iron spikes for framework and tank treads, crawled through Central Westside, down mainstreet leading directly to the Renaissance Center, blaring dark carnival music (see Words and Images for a sample), and terrorizing everyone in their path. Hundreds of the cities Maniacs came out to torment the city. Kidnapping many citizens and dragging them back into their sewer hideouts, remote factories and warehouses hideaways. The maniacs proceeded through police vehicle barricades and heroes killing, maiming, or generally injuring countless more citizens in their evil march.

Anarchy and a handful of the maniacs assaulted the Prison yet another time, and challenged heroes to stop them, they stood their ground for some time before being forced to withdraw and join the Parade.

L'espione and Mister Freeze sealed the ramps into Westside from City Center and Renaissance Center, with vehicle blockades and towering wall of ice. L'espione posed as the Leiutenant Jordan of Westside MCPD and assaulted the Westside Police Precinct, taking several lives and providing several casualties, before withdrawing. Officer Jordan was held and investigated regarding the assumption it may have been him attacking his own men.

Final Police/City Reports/Estimations;

  • Officers Killed;
  • Officers Wounded in Action;
  • EMT's Killed;
  • Firemen Killed;
  • Citizens Killed;
  • Citizens Kidnapped;
  • Citizen Casualties(wounded);
  • Thugs Apprehended;
  • Thugs Killed in action;
  • Property Damage assessment;
  • Valuables stolen;

And Now...

Carnivale has moved into the Darker recesses of the slums of Westside in Millennium City. In the recent power vacuum left behind the Intrigue Culmination (Where Hi-Pan leads most the leaders of the other Westside Gangs to their deaths to power the Death Dragon.) Carnivale has adopted the role of Leader to the Maniacs. An appropriate home for this psychopath, where his degraded and sinister mind is one of many. Carnivale has begun to attract many other depraved and unstable individuals to his cause, such as the Disturbingly lovely Demented Daffney, the Monstrous Pickles and more. These fellow stalkers and delirious killers' madness is adding to the chaotic symphony that is Carnivale's Masterpiece and all of Westside is his Auditorium!

Carnivale is a killer. A cold, methodical, sociapathic monster... His very existence seems to revolve around causing pain or mass destruction, or death wherever he goes...

Carnivale is the boogie-man made flesh. He is the killer from every horror film, and novel produced by the human imagination. He has no motive, needs no motive to decide someone needs to die, and he takes a sick entertainment and pleasure in causing pain, and misery.

Carnivale02.jpg Carnivale3.jpg


Memoire's of a Sociopath

An ancient audio-recording reel, the ones that remind you of old movie projector film reels, lies in a box, on the far reaches of the dust covered shelf. Labeled in fading and peeling yellow tape, it reads "the Glassman case". Reaching, he draws the reel from the cardboard crypt, the room suddenly falls into silence, everything seems so far away. The time difference hits like a truck, horn blazing. The power of what lies locked away in this aluminum casing seems so dangerous, now that it is in his hands. He cant help but feel that by just touching it, he has stirred the monster that he seeks notice, like it is connected to everything its ever touched, and somehow, it knows he is here. He cant back out now, he has come too far, the answers have to be here, everything leads back to this...

Choking back his unease, he carries the reel upstairs, he pauses at the landing, looking back into the storage basement. How like a hungry thing it seemed now, angry that he had taken one of its treasures. The dusty and dry room, seemed to curse him as he left, but blinked into a portal of darkness as he flipped the light switch, and its curses locked behind the flimsy particle wood door as he closed it. He passes the sleeping night guard, without any attempt at stealth, pauses to see if the aging man will wake, he hadnt meant to "steal" the reel, but answers to this killer were here he knew it. He donned his heavy brown Fedora, complimenting his aged trenchcoat, as he stepped into the cold night air. How like a undercover detective he looked standing on the landing to this old records hall, his breath fogging into the night. A stranger, likely a bum, by his sullen gait, and hunched countenance shuffled by, but paused to ask.

"Got a smoke buddy?"

He paused to give him another look over, he could be dangerous, you never knew with people anymore, and this case had him more on edge then ever.

"Dont smoke, stranger, things'll kill ya."
he returned walking past the stranger.
"Yeah? Somethin' tells me, gonna' be 'round longer 'n you."
the stranger offerred back.

He whirled then, something about how he said it triggered his defences, he wanted answers... Gone.

No one there.

Impossible right? He knew he just talked to him. He scanned both ways down the street, empty save the rows of cars hugging the curb and the faded lights of the streetlamps. Definately on edge, maybe the lack of sleep was getting to him now. He needed to get home, get some answers.

Once he got back to his place, he quickly left the old chevy sedan to lick its wounds, the vehicle was over twenty years old, but chevies seemed built to last, so he never bothered to replace her. He scanned his home on the way to the door as he always did, sort of an old paranoid habit, but habits like this kept you alive in this line of work, and it hadnt failed him yet. Satisfied he entered the house, and brisquely crossed the room to the old Audio-reel player he had borrowed from archives yesterday. He layed the reel down, but couldnt help but pause and stare at its dulled aluminum casing again. "the Glassman case" it read, same as before, but something... was there something there? He rubbed his palms over his face, shot the reel another sidelong glance and left the room. Removing his hat and coat, which he discards on the back of his nearby sofa, who's crimson colors were all but a dull dunn now. He goes to the kitchenette, not quite a full kitchen, and begins brewing some joe.

He comes back to the Audio-reel player and open the reels casing. It was just a reel, wound with black audio-ribbon, unlabled, uninspired, such a simple thing. After staring it over, he starts setting the reel in the player, winding the tape through the device and plays it.

Fading and crackling audio-feedback silences all other ambient noise, and a power settles over the room. The Nostalgia is not missed by him, and he sits in the wooden chair nearby, his attention raptured.

"This is doctor David Everett, with prelimenary session with Christopher Glassman"
The speaker is precise and well spoken, but seems distracted, or uninterested.
"Christopher? Do you know why you are here?"
There is a long silence, broken only by the constant crackling in the feedback.
"Christopher? Do you know why you are here?"
Another pause.
"Christopher? What is so funny? Why are you smiling?"
"Because your'e funny doctor"
The voice of a child, full of darkness and hints of malice.
"This is not a game Christopher, it is quite serious"
"Its always a game doctor"
The voice trails off into low snickering.
"Do you know why you are here Christopher? What you have done?"
The speaker seems annoyed, and is followed by a pause.
"I played games. Now I can play with you"
The voice is distracted, and resigned. It is followed by another long pause.
"Why are you looking at me like that? You dont frighten me Christopher"
The speaker is annoyed, but hints of fear are in his voice.
"I played games with them, I want to play games with you doctor"

The Feedback is suddenly swallowed in a great deal of noise, and commotion, like furniture being overturned and fighting. Shouts in the background for help and security, are nearly impossible to make out over a sadistic laughter.

The feedback abruptly ends, but most the reel is left unrecorded. He leans back in the chair and reminds himself to breath, realizing he had stopped somewhere in the recording. No answers, except a name. The killer has always been a killer, no surprises there. He lets out a long sigh, and remembers the joe! he starts to check on it, when the feedback starts back up from the player.

The familiar crackling of the recording begins again, and background sounds of objects being moved, likely the recorder itself carry on for a moment, then seem to abruptly stop. Then there is a long pause.

"hmmmm hmmmm hmm hmmmm hmmmm"
The childs voice hums into the recorder, sounds like fairgrounds or carnival music.
"I want to play a game doctor, I want you to play with me..."
Ragged and feignt breathing can be heard in wimpered gasps behind the childs words.
"You want whats in my head?.... "
There is feint shuffling behind the static's crackling.
"We can share doctor... but..."
The feint sounds of shuffling continue, perhaps the scrambling of the panicked doctor.
"... you first.... "
The doctors screams wail across the player, he feels the doctors terror in his bones.
"Its funny, right? ... he he he hehehe HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
The childs Malicious laughter rings for several seconds, untill the recorder suddenly cuts out, sounding like it was knocked over.

He stares at the player, stunned, for a long while.

OOC Info...

  • Pronounced: "Carn-eh-vall"
  • Is a completely unstable individual, who's mannerisms are a mockery of societies rules and expectations... Interaction with him is best forewarned to "approach with caution" as he has no qualms with murder, and any slights or rudeness is almost certainly answered with a murder attempt.

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