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Player: @Zerosguardian
Cerys CU.jpg
Ghost Hound Operative
Class Focus: Dual Swords + Munitions
Power Level: 29
Research & Development: Arms - Fighting Styles
Personal Data
Real Name: Cerys
Known Aliases: CC (CeeCee, not Double C)
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 167 lbs due to extensive augmentation
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Brown with Green Highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Operative in Ghost Hound
Place of Birth: Shoreline, Washington
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Disowned by parents
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Martial styles (Modified Niten Ichi Ryo sword style, Gun Kata)
2x Katanas (Nankai na Ken, Ken wo Shukufuku) 2x Pistols (Akuma Sureiyazu)
"Street samurai? Nah, more like....cyber ninja."


Cerys was born as Allison Monroe in Shoreline, Washington right near Seattle. She had a well enough life, but constantly butted heads her parents. They did not approve of how she spent her freetime, which was fighting other kids around the city and often running with a gang, though not as a member, but as a tag-along. After one spat with her parents started to turn violent, she ran away from home to stay with the gang. It was there that she learned she was disowned. At the age of twelve, Allison was on her own. She used the gang to get her stowed away on board a freighter leaving Seattle. The freighter took her across the ocean to Japan. She spent two weeks there living on the street, begging for money just to get by. It was then a man named Isamu found her. Due to a language barrier, it took some time to offer her a place to stay, his dojo. He would allow her to stay there provided she cleaned and preformed household chores to maintain it. For the next six months, Allison helped maintain the dojo while struggling to learn the Japanese language. At the end of that six months, one of the other students took it upon himself to harass her as much as possible, deeming her lower than himself. Allsion shortly took up a bokken against him in single combat, and defeated him soundly. Isamu saw potential in the girl and accepted her into the school as a student, and took to calling her "Monokuro" in honor of her eyes, which at the time were grey.

For the next nine years, Allison trained day in and day out to better herself in the ways of armed and unarmed combat. She initially started with only one sword, but quickly chose to adopt two, preferring the added offensive capabilities against an opponent. She still led a relatively risque life, sometimes sneaking out of the school at night to try her hand at vigilante work. During this time, she adorned her body with multiple tribal tattoos, one's she sports proudly. She also managed to scrape together funds to augment her body, first with bone lacing and second with muscle replacements in most of her body. These augmentations allow her bones to withstand tremendous stress and allow her to life a large truck with relative ease. As a negative, is greatly hindered her ability to handle delicate objects for a long while; she accidentally crushed the object from being too strong.

At the age of twenty-one, Allison left the dojo on the good graces of Isamu and started to hitchhike and stow-away from Japan to China, down through Vietnam, across to India, to Somalia, Egypt, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, England and Spain. She took a boat to Brazil and worked her way up to Mexico. It took her four years to arrive in the United States once again; and once there she legally changed her name to Cerys, choosing to abandoned her former life from when she was last in the States.

She continued her vigilante work on her travels, and met with local martial masters wherever she could. She stayed with them from periods, letting them teach her, and adapting their teachings into the Niten Ichi Ryu style she learned from Isamu, heavily modifying it.

Once she arrived in Millennium City, she spent some time still as a vigilante. It was while out on the streets she learned of private military group named Ghost Hound. After spending months gathering information on them, which unsurprisingly was not much, she decided she would join them. She was accepted into the Hounds and has recently been promoted to Hound status.

Personality and Job

Cerys is a highly approachable person, and very accepting of who people are. She will not hesitate to cut you down though, if you get too cocky towards her. She can be highly sarcastic, and she often chooses to be. In the field, Cerys if often placed on recon duty, due to her specialized skills in stealth, infiltration and assassination. She can move quite fast, and jump far, further helping her in her tasks.

Her Eyes

Recently in her life, about one year before she left Isamu's dojo, her eyes changed from their ordinary grey color to a glowing icy blue color. She has yet to figure out why this is and has long given up on it and accepts it has her normal eye color now. As of this moment, they signify nothing, but they by the first sign of a greater power beneath...


Two Katanas, one blessed and one turned arcane by Wraith. Due to it being bad luck wielding swords that are unnamed, Cerys' named them Nankai na Ken and Ken wo Shukufuku. (Literally Blessed Blade and Arcane Blade respectively) She recently managed to get two semi-automatic pistols blessed by the angel Naaheila and started to practice Gun Kata. She named the pistol together, Akuma Sureiyazu

She recently obtained two Impervium Ninjato from Takaru Kritaion's father. She is still working on naming them

The outfit she is usually wearing is very technologically advanced. It has the ability to monitor her body heat and mask it from a heat sensor. It also can change, only basically, to mimic certain locales. Such as when in Canada, it changes to a white color and covers her exposed skin from the black version of the suit. She also has a more traditional "ninja garb" that is just cloth. Nothing special about it in any way.

Friends and Co-workers


Cerys' superior in Ghost Hound, one of the co-leaders. She finds him to be highly capable and will follow him anywhere.


The second co-leader, Cerys' holds a great deal of respect for both RYNO and Wraith.


A fellow sister-in-arms, Cerys' does not know her much better than anyone else. Much.

Eric Deringer

One of Cerys' favorite people to hang around, she's made a game out of how many women he takes home. She's close to finishing a bingo, just need a red head with freckles.

"Quiet, reliable, and deadly. What more can you ask for in a hound?"


Another one of her favorite people to hang around, as he makes her laugh almost without fail. He also play flirts with her, claiming that they are going out.

"Cerys, you just kicked that ass and turned him inside out! That was so awesome! ...I compliment your work ...are we actually going out now?"


Another good friend, and this one also play flirts with her, albeit, not claiming they are already going out.

Sky Darkener

The one person who annoys her the most, but also one of the few she can claim as a good friend.

"Silent, deadly, with a hint of heart. She is my third closest friend."

Takaru Kritaion

Cerys does not have much contact with Tak outside the club, but eagerly looks forward to being on a team with him in the future.

Cypher Xero

One her favorite people in general, Cypher is Cerys' current pet project. She's attempting to make him more comfortable literally in his own skin. She is also well aware of the crush he harbors for her, and is at this moment trying not to look like she is leading him on.


-Cerys has never had time for a serious relationship, she was always much too busy with her training.

-She doesn't have a home, she lives on Spooky, Ghost Hounds airship.

-She has few wordly possessions; her swords, pistols, a couple outfits for different occasions and that is it. She only recently got a cell phone.

Other Comments

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