Eric Deringer

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Eric Deringer
Player: @rasos
"You wanna rephrase that, pal?"
Class Focus: Munitions
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Eric Deringer
Known Aliases: Eric, Playboy
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Irish/Spanish
Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Private Investigator
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, New Mexico
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Michigan
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Father - Paul Deringer, Mother - Tera Deringer, Uncle - Mark Deringer, Wife - Jessica Deringer
Known Powers
Known Abilities
One Holy-runed Pistol, one Hell cursed Pistol, one Arcane crafted pistol, shotgun


Eric Deringer was born to a truck driving father and a drug addict mother. His formative years exposed him to a world of abuse, yelling, infidelity, drugs, alchohol, and neglect. By the time he was about to start high school, Eric ran from his family's small apartment while his father was on the road and mother was out scoring heroin from her boyfriend.

He made it to Las Vegas, Nevada and managed to join the Crips gang in order to survive. He engaged in car theft, larceny, robbery, assault, gang violence, and extortion at an early age. He also followed in his parents's example and began heavy alcohol and drug use. He was arrested several times but never convicted.

At age 18 VIPER came recruiting in the Crips organization and Eric signed on as a field soldier. He was assigned to a special unit that gathered mutant and other meta persons and brought them back for experimentation at VIPER facilities. He learned modern weapons tactics and use there, as well as learning command and discipline, kicking his drug habit while under their employment. He was there for seven years and left without leave when the unit began abducting children to make their quotas.

On the run from the most powerful terrorist organization on the planet, Eric could not get any kind of normal job due to his career. Forced into working day labor in Millenium City, he kept a low profile for months, trying to keep his rent paid and not making any noise.

His luck changed one day when working out in Canada and Lia Salvatore met him. Taking an interest in him, she introduced him to Wraith of Ghost Hound. With his knowledge of the workings of VIPER and his eagerness to work against his old organization, he joined the team. His performance and natural leadership skills has led him to become an officer in the organization.

Eric has since resigned his position in Ghost Hound and maintains good ties with his former comrades in arms. He's started a private investigations firm, Universal Investigations, and is growing the business to this date.


Eric has a tan complexion with deep blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. He is rarely properly shaved and usually is wearing some kind of sunglasses. The sunglasses are actually an augmented reality display, showing visual readouts of news, information, and query results from his netbook. He is often armed with pistols and other guns openly, and wears a trenchcoat or military uniform most of the time.


Eric is an extrovert at heart, taking pleasure in the company of other people. He enjoys listening to stories and the company of friends, new and old. He is an incurable flirt and manages to get along with most people rather well. When something urgent is happening, Eric goes into his command personality, delivering crisp orders and taking the lead almost immediately. He is a very steadfast and loyal person to his friends, risking his own life for them if need be. He has no qualms with violence and has been reputed to shoot people without much cause. His past with criminal organizations does permeate his thinking and violence is often the answer to problems presented to him.

Powers and Abilities

VIPER didn't leave Eric without some ability. They had given him an injection of nanites that improve his healing capabilities, but to what extent is unknown to even them. He has no innate abilities and is not considered a meta or super person in any way. His abilities with people are a natural part of his charm only, and any power he has derives from relationships.


Eric was a Captain with Ghost Hound, a paramilitary company without peer, and is still an ally of the organization. They take on VIPER at every opportunity and Eric sees this as his own goal as well.

Eric and his Universal Investigations is a member of the Shadow Network, an underground group formed to go up against all the darker things that threaten the world.

Eric has made many friends in his time in Millenium City and has a reputation for always having a crowd of people with him. He seems to enjoy the company of other people.

Eric is now married to the former Dr. Jessica Shilling (Ultra) from the Forgotten, now Dr. Jessica Deringer.

Eric has a special relationship with the woman who pulled him out of poverty, Lia Salvatore. The nature of this relationship is unknown.

Eric has an estranged uncle in Steelhead, Mark Derringer, formerly Avenger of SUNDER.

Comments and Quotes

"He just needs to take home a red head with a lot of freckles, and I win a bingo" ~ Cerys

"He is an amazing man and an amazing husband. Even if he is a bit thick headed sometimes" Ultra

"He's a bit of a dink-magnet who hangs around in a corner. Dink being that guy who calls me Blueberry and other dumb names. I'm never against reformed villains though and Eric seems to be a straight shooter through and through." Blue Bruiser

Eric is one of those guys you can trust to do the right thing in any situation. And as a bonus, he's quite a looker! ~ Raspberry Balm

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