Daemon Wing

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"...and you're next."
Daemon Wing
Personal Data
Real Name: Desdemona
Known Aliases: "Dae", "Desmodae".
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Varies
Hair Color: Black/varies
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Super Villain
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Affiliations: Abaddon
Equipment: none


The best, simplest, and obvious way is that Desdemona is crazy. Not just crazy, but insane.

Along with crazy, Desdemona also has a frightening presence from her twisted mind and dark powers.

She hides in the dark, and enjoys pain, suffering and death, and is normally grinning with her dagger-like teeth.

But the creepiest part about Desdemona is that she is from another dimension.


Desdemona often talks to herself when she is alone, and preferably in the dark.

She enjoys tacos and muffins, and are key tools to convince her of doing one's wishes. Such as keeping her quiet, do as one says.

There at some points, where Desdemona is uncontrollable when it comes to her twisted mind, and either way, those times could mean one's harm or death. Whether she's having too good of a time at villainy or insanity, or she is furious and will attack anything that moves.

Most of Desdemona's insanity is from her obsession of death, pain and suffering. When she is experiencing pain and suffering herself, instead of screaming at the top of her lungs, she is laughing her head off.

The only pain and suffering that she wouldn't laugh at is when her plans are foiled.

VIPER, Abaddon, and Ranger

Desdemona has a hatred for Ivo Grey, for whatever reason. She knows basically everything about Ivo Grey and keeps tormenting her in her dreams with those fears.

Knowing that Ivo is in Genesis League, she approached Lord Venom and Abaddon, a terrorist cell of VIPER, to assist them with eliminating Genesis League and Ivo as well.

She also sometimes works alone, attempting to see not only Ivo suffer, but the entire city suffer.


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To put it straight and without any babbling before hand, Desdemona isn't really real.

You see, Ivo uses something called the Dreamzone to teleport.

The Dreamzone is older than man, older than the universe; it was created to provide an escape for intelligent beings whose lives demand a release. Humans are one of the many species who, during times of sleep, mentally visit the Dreamzone.

Somehow Ivo is able to access the Dreamzone while she is awake, and use it to teleport from place to place.

Though in the Dreamzone, there are creatures called dream shadows, which allow the dreamer to experience their sub-conscious fantasies.

Since Ivo uses the Dreamzone so frequently, a certain Dream Shadow is exclusively attached to her. That dream shadow, is Desdemona. Desdemona is formed from all of the fears that Ivo has.

That is also how Desdemona is able to access Ivo's dreams so easily and turn them into nightmares.

Ivo would be able to not worry about Desdemona if she knew that Desdemona wasn't real. Though, if Desdemona were to detach from Ivo, Ivo will not be able to teleport as easily, or at all.