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MC's most handsome devil
Devil Ray
"Straight out the fridge!"
Player: @Realsorceror
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Super Group
Young Renegades
· Other Affiliations ·
Death's Head
Real Name
Raymond Right Jr
Ray, Junior
Millennium City
Legal Status
Marital Status
Victory is mine!
· Known Relatives ·
Raymond Right Sr (uncle), Molly Carson (mother), Walter Salvaggio (father)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
A magnificent pompadour. Looks and dresses like a greaser from the 50's.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Can summon and control hellfire and cast other magic spells.
· Equipment ·
He's got a mask?
· Other Abilities ·
Pretty good dancer and acrobat. So-so at actual fighting. Extremely genre savvy thanks to his uncle's tutelage.


Raymond is good-natured and well-meaning jock. Due to growing up with a father like Death Ray, Raymond is incredibly knowledgeable about the inner workings of the costumed world. At times this can be a hindrance as he tries to over-complicate and categorize every action into textbook behavior. Otherwise he is open to befriending just about everyone, even exchanging pleasantries with the 'bad guys' on occasion.

While wearing his costume Raymond becomes even more confident and cocksure as the mask makes him much more willing to step out of his comfort zone and live up to his "bad boy" persona. When channeling his magic, Devil Ray can even be a bit intimidating or intense.


Raymond is a youthful, handsome man who inherited his father's strong facial structure, thick hair, and sideburns. Through some quirk of his upbringing his fashion sense is incredibly out of date and he can frequently be seen wearing styles of clothing from as far back as the 50's. His usual look is that of a greaser with blue jeans and a leather jacket, though lately he has been experimenting with 70's fashion and Western accessories.

The Devil Ray 'costume' once consisted only of a menacing looking mask, though it has since been expanded to include a protective vest and gloves. Raymond's pentagram belt buckle can be rotated upside down to summon the costume.


  • Hellfire - Devil Ray can conjure and shape an element he refers to as 'hell fire'. Where this actually comes from is anyone's guess, but it seems far more solid and malleable than Earthly flames, enabling Ray to create weapons and projectiles. Examples include his signature Hell Lash, a burning whip made of the infernal substance.
  • Magician - One of Raymond's more mundane hobbies is street magic and sleight of hand, enabling him to perform tricks and stunts that resemble magic without needing to call on his real abilities.
  • Warlock - Through his pact with Belphegor, Ray can use real magic by speaking command words or short arcane incantations. These spells tend to be very physical in nature, such as climbing walls or seeing in the dark, but can run the gamut of what one might expect from a novice mage.
  • Luchador - During an odd series of events in which he was hypnotized, he donned a luchador mask and became El Raymundo: The Son of the Devil. The entire time he spoke only Spanish and somehow learned to wrestle. Since then he has shown none of these abilities, but who knows? One day the Earth may need El Raymundo once again.


Even as Devil Ray, Raymond is only as strong as any other teenage boy when it comes to physical resilience and endurance. A single, solid hit could put him out of a fight. Moreover, his magic relies heavily on his ability to speak and gesture and becomes very limited or negated when his mobility and voice are hampered. His strong belief in 'comic-book logic' can also cause him to behave erratically in certain situations.


Pentagram Belt - A studded leather belt featuring a large pentagram symbol as a buckle. It is slightly enchanted so that when the star is turned upside down a cloud of thick smoke briefly obscures the wearer, allowing Raymond to don his mask and transform his clothes.

Spellbook - Devil Ray has a very limited selection of magical affects he can call upon. Though several of his spells are very flexible they all require a command word to invoke. (Spells are added as they appear in character).

  • Springheel - Named after Springheel Jack, this allows greater acrobatic ability and incredible leaps.
  • Spiderwalk/Gecko Step - Allows clinging to surfaces and even standing on ceilings.
  • Ironlung - Allows breathing normally in natural environments and protects from most airborne poisons.
  • Earmuffs - A simple cantrip that protects the ears from being damaged by loud noises.
  • Laplace - Named after Laplace's Demon, this spell allows short range teleportation.
  • Death Ray - A powerful twin beam that can disintegrate matter. Has a tendency to kickback.
  • Cerberus - A very taxing spell that splits the Hell Lash into three whips. An even greater version is called the Lords of the Nine.
  • Burning Man - A short ritual involving a circle drawn in blood which summons a barely controlled fire demon.
  • Molten Core Kick - A much more powerful version of his Demon Kick, this causes Ray to spin like a top and spiral into a fiery drill kick.
  • Dust Devil - Summons hot wind to create a small, localized twister. Weaker versions of the spell can be incorporated into kicks.
  • Bad Bat - Augments Raymond's costume to cause the wings on his jacket to grow and allow him to glide.


Raymond Right Junior was raised by his biological mother Molly Right and his uncle Raymond Right Senior, a famous supervillian named Death Ray. The two Raymonds spent most of their lives believing they were father and son until it was later revealed that Molly had an affair with Walter Salvaggio, Ray's real father and Raymond Senior's brother. Despite their villainous bent, the Right family more or less resembles that of other legacy heroes.

Ray spent much of his unusual childhood at his uncle's side being tutored in the ways of costumed heroes and villians and grew to accept these 'rules' as how the world really works (or at least how it's supposed to work). Once he ways of age, Raymond was sent to a villain school run by one of Death Ray's old associates, Master Grim. Once he graduated from Junior High, however, he chose to attend a normal public school in Millennium City and later transferred to Grace Memorial High to be near his friends. Raymond had decided to become a hero, and though Death Ray was initially disappointed he later became oddly excited at the prospect of watching his son's hero career rise in order to have dramatic confrontations in the future.

Now going by the moniker 'Devil Ray', Raymond quickly gained notoriety among other teen heroes for his flashy abilities and anachronistic views on how heroes and villains should combat eachother. After a brief period of time with the New Vigil, he came into contact with the other founding members of the Young Renegades, even going so far as to name the group before they were even officially a real team. It was the Renegades that would define most of his misadventures in the following months.

The Right Guide to Villiany - Raymond Right Sr was a very active mastermind villain in his day that helped develop and enforce codes of "Supervillain Civility" which covered things like when it was appropriate to arch another villain's nemesis, when it was acceptable to invade a rival's territory, and other such gentleman's agreements. While not his original idea, such rules systems have been used loosely among supervillains for decades. In his Right Guide to Villainy he laid out his many ideas and theorems in a textbook format which is currently sees use as study material in many costumed schools.


Nergu/Dr. Ominous - His uncle's greatest nemesis, Raymond's relationship with Dr. Ominous can be described as 'bad'. At a young age he chose to deal with the warlock in order to save Death Ray's soul in the afterlife. This resulted in Ray trading his own soul in exchange. The deal granted him infernal powers, though their dangerous nature was intended to kill Raymond, thereby granting Ominous two souls instead of one. With the revelation that Dr. Ominous is the mastermind behind a massive plot to bring the demon lord Belphegor to Earth, Ray marks him as one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

Molly Carson - Raymond's mother and formerly Mrs. Right, Molly recently revealed that she carries just as many secrets as the rest of the family. She is actually the costumed hero Scarlet Carson and a government spy. After her organization was disbanded, however, she continued her mission of providing inside information on supervillians. She came to confide in Death Ray's brother Walter, leading the two of them to have an affair and resulting in the birth of Raymond Junior. During the final confrontation with Death Ray, Molly donned the Scarlet Carson identity once more and helped to defeat him.

The Young Renegades

Victory - Lisa Klein - Raymond's current and longest running girlfriend. Ray loves her optimism, innocence, and chipper attitude, but is not so fond of her terrible sense of humor and adoration of strange animals. He views her strong desire to help and care for others as an integral and necessary balance to the more detached, practical attitude of the team leader.

Kevlar - Micheal Karp - Raymond's nextdoor neighborhood and best friend since forever, the two of them were once constant companions. During a misadventure in Death Ray's laboratory, however, Mike was exposed to an experimental force-field generator, resulting in his passing out and later developing similar powers. Because his friend remembered little of the incident, Raymond kept this a secret for years and led Micheal to believe he was a natural mutant. During his battle with Death Ray, however, Micheal discovered his true origins when the machines displayed nearly identical defenses.

Quick Shrike - Stephanie Meyers - After discovering her living situation and backstory, Raymond made the surprise decision to invite Stephanie to live with the Right family. While initially quite awkward, Ray and Molly soon came to view her as another part of the family despite her anger issues and explosive cursing. She went on to form a strong bond with the dangerous family pet, Hobbes the white tiger, and may be considered his true owner. Raymond sees her fluctuating attitude as her greatest weakness, as she can be both a hindrance or major asset to the team depending on her mood.

Wavegirl - Mariana Zopyros - Ray respects Mariana as a friend and equal, often regarding her as one of the few team members who can match or surpass him in the strength and scope of their powers. He fully supports her as team leader, believing she is a more balanced and stable choice than Soldier Boy. Ultimately he doesn't know as much about her as he would like, which doesn't stop him from imagining her in a dramatic love triangle with Alex and Aria.

Soldier Boy - Alex Simmons - Raymond views Alex as the natural leader of the team, but believes he needs to undergo further Character Development before he can take up the mantle (yes, Ray thinks like that). He is impressed with Alex's physical ability and mental discipline but understands these gifts came at the cost of deficiencies in other areas, most notably his social skills. Lastly, Ray feels a certain kinship with Alex in that both of them had equally strange (albeit very different) childhoods which few people can relate to.

Power Play - Benjamin Keyes - Benji confuses Raymond to no end, as he defies anything on his list of preconceived notions about how superheroes are supposed to work. While he finds him incredibly amusing, his attempts to place Benji in the spotlight have always been met with failure. Obviously, Power Play is supposed to have a key game-changing moment where he reveals his true power. Because the thought that he's really just a normal dweeb in hockey pads who nearly dies all the time doesn't make any sense.

Adapto - Marcel Simmons - Raymond respects Marcel's intelligence and the trials he's gone through, but is also a bit wary of him. While he hides it behind his usual front, Adapto's love of technology and invention reminds Raymond of his own father in multiple ways. Plus there was that whole Roomba incident. Still, Marcel's loyalty to the team leaders means that Ray still trusts him as much as anyone else.

Powerbolt - Aria Chambers - Aria has the full set of iconic hero powers. She can throw trucks, take punishment, and most importantly she can fly. And she has that whole tragic 'can't touch people' thing. Truly, she is blessed. Ray constantly wants to tell her exactly how to pose after a fight and when to toss out a one liner, but he knows that with a hero this great you just have to let it happen naturally.



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