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Recruitment Status

We are currently inactive with no plans for starting up again.

Basic Information

Do you like fighting crime? Kicking butt? Being legally able to drink or gamble?

If you answered yes to that third question, well too bad, this isn't the supergroup for you!

Being a kid is awesome, and know what is even cooler? Proving to those dumb adult heroes that you are just as good as they are! Adults think they know everything, they think that we are useless. Well you know what? This city, no, this PLANET needs more than just some dumb adults to protect it!

That's where we come in. We are the New Vigil, and we welcome any young heroes with open arms! You don't have to be human, or even alive to join (but it helps), we are recruiting any and all teenage and child vigilantes from any race and species. You don't have to face the world alone...we all know that adults don't always listen, and fighting crime alone can be a very scary thing. We understand that, and are here as a like-minded group of child and teenage heroes that you can join so that you don't have to be alone!

So come on and sign up today, make the world a better place. After all, it is our world, our future, let's protect it!

Powers aren't a requirement, but some fighting skills are a must. We can't recruit average civilians, after all, that would be far too dangerous!

If you would like to join, contact one of our members for more info!


  • Founders / Leaders - The founders and leaders of the group!
  • Senior Members - The officers of the group.
  • Natural - The martial artists or anyone with abilities natural to their species without metahuman or magical aid.
  • Magic - Mages or someone with abilities of magical origin, whether it's divine, demonic, planar or with mystical objects.
  • Mutant - These are the ones born as mutants, whether apparent since birth, during adolescence or not until later in life.
  • Science - Anyone science or technology related, whether that's gadgets, radiation, powered armor suits or extradimensional.
  • Reservists - Members that are not currently on the active roster or only fight alongside the team on certain occasions.

New Vigil Nemeses

Scroll down to view some of the characters that have it out for one or more of the New Vigil members!!!

The Mother

The god-like entity, Mother, was the being that created Galactigal and her Starspawn siblings. She's a malevolent, higher-dimensional consciousness that wants nothing more than to utterly destroy the New Vigil, and considers anything in her way to simply be "collateral damage". Why she wants to, however, is not entirely clear, though it's thought to be due to a matter of pride. She usually refrains from directly interfering with lower dimensions, and will instead send her Starspawn children to do her bidding.

  • Power Level- Cosmic
  • Powers- Matter/Reality Manipulation, Telepathy/Telekinesis, Teleportation, Higher-Dimensional Perceptions (True-Seeing, Precognition, Omniscience), Immortality.
  • Weaknesses- Limited to the laws of the dimension of which she's inhabiting at the time, limited in power in lower dimensions.

War Pig

An ex-marine turned mercenary, War Pig was exposed to a strange vat of chemicals during his active duty. Because of that, he's been granted immense physical strength and durability, though he's got physical features that make him look much like a man-pig hybrid. He's easy to anger and mentally unstable, and he's willing to do just about anything for the right price.

  • Power Level- Medium
  • Powers- Superhuman Strength/Durability, Enhanced Senses, Heightened Regeneration.
  • Weaknesses- War Pig is slow and rather stupid. He's also easily angered and reckless.

Blockhead and Flashbang

Blockhead and Flashbang are two C list villains with a tragic past. Experimented on and tortured by alien visitors, they both ended up with altered appearances, amnesia and super powers. Blockhead got it worse than Flashbang did, being transformed into a hulking giant made of living metal. With no clue where to start and having power for the first time they decided they would simply take what they needed. Or what they wanted. Despite being fairly low on the competence scale, the two are slippery and have evaded capture after each poorly thought out heist or plan.

  • Descriptions: Blockhead is a hulking figure of living metal with a blank, squared head, and usually wears a nice vest and shirt with formal pants. Flashbang wears neon green tights and has bright, shining green hair, solid green eyes and green lips.
  • Power Level- Medium-high
  • Powers- Blockhead has incredible physical strength, resilience, weight, and can reform himself after sustaining 'lethal' damage. Flashbang possesses sonic and energy manipulation, through which she is capable of creating powerful energy blasts, blinding lights and protective fields.
  • Weaknesses- Blockhead is generally slow and plodding and his highly increased weight makes it difficult for him to move around. He is fiercely loyal to Flashbang, often breaking off his present course of action to help her if she's threatened. Flashbang, however, is highly impulsive and quick to anger and has a weak mental state and poor eyesight. Nullifying her sonic manipulation somehow renders her nearly blind.


Lisa Liste considered herself a pretty average woman. A bit down on her luck, she started getting into medical research studies to help her pay the bills and put a little extra money in her pocket for when she needed it. This is how she got in contact with a group of mysterious people that promised the woman power. Something she had never had. Though hesitant at first, the allure was too much for her and she conceded.

Using a bizarre and painful process, her shady benefactors endowed her with meta-human powers. Blinded with agony, unable to speak because of her transformation and lack of understanding she lashed out, wrecking a path of destruction before being stopped by members of New Vigil.

Though currently in police custody, it's quite possible New Vigil hasn't seen the last of her...

  • Description: A tall woman with shiny, deep black skin that features metallic streaks. She is bald and her eyes are the same silverish color that the metal stripes are.
  • Power Level- High.
  • Powers/Abilities- Minor earth control involving the spontaneous creation of razor sharp, obsidian crystals that can split the ground and be detonated to cause damage in a wide area. Stone hard skin reinforced with metallic stripes that reacts to serious damage by cracking, breaking off into bits of stone shrapnel and becoming incredibly sharp. 'Skin' regenerates over time. Increased strength and durability, protection from extreme temperatures and some hazardous conditions due to partially inorganic skin and eyes.
  • Weaknesses- Skin can be chipped away and cause weakness, crystal growth is limited in certain areas, lack of normal pain response can make her reckless, unusual biology makes it difficult to administer medical care in extreme cases, greatly weakened if contact with the ground can't be maintained.


Born with an unusual appearance and strange powers, Hana was abandoned at a young age by her parents. A delinquent who bounced from foster home to foster home, she could never stop causing trouble and has been arrested numerous times. Of course... once she really got a hang of her powers, it was almost impossible to actually get ahold of or keep her.

As Scapegoat, she's hired herself out numerous times to lend her unique abilities, but has shown herself to be something of a self-sabotager. Eventually she does something to get herself caught or slips up and seems unable to actually win in the end despite her apparent effectiveness.

  • Description: Scapegoat is a dark skinned woman with coarse, curly black hair, goat hooves, a small puffy tail, thick three fingered hands and hooves. She also has distinctly ovine eyes with a long, horizontal pupils.
  • Power level: Low.
  • Powers/Abilities: Scapegoat can create illusions of herself that can act independently for a short time, or she can layer them on top of other people, making them appear to be her. The illusions smell, sound, act and even think like her. She is also tougher than an average human, with strong, heavy bones and a reinforced skull.
  • Weaknesses: Her illusions are often fragile, despite their versatility. Despite being incredibly close to the real thing, the illusions can also be told apart from the real thing with careful study and wouldn't stand up to higher tier metahuman senses. When she's finally discovered, Scapegoat is a weak fighter despite her toughness and is a bit of a coward. She folds easily to threats and has a habit of doing stupid things to spoil her own victories.


MetaCorp is an organization dedicated to researching the metahuman phenomenon, their powers and abilities and selling illegal augmentations to paying customers. They are supported by numerous wealthy backers and are constantly working on new ways to provide high quality services to whoever's willing to pay. They have labs in Millennium City, but their largest was shut down by New Vigil, forcing them to adjust their strategy and rethink security measures.

They're definitely still around, plotting and planning. Science waits for no man. Especially when that science brings in the green.

New Vigil Headquarters

The Headquarters

The New Vigil's main base of operations is an unused private research facility not far from the center of Millenium City that is now being utilised to serve as a headquarters for the organisation of aspiring heroes. The original purpose of the facility was primarily the development of defensive and military technology. While the location of these headquarters is far from public knowledge, organisations such as PRIMUS and UNTIL are aware of the existence of this base and what it is currently being used for.

When entering the bunker you first pass through a rather bland reinforced tunnel with metal walls, before reaching an elevator that possesses several layers of high level security and leads down into the actual headquarters.
The headquarters feature some basic necessities, like a small kitchen, but are not designed to accommodate for anything more than a temporary stay. As the site used to be a private research facility it does have its own generators.


  • New Vigil operates on a global scale if required, but primarily fights crime within Millennium City.
  • The team has gained a bit of a reputation for causing property damage, especially blowing stuff up.
  • Teammembers often meet up at places such as Darren's Pizza, Hero Donuts, Pat's Coffee and Carl's Gym.
  • Many of the members of New Vigil are also connected to the Champions Response & Protection frequency.

The members of the group, according to rank / specialization! Members put your name / PDB link here!

Newvigilbanner2.png e
Leaders: Mercy
Senior Members: Arcane SquireBee
Natural: Temudjin
Magic: Cheapshot • Jinx • Kid Harrier • RedTorrent • Virtuoso • VisageWhitecloak
Mutant: Bloodline • Boy Wonder • CelerityLionfish • Magnetar • Mineshaft • Skips • Turbo • Unstoppable
Science: EmberPrankensteinXenergy