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The Ravenous
The two sides of Lilian Dawson HONK.png
Player: @anubisgod
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Lilian Dawson
October 25th, 1994
New York, New York
Duskview Apartments, Millennium City (Westside)
Duskview Apartments Room #205
College Drop-out, Addict
Legal Status
Drug Possession
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Mark & Brittany Dawson (Father & Mother)
Physical Traits
Homo Sapiens (Mutant)
Apparent Age
5'10" - 6'4" (Variable dependant on form)
146lbs - 227lbs (Variable dependant on form)
Body Type
Slim, Curvy - Muscular, Defined
Blue (Pale gold in Ogre form)
Pale (Ochre in Ogre form)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Bone spurs in Ogre form
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Healing Factor, Venom
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Street Fighting

Appearance, Personality & Motivations

Lilian is unassuming, for a nineteen year old. She tries her absolute best to blend into the background of any place she finds herself in - it's easier to control the Ogre that way. One can usually find her in a corner, with a gray hoodie pulled up over her face, hiding features that would otherwise be fairly pretty if she showed them. Her presence never seems to 'fill' a room, and at most times, it can be easy to forget that she's even there (which is exactly what she's aiming for). Lily is shy and timid, avoiding conflict whenever she can. Unfortunately for her, this just makes it easier for the Ogre to emerge when she's put into situations of stress. She has little practice in containing volatile emotions such as anger or fear - and will often react instinctively.

When she's shifted into her Ogre form, Lily almost seems like a different person. She runs mostly on instinct and can be horrifically violent at times. The transformation process is fairly painful as she increases muscle mass and grows bone spurs, which tears out of her skin at her shoulders, forearms and across her head. As a polar opposite to her human personality, Lily in Ogre form is almost always the center of attention (and to some extent, she enjoys it).

The two sides of Lilian Dawson actively compete against each other, in a way. They suppress parts of her personality that they don't find particularly attractive; Lilian suppresses her anger, fear and most volatile emotion; the Ogre suppresses feelings of remorse, pity, and oftentimes rational and logical thinking.


Lily never had a good childhood. She was raised in a low-rent household, with absentee parents thanks to the ever looming demands for rent. As such, she was 'raised' by the other kids in her apartment complex in the urban sprawl of New York. She didn't really interact much with her parents - when he was home, her father was often deep in a bottle, and her mother worked almost around the clock. Even at a young age she was involved in petty theft and vandalism; the other kids having discovered that her non-confrontational personality made her easy to control. By the age of twelve, she had already fallen in with the 'wrong' crowd and was caught several times by the NYPD for graffiti and recreational drug use. By sixteen, Lily was fully addicted to abuse of street drugs, most often heroin. After barely managing to complete high school and her first year of college, Lilian dropped out, taking the money she had saved up from working odd jobs over her teenage years (and a bit of the trust fund her parents had set aside) to move out of NYC. Unbeknownst to her parents, the main reason for her move was thanks to something new that had hit the streets in late 2011 - Revelation.

The mutagenic drug proved to be extremely addictive; in fact, it almost completely erased her previous heroin abuse problem. Lily had stumbled across the drug at one of her usual dealers, and by early 2012 was taking it almost exclusively. She was unaware, at first, of the genetic mutations her body was undergoing every time she took a hit - they were subtle, minor. And then, in March of 2012, all of them came to the forefront at once. Her 'friends' in one of the street gangs had gotten into trouble with the NYPD, and needed to set up a fall person. Lily made a perfect target; she was tangentially related, relatively timid, and had a past history of legal problems. When her friends attempted to pin their recent actions on her, however, something within her snapped. The Ogre came out in a frenzy - a full on mutation thanks to the Revelation serum pumping through her veins. Within a matter of seconds, she had torn the offending people to shreds, and fled.

Now aware of the monster lurking beneath her skin, Lily knew she had to get out of the city - and fast. The violent murder of the four gangsters wouldn't go uninvestigated for long, and frankly, it wouldn't take much to guess that what had happened was no regular gang warfare. She packed her bags (including a list of dealers in the Detroit area that dealt Revelation) and left the following week, kissing her parents goodbye. She's lived in MC ever since, at the (thankfully) low-rent Duskview Apartments. To this day, Lily still takes Revelation, although much more sparingly as her supply of it is dwindling, and her dealers are reluctant to sell what little bits of it they have left.

Powers & Abilities

Lily's primary power is to transform into the Ogre during stressful situations. Thanks to the mutagenic chemical Revelation, her DNA has altered enough to allow her to mutate into the six foot four muscle-bound titan. In this form, she possesses the following traits:

  • Superhuman Strength: The Ogre is incredibly strong - she can rip doors straight out of their frames, throw cars great distances, and leap several stories straight into the air. Her maximum lifting weight, that she's 'tested', is about four tons in a dead lift; she can move up to seven tons if she has a running start or outside assistance. The Ogre can break through most concrete walls with relative ease, and can break bone just as simply.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Ogre's skin is much tougher than standard human skin. Bullets can be shrugged off, punches and kicks are of little concern, and even bladed weapons find it hard to get purchase in her leather-like skin. She is still victim to side-effects of concussive hits, such as whiplash; her body is outwardly durable, but internal damage can still occur if her organs collide heavily with something. The Ogre is denser than normal humans as well, which makes her harder to move once she gets herself placed.
  • Healing Factor: To put it simply, the Ogre heals exceptionally fast. Her skin knits together small cuts and injuries almost instantly, only taking a few days to recover from things like broken limbs or internal damage. It's a difficult task to keep the Ogre unconscious for any length of time, and she is immune to most disease and poisons (which includes most recreational drugs).
  • Venom: The bone spurs on the Ogre's shoulders, forearms and head can leak a toxic poison created in venom sacs beneath the outcroppings. This toxin is paralytic in nature, generally delivered through the bloodstream. The paralyzing effect affects only the area around the wound, and generally lasts no longer than three hours.

In addition, when experiencing peak emotions, Dire's strength increases exponentially. Her muscle mass actually expands and further mutates, causing her to gain height and weight. More bone spurs erupt from her skin, and it becomes even more difficult to penetrate her tough flesh. Overall, when enraged, Dire becomes even more of a deadly threat, capable of shearing apart reinforced steel with her bare hands.

However, Lily is not always the Ogre, in fact, in many situations, she might find herself in human form, in which she has the following traits:

  • Peak Human Strength: While not as strong as her Ogre form, Lily has a surprising amount of power behind her hits, even while a human. Despite the fact that she appears to be a relatively frail girl of late teenage years, she can hit with the force of a professional boxer in his prime. She can easily carry up to 200lbs for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Thick Bone Structure: Her skin is not anywhere near as impenetrable as the Ogre's, but her bones remain almost as thick. This prevents them from easily snapping, breaking, or being cut into by objects, which lets her escape many situations with minimal harm done to her body.
  • Accelerated Healing: Even in human form, Lily heals very quickly. Small cuts and bruises are gone within hours, and more severe wounds may take at most a week to mend themselves together. She remains immune to most disease and poison, and only receives a muted effect from drugs besides Revelation.

Allies & Enemies

Enemies: Ravener

Main Article: Ravener

Enemies: La Plaga

The four gangsters that Lily inadvertently killed back in New York (Ricardo Reyes, Manuel Walker, Diego Ortez & Karen Garcia) were members of an up and coming street gang called La Plaga, or The Plague. Mostly Latin in origin, the Plague is a new player in the drug trade, mostly dealing in party drugs (ecstasy, meth, speed) to young adults looking to get a quick fix while at various concerts or raves in the city. However, recent inroads made by founding members have lead to the Plague getting into the hard drug trafficking trade (cocaine, heroin) with a partnership to a much larger, Cuban-based gang. As a whole, La Plaga is steadily increasing profits by an astounding margin thanks in great part to this deal. At the head of the organization is an enigmatic woman known only as Endemic. She's rarely seen in public, and most of the standing orders for the Plague are delivered by her lieutenants.

Friends of the four killed members have been looking for Lily ever since the incident. They're aware that she skipped town, and have been attempting to find out where she went in order to extract revenge for their brothers in arms. They're unaware of what she can do, and would likely be incredibly surprised should they actually find her. They've spent a good portion of their ill-gotten gains on weaponry, mostly machetes and pump-action shotguns.

Metagame & Trivia

  • Dire's name is inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, specifically dire animals, which are most often just a larger version of the base animal, with bone spurs all over the place. So she's a dire human, you could say.
  • Dire is inspired by She-Hulk, Hulk and their Red counterparts.
  • Lily's identity as Dire is a secret; she avoids transforming in public whenever possible, and during involuntary transformations, many people don't wind up living to tell the tale.

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