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Click, click, boom.

Player: @anubisgod
Yeah, well, you try fighting people with smaller guns.
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee/Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Emily Cain
Known Aliases: Manhunt
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Alexandra Cain (Bloodsport - twin sister)
Age: 27
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build: Chesty, Athletic
Physical Features: Eye Tattoos
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 9
Citizenship: American
Occupation: MCPD Officer, Ex-Military
Education: Service Academy Gradute
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
.44 IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX, ARGENT Neutralization Mines, X26 MCPD Taser, Tear Gas Grenades, Pepper Spray
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Emily Cain is six feet tall exactly, with fairly bright blonde hair and glimmering emerald eyes. Thanks to years of military and law enforcement service, her body is toned and athletic, showing scars from both armed conflict and engagement with the criminal underworld. She sports two black eye tattoos, which she got on a dare when she was stationed in Egypt during her early military career. Her skin is tanned and sometimes you might even call it weatherworn - she sometimes looks older than her 27 years. Her clothing is often simple, and military colored - lots of tans, drab olive greens, browns and greys. She prefers to dress in easy to wear, easy to move in clothing.

Her personality is friendly, although she oftentimes has a hard time keeping snark or witty comebacks out of her speech. She goes out of her way to be friendly and understanding, most of the time, although her temper can run short under stressful situations, especially when she is working with non-formally trained heroes or gunslingers. On more than one occasion, after a mission, she has chewed out a would-be hero for endangering the populace and the team thanks to risk taking behavior.


Before Manhunt

Emily Cain enlisted in the armed forces straight out of high school, at the age of 18. She went through formal education at the US Marine Corps School of Infantry, eventually shipping out and serving for five years in the Marine Corps across the world. She achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant before leaving the armed forces, leaving after a chance encounter with her twin sister, Bloodsport during a mission in Egypt. She instead decided to move back to the United States and headed to Millennium City, using her 'unique' power of Clairalience, or telepathic scent, to assist the local police force in hunting down criminals, where she later joined the MCPD as a Detective, which she currently does to this day.

Being A Hero

Emily has, much to her chagrin, actually been involved in a fair amount of hero work, although she tries to greatly downplay her involvements in most of the things she's done. She was, for a short time, a member of the mutant-first group the Prometheus Union, but her tenure there was short, and she left fairly quickly after joining, feeling like her mutation was not really enough to adequately support being a full-time hero. She has to date been present at the following:

  • The Battle for Paradigm City - Manhunt, along with fellow heroes Arc Thunder, Trauma, Legacy, Cnidarico and Vow, engaged the supervillain pro-mutant sorcerer Furious Storm at the city of Paradigm, where they put up a valiant fight but were unable to prevent him from retrieving an ancient sword from beneath the city, which he then used to fuel a later catastrophe known as the End is Nigh. Manhunt and Arc Thunder were seen to have been wrestling the golden man for the sword before he managed to escape.
  • Destruga Rising! - A team of heroes including Manhunt, Thundrax, Chivalry, Kastor, Arc Thunder and others investigated a base located in deep Atlantis on the word of Caprice owner Lewis Frey, where they entered the Forbidden Depths and did battle with a gigantic cybernetic kraken! The collected heroes managed to defeat the foul beast with some effort, and then proceeded to the underwater base, which was once a hub of activity for Dr. Destroyer. While they left the base submerged, it did give them information towards another base, located on the moon.
  • Secrets of Revenger! - Following up on the Atlantis lead, heroes Manhunt, Thundrax, Kastor, Arc Thunder, Ice-Heart, Nightwave, Keioseth, the Emissary and more went to the moon via Star*Guard StarJet, where they were fired upon by some sort of lunar defense! They managed to land on the moon's surface after a harrowing escape, to find a base left behind by the once-supervillain Revenger, which they descended into to discover it's secrets. Within the base they were accosted by the Lunar Amazons and their leader, and taken to a massive, slumbering Galaxar. It's powers drew upon their most deep seated fears, causing the heroes to have to battle each other's nightmares as the Amazonian leader gave up her life to break the Galaxar free from Destroyer's weapons.
  • The Prometheus Union - Manhunt had a short tenure as a member of this mutant rights group, and was seen fighting their enemies, the enigmatic 'Xeno-terrorists' on multiple occasions, as well as doing combat with the IHA and several massive Mutant-Hunter robots that attacked the Prometheus Towers during once such city-wide attack. She has since left their employ, feeling that her powers were not quite on the same level as the rest.


After her short time as a hero, Manhunt officially retired from the world of capes, following the death of the hero Trauma and the supervillain Black Omen at the Bleakest Future space station. When pressed for answers, Emily mentioned that the death of the 'Sentinel of Westside' only proved that she was probably out of her league. She said that she couldn't compete with heroes that could fly or smash the sound barrier, and as such, was instead going to simply help the MCPD as much as she could as a Detective. She refrained from answering any questions about a possible romantic link between her and the late hero Trauma.

Powers and Equipment

  • Mutation - Clairalience - Manhunt's only 'power' is a strange ability to 'smell thoughts' of people, which she can use to track criminals over long distances and through almost any structure. At the moment, Emily is unaware that this is actually a telepathic ability, and believes that her mutation simply allows her to pick up more things on the range of olfactory senses than most people are capable of. Tests done at both PRIMUS and UNTIL indicate that her natural-born disorder of synesthesia may be interfering with a latent telepathic power, but have refrained from attempting to 'fix' or 'repair' her.
  • .44 IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - Emily's sidearm when she does 'hero work', she brings along this heavy caliber handgun in order to combat the villains that are damage resistance or shielded by either magic or tech. She has to wield the thing in two hands thanks to it's sizable kickback, but it is more than worth it in her opinion, seeing as how it's about the only thing in her arsenal that has enough stopping power to keep powered armor people from running all over her.
  • ARGENT Neutralization Mines - Bought straight from ARGENT, these mines emit a neutralizing gas that can help temporarily nullify mutations or innate superpowers, which can help level the playing field between Manhunt and whoever she's facing. They aren't cheap, and Emily doesn't like to use them very often, but she has on more than one occasion arrested someone that she otherwise would have had very little chance against thanks to them.
  • X26 MCPD Taser - The standard issue taser to all MCPD officers, Manhunt keeps hers on hand for drive stunning or otherwise incapacitating non-powered criminals or low-powered villains. Her police and military training make her a formidable opponent, and she has no fear of diving against someone to tase them silly.
  • Riot Suppression Gear - Despite being a Detective, Emily has pulled a few strings to get her a supply of riot suppression gear, including tear gas grenades and 'triple-threat' pepper spray. She also has access to flak jackets, a riot shield if she needs one, and full on riot gear for missions where she is going to be in imminent danger of being shot or trampled. In addition to her riot gear, she has some military gear available to her via the Marine Corps, but most of it is not available readily.

Associates and Allies

  • Arc Thunder - The once-leader of the Prometheus Union, Manhunt was formally invited to join it by Arc Thunder. She and the man have worked together several times before, both to fight Furious Storm and to investigate Dr. Destroyer's old bases.
  • Trauma - Although Trauma has died, he and Manhunt had been seen sharing drinks and generally socializing together on several occasions, leading some tabloids to believe there was a romantic link between the two street-level heroes. Emily has neither confirmed nor denied this, although it doesn't matter much now.
  • Thundrax - Manhunt and Thundrax have worked together on two occasions for the Circle of Justice, both times investigating remnants of Dr. Destroyer's old power structure within Atlantis and on the Moon.
  • Nightwave - Recently, Emily and Maxine have been seen talking together on multiple occasions, which might mean that Manhunt may be back into the heroing business at her friend's behest....
  • Chivalry - Manhunt and the Shining Knight of MC have worked together on multiple occasions, including a time when both he and Trauma jousted on rocket bikes, apparently to 'win her fair heart'. She was seen laughing at both of them, especially after their bikes malfunctioned and exploded.

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