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"Electro barrier active."
Player: @cmaclaren
Super Group
Project On-Call
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Real Name
October 21, 2012
Millennium City, MI
UNTIL HQ, Millennium City, MI
Millennium City
UNTIL Agent, desk jockey
Legal Status
Registered Hero, Autonomous being
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
UNTIL Robotics Division
Caucasian appearance
Apparent Age
195 lbs
Body Type
Slender, healthy
· Distinguishing Features ·
Eyes stand out in dimly lit areas
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Electrical projection, flight, and calculated reaction times
· Equipment ·
Various lightweight sets of armors, built in communications devices
· Other Abilities ·
Hacking, programming, and basic close quarters combat


Dynama has a soft and somewhat passive personality at first glance. She carries herself with a pleasant and professional demeanor in nearly every situation put in front of her. Those that meet her briefly may just assume she was programmed to be warm and agreeable. But people that have spent time with Dynama know that she has a real personality like any human, not simply programmed to behave one way or the other. Besides Dynama's pleasantness, her most defining personality trait is her lawful idealism. Dynama is rather naive with how the world works because of her age, the fact that she is a bit of a social shut in does not help either. Dynama adamantly defends what she deems is right. She is very stubborn, if not impossible, to be convinced to see things from another perspective once her electronic mind determines a logical answer.

Dynama's strong desire to be seen as much more than a machine has caused more than a few internal conflicts within her. She becomes embarrassed when parts of her robotic nature come apparent. She also becomes upset when her emotions sometimes get in the way of a mission at hand, thinking of herself as a lesser android or defunct technology. Dynama has a drive to be a perfect machine and a perfect human, and it is very clear she cannot be both.

There are not many friends in Dynama's life. Many find befriending an android to be a peculiar thing, and many have difficulties in seeing Dynama as more than a friendly personable device. She is loyal beyond all belief to the friends that she does have, however. She extends her pleasant and compassionate behaviour to them tenfold.


Zap: Dynama was specifically designed to combat against mechanical threats by utilizing a static core within her chassis. The static core transfers battery power into offensive or defensive electric projection at modifiable voltages. When combating Mechanon's robots the electric shocks are designed to overload and fry their circuits. Though Dynama was not intended to use this ability for anything except for that, she has learned how to tone down her powers in order to combat criminals within the city, or crank up her powers for fighting superpowered supervillains. Dynama controls her electrical output through the palms of her hands, though she has the ability to electrify herself all over her body as a defensive measure.

Tough to crack: Because Dynama was designed with combating Mechanon in mind, she has a unique artificial intelligence matrix that has yet to be cracked by Mechanon. She is reliably unable to be controlled by Mechanon's machine influencing powers though at times he has been able to speak to her very briefly in her mind if one of his bodies are nearby.

These are ours now: Though resistant to hacking, she is also an expert at it. She can interface with computers of all sorts and manipulate security systems or gather intelligence files. She holds herself to a strict ethical standard and refuses to interface with self-aware machines, or even machines that may have the potential to be self-aware; in the past Dynama has refused to hack in to basic databases, she insists on getting a warrant or asking politely.

98.4742815% Accuracy, 98.1924852% dodge rate: As part of her design, Dynama can calculate then react to things at a pace much quicker than most humans. Combined with her lightweight frame, this aspect of Dynama's build makes her very tough to hit and even tougher to play tennis against.


Battery powered being: Dynama is limited by her battery supply. A full charge can last her twenty-four hours without exerting her electrical powers. When she is active on the field her charge can only last anywhere from ten to fifteen hours, depending on how active she is. Because of this, Dynama is usually not sent on long missions in areas where it is questionable if she can get a charge. When she runs out of power she simply cannot function any longer.

Magnets, they work: While a small magnet won't cause Dynama to be anything except for annoyed by it sticking to her, larger magnets can cause her great distress. Industrial sized magnets like those found at junk yards can flat out short her circuits out and do great damage to her A.I. Dynama can detect magnetic signals in specific areas and is very careful to avoid them.

EMPs, a robot's fear: Though Dynama can resist some EMPs, the effects are always distracting. EMP grenades can knock her display hub offline and may cause her to act erratic or markedly less human while she tries to shake the effects off. More high powered EMPs can simply knock her right offline until rebooted or in some cases, repaired.

Compassionate, selfless, naive: Dynama will throw herself in harms way often to save the lives of innocents and to protect her teamates. She values organic life often times above her own electronic life and has no problem risking to get scrapped in order to keep someone out of harms way.