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A Real American Heroine
G.I. Joan
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Freeform Soldier
Player: @Dreamward-GIJoan.png
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Super Group
UNTIL Special Ops
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Lieutenant Joan Susan Barrett
March 24th
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Millennium City, MI
Military Officer
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Colonel John Phillip Barrett
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
142 lbs
Body Type
Toned Curvaceous
· Distinguishing Features ·
Red highlights in her hair
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Firearms and Munitions Proficiency
· Equipment ·
Side Pistol, Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, Sniper Rifle, UNTIL Body Armor and Energy Shielding Tech, UNTIL Hover Disk, SCUBA Diving Gear, Pressurized Spacesuit
· Other Abilities ·
PRIMUS Cyberline Treatment

Biographical Summary
GI Joan-BioSum.png

G.I. Joan

Lieutenant Joan Susan Barrett grew up in a military family, the daughter of Colonel John Phillip Barrett, and enlisted right out of High School. She served two tours of duty in the Middle East (Iraq and Afghanistan) as a Surveillance and Target Acquisition Scout Sniper with the United States Marine Corps before joining the Silver Avengers division of PRIMUS upon returning to U.S. soil, and then later being assigned to the elite UNTIL Special Operations Unit battalion.

(More To Come)

GI Joan-Personality.png

Joan is a very pragmatic, no-nonsense type. She can be rather impulsive at times, always ready to jump into the thick of the action, but she also knows the value of a well-thought-out plan. She can be snide and sarcastic, but still genuinely cares about people.

Joan's IQ is quite high but she never saw herself as being particularly "smart", which to her mostly implies being the bookish type, which she definitely isn't. She can think fast on her feet, and apply problem-solving logic with scalpel-like precision. She has been known to "think outside the box" on numerous occasions, finding innovative ways to deal with impractical situations.

The phrase "works hard, plays hard" definitely applies to her work ethic and her approach to down time. Joan loves to go party after a mission, and will do so despite often swearing when she's severely hungover that she'll never do it again.

Because of what she does, and how well she does it, a woman working in a high risk confrontational job, and because of her tomboyish - at times even punky - appearance, Joan is often mistaken for a lesbian, which she is most certainly not. Joan is as straight as they come; she would not even qualify as bi-curious. She is not homophobic in the least though; she has no problems with lesbians, not even when they themselves assume she is one too and hit on her. But she does have a problem with the fact so many males have what she calls a "lesbian fetish" and it will turn her off if she finds out that a guy likes her in part because he thinks that she would have sex with other women.

Tropes (Annotated)
GI Joan-Tropes.png

  • Action Girl: Joan is very much the definition of an Action Girl, she is pure badassery in female form.
  • Girls With Guns: Joan's adventures would completely fit this particular action genre.
  • The Gunslinger: Joan's awesomeness stems in large part from the extreme firepower she wields. She carries all manner of firearms from pistols to various kinds of high-power rifles and machine guns.
  • More Dakka: Joan's really not afraid to pull the trigger. Bullets rain hard on her targets and she mows everything down in a flurry of hot lead.
  • Amazonian Beauty: Joan is a rather attractive young woman, and is rather physically impressive; she's quite tall and if not necessarily all that muscularly cut she is still pretty toned and fit.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Joan is pretty tall for a woman, standing at almost 6 ft tall (and of course taller in her combat boots or in high heels).
  • Boobs Of Steel: Joan's bosom is rather ample, and her protective UNTIL metallic upper body armor makes it look even larger.
  • Tomboy: Joan grew up as an army brat, with 3 older brothers and a father who is a colonel, living on military bases, surrounded by men in uniforms. She was of course a tomboy as a child, and though she did grow into her femininity after reaching puberty she still remains very tomboyish at times. But deep down she does have her girly side as well, even though she's not always ready to admit it or to feel completely comfortable with it.
  • Daddy's Girl: Joan has always been very close with her father, who loves her ever so much. It was because of her father that Joan decided to enlist in the military. And even though it wasn't his choice for Joan to follow in the family's tradition of military service - he even tried to dissuade her from doing so - he is nonetheless very proud of all her accomplishments.
  • Overprotective Dad: When she was growing up, Joan's father was overly protective of his little girl. During her teen years he was especially harsh to any young man who looked at her with even a half a hint of lust in his eyes.

(More Coming Soon)

GI Joan-Trivia.png

  • Joan grew up with 3 older brothers, all of whom also enlisted in the service before her.
  • Joan really loves old school punk rock music. But she'll listen to practically anything though, from Wagnerian operas (her father's favorite) to classic rock, metal (her 3 brothers are metalheads), hip hop and even pop music.
  • Joan's favorite food is Italian cuisine. She is especially fond of authentic Italian pizza.
  • Joan fired a gun for the first time in her life at the tender age of 8 years old.
  • Joan always lamented the fact that because of her dad's menacing behavior with boys who were interested in her, she missed out on a lot of high school dating! But she did manage to sneak out on occasional dates quite regularly.
  • Some of Joan's turn-ons include: Romantic walks on the beach, isolated cabins in the woods (with bonus points for deer head hunting trophy hanging above the fireplace and a bearskin rug in front of it!) and cheap motel rooms (for some inexplicable reason).
  • Joan was featured in the latest Women of UNTIL Calendar, the proceeds from which sales went to charity. She was Miss March.
  • Joan's father owns a vast collection of antique firearms. Joan is still not allowed near it, although her father plans on leaving it to her as part of her inheritance.
  • Joan has a tendency to see conspiracy theories everywhere, though she rarely actually believes in any of them.
  • UNTIL Command has granted Joan a license to terminate with extreme prejudice.

(More Coming Soon)

Roleplay Hooks
GI Joan-RPHooks.png

  • UNTIL Soldier: Joan now works as a Scout Sniper in the elite UNTIL Special Operations Unit battalion. Since many heroes are called to assist UNTIL - mostly through UNITY - this could be a starting point.
  • UNITY Super-Soldier: Joan is also associated with UNITY on the basis of her being a Cyberline Treatment enhanced super-soldier, through the PRIMUS Silver Avenger Division. UNITY tends to send her on official missions often in concert with UNTIL Command and at times in conjunction with PRIMUS as well.

Theme Song
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Dreamward Comics Issue 1-Sneak Preview.jpg

This is just a sneak preview of the upcoming Dreamward Comics Issue #1, featuring the historic first ever pairing of G.I. Joan & Vanity in "Girls Knight Out". It's for now just the first actual page of the story sandwiched between the cover and the title page. Best read in Full Resolution/Actual Size. The full issue will be uploaded when done, though it might take quite a while until completion...

GI Joan-Tropes.png

  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: This story is all about the unlikely pairing of Tomboy G.I. Joan and Girly Girl Vanity. In typical fashion for this trope the story takes the form of a Girls Night Out Episode complete with punny episode title.
  • Magic Versus Science: This story explores a variation on the theme of this trope, with Joan relying exclusively on Science and Technology (Cyberline Treatment, high-powered rifles and firearms), and Vanity on Magic and Mysticism (Radiant Sorcery), with the two distrusting each other's methods. Although in the end their collaboration is what saves the day.

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