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He, or She, some days it's hard to tell which, was a longtime stalker and part time admirer of Han. Finding him alone on his newly-acquired Arizona ranch, what passed between them is unknown. But what is known is Han's fiancée, the elfmaid Lyraa discovered them and shot Vanya with a magic arrow. What would have killed anyone else badly wounded the Shoggoth and he surrendered to them. After a confrontation with Vanya's rather disturbing family, they brought her back with them to New Detroit and enrolled her at East Briar Institute.
It took some time for Vanya to adjust to modern human societal norms, but she soon made friends, acquired a small coven of local neo-pagans and the devotion of a small scruffy feral harpy, Zareen.
Vanya is expecting a trio of squids in August 2018.

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Player: LordWisp
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Blue Moon
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East Briar Institute
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Does he even know?
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Now: Earth
Occasional Hero
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Kind of? It's....weird.
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You don't want to meet them.
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Rediculously Old
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Insect wings
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She has a pet Harpy <3

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Born some Ninety Years ago in the Land of Legends, South end of the pantheonic realms in the mainland. Along the border of a subdomain of Fae, In the city that calls itself the capital of the Demesne and nation known as the Blue Moon Woods. Born of a Union of of the Fae Nobles of the woods, and Oberon's royal Sister. The Exact details of their conception they've never really been overly fussed one, or overly bothered. They Consider the Sister mother, and all of the Thirteen Fae "Gods" Dione Sidhe, the leader caste of Fae of the woods, her parents, but Primarily, The Laughing Meadow, the Mid Winter Star, The Cunning Autumn and the Runner in the Wind. They've never been sure just how her conception went, or what their father truly is, but those are of the "Pantheon" the ones that have been the most active in their upbringing.

Raised in the Heart of the Woods, Playing through the trees, and growth, as much of a normal fae child might, fluttering through the branches with what passes for her people's Pixies, Playing and Dancing through the glades with the "Deer" And the like. Mingling and interacting with the Minor Fae of the woods. It would be a fairly standard raising for a Fae of the more Shakespearean style of capricious demon lite type creatures, of majesty but also great cruelty. But There is a Secret of the Blue Moon woods. Not Only are they naturally aggressive towards humans, and their race, viewing them as dull apes, perfect for pranks and victimization. The Fae of the Blue Moon take it a step beyond, up into brutal human sacrifices committed by the lesser Fae, to the Thirteen nobles of the woods, who are akin to gods to the lesser, along with after the sacrifices and the like, letting the lesser Fae eat the remains of the human sacrifice in ritual cannibalism. Or many other brutal, bloody ways to torment humans.

Raised In this Culture, where most races are fine, and just human are seen as a source of amusement, and perhaps a live stock, it was natural they fell in with the family faith, and behavior, prowling the lands of Fae and beyond for mortal humans to trick into the woods, or for fel games or worse to the nature of her people. Over the time coming to cross several heroes, mostly from the land of Legends that sought to stop them. Some Heroes came, some went, some they killed and or captured and submitted to their "Fae games". Other's lingered, and over time, and thwarting several of their schemes, become the object of a Fae like tale of obsession, and became something to be stalked and broken, only that didn't turn out as they envisioned, captured by the same they stalked, and perhaps counter brainwashed as they intended for their foes. But now they have turned their back on the old ways of their family, and try to coexist with humans peacefully, even as a protector.
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They're Creepy. Vanya is assured for a fact her Mother is indeed Oberon's Sister, But who her father is, or the relations of it has always been astranged, since each of the thirteen gods have taken turns, or times, rearing her, and guiding her over her ninety years of life, even if she has turned her back on their ways. Though the One Vanya attributes with her direct rearing, and Parentage beyond her mother are Four of the Thirteen.

Cunning Autumn. Blood Spider, intelligence and cunning, Fae Personified and often viewed with, and attributed to Spiders in the woods The Laughing Meadow. Blood Moth, madness and mind, The Wood's Queen of the Pixies, Often Attributed with Moths, cicadas, and other type bugs, and some more nightmarish flying bugs of the woods. The Mid Winter Star, The blood star, god of magic and dark learnings, A god of both wisdom, learning, and intelligence, but also dark forbidden secrets man was never meant to know, any race was. Those that are said to read his tomes of truth with out proper preparation are struck blind at best, mad at worst.

Though the One that's been the Most Active in her rearing, even if she isn't sure he is even the father, is perhaps the "Face" of this council of thirteen Fae nobles, god, things, The Runner in the Wind, A fae known to take either the form of a noble, if otherworldly looking deer, with a habit for the flesh of man, or a strange archaic figure with just a deer's head for a head. This Fae often serves as the front man, or go between, for this group of Fae and wider politics in Fae and Abroad among mystical beings and others. If Any of them, he is the one outsiders would most defiantly know. And Serves as much as the collection has for a "Chief of the gods"

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Where they live. The Blue Moon Woods has existed as far back as the Turkian era on earth. Only in that time it was far more in the physical sense, with a loose pantheonic mythical realm. Was it possible if it existed in the Pre Turkian Era w here God, Empyrean, and Elder Thing fought for control of the planet and who would "Rule Humanity"

The First Report of the Woods, is actually, if any Records remains, the sources would be elder mystics, or Gods, or mystical beings that date back to the Turkian Age. Or Some Even of Takofanes own Records.

During the First Life of Takofanes, when he was just Kul-Turak the Ravager. His Forces drove south into an Elven Kingdom. The Men fought valiant, and fought bravely, but the Closer, and Closer Takofanes Drew to a certain large swathe of Woodlands, the More his foe fought. Elven Warriors fighting Frantically, and Fanatically as any Drakine Beserker with fire in his belly. When Takofanes backed the forces into the woods from the west, they refused to budge before retreat into the woods. So his Forces spread out in a pincer to capture the rest of the Kingdom, leading to the last of the elves held up around the woods.

Takofanes was no kinder in life than he was in death, the only reason he spared the Elven King when he slaughtered the rest, was to ask why for miles, and miles around the large forest they had holy alters and wards set along the woods. To which the Elf King told Kul-Turak their gods lived in the woods and they were protecting the gods from the like of the Ravager. With a challenge like that Takofanes ordered a legion under his finest general to march into the woods, A week with out any response, he had the King Brought before him again. The King Laughed and told Takofanes, a Great Demon lived in the woods, and all Takofanes had done was wet it's appetite for the blood of his men, and the King can die knowing the Ravager will meet his end.

Well the solution to the Ravager was obvious, He ordered a second legion into the woods to "Defeat" the Demon... when in reality he just took the gamble what ever fel creature lived in the woods would see Two Legions as a tribute. And, The Demon did, and aided the Ravager in his fel deeds.

Calamities rise and fall, and the world was shaken time and time again by various powerful god kings and their feuds, and over time, as more of the phsyical woods faded to calamity, and expanded into the Astral Realm, finally cosolidating itself into the protomass that would become the land of legends in roughly, 8000-6000 BC ((When the Dragon first formed, Ultimate Supermage, champions source book.))

It took the Woods time adapted to their new realm, and soon grew and manifested into a full Pantheonic demesne in fae. Currently, It stands walled off from it's south, The only open Avenues it Shares it to the Realms of Oberon and titania to it's west, some of the """Elf""" Generic spirits fae itself manifest to it's north, and to it's east a smaller wall. Universally reviled all but by The """Elves""" of Fae, and Members of the Winter and Summer court and their tales. It is renowned as perhaps one of the deadliest demesne in fae to "Hostile outsiders" or Human Beings. The "Realm" sits in the center of a sea of trees surrounding it.

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Requires some explanation!

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He's a shapeshifting Shoggoth.

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It isn't creepy stalking anymore...

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Is pretty cool once she settled down!

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Han, Lyraa, Solve, Zareen… Even a coven of witches!

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Everyone likes Art!

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Leave him a line!


The Dandelion Elf. A "Blue Moon" elf captured at no small risk in Faery by a Snookums clone and brought to Earth to study. He was discovered to be summoning "seedling" elves in his sleep and as a safety precaution his powers were sealed. He then spent the next several months in almost solitary confinement, visiting with psychiatrists, staff and the clone, Snookums. Gradually he accepted that people were not food for him, contrary to how he was raised. He enjoys a limited amount of freedom now.