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Player: Pariba
Biographical Data
Real Name: "The Golden"
Known Aliases: Butterball
Gender: Female
Species: Harpy
Ethnicity: Greek
Place of Birth: Unknown, Possibly Anatolia.
Base of Operations: Detroit
Relatives: Amanda, Mother. Grandparents. Metal-eating peahen, Pet.
Age: Unknown. Considered young.
Height: 4'6
Weight: Variable.
Eyes: Cat-slit, warm gold
Hair: Feathery strands, scruffy, pale blonde
Complexion: Tawny
Physical Build: Slight, Bird-like
Physical Features: Three octave singing voice
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Identity: Public
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: N/A
Occupation: Student
Education: Elementary
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
Flight. Teeth, Claws. Can turn her feathers into bronze-like substance.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A well chewed plush toy, a collection of bird-themed geegaws and secondhand art supplies?
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Amanda was given the harpy as a mentor and a mintor in an atempt to civilize her. But thir bond became so much more, with Amanda adopting the bird, and Zareen happily settling into a stable family lifestyle. She calls Amanda "Mama Bird." Santa brought Zareen a exotic metal-eating Pea-hen, and their family has expanded as Amanda has since married Torvo, and they are expecting a little one. Zareen is very excited for this, and looks forward to baby sitting. She also helps take care of Winnie the Maine Coon and Zipper the rescued dog. She also puts seed out for local birds on their patio. There are some theories though about Zareen's past, and her possible family. One is that her great-great grandmother is the Harpy Caelano. No one is quite sure how to prove this, however and it remains gossip...

Han. Vanya. Lyraa. The Snookii. Kierdan. MeMe Owl. Neddy.
Zareen spent part of the summer of '18 at a friend's ranch in Arizona, and there learned to ride "Fat Tony" the pony. She's unable to fit on most styles of saddle given her body type, but she improvised and rode him very well. She very much enjoyed hunting chicken eggs but was less then impressed with the goats, who chased her.

Little is officially known about Zareen's past. That she was given to East Briar under special circumstances, and that her mysterious benefactor gave the school a large endowment for her care and upkeep. The Dean has hinted that she was a sort of Lab experiment that had been studied for some time and her particular project was about to be "Terminated" when she was rescued and brought to the school. She was mostly feral upon her arrival- uncommunicative, bity and prone to clawing. The vice-Dean Jasmine made arrangements for Amanda [an air cavalry officer in her father's organization] should be put in charge of her care. The two quickly bonded and Zareen has made notable progress since.

Zareen has quickly blossomed into a happy young bird. She is taking early elementary classes and seeing the school's Speech Therapist. While it's clear she understands Greek, Turkish and English, her verbal skills are stunted. She is also taking singing lessons with East Briar music teacher Michel. Her vocal range is at least three octaves.
Another interesting behavior is the continuous organic art she applies to the wall of her bedroom. Notable events are sketched on, usually with paint pens, of important [to her] people and things. Zareen has evidenced a fear of large birds, other harpies, fire and dogs. She has also expressed fear the "Lab People" will one day return to claim her.
As her grasp of the English language has progressed and her understanding of social norms expanded, she was given more freedom around the school, then the area and now she's taken to "heroing" around the city with her friends. Her friends at the nearby Lemurian Embassy have let her borrow armour to wear while doing so.

Zareen's actual age is unknown though evidence has been found suggesting she is close to a century. She doesn't remember anything before living in the labs where she was moved around as needed. She does display instinctive behavior and will weave "nests" if the right materials [ cloth, twings, found objects, etc.] are provided. These are conical in shape and used for storage and sleeping. She often gives them to expectant mothers.
She has evidenced certain behaviours in finding people with particular livers and attempting to subdue them. It is believed to have been trained into her as a search function in the lab. Currently these behaviors are deemed unacceptable and are being removed.
She displays several traits associated with the Harpies of Legend, namely when alarmed her feathers take on the quality of bronze, in weight and hardness. She is capable of shedding feathers as a defense mechanism. Unlike most depictions of harpies Zareen has fully functional arms and hands. At this time it is unknown if this is a mutation, a manmade augmentation or natural for her subspecies.
Her eyes are a warm shade of golden brown with a slit pupil similar to a cat. Her teeth are serrated much like a shark and she has four digits on hands and feet. Medical staff have theorized her avian traits are derived from an Owl, rather then a Hawk, but are unable to verify this. Recent tests suggest Zareen is of Empyrean stock, after she produced a sonic shriek that destroyed a large robot.

WIP From Liira's page: -Zareen "The Golden" is a young butter-coloured harpy. Records suggest she is the great grand-daughter of the Harpy Caeleno. She was found as a hatchling somewhere in Anatolia and captured. Since then records are few and information scarce. It is believed she was transferred from laboratory to laboratory as a test-subject. Her ability to sense "Good" livers was rewarded. She wears a shock-collar for the saftey of others. Currently she lives at East Briar as a special needs student, with efforts made to integrate and normalize her. So far the results are mixed. Her handler, a Sky Cavalry named Amanda, is teaching her to speak properly- though she seems to understand English, Greek and Turkish. Interactions with other winged people are not yet recommended.-


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"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? "SKREEEEEEEEEEEEE" *Bites* ... *Is dragon wearing platemail* O_o *Is harpy with shark teef?* *Watches birb with bewilderment* *Flails, bites, flail flail* *Pats birb head; she's trying* *Happy chirp.* --Zareen & Redtooth Ironscale
"That's kinda neat, actually. Where'd you get a pet like that?" --Dawnbringer
SUR-FUR-BURRRD. --Catarina Almeida
The Birb is it? The new weapon for the war on Terror? the streets will quake with.... cuteness. --Jasmine Du Pree
Kierdan looks to the man. "So tell us of your world? As we wait for the butterball of compassion to chase cows." --Kierdan of the Burning Frost
<Tries to feed Zareen some Birdseed> *Looks confused, Zareen wants crackers! CRACKERS!* Ah! THAT kind of bird.. <Feeds Zareen cheese-crackers> "SKKK!" *YES! Cheeezy crackers!* --Justine Cause & Zareen
"... I... thank you?" Another curious chirp. "I fail to understand its purpose, but the gesture is... appreciated." "Zareen boop the snoot" --Parahex & Zareen
How does Zareen communicate long distance? She tweets. --Widowmaker
Just smiles. She is, and she's super happy about the birds wholesomeness. --Vela
"Oh yes, you must! Do well in school, little one! Don't forget to do your homework!" "Later, little bird lady!" --Vincent & Ireum Eobseo
"...Must be off in her own little world right about now, I reckon." --Proud Patriot
Patting Zareen on the head. "How much sugar have you had?" "SKEEE!" *Has no more chocolate bars, dispenses the toothbrush.* Patting her. "You can keep that." "Rhur?" --Kierdan & Zareen
Proud Patriot slips a hand into a pouch, pulling out a Justice! Snack bar. Now with extra pistachios! "...Wait- you're not allergic to nuts, are you?" --Proud Patriot
Proud Patriot reaches out to give Zareen a pat on the head, before picking up his own helmet. *Dispenses a chocolate.* "...Neat trick. Goodnight, both of you." --Proud Patriot & Zareen
Reaches up to Pet Zareen's head, the pocket kaiju hungers for candy. *Dispenses a second piece for him* --Kierdan & Zareen
<Preens Zareen's plumage in a little social greeting> *Chitters happily, dispenses red licorice* --Fleabelly & Zareen
<Takes photo of Zareen with her cell> *Poses cutely!* "The things one sees here. Always amazing. I thought she was a Urban Legend." *Squeeks* --Owlgirl & Zareen
<Points at Zareen> You're super cute! *Half turns, grins* "Skee!" Skee is right! You're ultra adorable! *Fluffs her feathers happily* --Soulweaver & Zareen
"You're hecking right, Bird" --Joan