Lady Incendiary

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Lady Incendiary
Player: @Theron
A recent poster of Jane done by a LA artist.
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 34
Research & Development: Science (Mutations)
Personal Data
Real Name: Jane Foster
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 30 (Presumed)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 152
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Chief Assistant District Attorney - L.A. County, Deputy U.S. Marshal
Place of Birth: Los Angeles (Presumed)
Base of Operations: Los Angeles
Marital Status: Involved
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Lady Incendiary is a mutant that can generate heat and flame in various ways to subdue and contain people, fly, and control pre-existing fires.
Known Abilities
Jane is an accomplished prosecution lawyer, specializing in criminal law as it pertains to paranormals.
Costume made with advanced polymers to withstand open flames and intense heat.

Jane Foster is a mutant with fire based abilities. Though she is not currently well known nationally, she has a rather large fanbase in California especially since she does not keep her identity secret. She has recently accepted a position with the Statesmen as the reserve member for California.


Tall, leggy, busty and blonde; Jane is the quintessential California girl. Her long wavy hair is often tumbled artfully around her face, falling to a level just below the shoulders. Her thin face is graced with high cheeks and full lips, the later are often curved into a small smile. Her blue eyes glow from within, her power shining freely for all to see. She moves with an easy grace and confidence that comes from long practice with yoga and tai chi chuan.


Jane, off duty, has a naturally sunny and pleasant disposition, with an easy smile and kind word for just about all she meets. She honestly doesn't care what a person looks like as long as they are pleasant company. She makes friend easily and it is very difficult to loose her friendship once you have it. She exudes an easy and natural sensuality, which she enjoys showing off.

On lawyer duty is another picture entirely; she's tough and no nonsense in court and around the office. Driven and dedicated to doing her upmost in keeping criminals off the streets, she plays hardball with any defense lawyers that she deals with. She feels that it unfortunate that at her level she not often in the courtroom anymore but given her powers, she's in often enough to help deal with the paranormal cases.

As for hero duty, the shiny hasn't quite worn off of that yet. While she is serious about her pursuit of criminals, she has yet to suffer a serious loss or upset and still considers it quite the game. She insists on making puns and one-liners in her pursuit out of a sense of wonder and adventure about it all.


Jane's story really begins on May 5, 1995 when a teenaged Jane Doe was recovered from the experimental lab of known supervillain scientist Dr. Amara Angstrom. She was found in a odd biochamber, about which Dr. Angstrom refuses to divulge any information, with wires and surgical tubing running into her body. Medical personnel were called in and were able to release and revive the young woman, who had no apparent memory prior to being revived on the scene. Dr. Angstrom refuses to answer any questions whatsoever, only a few notes found in her computer referencing a need for a "bodyguard" give any clue as to what the girl's fate was to be.

Several weeks of medical testing showed that she was about 16 years of age, in good health and had the most severe and complete form of retrograde global amnesia imaginable. She had what seemed a good recall of typical skills in a high school student: vocabulary, math skills, science, etc.; But had no recall of where she had gotten said skills, family or any specific reference point to find out who she was. It was during the stress of this testing that her paranormal abilities manifested, burning her bedsheets when pushed to far in questioning.

The California Patrol, specifically Firewall, petitioned for and got the fosterage rights to the young woman, who chose the name Jane Foster. Several more months were spent clarifying her legal status and verifying that no relatives could be found. Photos, fingerprints and DNA were all used to try and find her parents or other relatives to no avail. Jane Foster continued through high school graduating with honors. She moved on to pre-law at UCLA and started to train her paranormal abilities as Flamegal, sidekick to Firewall with The California Patrol.

Jane graduated near the top of her class in both pre-law, then Harvard Law School; where she seemed to be trying to make up for the lost time in her memory by finishing both schools in 5 years. She then moved back to LA to begin work with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, where she is currently the Chief Assistant District Attorney (CADA). The DA's office uses her for high-profile and dangerous prosecution cases as her paranomral abilities are known and highly touted and are citied as a reason why the LA paranormal cases are not retaliated against by the various criminals and their allies. She has been offered a position with the California Department of Justice, Attorney General's office several times but has turned them down for unknown reasons.

Jane has recently been offered and has accpeted a position for the reserve of California within the Statesmen group.


Lady Incendiary's powers are part of her genetic makeup and consist of the ability to excite the molecules of nearby materials, including the air itself, to heat it up and even cause it to burst into flames and the ability to control the shape and form of flames. She has spent a lot of time honing her ability to hone and get fine control of these abilities and as such has developed various techniques to bring down criminals without killing them in the process.

Heat Area: Using her ability to increase the heat in the area around her, she strengthens herself (see Thermal Induction) while weakening her opponents. After all, dropping people from heat exhaustion is a lot easier and kinder than using fireballs. This is a gradual process though and quite slow.

Heat Wave: A directed form of the above, concentrating all the power around one person. Using it this way can ignite clothing on the target, giving her additional choices in dealing with the criminal.

Thermal Induction: Lady Incendiary actually thrives in high temperatures and flaming infernos thanks to being able to siphon the energies being given off. She often uses this to setup a fiery around herself, giving her an even greater capapcity to ignore heat and flames while also keeping opponents away or risk geting burned. Given enough energy, she can actually overdrive her body's capability to heal itself.

Throw Fire: By heating the air to the point of igniting and using her control of fire, Lady Incendiary can "throw" fireballs of varying size and strength.

Conflagration: In dire need, Lady Incendiary can cause a large area to flash ignite, sowing confusion and damage amongst her enemies.

Pyre/Flashfire: Combining her abilities to generate heat and flame control, Lady Incendiary can cause the area immediately around herself or an enemy to become a raging inferno.

Flight: Using the thermal drafts she can generate with deft control, Lady Incendiary can actually fly. She often also generates an aura of flame about herself to give it a bit of flash.

Friends and Foes

As a member, even if reserve, of the Statesmen, Jane considers all of them her friends and allies, though several stand out as close friends that she has connected well with: Backlash, Dusk Owl, Engine Nineteen, Willem Wendel, Sister Salem, Sunbird, and Carapace. Backlash in particular has become an extremely close friend and gal Friday.

Recent events have seen the Statesmen and Meta-S.W.A.T. working together and Jane has started friendships with a couple of its members so far: Psionistar and Zarp Draken. She's looking forward to getting to know the other members as well.


  • "I do not comment on my, or anyone elses, sex life to the media." - Psionistar to a Weekly World Review reporter on rumors of amorous exploits during a trip to Marrakesh between Lady Incendiary, Backlash and himself.
  • "Jane is gorgeous, smart, good in a fight, and an excellent friend. And no, we're not romantically involved." - Thundrax

Rumor Mill

  • Rumors continue to circulate about an upcoming Playboy spread featuring the lovely Lady Incendiary.
  • Lady Incendiary has been seen in the company of CEO Carmin Steele very often the past few weeks. Rumor has it the buisiness magnate is attempting to pull her from her government position into the private sector.

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