Dusk Owl

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Dusk Owl, also known as Dusky or Owlet, is the California representative of the Statesmen. She's a hero with arcane powers linked to the Great Owl Spirit. She's worked with her own team and Meta-S.W.A.T. to combat both regular crime and supernatural disasters such as Grond and the Demon God Kigatilik. She has taken great pains to keep her civilian identity secret. Despite this she is very social and has been seen in costume hanging out with other heroes in the Caprice.

Dusk Owl
Player: the Door
Dusky the Barn Owl
Class Focus: Ranged Damage
Power Level: 22
Research & Development: Mysticism (Arcane)
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 140lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Federal Marshal
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Dusk Owl has a mystic link to the Great Owl Spirit. She can cast spells granted to her by this ancient Goddess. She can fly, fire dark energy 'owl talons', turn invisible, create shields of darkness and summon minor spirits to do her bidding.
Known Abilities
Dusk Owl is a novice to the hero business. It's known she has another day job but what that job is, is classified.


Curvy and cute Dusk Owl isn't the most intimidating hero. She usually has a smile on her face. If needed she can take charge and be rather commanding but is never dark or scary. Well except when she uses her powers which are both. Her costume is a black and white leather body suit with tall black boots and long white gloves. Her cape is black with the sharp owl design.

At times she's appeared with heroes in her 'civvies'. Usually this a stylish/casual outfit. Strangely her civilian self has red hair instead of black. She makes it no secret that her 'civvies' look is just another disguise in order to protect her real identity.


"A sassy, sexy, scintillating shaman, if I ever met one. They simply don't come cuter, or more competent, than Owlet." - Willem Wendel

Dusky is very sociable, always willing to lend a hand or just hang out with other heroes. She's polite, humble and has a good sense of fun. She's a follower who takes orders well. Only if there is no one else in charge will she take the lead. When she dose so she'll take immediate action to resolve the issue so she can go back to taking orders rather than giving them.

Owlet has been known to enjoy a drink or five at the Caprice. Generally she's a happy drunk. Recently though she's forced herself to cut back so as not to embarrass the Statesmen with her antics.


According to Owlet she gained her powers from a small owl totem she's carried around since she was a kid. For the most part it laid dormant until one day she was invited on a 'limo date' by an admirer. First he got touchy, then he got grabby, then he got violent and Owl had enough. An ancient spirit manifesting is slightly more distracting than texting. The vehicle crashed and everyone died except for Dusk. While in a coma Owl taught her magic in the Other World. When Dusky awoke she was a talented shaman with little experience and ready to change the world.


Dusk Owl can cast a number of spells granted by her patron.

Spectral Rip: Dusk summons a shadowy owl talon. She can fire this spell instantly or can hold it for a few moments, pool her mystic might and then release it with devastating results. This attack can either stun opponents or slash them to ribbons.

Sky Walk: Allows Dusk to fly as swiftly and silently as an owl.

Midnight Shield: Dusk creates a shield of darkness. A weaker attack will be sucked into the void.

Cloak of Jet: A black aura surrounds Dusk protecting her like armor. It also absorbs ambient hate and fear making her magic stronger in dire situations.

Cloak of Mystery: Simply makes Dusk invisible. A flaw in how she understands the nature of Owl prevents her from using this power while in flight.

Night Haunt: Summons a servant of Owl from the spirit world to attack a chosen foe. Having no true physical form the creature is hard to comprehend, it looks different depending on what you fear. Its attacks sap the spirit eventually leading to unconsciousness.


Friends and Foes

Backlash: Recently Dusk Owl acted as 'hero on duty' for Lady Syn's Week of Darkness Tour. Backlash advised on how to manage it. Backlash's tatics proved invaluable and Dusky has seen her as a valuable mentor ever since.

It's rumored that Owlet lent a hand during an incident where Backlash's powers went a muck and wrecked a bathroom in the Caprice. When questioned about it Dusky's quoted in saying "We dealt with it. Backlash's fine and no one got hurt. She's a good friend and a better hero than me. I don't think we won't see anything like that happen again."

Lady Incendiary: The Californian reservist for the Statesmen. They met recently but became fast friends. Dusky can usually be seen kicking around with Jane either blasting villians or lounging at the Caprice. They're close enough that it's likely Lady Incendiary knows who Dusk Owl really is.

Keioseth: There are some YouTube videos of Kieo and Owlet cutting a rug at the Caprice. They're good enough to compete in 'So You Think You Can Dance?' and seemed to be having a good time.

Dusk Owl also took charge of an investigation that lead to Kieoseth turning into a monster and ripping up the West Side. It turned out this was a plot by his nemesis and Dusk Owl's team were able to apprehend Kieo and bring him to Dr. Silverback who returned him to normal.

Sister Salem: Sarah is the go-to-girl for magic lore. She is also the Massachusetts representative for the Statesmen. Dusk Owl is talented but lacks experience. Their friendship was inevitable. Sister Salem has taught and continues to teach Owlet about the in's and outs of the mystic world. They've also worked together to combat numerous villain threats. Dusk Owl considers her to be one of her closest friends.

Willem Wendel: Willem is the Oregon representative for the Statesmen. Dusk Owl has worked closely with him and Lady Incendiary to combat Viper plots in the Great White North. Aside from combating evil and technomagery his other hobby seems to be working closely with Lady Incendiary to make Owlet blush.